Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Issue 52 – Penn State, Predators & Prayers!

By Kirby Robinson


Back in 2009 on MySpace [you remember that social website?!] we ran a weekly Worldwide Prayer Circle. People from all over the world, and from all faiths, posted their prayers. Now, every Sunday, anyone can post their prayer needs no matter how great or small. This is for you, your friends, family—anyone. Let's bring glory to the powers of peace, love, faith and compassion to all.

Will be relaunching the circle next Sunday and every Sunday to follow.


For the next several weeks we'll focus on the predators that operated or worked behind the scenes on the program and Facebook pages supporting Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal.

One would have to be stuffed deep into the sand not to have heard of the child sexual abuse scandal at Penn State University. They run one of the great football programs and this fine university was brought to its knees and its reputation forever tarnished by the work of a predator who fed off the trust of others to abuse children and raise money for a charity that he used to supply him with more victims. His status in the Penn State football program blinded people to his actions and he used the program to cover up his misdeeds when he was caught.

The same thing has been happening and continues to happen through various pages that are used to focus people's attention towards Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal and the various para-celebs that were featured on it. Predators come in many shape and sizes, and they feed off people in many ways. You can have:

1 Profit Predators. These are the people who want to take people's money. As they pretend to be light workers, they blind people to their dark side.

2 Spirit Predators. These people have their own spiritual agenda but they know to sell it to others they must wrap it up and dress it up to fool people into buying their message.

3 Fame Predators. Whatever it takes to be famous these people will do.

4 Narcissistic Predators. These people want to be worshipped. They convince their victims that they have a gift and they are the way to open that gift. This leads others to blindly follow.

But none of these predators could operate without having a support staff of enablers, a/k/a blind followers, who are happy to do the bidding of the predators just to share in the limelight [and quite possibly to fulfill their predatory needs as well].

Next week we'll start exposing how these predators operate. Names will be named and secrets will be exposed. One note: before any of these predators start contacting their lawyers not once have I called them sexual predators.

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Anonymous said...

Love what you are doing with the blog man!

Anonymous said...

a few names come to mind reading this new blog, I have a few questions about these specific people am wondering if anyone else agrees? :)

1 Profit Predators.

like Sandra Lynn Sparks?

2 Spirit Predators.

Ahh like Rev(rolls eyes)Ronald Dressler?

3 Fame Predators.

I think babs fall’s into this one LOL

4 Narcissistic Predators.

Like Chip? (almost self explanatory)LOL

Anonymous said...

Be careful what you say, legal is watching.

Anonymous said...

I have to question why you make that statement "legal is watching" yet your link is a wiki page to a child predator reference, My guess is someone is very very nervous about next weeks blog. Good

After the attacks I watched Beatrice Marot endure from the Chip Coffey groupies club I have to wonder is there any limits to what they will do.

After watching the psychic kids fanpage I hope Kirby exposes everyone of you!

btw Wikipedia is not a reliable source of information especially about this subject just FYI

SpiritChanneller said...

For you to make a comparison between the Penn State child predators and people who claim to be psychics who channel spirits of the dead much like Jesus did makes you a very dangerous writer.
There are many ligitimate psychics out here who are not after money or to run scams as you say all are, they are here to write and channel good things from the after life much like jesus Christ did.
You are nothing but a hack and a hate monger, and those who listen to you and read this kind of thing that you are writing and believe in you are no better than you are.
I read you and all writers like you just to see how far you will go to discredit people who have real psychic talent and I believe many of the people you are criticizing you have noproof of any wrong doing they are doing and you are just too lazy to develop your own god given communicating skills and if you did perhaps you could also reach the other side and help to prove what jesus wanted to prove everlasting life and spirits ability to reach us back on earth.
How does an evil hate monger like you sleep at night?
I am a psychic and I also have a google blog and i am in communication with the other side and I know what I am talking about.

Anonymous said...

No this makes him a very intelligent writer, "dangerous"? only to hacks like you who prey on the emotionally anemic, your day has come and gone just like the snake-oil salesmen of the old west, you are going to run out of town and exposed for the charlatans you are. You deceive yourself and are not in contact with anyone or anything, I suggest you seek a mental heath professional that can help with those voices in your head.

Michael said...

Kirby what will you bring to god when you stand before him, will you say "Look what I wrote about these people are you proud of me?"

He will say, "You did not see what I saw, you only saw what you wanted to see and you judged, not to help others, but for your own satisfaction."

"Let me show you what they did and the time they spent doing it. Look now as the spirits they touched flourish, they speak of peace and acted in that fashion, you preached hate and deception. Controlling what you wanted people to see. Feel the warmth they touched in others. Did you my child create that same warmth, did you speak peace and take that to them?"

Kirby you will see when your life ceases in this plane, the work that you are so blind to that exists in others. May god have pity on your soul.

eyeontheparanormal said...

Dear Michael,
Are you Archangel Michael? If not, then you must be God's chosen here on earth to speak for Him.
With Love and Compassion,

Anonymous said...

@Michael, speaking of having pity on your soul, you need to thank God Kirby has the guts to take on abuses such as these and tell the world when others are too cowardly to make a difference and then try to veil condescension as piousness,you know, like you

Anonymous said...

Lisa you know Kirby and Temperance's act well - an outward piousness - a ploy to get support of religious-minded voters

Anonymous said...

You mean predators like the ones that (used to) loiter on the Psychic Kids and still do on the A&E page? You know, the ones that PM kids as soon as they join or invite them to closed sites? There is MUCH in the way of documentation to back all of this this up. Thanks to Kirby for having the guts to stand up to these parasites even if "Archangel Michael" and that "SpiritChanneller" with her self proclaimed Christ-like psychic powers don't approve. LOL

Nancy said...

The sad thing is you people are no different then the people of salem and the jews who sent christ to death. If Christ appeared before you today you would attack him as well and print garbage to make him look bad. You disguise lies in your writings to support your idiotic opinions and claims. If you really were, you would have the insight to know how wrong you are. Your words display hype and lies. Like the boy who cried wolf (which after reading your posts on A&E site- you surely act like), you say you aren't saying one thing when in fact you are. Shame on you. Really? You discuss the Penn State sex incident and Psychic Kids TV show in the same article? Disgusting and immature attitudes from you, a so called grown up adult. An extremely Irresponsible article you have written. How can you even practice Buddhism or Christianity and point fingers like you do? Such a hypocrite. You make us Christians look bad. I look forward to discussing your article with my peer group on sunday.

Anonymous said...

@ nancy

Make sure you discuss the ideology of encouraging and teaching children necromancy between prayers and donuts Nance.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it interesting that Nancy equates criticizing someone like Chip Coffey to attacking Christ himself?

There's another topic for your "peer group".

Anonymous said...

And speaking of hacks! It appears as if Temperence is now posting under "Anonymous". Silly little Tempy! We recognize your writing style. Its obvious that its you. We all know that Tempy is a lying, hypocrite. White trash who pretends to be concerned about child predators and spreading God's word, yet she could really care less about either one of these things. Her true intent is to attack people for the pure enjoyment of it. She latches on to whomevers coat tail she thinks she can ride for the moment (Kirby, Ron Tebo, Michael Frisbee to name just a few) and once they can no longer be of any use to her agenda, she moves on to the next poor schmuck who buys into her long line of b.s. She has dabbled quite a bit in the occult and at one time, she proclaimed herself to be well versed enough to curse people. Now all of a sudden she is this religious, pious crusader who stands in judgment of others? I dont think so. Leopards dont change their spots. Ever. Temperence is a vicious, toxic individual who is really nothing more than a cyber bully and nasty little troll looking to start trouble wherever she goes.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who or what a "Tempe" may be, but to assume the moral majority that oppose these leaches feeding off of the innocence of children are all motivated by "trolling" is obviously ridiculous to say the least.

Adults that insist on continuing to linger on these "Psychic Kids" related pages and forums with the implied intention of "mentoring them" and offering "guidance on how to cope with their special gifts" ARE predatory by nature.

As Kirby stated with such elocution: "Predators come in many shapes and sizes, and they feed off people in many ways."

If you see anyone PM-ing children to invite them to closed Yahoo groups or forums, please document this with screenshots and save the entire page. One such degenerate with a long history of this behavior is a deranged 60 year old woman that has a (horrific) video of herself posted dancing (and flopping) naked on You-tube.

Another individual of interest is a 62 year old single man that has nothing but nursery rhymes on his You-tube channel and there are MANY pages of evidence to back this highly suspicious pattern of behavior and inappropriate interest in minors at those aforementioned sites have been observed.

Some of these Para-celebrity butt sniffers are so vile and repulsive that they still cling to the last little but of public notoriety they can extract from the cancelled-in-disgrace show: "Psychic kids" by holding conventions in Atlantafeaturing children that were on the last season show (some still minors). The way they continue to exploit and defile the souls of these little ones is abhorrent and reprehensible.

Anonymous said...

It is more than obvious that you don't know the FULL story, or you wuld know that Temperence (or Tempy) is in fact an internet troll with a VERY LONG history of attacking people over the internet from the safety and security of her computer. People like her do not really care about little children or predators so much as she cares about fighting and lashing out at whomever her perceived enemies are. She goes by many, many different usernames but usually parades around as Aanica. She has also posted here under the username Paradox. And of course, anonymously! We know what Temperence is about, you obviously do not, so read a little more and learn a bit more before you open your mouth again about Temperence/Aanica/Paradox the shameful liar and infamous internet troll.

Anonymous said...

Again, great article Kirby.

@ The child exploiter/abuser/Psychic Kids fan:
If you really think only one individual is that ubiquitous and omnipresent, your perception of reality far more warped and distorted that I originally suspected.

My suggestion is to pick one person to assign blame and stick with it; you are coming across as paranoid, confused and OCD.

Somebody is really trying so hard to make-believe there is only one person behind this very large and growing backlash against these predators. So typical of someone like you to project and externalize those internal persecutors and compartmentalize them into a manageable and identifiable perceived "tormentor" (get help).

BTW, here are some of my other famous internet identities:

Pol Pot, Mark Henry, Love_Goddezzz89, Genghis Khan, Beautiful_Butterfly, Rip Torn, Dirk Diggler, Morning_Star, Death_Dawg, Sparkling Twilight Bimbo, Amazingly_Gifted_SuperPscychic, Lizzy Borden, John Hancock, Red Grange, MeatRocket99, Heinrich Himmler, Hoochie_Mama, Sunflower, Jamie Gumm, EternalSoul and Bottom_MuffinsXxxooo

Anonymous said...

You have just got to love street psychiatrists who pretend to know how to properly diagnose people via the internet! If anyone needs seek mental health assistance, it’s you. Your past history alone speaks volumes as to your obvious need to seek some serious mental health assistance. I won’t go as far as you did by trying to pretend to diagnose what your mental health issue is, but you definitely have something wrong going on up there in your nearly vacant brain pan of yours.
For the record, Kirby's intentions are pure and come from a very positive place. He truly wants to make a difference and he was the ONLY one sticking his neck out to bring attention to the fact that dangerous predators were lurking around on the Psychic Kids Face Book page. You, on the other hand were just looking for an argument, fight or squabble to join with your overly inflated ego and insatiable need to try to impress others with your half-witted, lame attempts at displaying intelligence. So, you jumped on his coat tails and hung on for the ride.
What is really sad is that your ignorance knows no bounds nor does your hypocrisy. One minute you are supposedly casting spells from the Grimoire and bragging about spells from your Book of Shadows, as well as pretending to have the ability to curse people, then the next, you are spouting religious rhetoric and pretending to be all pious and holy (which we all know is a HUGE joke). You are laughable at best. Not to mention, as transparent as glass. You are a spineless coward who runs when the heat gets to be too hot for you.
You are an extremely evil woman. You are vile, vicious and manipulative. It must really suck to be you. All that hate and anger dwelling inside of you. I would pity you, but you don't deserve pity, only contempt--especially for pretending to care about children & causes that you could really care less about. You live for the confrontation, the petty name calling and immature games that go with fighting over the internet. Talk about nutty! Who in their right mind would troll around the internet like you do looking for fights to join?
You are truly delusional if you think that anybody is buying your brand of B.S.! And even more delusional if you think that you have the ability to diagnose someone that you do not even know the first thing about. Once again, it just goes to show how silly and ignorant you are. LOL! You sad, sad little sack of human dung. Go cast some more spells or better yet, get back on WEB M.D., and study up some more on mental illness. Perhaps one day you will finally run across what's wrong
with you.

Anonymous said...

@ Child exploiter/Psychic Kids fan

Now I KNOW you have no idea who I am and that you are in fact just randomly lobbing salvos in a bizarre game of internet battleship hoping to find your mark.

So you admit the show "Psychic Kids" was abuse and exploitation and these creeps that loiter on the Psychic Kids pages in order to invite them to private sites or to coerce them into paying for the faux services of "The Psychic Tutor”?

As far as my internet diagnosis goes,hehe, I really struck a nerve huh?

Personally I think Wicca is a new-age joke founded by a pedophile in the 1950's but whatever.

I must have really shook them up to make them denounce their Idol Chip, Psychic kids and even embrace Kirby, but I guess I am just that good LOL

btw I win because you and your cauldron stirring crew(yes this is a joint effort,LOL)together, still can't beat me because I have God, you should try him sometime, he will forgive you if you ask :)

Anonymous said...

I wrote "coming across as paranoid, confused and OCD" I never claimed to be qualified to "diagnose" anyone. How typical of one whom so vociferously supports psychic charlatans to warp and distort the truth and facts so blatantly and desperately.

You notice how they can NEVER deny or dispute my allegations of child exploitations and abuse only question my motives in defense LOL

Here it as after lunch and you haven't finished your first box of wine yet?

Anonymous said...

@ The child exploiters/abusers-Psychic Kids fans and Irrelevant "BigOrb" hags in exile.

Funny how you can't even reign in your exaggerated post-menopausal emotions and manic hostility long enough to comport yourself as semi- intelligent without hurling childish epithets.

Obviously the list of internet adversaries from your myopic past has expanded since you are now adding an occultist to this paranoid, multifaceted super-villain construct you assembled in order to project and focus your anger, guilt, incompetence and inadequacy on a single entity. An entity that is surely to blame for your life of failure and sub-mediocrity.

(No charge).. :)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Ron Tebo, what happened to Scifake? it really sucks lately since Enigma returned to rekindle the fire of 2008 and the Tapscon scandal..