Friday, July 6, 2012

The Future of Paranormal Investigations

By Rev. Mark Hunnemann

In my last blog I questioned the conventional wisdom behind investigating. By investigating, I mean using diverse technologies to debunk or prove the presence of supernatural entities and activity in the house. My reasons for strongly suggesting sweeping changes were:

1. We (the paranormal community) are doing something that has never been done before in the history of mankind…what I call “lay-play”. On the scale it is being done in the US, the wisdom of the ages (priests/shamans) is being recklessly thrown out.

2. The glamour of the paranormal is blinding us to the demonic gore
-number of investigators who are developing demonic problems

3. It is outrageous to think that 90% of people are mistaken re claims of supernatural activity
-God-ordained reliability of our senses
-we KNOW our homes
-if demons are the true culprit, then our investigating is mostly in vain…deception

I won’t re-hash what I said last week, but each of those issues needs to be discussed in more detail. My suggestion is radical…stop investigating and start cleansing. I have done dozens of cleansings and the lack of an investigation was not a hindrance. In fact, from my perspective, the typical investigation makes matters worse—especially if there is attempted communication with alleged entities. If a door was not open to the demonic before the investigation, it most certainly is opened during the time when Deut. 18:11-14 (attempting to speak to dead is condemned as an occultic sin) is explicitly being broken—hence, giving the demonic a “foothold.”

The more I study, and the more experience I gain, the more I am convinced that investigations are causing horrible problems for the client and the investigators. If my read on history is correct, then the burden of proof lies on those who are doing the investigating. It is your responsibility to show that you are NOT harming people—that, you are in fact, helping them. I say this with tears, but most investigators are themselves developing demonic issues. And if these deceptive entities are really demonic, then of course that is precisely what one would expect would happen. Please don’t be fooled…ANY paranormal that has begun, is demonic in nature. Paranormal activity is not glamorous…there is an unspeakably evil presence behind it.

I talk to folks on a regular basis who wish to God they had never investigated a single house. You get all tied up in the busy work of your own group, and you are missing the signs right in front of your face. A dear friend of mine had a very successful group in the Midwest, and he became obsessed with looking at the evidence. But the more he listened, the more suspicious he became. So, he began to address them in the name of Jesus. That was all it took to confirm his suspicions that these were demons playacting as human. If demons are anything, they are deceptive, deceptive, deceptive. Brutally deceptive…

I digressed on purpose. All of the preceding has led to a a very disturbing conclusion. The belief in ghosts in general, and investigations in particular, are central to Satan’s plan to bring about widespread deception in the end times. I believe we are entering the count-down to Jesus’ return, but before that will come, an enormous Satanic led deception. A study of the various New Age beliefs has convinced me of the paramount importance the Evil One has placed on paranormal investigations.

Nothing is opening doors to the demonic more effectively and in a more widespread fashion than paranormal investigations. Satan has his strategy in place for deceiving the world, and in order to do that, his demonic strike force has to be primed and ready. They are already here on earth, BUT something has to be done on a wide scale which will unleash their oppressive potential. The average tempting demon has considerable constraints put on them by the sovereign Lord, but if it is present when occultic practices take place, then a “door” is opened for them to enter. Opening doors to the demonic is what paranormal investigations is doing in a systematic and widespread way.

With one-third of Americans (globally?) embracing the notion of trapped spirits, then this makes it the largest occultic belief in our country today. There are many aberrant beliefs which can cause spiritual mischief but none are embraced by one-third of our population. Any beliefs about the Second Coming are speculative except the basics. But since I do believe we are winding down to the last hour, then paranormal investigations take on a special role in that complex of events. The unhappy conclusion is: investigators are unwitting pawns in unleashing hoards of demons to prepare for a final push for darkness. But regardless of the timing of Christ’s return, there is no doubt in my mind that investigations are an express ticket for demonic freedom—and on an unprecedented scale in modern times.