Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Issue 122 – Long Island Medium eBook/Father Gabriele Amorth is Crucified by Charisma News

By Kirby Robinson

Our new book on the Long Island Medium will be coming to an online bookstore early next month. Father Gabriele Amorth gets crucified by Charisma News [so who needs demons?]

It's been a very busy start to summer for the EYE ON THE PARANORMAL crew. Tonight, the new radio show is being launched at 7 PST.  Here's the info:

Theresa Caputo, The Long Island Medium -- Investigated
After carrying out an intensive investigation into the world of the Long Island Medium, we'll be releasing our findings in an eBook next month. What the Long Island Medium is Selling I'm Not Buying… and Neither Should You will be available on Amazon, B&N NOOK, Smashwords and Kobo.

Coming to online bookstores in early July

What we uncover should be a warning to the public—DON'T accept the claims of this particular psychic/medium. The truth will leave you wondering how to get your time invested into the show or [if you paid money for her events], how to get your money back. We look into her readings, her show, and her mentor. We follow her path in the On the Road Florida special, and what we find is shocking.

Father Gabriele Amorth Ambushed on Charisma News…with Nutjobs like these, the Devil Doesn't Need Demons

I have the utmost respect for Fr. Gabriele Amorth. I've had a chance to reread his book and review his teachings. I've never been disappointed by them even during the time when the existence of Lucifer is doubted-- something that's going on in the Church--he held dear to his faith.

He went public with things that were on his mind concerning the rite of exorcism. This was after the pope was alleged to have confronted a man in a wheelchair who might have had demonic issues [was he possessed, oppressed, or just had an infestation, no one but the pope knows]. Father Gabriele expresses some concerns that the church needs to train more priests to become experts in the rite of exorcism. He also wants the church to allow priests to perform an exorcism without seeking permission from church authorities.

Charisma News picked the story up and ran with it. For those who aren't familiar with Charisma News, only tea partiers and diehard anti-liberals are usually the target audience. The theological view is aligned with Falwell and Robertson. They don't say anything bad about big time preachers like Paula White and the Crouchs'.

I might have disagreements with Catholic doctrine but posting the following crosses the line.

That would be correct...
However.."followers" these people are NOT.
A follower of Christ is not a practising homosexual.
A follower of Christ does not perpetrate sex with a child.
A follower of Christ does not bow down to idols.
A follower of Christ does not put their 'faith' into anything other than Christ Crucified.
A follower of Christ calls no man his 'father', over or above his Heavenly Father.
A follower of Christ has repented of SIN.
A follower of Christ lives in Holiness before a Holy and Just GOD.
A follower of Christ acknowledges The Blood atonement of The Lamb of GOD as 'The One and Only' means by which a soul can be saved.
This 'church' and its cohorts are the greatest threat and opposition to The Gospel of Christ, equal to the Islamic its opposition of The TRUTH...found in Christ Crucified.
Jesus Christ is NOT just some obscure figure hanging on a cross.
HE is NO LONGER on The Cross.
HE came and lived among us, died for SIN, was buried and rose victorious, and now sits at the Right Hand of GOD as our mediator.
HE is our Redeemer.
HE is our Saviour.
HE is our Lord of Lords and SOON coming King of Kings.
Wake up people..prepare your hearts..your Redeemer lives, and IS returning SOON.....for a Spotless Bride....Amen.

It's sad that the poster chooses to lump every member of the Catholic Church into one pile. To use his logic, we must start questioning anyone claiming to be a Protestant due to the fact of the scandals that have swept through the Christian church. Those have included pastors cheating on their wives, pastors' wives cheating on their husbands, pastors cheating with other pastors, pastors having sex with minors, and misappropriation of church funds. Not to mention the false teachings that run rampant, as well as false teachings of well known televangelists. Why can't we just have a calm and decent conversation on doctrinal differences?

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