Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Issue 53 – Bad Psychics, Criminal Psychics & Predator Psychics

By Kirby Robinson

It's been a lousy week for fake psychics or those who might have a small gift but seek to use it for personal gain and not as means to help people. But what can we really expect of fakers and predators?


If you have not heard of the case of the missing baby Lisa Irwin, you haven't been watching cable news. The one-year-old has been missing since October 4, 2011. The police have turned up no leads and are now saying the case may never be solved. The family refuses to help and have asked that people stop gathering in prayer vigils outside their home

All of the above is very sad. But what's even sadder is that now so-called psychics are trying to cash in on the case. [I feel I must constantly say that yes, there are real psychics. But for every real one there are many fakers out there.] It seems that a psychic by the name of Stephanie Almaguer has gone public with her visions of where baby Lisa will be found. Stephanie has posted drawings of where the body will allegedly be found on her blog. One wonders why go public at all? Contact the local police and have them check it out. Nothing was ever found at the site so we wonder where did the visions come from? If the ability to see things others can't comes from GOD [which it does] will GOD show them things that are false? No. Why would a loving GOD ever do that? Then it must come from someplace that holds less than honorable intentions. This is the same psychic who claims to have worked on the Haleigh Cummings case-- and to date her body hasn't been found either. So why did this so-called psychic get involved? Let's take a look at her blog activity and her personal appearances on cable TV.

In 2009, when she began blogging, Stephanie she has posted very few times. Even as recently as the summer, postings have been in the single digits. Since October, she has posted over 70 blogs. She keeps inserting herself into even more missing person cases.

Is it not sad that people seek to gain fame and riches on the backs of dead people? If this person was concerned about helping she should just do that: help and keep her actions in the shadows. Only a person who seeks no reward for their actions outside of helping people will do that.

If you watch Stephanie's appearances on the cable programs that have featured her, watch her eye movements. They show a person who is being less than honest. In fact, now she has been threatening legal action against those who have chosen to expose possible fake psychics like her.


Most do not due to the lack of media coverage this woman gets. Just like the case with Stephanie Almaguer, Sylvia Brown [sometimes spelled Browne], she also inserted herself into a missing person's case, informing the suffering parents that their son was dead when he was alive.

Here is a link to an interesting site that gives you all the info you need to know:


I'm talking about the book Elmer Gantry by Sinclair Lewis, not the film which only covers 100 pages, changes the story and does away with many of the characters. But just like Elmer, the preacher, he is able to blind, confuse and turn into zombies many of his followers. It really is scary--if one can be scared. [I have complete and utter faith in GOD that he will protect me and angels are always watching where I go and where I have been.] Such zombielike confusion was shown by a comment that I received in last week's blog by a person who posted under the name of Nancy.

The sad thing is you people are no different then the people of salem and the jews who sent christ to death. If Christ appeared before you today you would attack him as well and print garbage to make him look bad. You disguise lies in your writings to support your idiotic opinions and claims. If you really were, you would have the insight to know how wrong you are. Your words display hype and lies. Like the boy who cried wolf (which after reading your posts on A&E site- you surely act like), you say you aren't saying one thing when in fact you are. Shame on you. Really? You discuss the Penn State sex incident and Psychic Kids TV show in the same article? Disgusting and immature attitudes from you, a so called grown up adult. An extremely Irresponsible article you have written. How can you even practice Buddhism or Christianity and point fingers like you do? Such a hypocrite. You make us Christians look bad. I look forward to discussing your article with my peer group on sunday.

1 As to the people of Salem, their interest was twofold. They killed people so they could claim their property, and the second reason was to keep woman in their place.

2 The Jews didn't kill Christ. That is a myth used against Jews for centuries. You're showing your anti-Semitic side.

3 If Christ appears in front of me, I would be on my knees, for he is my teacher, guide, savior and protector. Who might yours be?

4 Show what I have posted that is a lie.

5 If you say that I have no right to judge, then how do you have the right to judge me?

6 In your peer group why not talk about the warning in the Bible concerning talking to psychics?

This person is a strong example of a psychic worshipper. It's something that psychic predators use to control the public and the people they feed off of. The psychic predators claim they have special powers that set themselves apart from others. Psychic predators claim they hold the key to secrets, and that only through them can the public learn about these secrets. Psychic predators claim that unless you have the same talents/gifts, you could never understand their powers. If you dare question what they do, then you'll be attacked.

What you never hear a psychic predator admit that what they are after is fame wealth power and worship from the general public and what fallows is idol worship

If these people really have what they claim, they would give thanks to God and admit that they are simply a channel for God to work through them. They would accept no money for their work. But we've seen that they do the exact opposite.

Did you ever hear them mention God on the show, Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal? [One mom brought up her belief in angels and demons in an episode, and notice Chip's annoyed reaction].

Next week we delve into how they exploited the children …


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