Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Issue 26 – Demon Exorcist: The Good, The Bad & The What The #$*@?!

We keep getting reminded by God that He is the one that does the planning and we are only along for the ride. We hoped to focus on the drive for Chip Coffey to become a saint. Sadly, it's been postponed until next week due to the fact that we finally had a chance to watch the latest entry into the paranormal reality TV-land. What show superseded the importance of Mr. Coffey's impending Canonization? The pilot for "Demon Exorcist", that's what!

Great Radio Shows

Had a wonderful time on each of these shows and they deserve your support as listeners.

Paradacity was a very lively show! Hear it here:

Other shows include:

Bishop James Long & Bobby Zoeller at

Daniel Bautz at: Grand Dark Conspiracy 

Demon Exorcist: The Good, The Bad & The What The #$*@?!

Animal Planet's latest entry into paranormal programming is a rework of "Paranormal State" minus the college students from PRS and Ryan Buell. The formula is still there: promises of those worst cases, confronting demons, and much more. Strangely, nothing is mentioned of any animals being possessed.

This time we follow a "Demonologist" by the name of Dwayne Claud as he drives around the back roads of the South facing demons at every turn. He's stocked with an endless supply of holy water and the latest gadgets designed to force demons to flee. But the show has some good points, a lot of bad, and a few moments that left me thinking, "What the @%$#?" Since my investigation into "Paranormal State" and all the deceptions it contains, it’s become harder to do. However, this show really brought it out of me.

BAD - The title itself. What is a demon exorcist in the first place? There is no reference in any theological literature that ever uses the term. So Mr. Claud gives himself a title that does not exist.

BAD - Using the term demonologist. This term is really starting to get overused and few really understand the meaning behind the word. There can be a secular use and a use of the word within a religious context.

On a secular level it means a person who has interest in demons. Anyone can use that term if they read up on the subject.

Within the Catholic Church the term can be used as one who has been called by God to take up the study of demons and to use that information to cast them out and help those who have been impacted by them.

Dwayne Claud can feel comfortable using the term in a secular fashion and I have no issues with that. But due to a statement that he makes early on the show, it prohibits him from using the term on the spiritual level, and the show loses all credibility. Dwayne states, "Faith plays a big part in what I do but I do not subscribe to any one religion." This renders the rest of the show as staged and/or scripted. In order to take authority over demons and drive them out you can only do so under the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is that plain and simple. If your spiritual authority does not start from that point, it renders the cross useless, the holy water is just water, and your words, even if they are scripture, or from an established rite, have no force behind them. This may seem laughable, as many new agers attempt to blend all spiritual paths into one. Neither Dwayne nor I nor anyone have the power to cast out demons unless that power comes from God. The only way that power flows through a person is their faith in the Lord and to fully accept Christ as their Savior. 

Additionally, if you're following the calling to become a demonologist you have to abandon many trappings of this world and spend time in prayer, mediation, and study of the Bible.

GOOD - Dwayne asks questions and attempts to do an investigation.

GOOD - They tell us that some events in the show are a dramatization, unlike "Paranormal State".

BAD - You never take testimony from a child unless a mental health professional has been called in to gather that testimony.

BAD - You never accept a client's claims blindly. Did he check to see if the flickering lights were due to faulty wiring?

GOOD – It's important to see the topic of satanic ritual abuse brought up. Many in the secular field have tried to sell the concept that all satanic ritual abuse is false. If anyone has spent any length of time within this field one would find that such blanket statements are themselves false and fictitious.

BAD - Just as in "Paranormal State" we see the shadow of lights flicker. Is anyone turning the lights off and on? Then we are shown orbs as proof of paranormal activity.

BAD - Dwayne brings in a psychic and what does she contribute to the investigation?

WHAT THE @#$%$ - The ghost box? This is a reworking of Frank's Box. We are told it allows two-way conversations with the dead and demons! Talk about roaming charges! If you're operating as a demonologist as a calling from God, one of the gifts you'll be blessed with is that of spiritual discernment. You'll be able to see and communicate with demons without the help if any so-called "BOX".

WHAT THE #$%$ - Hypnotism should only be done by a professional. You should never accept information gathered as factual unless you can verify it from other sources.

BAD - He states that a house cleansing is an extreme ritual. False.

BAD – He states the holy water bottle is cloudy. It needs to be cleaned.

WHAT THE @#%$ - Dwayne performs a "baptism". He has no spiritual authority to do so.

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I'm not sure what we will focus on next week due to all the breaking news and para-celeb hijinks.