Sunday, March 1, 2015

Demons vs. You -- You Don't Stand a Chance, Part 5

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Continuation of this 5 part series blog I will cover and inform all of the readers on an important aspect in the realm of spiritual warfare.  In this fifth part I continue this discussion regarding why you don’t stand a chance against a demon.  

Learning to walk righteously with God is a challenge for many people.  This can be a great fear for many people as they feel that they will truly fall short of what God expects them to be.  However, everyone has their own set of secret fears.  Thus demons know all about each of us and the fears that scare us.  They would love to use these fears against you, but the Holy Spirit will block them from doing so when you are walking righteous with God.  

Maybe they’ll get to harass you, one or two of them, but the Holy Spirit will protect you from being hit in some theological area that God knows you’re totally defenseless in.  Hence it is vital that we grow into seeing just how protective the Holy Spirit is over us.  God’s Spirit is always shielding us from 99% of what demons want to do against us. The Holy Spirit never entirely drops its guard even though as humans we drop our guard.  

Sometimes it may feel as though the Holy Spirit dropped off or away from you when a person comes under attack.  This is because even a small dose of demons is very overwhelming to feeble humans as we are nothing more than an infant in the middle of a busy highway.  God knows this about our characteristics and thus offers a shield of protection for us to hide behind called the Holy Spirit.

A good comparison about demons is to view them as powerful military tanks, like the M1 Abrams tanks used by the United States government to penetrate defensive lines of an adversary.  We humans however are like newborn kittens who are blind and defenseless, lying directly in the path of these massive tanks.  That just doesn’t seem like a fair fight because God didn’t set it up to be.  When God allowed demons to invade our world, God knew how vulnerable we were and hence God also took up the job of constantly protecting us by sending forth the Holy Spirit.

Therefore the Holy Spirit places a seal upon those who are called to Christ.  They are sealed from the attacks of the demons.  This proper sealing occurs after the tests from God have been fulfilled.  For it is written in Romans 8:16 “The Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God.”  This places a seal upon us by God that we are his.  This is a reason why the demons want to attack those who are called and sealed by God.  However, those who are not sealed by the Holy Spirit are not of Christ and do not receive the same protection.  

As God calls himself our shield and refuge time and time again in scripture.  God wants this figure of speech to really sink into us. God is our shield, and there is no power in heaven or earth that can get past Him to harm us.  It is God who wants us to know that we are His dearly loved creations who can depend on God to always be with us.  However, it is those who turn from their wicked ways that get the V.I.P. treatment from the Holy Spirit when we chose to walk in righteousness.

Too many people feel they are safe without relying upon God.  As a matter of fact they feel so safe that they truly have nothing to fear, including demons.  These people use the excuse of a “loving God” would not allow this to occur, when the sad truth is exactly that God does allow those demons to attack.  However, those who are called to Christ realize they will be tested by demons, but come under this divine grace.  

The key is the demons are not allowed touch us without permission from God.  Whatever God lets the demons achieve is guaranteed to reap a spiritual harvest down the line if we are willing to trust Him.  In my previous blogs I have stated that the demons must acquire permission from God to do this.  Thus when God removes his permission of attacking his children they must obey and failure to do so has grave consequences upon the demons by the Holy Spirit.

Hence learning from the teacher to view all demonic attacks as an opportunity to grow in the faith and to learn something from our glorious Teacher, the Holy Spirit.  In the midst of the demonic harassment, you must defend yourself by focusing intently upon God and absorbing every crux of wisdom the Holy Spirit gives us.  

We are to never venture beyond the protective boundaries of the Holy Spirit.  For the demons are terrifying and in an instant will overwhelm you.  Therefore you are to never try to start fights with them and you must stay far away from their strongholds on this earth.  As a reminder “Resist the devil and he will flee” but a better understanding is “Resist sin and the devil will flee”. 

Realize that you are totally outmatched by them and that they are totally outmatched by the Holy Spirit.  Learn to recognize God's involvement in both starting and ending a spiritual battle. Never view yourself as independent warrior or you will get far more than you bargained for.  See yourself as a little child who needs stay hidden in the safety of the protective embrace which God offers through the Holy Spirit.  Albeit you must practice focusing on God and what his great strength is about instead of thinking about ourselves. 

Learn to trust that God won’t let us be harassed one second longer than is spiritually beneficial for us to grow and learn.  Understand it is God who drives demons away from us, thus give glory to Him alone, not to angels, not to human prayer warriors or to our own faith.  We are nothing apart from God except infants on a busy highway filled with demons.

I pray this blog has been beneficial for you to grow spiritually as well as giving you a more logical approach to demons as well as spiritual warfare in which you don’t stand a chance…..

Rev. Bradley Luoma