Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Issue 80 Ghost Adventures Advocate Demonic Infestation - Galka Case, Part 2

 By Kirby Robinson

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Chip Coffey Caught Butt Flapping This Week!

It seems that Chip Coffey can't pass up any chance to remind the world that he's psychic…or maybe he's trying to convince himself that he is? Anyway, the following was posted on his Facebook page]

Just got this affirmation from one of my pals on Twitter:
"In May, in Charlotte, NC, you told Fox anchor Tara Blake she had 'pregnancy' vibes. She just announced today she's 15 weeks pregnant!"
Congratulations to the mommy-to-be!

This doesn't make you psychic. It just means you made a smart guess. She would had been with child when you made this statement if you said "you're pregnant I'm 100% sure of it, you're having a son/daughter/twins," etc., maybe the world would be impressed -- but you didn't.

Here are some less than stellar examples of his psychic predictions:

- In his blog Chip predicted that there would be more controversy concerning his book. However, there has been none.

- He invited his readers to tune into a radio interview just a few hours prior to the event. In reality, it was being taped for later broadcast.

We're still waiting for some solid proof of your psychic ability to come our way.

Ghost Adventures Advocate Demonic Infestation - Galka Case, Part 2

We left the episode at the point that a staged accident scene and the image of a much younger child [appearing younger than the girl's actual age. We've been told that this was intentionally done to make the case more sympathetic to the audience]. Also, the facts and details concerning the wreck, which were concealed from the public, will be covered later.

Demons will use anything at their disposal to get an opening into the lives of people. It's the goal of the demonic to destroy and claim as many souls to the pits of hell. In a case like this, it's exactly what they are seeking.

Is the family Christian? We saw no proof of this, as there were no noticeable religious objects in the home. From what could be observed, there weren't any Bibles, crosses, etc. We weren't told if the child was saved [given herself to the Lord and baptized]. If the family happened to be new agers, or had no religious attachment, they were easy pickings. This allowed the  demon move in and fool the Galka family as well as the Ghost Adventures team.

Wanting to know if their daughter, Melissa, was safe, and in good spirits, allowed the demon in. It made itself look as if it was the child. Demons are smart they can learn anything there is to know about a person. They can speak like the person and at times can even manifest an appearance of the person. [However, there will often be something slightly off about the appearance. That's why the "GHOST" appeared to a person that was not a family member].

The Galkas claimed that when she started to manifest the doorbell started to ring, the TV would turn on and off, and change channels, lights flickered--all things a demon can effortlessly do.

Zak then tells the viewers: "This is going to change how you think about death." NO, IT WON'T. If you’re a Christian you have been given victory over death [Christ stated this]. When a Christian dies, at the end of your last breath, you go right to heaven. You're now living in the Heavenly City with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. [New agers try to use the term holy ghost as a means to justify the essence of ghost, but the Holy Spirit is not a ghost]. If the child was a Christian, the family should have no doubts if she was okay. [People ask if you can communicate with people in the heavens. The Bible is silent on this but let me say this … Hearing from someone who truly has been saved that all the teachings of the Bible are true would be a great tool to convince others that the gospel is everything it claims to be].

It's scary that people like Zak claim to be experts on the matter of life and death. I shudder to think of what he'll have to face for asking people to leave the Christian path and follow a rocky new age path to hell…

Come back next week for the Galka Case, part 3.

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