Monday, January 19, 2015

Demons vs. You -- You Don't Stand a Chance, Part 1

In this five part series blog I will cover and inform all of the readers on an important aspect in the realm of spiritual warfare.  In part one I will layout the fundamental aspects of having a balanced aspect when it comes to demons.  So here we jump into this important view that Christians should attain is a balanced view of demons and how to defeat them.

Those of you who are not Christians or don’t accept God stand ZERO chance of defeating a demon. Therefore a balanced view of demons is necessary for good spiritual warfare.  Now one might expect this blog to deviate over into an in-depth discussion of spiritual warfare and how we as Christians need not be afraid of the devil.

It is a dangerous lack of fear which is causing many souls to unwisely deviate into very terrible traps of torment. Therefore to start one needs to be afraid of demons—very afraid.  On another level a person needs to be fearless as well.  Now both of these mentalities need to exist at the same time and for different reasons. If you drop either one of these mentalities, you will become spiritually vulnerable.  So let’s start with why you need to be afraid of demons.

Demons are not human and have never been a living being.   People however do not understand exactly what they are as no human does.  Yet demons are experts on the subject of humans, including you the reader.  Demons have had a much further head start against you and me.  They have been studying, testing and defeating the human race since the beginning of Creation.  This sober fact should hit you like a freight train that most souls end up in Hell when they die.

So therefore what does this tell you the reader?  This should scream to you from the mountain tops about how confident demons are when it comes to defeating humans.  They are quite cocky, and with good reason they have a right to be!  Every demon is much like a military general who hardly ever lose a battle.  Therefore these large mega churches give a Christian attendee a false sense of confidence.  Just know that the unsaved far outnumber the saved in this world.  Even within the high ranks of Christianity, demons have many souls in their service.

As the reader of this blog you need to get an understanding of demonic power in perspective that you can fathom. Imagine if you can trying to stand on the surface of the sun which is liquid molten.  Now I know that is hard to do but try to imagine this for a second.  How long do you think you would be able to last on liquid molten?  What if you were suited up in some protective special equipment before you got shoved out of the spacecraft how do you think you would fare?  Can you think of any man made material that can possibly protect you from 9,000 degrees plus of heat?

Now even if you could stand on the surface for a few seconds, you would drop down below the surface where the estimated temperature would be about a cool 27 million degrees Fahrenheit. Now when it comes to dealing with demons, we as Christians suit ourselves up with special prayers, proper bible verses, special blessed oil, holy water and we carry large blessed crucifixes.  At that point people think they are ready to take on the powers of Hell and those people are delusional.

It is God and only God, the Alpha and Omega who can and will protect a person from demons.  It is God alone, not God along with our assistance and certainly not you with God’s assistance.  In our minds we feel that we can see pictures of ourselves prodding the Holy Spirit into action with our faith filled prayers.

Let me state this, God is not a donkey that we must poke into motion with sticks.  God does what God wants to do and how God wants to do it, end of story.  So let me be crystal clear, no human being helps God exorcise demons out of an afflicted person. It is God who drives them out all by his will.  All the anointed oil and fervent praying is totally powerless because it is God who does this act.

Many Christians who have done deliverances or exorcisms have become quite delusional when it comes to spiritual warfare. Too often these Christians view themselves as leading the charge against the armies of Satan while the Holy Spirit brings up the rear.  What extremely flawed reasoning is occurring as this puts those Christians in line for brutal defeat.

In reality, it is God who must lead every battle against demons.  If we fail to allow God first there is no battle, there’s only the Christians who get mowed down by the demons.  Now how hard is it for a person to win an arm wrestling contest with an infant?

That type of contest is not a challenge that is a joke. So when Christians try to come against demons on their own, the demons are laughing at our senselessness. The only reason this person could walk away in one piece would be due to the Holy Spirit rushing in.  It is the Holy Spirit that snatches people from dangers of demons much like a mother snatching her child out of the path of a speeding car on a road.  Sadly, many of us refuse to witness God’s intervening hand and thus we walk away thinking “we sure showed those demons a thing or two.”

Understand that you are no match for demons.  This is step one in learning proper spiritual warfare skills.  So then should you be afraid of the power they possess? Absolutely.  Any person should be afraid of demons as much as being afraid of a rabid lion which just surged into your afternoon picnic.  A demon can destroy a person to shreds without even trying. Thus a person is no match for them so you need to stay away.   Therefore don’t go playing around demonic strongholds and think you won’t be hurt!

In our next blog we will further discuss demons vs. you and how you don’t stand a chance! Here's the link to part 2.

Rev. Bradley Luoma


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