Saturday, August 4, 2012

Changing Ghost Investigation Objective

By Stephen Piersall, Central NY, Deliverance ministry

What is the ultimate goal for today’s Ghost (demon) hunters? There are literally thousands of investigative teams all across this country. They do it as a hobby with fun-filled adventure, helping mankind, and for some to get that attention to self. “Look at me; I’m a celeb ghost hunter!” I think it’s a great idea to get out and help mankind. But, only if we could get all these teams to just refocus their objective. Sure I’m all for an initial investigation, of gathering what the clients are experiencing for debunk reasons. I’d like to know if they are on any psychotropic medications, illegal drugs, religious beliefs, occult activities with any family members, diary of when and what goes on there, how old is the home, electrical or plumbing issues, are their pets affected, and lastly what would they like to see accomplished from the visit. Granted the list can be much larger but I think we get the idea.

Now if we can get these teams to look at things differently, and still do their initial investigation but these times bring God along with them. I’m not saying everyone has to be a Christian, that is a personal choice, but someone within the group probably believes in God and goes to Church. Before going to the premises gather together and say a prayer for; wisdom, protection, objectivity, and compassion.  Read Ephesians 6-10-12 put on the full Armor of God. I’m not saying to impose your religious beliefs on the client, as we do have freedom of religion, but you do want to go there and be professional, respected, and above all be a good witness to God.

The equipment you bring with you should be simple; Bible, EMF detector, digital camera and recorder. You want to capture evidence, but you don’t want to communicate with any demonic presence there. Read Deuteronomy 18:9-14 and you will see the Bible is very clear regarding that we should not communicate with evil spirits. Why are we walking around in the dark with flashlights asking if there is anyone there, please come forward?  Why are investigations always at night? Do it during the daylight with the windows open and let God’s light shine in. Night time is when Satan and his minions have more control over you through personal fear, e.g., as child afraid of the dark, or monsters under the bed, etc. As part of your investigation and evil spirits confront you, you are required to cast them out in the name of Jesus Christ. Don’t use your sophisticated voice boxes, etc., you are flirting with danger!

Do you realize that Satan is a master of disguises? He can appear as a long lost loved one, a small child, etc.? He will play on your emotions; confuse you and get everyone to squabble amongst each other. They also play hide and seek. That’s why the majority of investigations come up with nothing demonic. Once you leave, the client still has to live there and deal with any demonic presence. While your home catching up on your sleep that family is being attacked by more demons and you know they're not going to call you, because you already told them the house is not haunted.

I strongly recommend that ALL these teams complete their visit by doing a cleansing. Read Matthew Chapter 10, this is where Jesus summons his twelve disciples and gives them authority over unclean spirits. Mark 16:16-18 gives you as a Christian the authority to rid evil spirits as well. On my next blog I will give you details about cleansing a home. If you find a need to get this information sooner please contact me directly Satan has a foothold in the world today and his greatest achievement thus far in my opinion is to have all this confusion regarding religion, denominations, media, movies, TV, etc. of the paranormal. Read your Bible daily, even if what you read makes no sense to you today, it will one day plus the Holy Spirit within you as a Christian needs to be fed the word of God. Pray every day, I always was taught to start a prayer with asking for personal forgiveness of any sins you have before asking for anything. Why would you reward your child with a cookie when they just finished writing on the wall with crayons? As Pastor Mike Griffin Sr. Always said, “keep your soul as clean as possible”.