Monday, July 23, 2012

How Bottom Feeders Are Feasting Off of Ryan Buell

By Reporter X

It is late in the day, I should haul my tired old body off to bed, as the start of a new day is dawning, but there are things I must address.

I am happy to return to where my internet journey began. What took place at that other site will be a matter for a future blog, but we are happy to back here. We take great pleasure in noting that those who attacked me and my staff with claims that we lied and had our facts wrong are now gone. A house built on lies will surely fall and they all went away.

What to focus on now? We do have further reports about the validity of the Jennifer Arnold case. We have a growing file on G.O.N.E.R.S. (Ghosts of New England Research Society), concerning faking evidence. We have a pile of cases from both men and woman who have had contact with many of the well-known demonologists and they claim to have suffered unwanted sexual contact from these alleged demonologists. We also have numerous questions from people inside and outside of the paranormal community concerning what is going on with Mr. Ryan D. Buell.

I have run into Mr. Buell many times over the past few years, both while his show was in production and afterwards. (Towards the end of the fourth season, he even made an effort to have me do a guest appearance, which I turned down). I have always found him to be pleasant and kind. In fact, he reminded me of writer/director Quentin Tarantino, whom I had a few drinks with after he won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival for Pulp Fiction. Quentin was trying to please everyone and himself at the same time (which cannot be done and if he had not realized that he would not have the success he is now having).

I am not going to address the issues related to the problems of Paranormal State, as others have done that. (Read Mr. Robinson's two books on that subject). What I will do is ask some questions that seem to be on peoples' minds. I think the public deserves answers to them.

People have asked:

1 Do you think he is telling the truth? Is he really sick?

There have been cases of people faking cancer within the paranormal community; the most notable is that of Donna Lacroix. Google her name along with faking cancer. You might recall that she was a smalltime player with Ghost Hunters, and she went on the Ghost Divas and claimed that Ghost Hunters faked things. Later, when she tried to get on other parareality shows, she encountered nothing but those proverbial doors slammed in her face. She then tried to backtrack and went to war with many paracelebrities.

I personally would say I do not think Ryan is faking his illness.

2 What is his illness?


3 What type of cancer?

We can only guess, as this was posted on the PRS website:

I was wondering if we could do something special for him on Sunday, July 8th. The purple ribbon is the color of pancreatic cancer awareness. So I made this graphic in two variations which I ask if you guys could use in any way, shape or form. Or get creative, wear something purple and take a photo and send it to to him. What's that? You say you have a pet and a bucket of purple paint? What a perfect combination!*

No official word has ever been given about his cancer so we must guess that this is the public admission (or leak) that has been kicked about on many websites and Facebook pages.

Pancreatic cancer is very serious. Here is a link that gives you all the details concerning that type of cancer and its treatment:

4 Is Sergey upset about this being leaked to the public?

Yes, we have seen some heated posts from Sergey on this matter. If you go to his Facebook page, you will notice a photo of Mr. Buell looking very thin and frail with the word cancer looming above it and a slogan about soldiering on.

Now match this up with his request to honor pancreatic cancer and ask how is that a leak?

5 If Ryan Buell knew he was sick then why did he announce having a spiritual retreat in August?

This retreat has been very heavily promoted, and has struck me as odd. Having attended a number of these events as a participant, as well as teacher, the activities listed are not events associated with spiritual retreats. Spiritual retreats generally focus on prayer and meditation. But here, we see:

~ Open bar

~ Game room

~ Night-Time Scary Story Boat Ride

~ Horror films

And, it's only a 72-hour weekend retreat.

Here is an example of what will occur at a weekend Christian retreat:

The only reference to a spiritual retreat is some kind of guided meditation. (I know of no one in PRS who has the training to conduct a meditation of any kind). If a person does not know the subject well, people can open themselves to demonic influences.

6 Has anyone from PRS commented on Ryan's illness?

That has also been troubling us. If we only look at the major players in the organization, it was total silence until the night of July 19. (More on that later).

Chip Coffey - His Facebook page features self-promotional posts and no comment on Ryan's illness until an appearance on Dave Schrader's radio show opened up for him.

Sergey - Nothing outside of the cancer poster, and the odd post from the other day.

Eilfie Music - Only the cancer poster.

Chad Calek - Nothing but a few personal posts and photos of him and Ryan.

On the other hand, over at the Eye on the Paranormal, which broke the story, they asked for prayers of healing.

We heard Ryan and Chad were both upset that people were talking about his illness. But now the posts are gone.

One of my assistants caught them before their removal. We will share them minus any commentary.

First, you will see Ryan's Tweets (read from the bottom up).

Everyone is acting bizarre around me. Please, either treat me normal or leave me be. It's too much. Goodbye for now.

I'm going to go dark for a bit. Its too weird. b/c I wish you could experience the weirdness on my end. The looks, the "funeral" e-mails..

And please stop acting as if I'm already dead. Please stop. My family sees this stuff. Our lives are already altered. Please stop.

I wish I didn't have it. But everyone needs to chill out. Because you are making me weak. Berating my friend cause he didn't tweet? WTF?

He doesn't need to comment to the world. I didn't want ANYONE to know. He kept it a secret for a months. I wish no one knew.

Dear fans, I saw tweets berating @AGHChad b/c he didn't comment on my illness... is it your f***ing business? He's my friend.

Chad's posts (Read from bottom up).

Ry's good. He'll always be good. To those who respected my silence and Ry's decisions to discuss this in a fashion he sees fit... thank you.

This is all I have to say on this. Please respect that and do not ask me questions about Ry's health. The universal answer will be this...

fullest.. which means I'm NOT going to allow my friend to become his disease. Life is here now. That is the only thing that matters.

normal s*** about how's he going to be president one day, how PRS will rule the world, etc. LOL!!! I'm going to smile and live life to the

more moments or fear or tears to cancer. Ry is not dying of anything. He's living with something. And as long as he's upright & talkin' his

more moments or fear or tears to cancer. Ry is not dying of anything. He's living with something. And as long as he's upright & talkin' his

I just lost my mother and low to cancer two years ago, and it's like a bad nightmare coming alive again now. So I'm not going to give any...

So what do I think of the news? I think it's unfair, horrible and I'm pissed the f*** off at God about every second of this shit.

of my life with Ry. I've lived moments that I've dreamt about & have seen a side of life most never will... and Ry was with me every step.

Please understand this. I don't know "Ryan from TV". I know Ryan. I've fought, laughed, cried and lived some of the worst and best moments

For those of you who have watched Ry on TV and feel a connection with him to the degree that this news stuns & hurts you at the same time...

privacy... and my emotions as well. But I've recently learned that everyone now knows that my good friend does in fact have Cancer.

speak on his condition, his thoughts, his hopes and how he go about living with his unfortunate diagnosis. I was simply protecting his

I also did not feel as though it was something that should be public unless Ryan chose for it to be public, as he is the one who should

world... and there are things in life that you hold close because you need them to simply keep it together. I owe nobody my thoughts but Ry.

I feel as though everything thing on planet earth should be on display for the public to see. There are things that you give away to the...

To those that feel the same, understand that while I enjoy the public light and do a lot of work in the public eye, that does not mean that

I've also been criticized by a few people on Facebook for being around me recently, discussing Ryan and not bringing Ry's sickness up.

I've received a few pissed off pm's today, both eluding that I'm "heartless" for not publicly commenting on @ryan_buell's medical diagnosis.

This produced a long response from Ryan or someone working for Ryan (as we have noticed for some time, someone is posting as Ryan but their writing styles do not match).

Dear friends, PLEASE READ. Ryan has decided to take a very overdue personal time off from the online world to focus on treatment, a book deadline and some good old time off. You know he is always working. But don't worry, this page will be filled with updates on Ryan's well-being. But he will be offline for a while. A small staff is taking over, and this may be a blessing in disguise because now we can take the time to show you more of Ryan. We can confirm that Ryan and... PRS are officially relocating to Raleigh, North Carolina. We spent some time looking at a few cities and decided that was the best fit. Raleigh will be the new PRS headquarters. So look out Raleigh! A branch will still remain at Penn State. The PRS Bureau, ( will also have its headquarters in Raleigh and with an office in Los Angeles. Ryan will be working and when he isn't working he will be starting a new form of treatment in August. And when he isn't getting treatment, Ryan will be working. And eventually we take a baseball bat and hit him over the head to make him sleep. Although Ryan won't be on this page personally, please don't think this page will be empty or just filled with ads. Actually it will be busier. We are going to film videos of Ryan and more. We have all kinds of ideas and we welcome your input. At times he will answer your questions and then we will post other videos documenting his life and of course news of what he is up to. Ryan also wanted to have us post this message: "to all of you who participated in the Purple Ribbon Campaign for my birthday, I was so deeply honored and touched, that I would be dishonoring you if I said anything more, because I am still, days later, speechless. I know this isn't enough because I wish I could call all of you to thank you. But I saw every one and I saved every one. My staff helped me. And I am turning it in to a scrap book. So if you participated, you will be in a book that will sit by my bed and every day I will look at it for courage. And then to those who called in to the radio show, you made my night. You are my inspiration to fight and to better myself. With love, RYAN." So sit tight guys, Ryan will be offline, but Ryan news and inside videos and pictures will be coming daily.

Read all about the I Am Six case in this book:
NEXT WEEK – Things go from odd to very odd. Learn how others profit off of Ryan Buell's illness.

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