Monday, January 19, 2015

Demons vs. You -- You Don't Stand a Chance, Part 2

Continued from: Demons vs. You -- You Don't Stand a Chance, Part 1

Continuation of this five part series blog I will cover and inform all of the readers on an important aspect in the realm of spiritual warfare.  In this part two I continue this discussion regarding the fundamental aspects of having a balanced aspect or approach so to speak when it comes to engaging demons as Christians.

Now there are many foolish Christians who think that it is no big deal if they attend séances, play with or keep Ouija boards and even worse try their hand at exorcisms.   As professed people in Christ let us learn from the act of Sceva’s foolish sons (Acts 19:13-16).  We are not go anywhere near demons unless we have received specific orders from God.

The only time it is safe for a person to approach demons is when the person is doing so from behind the Holy Spirit’s broad back.  Thus if the Holy Spirit is not out in front of you then you are asking for a serious beating from a demon.  God just might let you have one in order to teach you some respect for the demon and ultimately God.

Now that’s one side of the coin as we should fear the power of demons and recognize that we are no match for them.  Therefore let’s flip the coin over so to speak and talk about the second side.  When we are walking in step with God, we do not need to fear demons at all.  Thus this is the key to it all, walking righteous with God.

Demons are like a downed electrical wire which are sizzling and sparking upon the ground.  Only an idiot would try to pick up this sparking wire with bare hands.  However, when that wire is jerking about, threatening the safety of others, there are strategic ways to deal with it.

Therefore in comparison, we are to never seek out demons unless the Holy Spirit has given us specific orders to do so. While we’re busy being obedient Christians, Satan is going to send his unholy soldiers after us in hordes. When Satan is the one initiating the battle, we definitely need to take a defensive stance behind the Holy Spirit.

Now the first step in defending oneself against demons is to realize how they were able to get so close to you in the first place. The Holy Spirit is the one and only source of protection between all human souls and the armies of Satan.  We are not place visions of our own guardian angels defending us.  Why?  God is intensely jealous and God gets quite upset when we start admiring other creatures God has made and not him directly.

All admiration and gratitude for spiritual protection must be directed at God alone.  One must not get lazy in this arena.  We are not to carry little angel figurines and no fantasizing about your guardian angel either.  Such behavior enrages the Holy Spirit against us.  Therefore why would you want to offend the One who is protecting you?  As far as we should be concerned, angels are God’s business alone.

From our previous blog “God’s Will” you have learned that God gives permission for demons to attack.  Understand that Satan can’t invade your personal space unless the Holy Spirit intentionally gives him an opening.  Hence it is important that a person see God as actively allowing the demons to harass you as tests, especially those who God favors (i.e. Job).

If you fail to see this as anything else, you might miss the lesson that God is trying to teach you.  If there was a snarling wolf on the other side of your door and I suddenly yanked it open to let the wolf at you, you would naturally begin to question our so called friendship. The wolf will attack as you expected it to do so.  However, what you don’t understand is why I opened the door to begin with?

The same way, we recoil from the image of the Holy Spirit opening the door for demons to attack us.  Woefully, this is exactly what is happening.  So if the Holy Spirit didn’t lower the hedge around us, the demons would never get anywhere close to you.  When we ignore the Holy Spirit’s significant role as our protector, we are free to go about defending ourselves in a wrong manner, which is why God allows this to happen.   For further clarification go back to my blog “God’s Will – the breaking of the human.”

A person will fight and struggle in their own strength, all the while calling out for God to jump in and help us.  When God finally removes the demons off of us, we think God only jumped in because we did the right behavior God was wanting from us now.  We tend to think we prayed the right words, confessed enough sins, or worked up enough emotions to stir God to move on our behalf.  Sadly, this is totally backwards and does not align with God.

Therefore was as Christians need to learn a whole new approach to spiritual warfare that you cannot just go and cast demons out.  God places a calling upon you for God qualifies the called.  This not about fighting with fists and muscle, it is about learning the ways of the Lord.  Every time demons leap upon you, the first response should be to say to the Holy Spirit “teach me what you want me to learn.”

God is always teaching us.  The Holy Spirit never lets demons at you to see how good you are at holding them off in your own strength, as you will never be able to hold off demons by yourself.  More so to determine if you desire to walk with God as God calls a person to do.

In our next blog we will further discuss demons vs. you and how you don’t stand a chance!

Written by Rev. Bradley Luoma

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