Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Obsession This World Has For Evil

First I wanted to say please send prayers to victims of hurricane Harvy and Irma. They are still struggling in Texas as some are here in Florida. All the debris is still sitting at the end of everyone's driveway here. They seem to not be picking it up like last time. I was right in the eye of Irma. It went over central Florida. At a slow pace. 10 hours I think it was. Our power lines have never been the same since we got hit in 2004 by three hurricanes. Irma ripped a massive oak tree over 100 years old in our yard right out from the roots. I thought for sure one window in my bedroom was shaking so hard it was going to blast in. I put a blanket to help eliminate  any glass from flying all over the place. I was truly scared. I thought after those three hurricanes from 2004 I could handle anything and not get so stirred up.  But this taught me a valuable lesson. It can always happen again.

I sanctified my home with anointed oil in 2004 before all three hurricanes and no house damage at all. See folks it's so very important to stay close to Christ even when things are well. You need his hedge of protection. Praise God. Same with Irma other than the tree. We were blessed. It wasn't the oil, it was my faith and intent behind it that makes it work.

Now to our topic. I'm going to be very blunt and just put it out there. I am not trying to rag on other religions by any means. This is just my humble opinions based off experience and what knowledge I've picked up. Everyone has their own opinion on these subjects. And I respect that. We should all respect the right that someone has to believe in what they choose.

What is it with all these demonic horror movies and TV shows being released like the TV show Lucifer? And another tv series that revolves around the demonic. I can't remember the title. Stephen King's remake of the movie IT, that was a clown who kidnapped little kids but this remake has made him demonic! It (no pun intended) blew away all the famous actors as far as money at the box offices. They (the media) were perplexed. These morbid disturbing things are bringing in the ratings. Closet para fans is what I call them that love watching this stuff but hides it. Like back in the day when I had to hide what I did. Now it's more acceptable dealing with Demonology. This just isn't healthy and it invites things to hang around those who like to read about this stuff everyday and become obsessed with it.

I see it all over the Internet. All over all social media. Kids and adults are very much responding to a lot of dark magic taught on you tube. Curiosity is getting the best of many. People make videos with directions on how to summon a specific demon or demons. It's insane. Teaching that will create so much trouble for many people.

These vile nasty bottom feeders don't come out on command. They are very patient creatures. The bible speaks of this being an earthly battle too for lack of better words. Demons are on earth in my humble opinion. Not all, but some. Spiritual Warfare needs to be done daily. This world is getting darker and darker. They'll get you when your at your worst. Right when you think things can't get worse they come for payback to utilize whatever door was opened to let them in. Even if inadvertently. Please let Jesus into your heart and accept his love. It's unconditional. He is the only way to the Father. Satan hates humans. Demons do too. They only use you then they turn. They only obey Satan. Anyone who conjures demons should remember that.

Below is the definition of just two of many related activities that are a major problem were still having! No one is stopping these satanic pedophiles right online on all social media. Our president stated he would look into #pedogate but then that race riot happened followed by the 2 big storms. It was pushed aside as it seems to always get pushed aside. They are already creating new code words to recognize one another since the FBI listed and posted these 'inside clue words' for all the pedophiles to recognize each other. They do it in plain sight. SRA or Satanic Ritual Abuse is at it's highest. Not to mention it's been allowed to go on for over 50 years. (The below definitions can be found online).

Satanic Ritual Abuse

Satanic Ritual misuse (SRA) can be defined as the emotional, sexual, and/or real assault pushed on an unwilling person and committed by a number of Satanic worshippers based on a prescribed ritual. The primary purpose of that is to fulfill the necessity to worship the Christian devil, Satan. Whether SRA really exists happens to be a controversial topic since 1980. Although people in some US states and Canadian provinces thought during late 1980s and very early 1990s that SRA was widespread, there was a near consensus among investigators at the moment that SRA is either nonexistent or takes place at a very reduced and invisible level. 
It is important to comprehend that preceding meaning relatively restrictive. It excludes a number of behaviors that are known to occur: misuse by non-Satanic, abusive pedophiles who pretend are Satanists in order to gain better control over their victims. Mass murderers who claim becoming a Satanist and who attempts to utilize the oh so famous"Devil made me do it" excuse when captured. They are generally found having little, if any, knowledge of Satanism. Punishment and murder by psychotic people and psychopaths who're mostly motivated by their psychological disease, rather than by any spiritual belief system. Misuse by non-Satanists whom participate in actions like SRA but are inspired by Christian or any other beliefs.

Spirit Cooking

Spirit cooking is an occultist ritual, it's been said many times “if it is performed in public it is art but if it is performed privately it’s an intimate spiritual ceremony.” Boy they wrapped that in a neat little bow didn't they? Basically it is sex magick and depending whether you’re religious or not it is satanism too. In spirit cooking, blood, semen and breast-milk are used in ritualistic ceremonies. Major focus seems to be sacrificing babies. Swimming in their blood gives participants youth and more power.

As I said before, a lot of missing kids are stuck in this SRA ring! But, usually these dark masses have women just for the purpose to give birth that way there are no questions. Animals are the second choice. I know this is so disgusting and vile and it sickens me to write this but it's the truth. This is how sick this world has gotten. I remember when I could play outside with friends and be home by dark but nowadays you can't take your eyes off your dear children for 5 seconds before they're gone in many situations.

According to the Washington Post, Doug Mesner, who goes by the professional name Lucien Greaves, is co-founder and spokesman for the Satanic Temple, a group of political activists who are seeking to establish After School Satan Clubs as a counterpart to fundamentalist Christian Good News Clubs. They see this as an attempt to infiltrate public education and erode the constitutional separation of church and state. (Josh Reynolds/For The Washington Post).

Please, we all need to be in prayer for each other. We need to unite and not be divided for other countries to laugh at us. They think we are very immoral already. At least some do. They see all the shenanigans on our news sources and Hollywood news. France has mentioned all the pedophilia that the USA has 'they don't seem to find it much of a problem.' The AP reported on their president's speech.. They find it atrocious.

This is when we should turn to our God for help and favor. I'm always asking Christ daily for His favor upon my day or my life etc...A personal relationship with Christ is so important. A lot of Christians give God a bad name. That's a big problem I'm seeing. Churches are hardly even preaching the gospel, it's like a TV show for them. But not all Christians are like that. Shame on the ones who don't show love and care that we are suppose to.

Praise God for his mercy.

Written By Jennifer L Auld

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