Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Issue 122 – Paula Deen Meltdown & "A Haunted House"

By Kirby Robinson

Tonight, the radio show is about Communion with the Devil. The program starts at 7 PST.  Here's the info:

The Paula Deen Meltdown -- Sometimes You Should Settle Out of Court

Paula Deen may not be a name within the paranormal unless she's cooking ghost cake and disappearing pie. But her case is one that should teach us that we as a society happen to be messed up.

It goes back to the Oprah years--if you're on TV you should be looked up to and almost worshipped. If you have some sort of talent and are seen on TV, you're automatically an expert   and people need to hang onto your words.

Paula Deen was a person who could cook, had a friendly on-air personality and the "it" factor in front of the camera. She also had one heck of a marketing team behind her.

She became obsessed with the almighty dollar. Enough was never enough. When it came time to inform the public about her diabetes, did she just come out and share it at a press conference? No, she waited for three years to tell the world. When she did, it was on the Today Show and it was linked to a business deal that would allow her to profit off her illness. The most troubling line from the program is when she said, "We spent the past 3 years trying to figure how to best handle it." How does it take three long years? And during that time her recipes remained high in fat, butter and sugar.

I found it humorous when her team claimed that her food wasn't meant to be eaten everyday but as a treat now and then. If you read any of her more than one dozen cookbooks, you won't find such a statement.

Whether the events in the discrimination suite took place or not no one knows unless they happened to be there. When the use of the N word came up in her deposition, her lawyer should have advised her to settle it privately and seal the deposition. It's better to lose one million dollars of a 20 million empire, then it is to lose a 20 million empire---along with her reputation.

The story would've died there and she would've recouped the lost money within a year or two.

Additionally, the I AM SORRY debacle would've been avoided and the most damning video wouldn't be seen:

Notice when she talks about her great-grandfather, a plantation and slave owner, she says that he was sad over the loss of his son and the war. Translation: he was sad that he could no longer own slaves and profit off them. Yes, sad about the loss of his son is understandable. And sad that in one year he went from 30 workers [slaves] down to zero. Unable to cope with running the plantation, because he was either too cheap or too broke to pay the slaves who were required by law to be paid, great-grandfather killed himself.

Notice she says that we're all prejudiced against something. We all, according to her, dislike something like say, broccoli, is one thing. Disliking a person due to gender, race, or religion is something altogether different.

She should read up on the Jim Crow laws to grasp the amount of suffering that African- Americans went through up until the 1960s.

She states, "That black people feel the same prejudice that white people feel."

Her bringing out Hollis, the young black man, reminds me of the story of the German businessman who visited the town hall in his hometown in the early 1940s. He said, "I need my Jew back he is unlike any of the other Jews."

But this isn't the end of Paula, far from it. The Food Network is known for being cheap when it comes to on air talent. In a few weeks she'll sign a new contract with a new network and in our minds, which jumps from scandal to scandal, it'll soon be forgotten.


"A HAUNTED HOUSE producers need to offer the paranormal field an apology. Please know that not everyone is like that.

I try to avoid movies about the paranormal these days. Movies like Paranormal Activity 1 through whatever or The Last Exorcist 2 are often based on fake paranormal reality shows like Ghost Hunters or the former Paranormal State. I wasn't really interested to hear that I was going to watch A Haunted House at a friend's [unhaunted] home along with dinner. After sitting through this very uneven movie, I noticed the characters portraying paranormal professionals act in a way you'd never see from real professionals in the field.

1 Paranormal team leader [Dan the Security Man]

It saddens me and it should sadden you, that this movie implies this about all the talented paranormal investigators out there

- Paranormal teams run around in matching jackets, t-shirts and golf shirts and even have logos on the side of  the vans and SUVs

- They aren't trained to handle any situation

- That they care about having a TV show

- If they get a TV show, they'd never have such a cheesy title like GHOST GUYS

2 The exorcist [Father Williams]

All of our talented and caring people who are hard working demonologists are portrayed as:

- Being fake

- Having a prison record

- Wearing the collar of a priest, father or reverend and not being ordained [and not being ordained].

- Having a drinking/drug issue

- Talking about sex in front of a client

- Performing something other than a proper exorcism

3 Finally, they did no justice to the truly gifted and dedicated psychics that we have in the paranormal field. In "A Haunted House" they actually have a character call Chip the Psychic. This individual presents none of the good qualities our true psychics do.

Our psychics are not:

- Fake

- Actively pursuing their client[s]

- Asking the client[s] personal questions or questions about sexual orientation

- More interested in self-gratification

- None of our psychic workers would ever run around a client's home naked, wearing only argyle socks

We ask all true paranormal professionals to stand up and don't rent this movie, or support the filmmakers in any further adventures.

Thank you.

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