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Dalai Lama: 'Peace is the Meeting of Peoples'

Public Talk on ‘Peace is the Meeting of Peoples’ in the Ancient Greek Theatre

Taormina, Sicily, Italy - When His Holiness the Dalai Lama met briefly with members of the press at his hotel this morning, he began by telling them how happy he was to be back in Italy, visiting Sicily at the invitation of his friend Renato Accorinti.

“I’m just a human being—and remembering that we are all the same as human beings is important, because, when, as too often we do, we stress instead the secondary differences between us, it easily leads to trouble and conflict. In this part of Europe you have taken in many refugees. In the face of their suffering, that you have received and helped them is wonderful. But, just as we Tibetans expect eventually to return to Tibet, these refugees will hope to return to their own lands once peace and security are restored there. So it will be good if you can give them shelter and provide facilities for the young to receive education and training so they are equipped to rebuild when they get home.

“I am committed to promoting an appreciation of the oneness of humanity in the service of greater human happiness, as well as encouraging religious harmony. In this context, I believe you, members of the media, also have a responsibility to educate people about such positive opportunities.”

In his answers to journalists’ questions His Holiness touched on the need to reform an education system that is too focussed on materialistic goals rather than inner values. He stressed instead the need for warm-heartedness and the importance of compassion. He repeated his admiration for the spirit of the European Union, which has kept peace in Europe for decades. He also recognised that Tibetans have attracted significant support to their cause because they are resolutely non-violent and are not seeking independence.

“We Tibetans are an ancient nation. We have our own language, culture and way of life. We have kept our Buddhist heritage, with its source in Nalanda University in India, alive for more than 1000 years. In addition to knowledge of the workings of the mind, we have preserved an approach to education that depends on logic. On the basis of both these factors I believe we have something to contribute to the welfare of humanity today.”

His Holiness clarified that after his semi-retirement, when Tibetans elected a leader in 2001, he fully retired from political involvement in 2011. He added that he also ended a nearly 400 year old tradition of the Dalai Lamas having a political role in Tibetan affairs. He observed that although there were impeccable Buddhist teachers in India, there is no record of their having institutionalized their reincarnations.

His Holiness drove the short distance from his hotel to the Greek Theatre where an estimated two and a half thousand people were waiting in the hot sun to hear him. As the Mayors of Catania and Messina, Eligio Giardina and Renato Accorinti, escorted him onto the stage, a cheer went up.

After publicly welcoming His Holiness to Sicily once again, Accorinti explained how excited he was to realize his dream of bringing him to Messina and Taormina. He recounted the story of going to see His Holiness in Palermo in 1996, and being unable to enter the event until His Holiness grabbed his hand and drew him in. Then and there he invited him to come to Messina. A journalist mistook what he’d overheard and reported that the Mayor had issued the invitation. Accorinti said that at the time he had no thought of becoming the Mayor and yet that is what has happened.

The two Mayors presented His Holiness with an award from the Metropolitan City of Messina in recognition of his promotion of peace and solidarity in the world and in appreciation of his commitment to dialogue—after which he addressed the crowd.

“Brothers and sisters, I’m honoured to have received this award and happy to be here with this chance of talking to you. In this ancient place I am reminded of the Indus Valley civilization and the Nalanda Tradition it eventually gave rise to. Among the cultures of the ancient world, the Indus Valley civilization seems to have given rise to many thinkers and philosophers. The Buddha’s instruction about dependent arising, indicating that nothing exists independently and that everything depends on other factors, resonates with the contemporary quantum physics assertion that nothing exists objectively.

“Today, despite great material development, we and our leaders are facing an emotional crisis. Although Buddhist literature has much to say about this, tackling our negative emotions has nothing to do with religion as such. But what the thinkers of ancient India have to say about our mind and emotions is important and relevant in the modern world.

“I always speak from the point of view of being just another human being—not as a Tibetan, a Buddhist or as His Holiness the Dalai Lama. I was born as just a human being and I’ll die as just a human being, so I emphasize that in being human we are all the same. We are emotionally, mentally and physically the same. We feel sadness, fear and suspicion in the same way. And it’s on this basis that my experience may be of some help to you.

“The global economy and the effects of climate change recognise no national boundaries. What they are teaching us is that we should act more as one human community. We are enjoying peace and tranquillity here, even if it is quite hot, but in other places right now other people are being bullied, killed or facing starvation. It’s unbearable.

“Many of the problems we face come about because we insist on exaggerating secondary differences of nationality, colour and even faith. This misplaced emphasis leads to division. It’s unacceptable. We need to think more deeply and recognise the oneness of humanity and that as human beings we are much the same.

“Peace in the world can’t be brought about by use of force. Peace is a state of mind. The use of violence provokes anger and yet more violence. We need to reduce anger and fear by offering friendship. Once again I have to say I admire the spirit of the European Union, which has adopted the more holistic view that we have to live together and we’re better to do it as friends.

“Violence is quite the wrong way to achieve what we want. Ultimately we should aspire for a demilitarized world if we really want to achieve peace. “

His Holiness explained that he is committed firstly to promoting human happiness in the context of the oneness of humanity and secondly to encouraging religious harmony. He cited the example of India as vividly demonstrating that it’s possible. He pointed out that all the world’s major religions, with their common message of love, tolerance and contentment, have flourished side by side for centuries in India. He was forthright in declaring that since all religions have the potential to bring peace, to refer to Muslim or Buddhist terrorists is wrong. He asserted that the moment someone commits an act of terrorism they cease to properly follow their faith. If, on the other hand, you base your practice on love, you won’t be able to do anyone any harm.

Among questions from the audience the first concerned what advice he might have for dealing with the crisis over North Korea. He suggested that both sides should be more realistic and less emotional. He pointed out that when the mind is dominated by anger, suspicion and pride, it’s difficult to bring common sense to bear.

Another questioner wanted to know more about the connection between ancient Indian knowledge and quantum physics. His Holiness reminded him that where quantum physics says that that without an observer there is no observed object, the Buddhist Mind Only School says that the object has no external existence, while the Middle Way School says the object has no independent existence.

His Holiness went on to compare what Nagarjuna says about grasping at independent existence being a mistake, with what cognitive therapist Aaron Beck told him about our sense of the negativity of someone we’re angry with being 90% mental projection. He said that in Buddhist philosophy the word ‘shunyata’ or emptiness means things don’t exist independently. He went on to say that having been interested in this for 60 years and having thought rigorously about it for 40 years, he can say that such ideas are useful in reducing our negative emotions.

His Holiness also made it clear that in the world today 1 billion out of 7 billion people show no interest in religion. For the remainder, their faith, while it may be strong in the church, temple of mosque, is superficial when it comes to day to day life. In such a context, secular ethics provides an approach to renewed conviction in human values. He stressed that he uses the word secular in the way it is used in India to indicate unbiased respect for all religions and even the views of those with no faith. What’s more, secular ethics should be based on scientific findings—that basic human nature is compassionate, common experience—such as our need for affection, and common sense.

In answering a final question about mandalas, complex representations of the universe, used in some Buddhist rituals, His Holiness recalled an occasion years ago when some Japanese Buddhists had constructed a large peace stupa in Rajgir. The President of India had been invited to the inauguration. In his remarks His Holiness stated then that the real peace stupa is the one we construct in our hearts.

After thanking the audience and waving goodbye, His Holiness was escorted from the stage to his car and returned to his hotel for lunch. Tomorrow morning, he will give a public talk in the Theatre Vittorio Emanuele, Messina.

original link & photos https://www.dalailama.com/news/2017/public-talk-on-peace-is-the-meeting-of-peoples-in-the-ancient-greek-theatre

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Why We Should NOT Initiate Communication with Angels, Including Michael

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

I chose this title carefully because I could have entitled it: ”Why we should not communicate with angels”. However, I want to leave open the possibility that holy angels occasionally do initiate communication with humans today. All biblical theologians agree that overt angelic activity accelerates at crucial junctures in the flow of redemptive history (e.g. Announcement of Christ’s birth)As we’ll see, the word “initiate” is key in this discussion.   Furthermore, it would seem that disguised interaction with humans is a rather frequent angelic tactic (Hebrews 13:2), as well as their general call to be ministering spirits to us. (see Hebrews 1:14) So, please don’t think I am in any way minimizing the reality and frequency of their more covert role as our helpers/protectors, and occasional overt appearances. But, there is a big difference between that and OUR initiating contact with angels.

Every day I receive emails which advertize a book, services, ect. for how to communicate with an angel, or our guardian angel. I must confess that this is hot stuff. I mean, who would not be amazed and wowed by a visitation by an angel…especially if they had personal guidance for us? Pretty sensational, and we’re drawn toward that. I get it. But is this practice good, biblical and safe? No, on all three.

There is an explosion of books, and magazine articles dealing with this subject. In addition, in paranormal circles, some folks are attempting to reach angels. I know one man who will not try to reach the dead, but insists that he has been very successful in initiating communication with angels via traditional EVP methods. And he claims it’s biblical (more of that in a moment).

Moreover, in some churches there have been prophetic utterances that claim to be from an angel or a deceased preacher….or even Isaiah!  For the sake of time, we’ll focus on the claims for angelic utterances. The point is that popular culture, including the church, is getting inundated and fascinated with the angelic. And so, it is only appropriate that we ask: is it proper/biblical to initiate communication with angels? It’s sort of like an angelic form of EVP’s, which is precisely what one man I know claims is the voice he hears is. I have no idea how many EVP’s  are coming out these days that claim angelic authority, but my guess is that its growing in number. Satan is an opportunist. But whether the sought after angelic reply is audible or inaudible makes no difference—it is attempted communication with angels, and a possible reply.

So, the need is there for some clear guidance on this matter—one that takes into consideration all the salient data regarding angels. I may not answer some of the questions you may have regarding angels, but my focus is narrow: should we initiate communication with angels?

There are about 300 explicit references to angels in the bible…according to my concordance. Let us return to the man who claims that he not only gets EVP’s from angels, but that the bible warrants it. He cited verses like the angel talking to Mary, and the angels announcing the resurrection. But my point to him, which he seemed to have missed, was this: there is not a single case in the gospels or Acts where the Apostles (or even Jesus, as acting in His role as being the ideal Man) INITIATED communication with angel/s.

Nobody disputes that at crucial junctures of redemptive history angelic communication increased with God’s people. However, my point is simple—if Jesus and the apostles NEVER initiated communication with angels, then surely that is instructive. Authoritatively instructive because truth is communicated via Jesus’ actions, as well as His words—or lack of them in this case. Just because there is no explicit command not to initiate communication with angels, does not mean the bible is silent on the matter. Surely the life and practice of Jesus and His apostles is as authoritative in its instruction as explicit teaching. This is especially true when we see that the gospels and the book of Acts have numerous accounts of angelic visitation, but none were instigated by a person. It was always God Almighty sending His holy angels to do His bidding on behalf of His Bride. Always and everywhere in the bible, angels are the initiators in angelic/human encounters.

I could stop there and that should be sufficient to show that we have no business contacting angels. But let me add this. Why does God detest our using horoscopes? Because He created the planets and stars for us to enjoy, and to distinguish between night and day/seasons, etc. To look to the stars and planets, which are part of God’s creation, for advice, instead of looking to the Creator for guidance and wisdom (re: relationships, love, decisions, job, and so on) is idolatrous and grieves God.

The same with angels—they are creatures and should not be sought out to give us wisdom, protection, and guidance. Why look to an angel when we can talk to our Heavenly Father? Again, it is idolatrous. Or to put it another way, we have the Bible and the Holy Spirit within us to guide and direct us in the paths of righteousness. Is not talking to angels a slight on the Holy Spirit? The classic text in Proverbs 3:5-6 needs to soak into our hearts and minds, and realize that God is jealous that we not only not look to our own insights, but also not the insights of other finite, fallible creatures, like angels.

Let me ask a simple question: WHY do you even want to talk to angels? For guidance…or insight…protection..or an angels perspective on the spirit realm…or being honest, just because it’s cool and fun? Doing an ‘end-run’ around God to attain these goals is unacceptable, even idolatrous. Do you see the prophets, apostles or Jesus communicating with angels for this purpose? NO! Then it is forbidden to us as well.

Switching gears, attempted communication with angels may open you to demonic oppression, just as trying to converse with the dead will do the same. Demons excel at mimicry…including mimicking angels (2 Corinthians 11:14). Unlawful communication with spirits is forbidden, and exposes you to demonic oppression. If you do receive a reply, then I’m fairly confident it is NOT an angel. It may appear or sound like a holy angel, but its not. Having opened the door to the demonic, then you are communicating with the demonic. The reason why I keep saying that virtually all paranormal activity is demonic activity is because holy angels do not play EVP games, cause phantom footsteps, cause keys to disappear, etc. They are our servants  and delight in the supremacy of God’s glory.

Since this man (or anyone) is actually speaking to demon/s when he thinks he’s conversing with an angel, then there will be consequences. Though sincere, he is sincerely wrong…and traffic with demons will burn all those involved, and sadly there is often collateral damage as well. The children will start getting influenced.

Those who attempt to speak to human spirits or angels tend to become addicted to this endeavor. This is well documented, and the recent case of Steve Huff is a high profile case of a phenomenon that is very widespread…and ruining individuals and families.

It is safe to say that angels don’t want us talking with them because they are loathe to draw attention to themselves. In every way possible, they will seek that all the glory goes to God.

The man who actively seeks angelic EVP’s  says that this angel actually talks about the gospel and evangelizing the lost. Could and would a demon do that, he asks? The answer is: absolutely yes! Satan, and his angels, went to the best Seminary in the universe (heaven) and  were taught by God Himself. Hence, though demons may inspire a message that is entirely true, the identity of the messenger (the alleged angel) is a LIE. Let that sink in….the message is true, but the messenger is a LIE.

For example, by giving an evangelical and sound answer, the alleged angel ensnares the undiscerning and advances the kingdom of darkness by spreading the lie that one can communicate with angels. It’s the same MO he uses with communicating with allegedly deceased humans. Demons, either by appearing as angels or deceased humans, can persuade the non-discerning simply by quoting the bible accurately. If he can make strategic advances in his kingdom, Satan will preach truth all day, but there is always a catch. And eventually, some imbalance will begin to appear in the teaching.

Some folks think that if they attend a church where the bible is preached, and the Holy Spirit is moving powerfully, then they are safe from demonic counterfeit or attack. Not so. Genuine spiritual revival—whether localized or large-scale revival—gets Satan’s attention and becomes his target to sow seeds of counterfeit revival. This was studied by Jonathan Edwards during the great revivals he and John Wesley was very instrumental in. One example of such a counterfeit sign might be angels of light visiting a vibrant church and persuading people via a ‘prophetic utterance’ to focus so hard on ministry busyness, that they lose their fervor for prayer. The ‘angel’ wants them to get so busy, they lose their first love and become prayer-less in their busyness, and spiritually powerless. Busyness is not the same as bearing Holy Spirit fruit—starting with the fruit of the Spirit.

When you read the book of Colossians, we can see that there was the same fascination with angels then, as there is today in the West. It is simply another reflection of the ascendancy of the occult worldview which is taking over our culture, and is despoiling many Christians’ views of the proper role of angels.

Hebrews 1:14 is the classic text of the angels job description.

In addition, we remember 2 Cor. 11:14 of the Angel of Light

Over-familiarity with angels is something that has been brought to my attention as well. With few exceptions, when humans had an encounter with a holy angel, they were terrified, and were tempted to bow down to them, which was abhorrent to the angels. However, it is instructive that the casualness that seems to accompany some of these alleged angel discussions, is in itself a red-flag.

Let me add the very common practice of reciting the prayer to Michael, the archangel. I know more than one person who seems to claim a special ministry partnership with Michael. That is a distinct issue, but let me strongly caution anyone who thinks that they are attended by Michael on a regular basis. He can only be at one place at a time, and frankly, why do WE think that he overlooks billions of other people just to be our ministry companion? He is the protector of God’s people in both Testaments.

If you’re explicitly relying on angelic help and communication in deliverance ministry,  Beware! You may end up needing deliverance yourself. Sometimes folks use ‘angelic’ help to heal people. In the NT we don’t see apostles consciously working alongside angels in ministry. Of course angels were present, but the apostles didn’t saddle up to them as partners…tapping into their powers. They relied on the Holy Spirit.

Here is the prayer said by countless investigators, as well as folks in general, seeking protection.

“Saint Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do you, O Prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who wander through the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.”

In essence, we need to treat this petition to the archangel just like we did above regarding angelic communication in general. As is readily apparent, this ‘prayer’ is TAKING THE INITIATIVE TO CONTACT AN ARCH-ANGEL, MICHAEL.

Do we have any instances in the gospels or Acts in which the Lord Jesus or the apostles called on Michael to aid them in spiritual warfare? Is there any teaching in the epistles regarding how/why we should pray to Michael for assistance? A thousand times, NO! We’ve already noted that the church NEVER initiated communication with any angels. So, why do we think that WE should pray to an angel, when the early church did not? Do we know something Jesus didn’t? God forbid!

In addition, Ephesians 6 is the most comprehensive teaching on spiritual warfare in the bible. What does it say? Be strong IN THE LORD, and put on His full armor. No mention of praying to Michael. In Colossians, we are warned against anything that smacks of angel worship, and PRAYING to a creature like Michael is a form of worship…in this case, idolatry. You don’t commit idolatry, even sincerely, without consequences.

Michael is a mighty warrior and worthy of respect, but he is not a saint. Gloriously, all genuine Christians are saints!

Don’t get me wrong: angels in general, and Michael in particular, are actively involved in spiritual warfare (Daniel 10:13). However, the Lord Jesus is the General of the Heavenly Hosts…not Michael. And for reasons already stated, we must not pray to him. God in His sovereign wisdom will dispatch His angels according to His will.

Why do we even want to pray to Michael, when he is but a finite creature, whom we shall judge and rule over for all eternity? He is more in awe of us then we are of him, and is part of the heavenly spectators of us as God’s image bearers, and those in union with Christ,  and he standing on tippy toe to see how God’s kingdom is advancing through US today!

On the other hand, I do get it. If I was on a case, it would be comforting to know that Michael himself was there. However, it is infinitely more comforting to know that I have the Word of God, and the Holy Spirit…and by virtue of my union with Christ, I have HIS authority over demons.

So, why do so many people pray to him? First, it has become common to do so in the paranormal community. But we take our clues from God’s Word, and not any practice that has become commonplace. Many wrong things/beliefs have been practiced by large segments of society, but our conscience is bound only by the bible. If you are a Christian, your primary identity is not a paranormal investigator, but part of the Body of Christ…and our allegiance is to Him, and not to a group. Following the crowd is not the way of a believer.

Another reason I’ve seen is that somebody we deeply admire prays this prayer. But once again, God’s Word is our guide, and not fallible humans, no matter how godly and ‘successful’.

For Roman Catholics, this is an ‘official prayer’, sanctioned by the church. For them, there are 2 strands of equal authority: the Word of God, and tradition…especially tradition sanctioned by papal ex cathedra decree or by ecumenical counsels. (eg Trent) But I see no evidence that this prayer has been officially sanctioned as ‘infallible tradition.

I say this gently but firmly, we must stop this praying to Michael; He is NOT a saint because he has not been saved by Christ and brought into union with Him. WE are the saints, and we should stop this practice of praying to an angel.

I cannot speak with absolute certainty regarding the consequences of praying this prayer, because I am not God. And many powerful things have been accomplished in and through folks who pray this prayer, but it is spite of this prayer and not because of it. It is tragic to consider, but if praying to angels opens doors to the demonic, then this prayer to Michael for protection may actually do the opposite. It may cause us to come under even more severe attack. It is supremely ironic, that a prayer meant to seek protection, may give the devil an opportunity (topos). I’m sure God is merciful and often works through us despite our severe shortcomings, but that is no reason to continue a practice that is manifestly odious to God’s Word. The phrase “better safe than sorry” comes to mind if you have any doubt at this point. The stakes for all involved are way too high, just to continue praying to an archangel because it’s so common. Do we really think that Michael, who is supremely zealous for God’s glory, would be happy with us worshipping him via prayer? I think not.

I’ve already strayed, so let me re-state my basic premise: from Genesis to Revelation (especially the NT), when there is angelic encounters, they are NEVER initiated by man. GOD initiates the encounters with his holy and heavenly messengers. God said it, That settles it. I believe it. Amen.

PS. If this offends you, then please list biblical texts to support your case…thank you.  

Mark Hunnemann is the author of Seeing Ghosts Through God's Eyes: A Worldview Analysis of Earthbound Spirits. It's also available in eBook format.

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Dalai Lama Expresses Sympathy for Storm-damaged Texas

Thekchen Chöling, Dharamsala, HP, India - Moved by news of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey, His Holiness the Dalai Lama has written to the Texas Governor, Greg Abbott.

“I am saddened by reports of the unprecedented storm that has hit southeast Texas, especially the Houston area, causing loss of life and immense damage to property, as well as bringing hardship to thousands of people,” he wrote. 

“I have fond memories of my several visits to Texas, the most recent being two years ago when I was the guest of my dear friend, President George W. Bush, and it pains me to see the havoc wrought by this extraordinarily massive storm.”

His Holiness acknowledged that efforts are being made to provide efficient rescue and relief to those affected by the worst flooding in over a decade. He expressed a wish to convey his deep sympathy and condolences to the bereaved and those who have been left devastated by this catastrophe.

He concluded—“My thoughts are with the people of Texas at this time.”

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Carol Karnacki: Testimony of a Former Witch

Ex Powerful Witch Testimony

I'd first like to send prayers out to those affected by the Hurricanes. Please pray it's all under control.

I'd like to first say Carol Karnacki, this women is for real. I met her in my late 20's (I'm 43 now) at a local church speaking of her devastating childhood and how she found love in the occult but it turned on her. She welcomed help from anyone she was so ungodly abused by her father and her mother verbally abused her and her 9 siblings. She had no clue what love was. She was never shown any kind of kindness. But what came to help wasn't exactly nice much less helpful. They will act as 'spirit guides' and pose as a passed family member to gain your trust. Always test the spirit. If it cannot admit Jesus Christ is the son of God then something is obviously wrong. I'm not even sure if they can get away with saying yes. They might? I'm not sure, I need to check that out. At least in my humble opinion which is subjective.

Below is a short bio on Carol about her and she's a great example to learn from. She has many YouTube videos. She has helped many people especially women tortured by demons and Devils in her ministry. People seeking out of the occult have come to her. She realizes this world is so obsessed with evil and ouija boards, ghost hunting, even this huge wave of people wanting directions on how to summon a demon. It seems all tv reality shows are always dealing with the demonic. Before they use to say it's a 99.9% chance you are dealing with the dead. I was told I was crazy. But now some of the popular shows all have something 'negative' they are ' battling'.

There is so much information online and YouTube about her and her ministry. She's been at this a long time. She isn't just jumping on the para ban wagon. Please feel free to research her and her work. It's very interesting. I'd like to work with her sometime so I'm trying to find out if she is still in Florida near Orlando/Winter Park. I'd like to pick her brain so hopefully I can set that up. She's the real deal. Please take a moment to research her and you'll be horrified what she saw and went through. It's so related for how the world is now. Fake news big events paid to happen to take heat off the Clintons and John Podesta. Shifts the attention. What is real anymore??

Carol Kornacki Ministries was created from her dramatic and compelling testimony. Born into a home of alcoholism and violence, Carol suffered from depression from an early age. Her father died after suffering from mental illness, Carol lived in fear of the same demise. As a young woman she left home pregnant and full of hate and bitterness. This lead to a life of alcoholism, drug addiction and a six-year journey into witchcraft and new age philosophy. Her life spiraled into attempted suicide, mental institutions and jail for drugs. Finally, she was told she had a fatal liver disease that was sure to take her life. Carol was in this condition when a friend invited her to church. She wandered in one night only to be struck by God's miraculous power. Carol was healed, delivered and set free...never to be the same.

'Carol has begun meetings exclusively for women Women's Clinics In these powerful meetings women get special attention in regards to their personal needs. They are prayed for and many testify of God's love and power giving them strength and new hope. Another focus of Carol Kornacki Ministries is the ever-growing interest in witchcraft and spiritualism in youth as well as adults. Having learned first hand the devices of Satan, Carol is warning families across the globe about the subtle ways He gets into your home and the minds of all ages. In a seminar titled, Exposing the Darkness, Carol covers how seeds of violence and witchcraft can corrupt. This PowerPoint presentation is riveting and all ages attend. Thousands of souls have come to the Lord after viewing the information.'

On TLC there a new show called "Evil Things" starting Friday, September 15, right after the show "Kindred Spirits." It's regarding different people explaining how certain objects they obtained had attachments. Evil demonic type activity starts taking place after said item came along. Which is true but don't we have enough dark devil reality shows? Everything is demonic now. People will make it up for attention. I've had 2 cases like that. But a lot are real. Giving it any attention attracts them.

All you have to do is look at YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc...  It's full of satanic directives to summon demons, how to become a true satanist not Luciferin (not sure if spelling is correct) what to buy, videos asking what to buy, what items are needed to put a curse on someone, how to put deadly curses. It's insane. It's playing with fire. I suffered from terrible oppression recently over a family event that was traumatizing. It took just a little opening and attacked my mind. I felt like life was over. I don't know why?

However, I saw a deliverance  minister and I didn't react in a negative manner around Godly relics. It happens even to Demonologists who have been at this 40 years. I started at 19 to do it seriously and stopped running person was murded after speaking out about it. It could of been just a bad coincidence but possibly to shut the man up many are saying. He knew too much many say. It's been going on for many years. In the 70's it was going on. People became conditioned to turn a blind eye. Its human trafficking my God.

Arriving in movie theatres on Friday, October 13 is American Satan. Here's what it's about:

"A young rock band, half from England and half from the US, drop out of college and move to the Sunset Strip to chase their dreams. Living in a van, their passion and talent exceed their means to survive. An enigmatic stranger sees their true potential and emotionally manipulates them during a time of weakness attempting to normalize satanism. Caught in the middle of a Faustian deal, their music and controversial altercations end up influencing society beyond anything this century has seen. Anything goes, it's like anarchy. But can they take back control of their destiny before it's too late?"


I challenge you to google the movies coming out. Many satanic or having demons in it, like "Jigsaw." "Annabelle: Creation" was released last month. It's all very disturbing movies and there's always someone dumb enough to emulate what they've seen. It happens a lot, you just don't hear about it. Please don't be worried, and continue to pray. Dangers are so high messing with These things. God loves you never forget that. His power supersedes all evil. Turn to him. You'll have his hedge of protection.

Written By Jennifer Auld

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