Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Issue 27 – Demon Exorcist: A DUD for Firecracker Films

Since we exposed "Demon Exorcist" a para-reality TV show pilot which aired on the Animal Planet as being fake, our mail box has been filled by people providing information backing up our claims. The star of the show, Dwayne Claud, has many people questioning his claims of being a "Demonologist". Allegations have been made that many paranormal groups either refuse to work with him, have been put in danger by his actions, or had to step in and clean up paranormal issues he created with clients -- and then left them hanging.

This proves our concerns as being valid that egotistical fake para-celebs seeking fame and fortune are placing the public in harm's way. We will launch a full investigation into Mr. Claud and will keep our readers informed as we gather information. If anyone has anything they would like to share feel free to contact us at: 
Yes, we will protect your identity.
More Chip Coffey Talk
Chip Coffey brings smiles to our faces and causes us to shake our heads -- all in less than 24 hours!

In case you haven't heard this on one of the interviews or read it in our book, we'll repeat it here: we like Chip Coffey. We hold no ill feelings toward him, but some of his actions make us shake our heads and others bring a smile to our faces. 

On the now concealed "Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal" Facebook page, a poster chose Easter weekend to attack Ron Tebo and his parenting skills. A person's family should be off limits and any attack aimed at children is wrong. Ron reached out to Chip Coffey and Chip responded. Here's the link detailing what happened.  

For that action we smile when we think of Chip.

Then we are forwarded an article featuring Mr. Coffey promoting his upcoming Coffey Talk tour. We have no issues with him promoting his two-hour infomercial for his telephone readings, but some of his statements made us to shake our heads. Here's the article in question:

1 Mr. Coffey claims that he has a degree in psychology, yet no one has been able to find the college in which it was allegedly earned. 

2 This line from the article concerned us: "Coffey tries to counsel his clients, seeing himself as a catalyst for them to make their own decisions, or as a grief counselor." Does Mr. Coffey hold the proper license in the state of Georgia to be a Counselor?

Paranormal Reality: Investigating Paranormal State: Episodes 11-20 Summarized
Whether you think Paranormal State is real or fake, here are some brief summaries of what is uncovered in the second ten episodes of our book, Paranormal Reality: Investigating Paranormal State

Episode 11 "Paranormal Intervention" - PRS fakes proof in this episode and misleads the audience about all the facts concerning this case.

12 "School House Haunting" – The negative things that Ryan writes in his book about Shannon Sylvia are proven untrue.

13 "The Haunted Piano" - Staged scenes, faked evidence, and Sergey's inappropriate behavior are seen here.

14 "The Woman In White" - What kind of booty did Ryan just happen to find in the tunnel? We also come across a misleading timeline.

15 "Requiem" - Dead Times and walkthroughs not done when indicated, so watch closely and see for yourself.

16 "The Sensitive" – This was done to promote Chip Coffey's upcoming Psychic Kids show. The team plants cold beer cans for cold spots and there is other misleading conduct.

17 "Mothman" – Wow, pay close attention and you get Ryan doing the Time Warp, Chip giving two versions of the same story and later he reveals something about batteries.

18 "Freshman Fear" - The myth of the team working on murder cases is born and debunked.

19 "The Knickerbocker" - When you don't have a lot of business, pretend your hotel is haunted and invite PRS to investigate. By the time they leave ghosts will be running wild.

20 "The Asylum" - The team uses a broken radio to reach out to demons. But do the demons respond?

Come back next week at some point we will talk about the drive for Chip Coffey to be made a saint. Oh, and Chip, thanks for reading our blog!

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