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"I Am Six" The Golden Goose of Ryan Buell & PRS

By Kirby Robinson

Cancer is a sad and terrible thing for anyone to suffer; especially someone as young as Mr. Buell. The type he has is more often fatal, with a 4% survival rate at one year, and 0% after five years. We at the EYE ON THE PARANORMAL ask that everyone send their prayers to our GOD in heaven for the healing of Ryan Buell.

We won't allow any negative comments concerning Ryan's disease. But what we can't do is remain silent over a PRS Case Vault webinar that will be held on July 20 and 21. The subject is Paranormal State's well-known fake demonic possession case, "I Am Six" and its sequel, "The Possession: Return of Six." Those two episodes laid the foundation for the hordes of fake demon hunters that are running loose in the paranormal community and the church today. Those two cases spawned so many lies, deceptions, and distortions of how to confront the demonic.

For $75, you'll get two programs that allegedly contain more shocking information about this case from PRS and other eyewitnesses. Why is it that PRS never does anything for free? Let's do a little math. If they get 100 people willing to pay $75, they've earned $7,500.

1,000 = $75,000

5,000 = $375,000

10,000 = $750,000

For no charge at all, we're sharing our in-depth look at both episodes, right from the pages of our book, Paranormal State Exposed. Due to the length, we'll concentrate on "I Am Six" this week and the sequel next Monday.

We're open for a genuine debate by someone from PRS about the misconduct of Ryan and his team. However, we're not holding our breath that anyone is brave enough to come forward. You see, lies can never stand up to the light of truth.

However, if we do get a response, we'll share it with you. 

Season 2, Episode 32 "I Am Six"

The “I Am Six” episode focuses on a young lady by the name of Lara, living in Quincy, Illinois with her family. The 26-year-old is allegedly being attacked by demonic forces. Her name is spelled Laura even though that's not the correct spelling.

Observe Ryan’s face, particularly the right cheek area, in the opening sequence at the church. Notice there is no pimple there at that time. This issue will be brought up as we progress through analyzing this section.

The case briefing in the church takes place at 10:26 AM Day 1. They then travel to the home, make introductions; set things up, and begin to tour the house by 11:33 AM.

Lara greets them at the door; we see no sign of trouble or discomfort at all. She even gives them the impression that she’s excited for them to be there—especially Ryan.

Barbara, the mother, states with little or no emotion in her voice, that the first time Lara saw the black shadow, which by the way is never referred to again, that Lara got hit in the stomach and couldn’t breathe for over one hour.

Lara makes claims that writing and scratches appear on her skin periodically, yet none are present at the time of filming. And we’re told that about 10 days prior to their arrival there had been scratches of a pentagram on her skin, yet there are no visible signs, nor are there any photos.

We learn that Lara claims to have been sucked down a laundry chute. Again, no proof or offering of injuries.

The house tour starts at 11:33 and lasts until at least 4:10 PM. Ryan is wearing a dark shirt. We then jump back in time to 2:37. Ryan is talking to Lara who’s now minus her glasses.

We are told that an EVP caused the entity to come in, yet we never actually hear the EVP.
It's now 3:48 PM. Ryan's talking to the mom, who’s not wearing the same outfit that she had on at 4:10. Notice how she sells the story with the phrase “All the time.” The mom adds that there is constant mayhem within the house but during the entire four days nothing happens while the cast and crew are present.

At 4:28 PM Ryan interviews Bob, the father, and Ryan’s had time to change from a dark shirt. Notice how calm the dad is and how he emphasized that his daughter could be a great artist, maybe even a star. This exchange is intercut with a shot of Lara reading a magazine in the kitchen showing no ill effects at all.

At 5:03 PM Ryan has changed back into his dark shirt for an evidence hearing. Eilfie and Sergey, who don't claim to have medical training, determine that Lara could not write on the inside of her thigh, nor on the inside of her arm. How difficult would it be to scratch yourself there? Also, they don’t take into account that someone else could have done it for Lara. Notice the markings never take place on her face or any area on her body that couldn’t be concealed with clothing.

Chip Coffey arrives at 9:56 PM and does his walkthrough. Now it’s supposed to be night but you can clearly see daylight in numerous shots.

Chip claims that the demon has a very dirty mouth, yet he is the only person who uses foul language during the entire episode. Here are direct quotes:
"Get rid of all this ****** religious stuff!"
"More religious ****!"
"Get the f*** out of MY house!"
"I'll kill the bitch!"
"It ****** her in the bathtub!"
"It just scared the **** outta me!"

They find a phrase scratched into the wooden floor in the closet. Again, the scratches are done where no one would see it and be an embarrassment to the family. In addition, note that Ryan’s voiceover is not done at the same time the shot is made.

At the start of Day 2, Ryan, who’s still wearing clothes from Day 1, points out to Eilfie the scratches on the floor. At 11:36 AM Heather calls a German translator but it’s clearly nighttime outside.

At 3:11 PM Heather interviews the former homeowner who informs her that one person had died in the house.

At 5:05 Heather informs the PRS team that two deaths happened on the property. Yet that’s not what the former homeowner said. Again, Ryan is still wearing clothing from the first day.

Ryan calls Reverend Calder at night of Day 2, and he flies in from Atlanta, Georgia at 9:49 PM. Or was he waiting in a nearby hotel?

It’s 3 AM Dead Time. Lara is sleeping with her glasses on. And what is this mysterious illness that she’s supposed to have? Please don’t forget they asked the parents to leave the home.

In the upstairs bedroom, Ryan, Chip, and Reverend Calder are arranged one way in one shot, and in the next the Reverend is in a different area of the bed so the camera guy could get a clear shot of Chip and the doorknob incident. Did anyone see the doorknob turn other than Chip? Also notice that numerous shots from this Dead Time are done in daylight and an attempt is made to block out the sun as much as possible.

Lara is supposedly attacked in the bathroom while she is alone. And Eilfie asks, where’s Ryan? As if she has no idea where he’d be at that time. Ryan's wearing his shirt from Day 1. In the very next shot the mother inexplicably appears in the bathroom, yet the family had been asked to vacate their home.

We see six scratch marks on Lara’s back and we learn that the demon’s name is Six.

There’s a voiceover of Chip and Lara done during the exorcism. We’re given the impression that it happened then. The mother claims that it scratched I AM SIX on her back in the past. Where is the proof? Also take note that both outfits that Lara and her mother are wearing are the same outfits they wore during Day 1 and we’re nearing the end of Day 2.

Day 3 starts off with a call at 12:20 PM to Lorraine Warren. This call is done on a different day than the rest of the episode. Look at the dark pimple on Ryan’s face; it’s hardly noticeable that day and in future scenes.

There's an identical shot with the father, and the scene is set exactly the same way. Both Ryan and the dad wear the same clothing from two days ago. What they discuss is a scene taken verbatim from The Exorcism of Emily Rose where she becomes totally rigid while in the bedroom.

The interview with the psychologist is done poorly. Ryan seems to know very little about what diseases could be misinterpreted as demonic possession, and he fails to ask the proper questions concerning this.

The family doesn’t react in a shocked manner when they learn of a possible exorcism rite being done—it’s almost as if they’re wanting and/or anticipating it. Notice that we’re in the evening of Day 3 and Ryan is wearing the same shirt as in the beginning of Day 1.

For a young lady facing a pending exorcism, Lara is very calm, her hair and makeup are flawless, and she’s posed very provocatively on her bed toward Ryan and Reverend Calder. She already has a red nose at the beginning of the scene, indicating she’d been crying. Was this even her first take? The shot wasn’t done at night but in the daytime. Watch the transition to the next scene.

Ryan tells us that he must enter a state of grace. What he doesn’t say is that every single person connected to the exorcism must enter a state of grace and how they indicate you go about it is totally wrong.

We now come to Exorcism Day. You’ll notice the shutters in the living room switch from open to closed at will.

The EMT is shown once and disappears for the duration of the episode. Ryan’s shirt has gone back to his Day 1 shirt, which is when the exorcism presumably was filmed.

We’re told the exorcism starts at 3 PM but notice the scanner that Ryan uses reads 4:01 PM. They cut and spliced numerous scenes together for a complete exorcism. Suddenly, it’s 6 PM according to their clock.

A big deal is made about it raining. What they don’t tell you is that it rained off and on throughout that day. Here's the link to the Farmer’s Almanac.

On July 18th, 2008, the weather station (QUINCY MUNI BALDWIN FLD, IL), reported the following conditions:
High Temp: 88°F
Low Temp: 68°F
Average Temp: 78°F
Dewpoint: 66.2F
Wind Speed: 4.6 Knots
Precipitation Amount: 0.03 Inches
Observations: Rain/Drizzle, Thunder

Now, it’s 4:45 and sunny. Ryan walks out of the house to talk to Lorraine Warren, yet we’re told it’s 7 PM when he goes outside.

It’s 11 PM and Chip has moved into the living room to take control of the exorcism. Suddenly, it’s sunny outside again.

The worst thing that the demon can do throughout the whole episode is call the poor girl "sleazy." Also, notice how her hair changes from being up to down, neat to messy.

The clock is moving backwards because we’re supposed to be at 11 PM but it’s back to 5 PM.
It’s Chip who decides she’s not breathing, from across the room. What happened to the EMT? And notice how Ryan pops around the room. Suddenly we see it’s 10:55. They keep splicing the show to make it appear more exciting. Observe, at the very end of the exorcism, how Chip pushes aside Reverend Calder, in order to have the final word. Remember, Chip was the one who declared in “The Name” episode that he was neither a demonologist nor an exorcist.

When Chip walks through the house for the final check, it’s daylight outside.

Two weeks after the PRS cast and crew left Lara had a negative reaction to holy water. The sad story continues in season 3.

We need to step away from our presentation of letting the viewer decide what is real and what isn't. There was and is no haunting. There was and is no demonic presence, whatsoever. Due to the vast number of errors in the way this "exorcism" is portrayed, and the harm that could come to pass if the public accepts this gross distortion. Kirby goes on record to say that in his professional opinion, this episode is fake.

Why was this episode aired? What we have are two groups.

~ 1 Paranormal Research Society and Paranormal State
~ 2 Lara and her family. Both groups have common needs. They want an exciting show, they know the formula of Demons + Exorcism = Ratings. Lara is seeking publicity and a desire to be in the media spotlight.

The film The Exorcism of Emily Rose provides an opportunity for the pair to achieve their goals. Watch the film and see how it’s an accurate depiction of how possession happens. You’ll also see some terrifying things from Emily’s perspective. It’s interesting to note that the demon in the film and the TV episode both say "I Am Six." Notice how similar some scenes are within the movie and the TV episode.

In addition, there have been two claims made by Lara’s family and Paranormal State.

~1 No paranormal group would help the family within the Quincy area. After checking with various groups in the region, most weren’t contacted. Those who were checked it out and found no evidence of a haunting.

~2 They claim the Catholic Church dropped the case. What they don’t tell you is why. Also, none of the local charismatic churches were contacted to come in and assist the family.

If Ryan Buell, as well as Father Calder, had ever been a part of or witnessed a real exorcism, they would’ve realized that what they were presenting was far from the truth in procedural matters as well as the way Lara acted claiming she was possessed.

~ 1 Ryan talks about holy ground when he first addresses the team. Ryan should know that demons, as well as their leadership, have access to all holy places. So just being in a church doesn’t prevent you from being attacked by a demonic spirit.
~ 2 When Lara greets the team does she show any signs of discomfort or pain? None at all. She seems to be very happy to be on camera.
~ 3 Notice that there are religious symbols throughout the house and her mom is even wearing crosses as earrings. Yet Lara shows no discomfort towards those objects.
~ 4 The pentagram has nothing to do with demons.
~ 5 Why were no religious items placed in or under Lara’s bed to see if any discomfort took place?
~ 6 Father Andrew Calder does a walkthrough but no in-depth interview with Lara.
~ 7 When Lorraine Warren is talking to Ryan on the phone she says something not true about the legion story from the Bible. Legion was not the name of the demon -- the demon was simply saying that legion, defined as many, means that many demons were in the person.
~ 8 Ryan violates one of his own church’s rules when it comes to determining if an exorcism is even required. It states that all mental illnesses must be ruled out. The psychologist says that it is possible that Lara has a dissociative disorder.
~ 9 Father Calder should have spent time in prayer and meditation prior to jumping onto the idea of demonic possession.
~ 10 Father Calder should have gone through a time of Biblical fasting to prepare himself for the exorcism.
~ 11 The State of Grace that Ryan talks about is not something that is quickly or easily done in just a few minutes. Nor is it something you can do with a few lighted candles. But it takes in depth soul searching, prayer, and a complete confession of all sins that have taken place within your life. Each and every person in the house, including Lara’s family and the entire cast and crew, would be required to do the same.
~ 12 The exorcism room should have had ALL the furniture completely removed and the windows boarded up.
~ 13 Lara’s family should not have been allowed in the room.
~ 14 Father Calder does not have any assistance in the exorcism.
~ 15 Does Lara show any signs of real discomfort in the exorcism? She draws a pentagram in the air, which means nothing to a demon. Lara’s voice doesn’t change, nor do her physical features contort.
~ 16 Chip should not have interrupted the exorcism.
~ 17 Lara shows no spiritual knowledge of past or future events relating to anyone—especially Father Calder. There is no vulgarity, spitting, vomiting, defecation, flatulence, or urination.
~ 18 Chip interrupts the exorcism a second time.
~ 19 Never does the demon engage the exorcist in a battle of will, logic, or faith. Nor does the demon ever challenge its authority to be there.
~ 20 Chip is not allowed to touch the person being that he is not actually a part of the exorcism. By doing so, he denigrates the spiritual authority of Father Calder.
~ 21 In the post interview of Lara she shows no ill effects or spiritual changes that accompany a person who has been demonically possessed. The possession itself changes the person forever.

NOTE: Requiem [2006], a subtitled German film also influenced the "I Am Six" episode. This film is about: "An epileptic girl suffers a breakdown during her first year at university, then decides to seek help from a priest in battling the troubles associated with her strict upbringing."

Paranormal Evidence Tally

1 Claims of Paranormal Activity: A 26-year-old young lady is being terrorized within her family's home.
2 Proof of Paranormal Activity: None.
3 Accuracy of Psychic: 3. Chip gives a general reading.
4 Ryan Buell's Producer Credit: Consulting Producer
5 Demon Count: 0

Next week we'll analyze "The Possession: Return of Six" in the blog "Paranormal State Keeps Milking the 'I Am Six' Case Till It's Dry"

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