Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ghosts are Residual Energies—Not People

By Lisa Grace

What people refer to as “ghosts” I call residual energy or if interactive, a type of demon. While the appearance may resemble a person who lived, the residual energy has more in common with a photograph or a video. Just as a photo is not the person, neither is the “ghost”/residual energy.

These residual energies, for a while, can attract other supernatural creatures, which I refer to as demons. Their whole purpose is to mislead you from the truth and down a path of destruction.

Ask yourself, why aren’t there any hauntings from societies we no longer remember? Why aren’t there tons of Roman soldiers or ancient Hitites? Why aren’t Italy or Greece the most haunted places per square foot?

Because these residual energies do not last forever. 
Just like photos, they fade and disintegrate. The evil demons that nurture or mimic them, move on to stronger residual energies.

Demons roam the earth looking for those they can destroy/mislead.

While listening to EVP’s is fascinating, it will never reveal more about the paranormal. Why?
Because these demons have zero interest in revealing the truth. The truth is already readily available in the Holy Scriptures.

If more people relied on the truth, once they realized a demon was present, they would bind them and drive them away.

Many paranormal investigators have had demons follow them home. They then realize maybe they are playing with fire. Entities are not harmless and are not toys.

What are residual energies?
We know thoughts are measurable energy. We were told thousands of years ago in the Scripture that our words are powerful. Every word starts out as a thought first. Therefore thoughts are powerful, too.

Thoughts can be measured by MRI’s and other types of brain scans. If we can measure the energy we can record it. That means there is a permanent record of that thought.

Scientist have actually created a machine that can look at a person’s electro magnetic energy released while concentrating on a memory, and they can recreate a crude picture/movie of the thought.

If scientists can now prove what the Holy Scriptures have said (before it was provable), then we can see how strong emotions or repetitious actions can “burn” or record in time and place, a record of an event. This is all these residual energies are.

I watched an episode of The Neighbors last night. The alien dad was talking into an etch a sketch, expecting to get an answer, like you can with certain phone aps. This is what it is like when investigators try to talk to a “haunting.” Now because demons are attracted to these energies, if you get an answer, you have a demon. In that case, you need to get it removed. We’ll talk more about that in my next column.