Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Issue 52 – Penn State, Predators & Prayers!

By Kirby Robinson


Back in 2009 on MySpace [you remember that social website?!] we ran a weekly Worldwide Prayer Circle. People from all over the world, and from all faiths, posted their prayers. Now, every Sunday, anyone can post their prayer needs no matter how great or small. This is for you, your friends, family—anyone. Let's bring glory to the powers of peace, love, faith and compassion to all.

Will be relaunching the circle next Sunday and every Sunday to follow.


For the next several weeks we'll focus on the predators that operated or worked behind the scenes on the program and Facebook pages supporting Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal.

One would have to be stuffed deep into the sand not to have heard of the child sexual abuse scandal at Penn State University. They run one of the great football programs and this fine university was brought to its knees and its reputation forever tarnished by the work of a predator who fed off the trust of others to abuse children and raise money for a charity that he used to supply him with more victims. His status in the Penn State football program blinded people to his actions and he used the program to cover up his misdeeds when he was caught.

The same thing has been happening and continues to happen through various pages that are used to focus people's attention towards Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal and the various para-celebs that were featured on it. Predators come in many shape and sizes, and they feed off people in many ways. You can have:

1 Profit Predators. These are the people who want to take people's money. As they pretend to be light workers, they blind people to their dark side.

2 Spirit Predators. These people have their own spiritual agenda but they know to sell it to others they must wrap it up and dress it up to fool people into buying their message.

3 Fame Predators. Whatever it takes to be famous these people will do.

4 Narcissistic Predators. These people want to be worshipped. They convince their victims that they have a gift and they are the way to open that gift. This leads others to blindly follow.

But none of these predators could operate without having a support staff of enablers, a/k/a blind followers, who are happy to do the bidding of the predators just to share in the limelight [and quite possibly to fulfill their predatory needs as well].

Next week we'll start exposing how these predators operate. Names will be named and secrets will be exposed. One note: before any of these predators start contacting their lawyers not once have I called them sexual predators.

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