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The Dalai Lama on Spirituality and Nature

I think you came here with some expectation, bur essentially I've nothing to offer you. Simply, I'll try to share some of my own experiences and my views. You see, taking care of the planet is nothing special, nothing sacred, and nothing holy. It is something like taking care of our own house. We have no other planet or house except this one. Although there are a lot of disturbances and problems, this is our only alternative. We can't go to other planets. For example, take the moon; it looks or appears beautiful from a distance bur if you go there and settle there it is horrible. This is what I think. So you see, our blue planet is much better and happier. So, therefore, we have to care of our- own place or house or planet.

After all, the human being is a social animal. I often tell my friends that they have no need to study philosophy, these professional, complicated subjects. By simply looking at these innocent animals, insects, ants, bees, etc., quite often I develop some kind of respect for them. How? Because they have no religion, no constitution, no police force, nothing. But they live in harmony through the natural law of existence or nature's law or system.

We human beings, what is wrong with us? We human beings have such intelligence and human wisdom. I think we often use human intelligence in a wrong way or direction. As a result, in a way, we are doing certain actions which essentially go against basic human nature.

From a certain viewpoint, religion is a little bit of a luxury. If you have religion, very good; even without religion you can survive and you can manage, but without human affection we can't survive.

Although anger and hatred, like compassion and love, are part of our mind, still I believe the dominant force of our mind is compassion and human affection. Therefore, usually I call these human qualities spirituality. Not necessarily as a religious message or religion in that sense. Science and technology together with human affection will be constructive. Science and technology under the control of hatred will be destructive.

If we practice religion properly, or genuinely, or religion is not something outside but in our hearts. The essence of any religion is good heart. Sometimes I call love and compassion a universal religion. This is my religion. Complicated philosophy, this and that, sometimes create more trouble and problems. If these sophisticated philosophies are useful for the development of good heart, then good: use them fully. If these complicated philosophies or systems become an obstacle to a good heart then better to leave them. This is what I feel.

If we look closely at human nature affection is the key to a good heart. I think the mother is a symbol of compassion. Every one has a seed of good heart. The only thing is whether we take care or not to realize the value of compassion.

An address to the four-day ecumenical Middlebury Symposium on religion and the environment, Middlebury College, Vermont, USA, delivered on September 14, 1990. Original link:

Ghost Hunting and Using the St. Michael Prayer

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This blog is inspired from many paranormal teams stating openly to people who are on “Ghost Hunts” to just say the prayer of St. Michael for protection.  However, what those paranormal “Ghost Hunter” type people do not understand is that you’re openly mocking God.  God commands you to NOT contact the dead as you do not understand who it is one is getting communication from.  Then one goes out to violate “his” laws and which those who are openly violating these laws pronounce words to an Angel and expect the Angel or God to protect them.

So do you know how the St. Michael prayer truly came about?  Many of you do not understand how and why this came about, but some state this openly in dealing with the paranormal aspects.  Therefore I am going to assist you in learning about this very specific prayer.  At the end of this blog you will understand much more and why reverence is required and not done in a mocking manner as when one is promoting falseness.

Here is how this prayer came about.  Exactly 33 years to the day prior to the great Miracle of the Sun in Fatima, which was on October 13, 1884, Pope Leo XIII had a remarkable vision. When the Pope had finished celebrating a mass in his private Vatican Chapel, which was attended by a few Cardinals and members of the Vatican staff, he suddenly stopped at the foot of the altar.

The Pope stood at the altar for about 10 minutes, as if in a trance, his face ashen white. Then, going immediately from the Chapel to his office, he composed the prayer to St. Michael.  This prayer had instructions which it was to be said after all Catholic low masses everywhere.  When those associates asked what had happened, he explained that, as he was about to leave the foot of the altar, he suddenly heard voices - two voices, one kind and gentle, the other guttural and harsh. They seemed to come from near the tabernacle. As he listened, he heard the following conversation:

The guttural voice heard, the voice (implied) of Satan in his pride, boasted to Our Lord: "I can destroy your Church."  The gentle voice (implied) of Our Lord: "You can? Then go ahead and do so Satan." To which Satan responded “To do so, I need more time and more power."  Our Lord responded:  "How much time? How much power Satan?  Satan responded: "75 to 100 years, and a greater power over those who will give themselves over to my service."  Our Lord stated: "You have the time, you will have the power. Do with them what you will."

So examine this event which occurred in 1884.  Satan stated it needed 75 to 100 years to destroy the church.  So if we add 75 years onto 1884 we arrive at the year 1959 and on January 25, 1959, that Pope John XXIII publicly summoned the Second Vatican Council to address relations between Church and the people.

After this vision, Pope Leo XIII immediately wrote the prayer to St. Michael to help humans overcome the devil in the quest to rule.  God the Son has already defeated Satan.  Now, the next question truly to ask is where in the word of God are we commanded to say this prayer?   Where did the Lord God Almighty state this must be done?  Our Lord God gave us the Lord’s Prayer which is far more powerful.  However, realize this –the point I am making is that the subversion possibly started back from this vision.

It is the Pope (man) who instructed that it be said after every low mass in the Catholic Church.  Look at this further, God said to Satan “Do with them what you will”.  This was a ploy from Satan to start to pervert the Church which God had granted permission to do so.  Do you see this?  Why would this man state and then write a prayer to an angel when we are commanded by our Lord God to not pray to the angels.  Even the angels stated do not do this Rev. 22:8-9.

Now examine this further.  The Leonine prayers were eliminated in 1964, the 80th year of what Satan stating it needed 75 - 100 years needed to destroy the Catholic Church.  It would seem that this would be the time to especially say that prayer, not to delete it.  But remember we are not to pray to angels.  Now the 100th year is 1984 and Pope John Paul II had let Satan develop a church that is called Catholic, but is not.

Satan has twisted and distorted the Catholic church teachings so much that there truly is a brand new church, which is a new order (Novus Ordo) and the true church has been reduced in population to a mere shell of what it once was.  The definition of Novus Ordo is short for Novus Ordo Missae, which literally means the "new order of the Mass" or the "new ordinary of the Mass." It is used to refer to the Mass promulgated by Pope Paul VI in 1969 to distinguish it from the Traditional Latin Mass.   Note this point the church will and shall survive:  "That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And behold I am with you all days, even to the consummation of the world." Matt. 16:18 & 28:20.

Now to digest why would those in the paranormal world state or use this prayer when they enter a building or locale for investigation to use the prayer of protection to an Angel is mind boggling.  As we know prayers to Angels are forbidden by God’s word.  Make things worse these individuals are going into this “act” under falseness thinking these are “Ghosts” or “lost souls” of passed on loved ones lingering around.

This is falseness!  Stating this as your prayer because a person is mocking God because they are lifting prayers to an Angel.  This prayer was not meant as a rite for exorcising a particular person but "for general use - to combat the power of the evil spirits over a community or locality” based upon studies of this prayer.  Evil spirits are fallen angels and are not “Ghosts”.

The prayer to Saint Michael that was included in the general exorcism rite is used for combating evil spirits in a locale.  So how can one be engaged in removing forces via stating this prayer in a locale when they are searching for “answers” and asking something to come forward to answer questions?  This is a twisted agenda and mockery.

You cannot serve both light and darkness at the same time.  Any paranormal person doing this prayer act for “protection” is misguided and is guilty of flat out mocking the Holy Trinity.   Why?  You are purposely seeking “answers” under a hidden agenda of wanting to help people instead of casting out the forces from the locale you are in.  Nothing to investigate when it comes to why Demons are in a locale!

God’s Blessings.

Rev. Bradley Luoma