Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Issue 130 – Paranormal Potpourri & Chip Coffey Email Extravaganza

By Kirby Robinson

Paranormal potpourri is really beginning to smell! We have fake psychics, mad psychics, paranormal radio show hosts putting their nose and lips in places they shouldn’t. And there are more fake para-reality shows flooding the channels.

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Mark Your Calendars ~ August 28 Eye on the Paranormal Radio Show Special Program

We’ll spend 2 hours on the topics of the Amityville Horror Haunting and so-called The Conjuring [the movie about Perron family haunting]. We’ll expose the fakery behind the Amityville Horror, The Haunting in Connecticut and my concerns about them.

Don’t miss it, as we’ll talk about things that no one else will dare to discuss.

Fake Para-Reality TV Floods the Airwaves

A&E has returned to the land of fake reality TV. After Paranormal State departed from its lineup in 2011, the network washed their hands of paranormal programming. But it seems that they’ve decided to bite from the wormy apple with two new entries: Psychic Tia and American Haunting.

American Haunting comes from the same production company, Go Go Luckey Entertainment, that gave us Paranormal State. The first three episodes are a mash up of the mockumentary style movies Paranormal Activity [all parts] with Paranormal State. Three families are under siege by demons, ghosts, or sheer boredom. So they turn to the production company for help and a fame infusion. Over the next few weeks, we’ll debunk the claims of the families, the production team, and the so-called experts.

Psychic Tia features a New Jersey psychic/witch by the name of Tia Belle who was featured in the fake reality show Real Housewives of New Jersey. Tia’s stolen Theresa Caputo’s act and tries her best but fails at everything.

Not to be outdone the Biography Channel has brought back Ghost Inside My Child the show that is so bad they can’t get anything right about reincarnation. It succeeds in exploiting children whose parents have ulterior motives of pushing fake stories. We’ll be debunking this show as well.

Dave Schrader Inserts Nose & Lips in Places They Don’t Belong

I no longer listen to Mr. Schrader as he has as little credibility due to the fake para-celebs and fake psychics that he endlessly promotes. If a psychic said he had three heads Dave would buy it.

In a letter that he sent me once, he stated that he tries to uncover deceptions in the paranormal field. He gave me an example of such a show he did several years ago, but hasn’t done anything since then. [In the same letter he suggested that if I behave myself he’d let me back on his show as a guest.] Since then if any psychic makes a claim it’s true in his eyes.

Last month on his show Darkness at the Edge of Town, Dave spent 2 hours with such questionable psychics as Chip Coffey, Amy Lynn, and Chris Fleming. He fails to inform listeners of the relationships he has with the three: professional, personal, etc. The bigger they become the more he profits from them. In the following interviews, he pushes their websites and appearances. However, not once does he ever question any of their claims on coming to terms with a sixth sense.

Hour 1

Hour 2

Klinge Brothers Coming to ScareFest – Scaring You Out of Your Money!

We wonder why ScareFest [run by Patti Starr a very good friend to Chip Coffey] a paranormal convention invites the Klinge Brothers. Mid South, considered a more respectable venue, refused to have them. We noticed this press release:

Galenas Murder Bordello Please join the Klinge Brothers as well as Chip Coffey as they debut their new DVD project at this year’s ScareFest in Lexington, KY. We’ll be attending a booth where you can purchase the newly released DVD as well as attend lectures by both the Klinge Brothers and Chip Coffey . Hope to see you there!!!!!

The press release confuses us as Chip Coffey claims all he has to do with this is the investigation of the site and nothing about peddling the documentary.

The Chip Coffey Email Extravaganza

We had this post from Chip Coffey’s Facebook page sent to us:

Cousin Kenny & I were talking about a couple of nasty individuals who have "teamed up" to create drama. I said "Birds of a feather flock together." Cousin Kenny's comeback: "And crazy people always seem to find each other." Needless to say, I LMAO.

Guess it had something to do with a very interesting exchange that took place last night:

Carolyn McLean
"Eye of the Paranormal"
Re: Kinge Brothers D.V.D. in Galena, Kansas....
The Klinge's "caught faking it again" this time with the History of our small mining town. They did not interview one even Historian.. Not only that but they are charging "paranormal" groups $525/12hr. night 10 people... No Murders! No Stafflebacks! No haunting s, that I have ever heard
They are still using the "Ghost Lab" stuff like they still have the show.. It ran for 2009-2011... Short lived fame but are still using the name.. They retired and went back to their regular jobs.. Now they are back at it again.. Poor way to re-start a career with the lie's about our Little historic town.. They are going down like Russell Keeler did..
It looks like "Selena Roane" has jumped ship....

Seems to me that it would be wise for "Chip Coffey" & Michael Wallis (the commentator) to jump ship before their credibility is ruined like "Russell Keeler"...and the Klinge Brothers..
If they chose to go down with the ship... they were warned!

Monday 8:41am Chip Coffey
Carolyn, I have received several emails from you and yes, I am aware of your ongoing battle with the folks at the bordello and with others in your lovely little town. I am not in the least bit interested in becoming involved in any squabbles that are taking place in Galena. I do, however, kindly ask that you not post "threats" toward me, such as the closing sentence in your last email: "If they chose to go down with the ship... they were warned!" I'm sure you are a very nice lady and I sincerely do not want to have any difficulties with you. All the best, Chip

NOTE - Chip refers to a threat when there is none. To say going down with the ship is a very common phrase. For example, “if the boss doesn’t change his ways the company won’t make money it will close so he will go down with the ship.” There is no implication of a physical threat.

Just so you realize that the Stafflebacks never lived in that house.
That charging $525/12 hr. night 10 people on t "Plain Ordinary House".... No Murders! No Stafflebacks! No rumor ever that the house was haunted! Ripping off the "Unsuspecting" public for tourism and money is wrong and you have got to know that.
I suspect that you are a good man and hate to see you get messed up with the Klinge's....
You know that "Brad Klinge" refused to let the Historian's and the true story Author Larry Wood on the film... He did not go to the Historical Soc. to check out anything but went on national television and told bald faced lies.. along with Lisa Martin, Russell Keeler, and Michael Wallis... 50 murders and that it was the "Staffleback" house.. After I had told all of the better the first of May..
The Stafflebacks were convicted of one murder and it was not pre-mediated...
God Bless Carolyn

Chip came back with:

9:39am Chip Coffey
Like I said earlier, I really don't want any involvement in issues that really have nothing to do with me. I know that you are very passionate about Galena and its history. That being said, I do not believe that anyone associated with the "bordello" has any ill will or bad intention toward the town. In fact, I think that in their own way, they are trying to help revitalize the economy. Lots of places have "haunted attractions" and some of them are rife with urban legends and certain historical "inaccuracies." Tourists who visit those areas -- Savannah, GA - Tombstone, AZ - Gettysburg, PA - just to name a few -- add much-needed revenue to local businesses. That's the truth, despite the fact that you disagree with the process. When all is said-and-done...and in the long run...does this sully a town? Undoubtedly not.
I'm almost certain we will never see eye-to-eye on these issues, but I hope that you will consider looking at all sides of the issues.
And since you have offered me words of warning as to whom I associate with, may I also offer YOU a gentle warning to be careful of those with whom you associate yourself.
Take good care.

NOTE: So in Mr. Coffey’s thinking an urban myth isn’t a lie. If it’s not the truth it has to false.
And if a place makes money on a lie that is okay.

10:38am Carolyn McLean
Chip The issue's only have to do with you at Galena...and the D.V.D. The D.V.D. is not the "TRUE" history of Galena according to my conversation with Brian Jordon and the Mayor.. I told Brian Jordon that the "wagon" and other parts of the film were not the true story and he said that he was going to do it anyway..
As far as the "LEGEND" part... There were legends on the "Stafflebacks" and plenty of them.
But the house on Front Street was never associated with the Legend of the "Stafflebacks" until Russell Keeler in June of 2010 called Dave and Kathy Alexander of "Kansas Legends" and had them put the picture with the legend...
You mention "Tombstone".....I have heard about the Klinge brothers faking and getting found out in about five minutes..
You don't revitalize the community with "Lie's that make the town look greedy...

Pretty Little Town with Dirty Little Secrets.. Yes, Chip it degrades our town to look cheap, like liers and greedy....
I cannot believe that you would condone telling lie's for money.. That is deceitful and disgraceful...
As long as you know the truth that makes you responsible... If you keep it to yourself for your profit.... You are wrong...
What would Jesus do?
I wish you the best but am so disappointed that you "know" the truth and go along with it...
God Bless Carolyn 10:41am Carolyn McLean
P.S. Are you all going to another small town and try and change their history for Profit? Refuse to talk to the Historian's?

Chip replies:

10:56am Chip Coffey
I said NOTHING about telling lies or condoning it. Please do not "put words in my mouth." I said urban legends abound in certain locales. Do I know the "TRUTH" about what happened in Galena? Nope. Do I care about what happened in Galena? No disrespect meant, but not so much.
I have tried to be nice to you, but honestly, you've become obsessed with this whole issue and those "involved" in it. And you do realize that when you post on numerous website about this issue, you are actually HELPING to promote the bordello, right???
In the long run, very few people -- those involved in the paranormal and tourists -- really gives a s#!t about whether or not the Stafflebacks lived in the house or killed anyone in the house that is now called the bordello. Believe me when I say that Galena's "image" is not being ruined. Quite the contrary in fact.
I will advise you to take care in accusing others of misdeeds. (ie: accusations about the Klinge Brothers faking paranormal evidence, etc.) There are legal ramifications possible when anyone maligns others via slander, libel and defamation. I would hate to see you get into legal battles because of statements made against others.
Once again, I have no interest in debating with you about these issues.
All the best...

If one Googles the Klinge Brothers or their former show Ghost Lab with such words as fake, fake evidence, and hoax, you’ll find that many others have pointed out issues with their so-called paranormal evidence.

Monday 3:21pm Carolyn McLean
No laws about that when you tell the "TRUTH".... You cannot sue someone for telling the truth! And the truth always comes out! Some people just don't know what truth is.. Charging someone $525....on a fake murder bordello is........ "Conspiracy to Commit Fraud".. and is against the law... 3:23pm Carolyn McLean
I wish to converse with you no more...
I will wait until someone pays $525 and no ghosts and that will take care of that... also wait for the DVD to come out and see what is done about that..

Chip closes with this:

3:31pm Chip Coffey
Please stop making threats, Ms. McLean.  

3:33pm Chip Coffey
To the best of my knowledge, there is no conspiracy to commit fraud. At least not on my part. I investigated a reportedly haunted location in a small Kansas town. That's it. By the way, it is my belief that ghosts/spirits are everywhere...even an old house on the main drag in Galena.

I’m happy to offer my radio show on Wednesday, September 4th to Chip Coffey to call in and be a guest. He can come on and we can air this all out on the Eye on the Paranormal Radio Show. Chip can email me at and we can set this up.

Next week -- even more paranormal madness.

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