Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Thing With Liars

Liars have rules you know.  It sounds rather crazy… but, they have rules and will react and let you know the rules as soon as you do not fall for their tale of woes or excuse or even scenario they are attempting to sell you on.  They also have tactics they employ to manipulate people and they like to use humiliation, threats and defaming as their own behavioral modification tool as well as manipulating your audience into believing you are the liar and they are the victim.  Every single person I have exposed pretends to be a victim and will not once EVER admit any wrong doing or argue what it is I exposed about them.  They’ll do a personal attack against me; those who help me and anyone they theorize will get mad and influence me to shut up.  Anyone that has done what I do knows the tactics like a play book they keep in their pocket at all times.  After all, you expose a liar, fraud or scammer, you are hurting their world and they don’t like it and they almost always fight back.  What they don’t fight back with is proving you wrong.

One of the rules of a liar is that YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE THEM.  How dare you even for a second doubt even one word they say?   When someone says something to you, you should accept it as absolute truth… so they think.  The reality is, much of what people say in the paranormal about anything is doubted, whether or not the person who is hearing the story says they doubt their words or not.  It’s the very nature of anything paranormal or supernatural anyway.  But even so, the field has changed and there are so many in the paranormal that are not truthful.  If they are boastful and rude, there is more of a reason people will just avoid them instead of believing them.  You all know you have heard a story at least once and (probably much more then that) when you did not tell the story teller they were full of beans.  But, liars insist on NEVER being doubted.  They usually get mad when they are.

People that tell the truth are usually the ones who expect not to be believed when it comes to their stories.  When it comes to their backgrounds, you probably are not going to hear how great they are or know even what education they have that pertains to the paranormal until you get to know them. Normal people don’t go around listing a bunch of initials behind their name and associations and they don’t usually name drop some famous person acting like they are some schmoozers of the great famous people.  In fact, name dropping is very common with frauds and not with those who are on the up and up.  Now, you can’t always tell this way either and doubt should be something people do when hearing about any one with an attitude of how great thou art or a list of their greatness listed on their page.

Liars are elaborate and good at what they do, but, they usually make huge mistakes that can easily be found online.  They tend to be braggarts and often you’ll find what they have been saying all over the internet in various online sources.  The reason I point out liars is, because to be a scammer, fraud or thief, you have to be a liar.  That goes for sex offenders too or anyone looking to use the paranormal as an avenue to do any type of dishonest action or crime.

Liars have a tendency to generally have very impersonal pages and their pages read like a ad campaign for all their projects.  They rarely interact and often talk of their “fans” when in reality; they probably don’t really have any and have been sending out invites themselves to like their “fan” page.  Most people like the page out of courtesy.   They tend to pay attention more to numbers instead of interaction and the truer reality.  Liars often have several fake profiles that can “like” or support what it is they are doing as if some gang of ready made great fans.  They also will oppose and stalk with these names.

Fake pages are usually less then 3 months old and have less then 300 friends.  They are usually odd names or misspelled common ones or most often, names of people they do not like misspelled.  They’ll either have their photos blocked, or not have many.  No personal information about family or interaction of friends is usually seen.  (On a rare occasion some will fake to this degree, but, it’s very rare.)  You want to look at their likes and check that out.  It will often show a truth to them that you can see through a pattern of behavior that I will not go into here that will reveal more about them. Generally you have some hater that blasted you somewhere and you have this new person trying to friend you that has a page like the above, especially when you have 0 friends in common, suspect a fake account for not so good reasons.

I do get accused of having many fake accounts myself.  The reality is, unless I’m trying to get a point across and they have me blocked, such as with Ryan Buell and his continuation of selling tickets to events that were either already canceled or were previously to the same tour in other cities and I needed to alert the fans to NOT spend their money… unless it’s some scenario like that, I don’t do that.  I USE MY OWN NAME TO SAY WHAT I HAVE TO SAY.  I do not hide behind aliases ever.  There are several Evan Jensens in the world.  I am but one in hundreds.  I have had other accounts I started when blocked as Facebook gets a little persnickety when I’m making pictures of people and teasing them in an effort to mirror back their obnoxiousness.  I have forgotten the passwords when my main account was freed again.  I have to laugh at the morons who point out MY OWN NAME as another alias though.  I’m just wondering how that works. LMAO  I do what I need to do out there and I absolutely do need more then one account to do it for several reasons.  But, not every hater they have is me, which seems to be a trend with these fakes.

Now, besides using their many aliases to attack, they usually try to humiliate or defame and making up their “facts” or seeming to have complete hallucinations is perfectly ok.  After all, if you upset a liar, they react and they have no problem unleashing the pits of hell in the way of their (what they think is clever) repertoire of slams, bashes and humiliations and will direct it in a way, guaranteed with a cherry on top with a threat.  Yep, it’s humiliate, defame and threaten every single time.  This to me is very tell tale when someone comes at me like this when asked a question or mentioned in a sentence.  It’s my biggest hugest red flag that says… “LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE!”

These types of people do have a tendency to stick up for each other in an effort to protect themselves. When they come together… they always do…  After all, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. However with the current group, it does appear much more then that and I believe that these people not only know each other, but, appear to work together and even have similar tactics for pan handling, theft and behaviors to intimidate and manipulate others.

Since I have been doing this for years now and have learned some of the traits of the fakes and frauds and those who use the paranormal for taking advantage of the innocent public, I have decided to write a book on how to recognize them and deal with them.  It has now become evident that the people in the paranormal as well as home owners wanting to keep their family safe need some information on how to recognize these types of people.  Our world has changed folks and you can no longer just allow people to come into your home who are promising to help you, no matter how sincere they are.

My advice for people out there, if they seem over the top and braggarts to a large degree, whereby they post all these selfies as if self glorifying themselves, stay away from them.  If you have something telling you they are not who they say they are, stay away from them.  Ask for references… check the local sex offender list always on these people.  If they can’t give you full names, avoid them.  Don’t join any group that you can not have personal information such as full names and addresses of those in the group.

Most of all people… learn to trust your instincts!

Examples of exposed frauds and scammers reacting. [Click to enlarge].

By Evan Jensen, Producer of Beyond the Edge of Reality Radio Network



Anonymous said...

the thing with liars is all of you are one...

Anonymous said...

Evan and Darlene great job getting the truth out. As I sit back and witness all of this on the pages etc. I see that what you write is what I am others see.

Without even giving names in your blog it is apparent who it refers to also just by sitting back and watching these people in action.

David Rountree is Arrogant! He loves to take many selfies of his old self and with a woman half his age with her kids (he could be her father and the grandfather to those kids) calling himself a Indian but in reality he is a fake.

Then you have this Lord Rick Rowe character who calls himself Lord of all.....seriously? Who does that and really and doesn't look like a clown himself? Just watch his clown page, his videos etc and you really see the pathetic attention seeking ass he really is. Plus you will seek the stalking and Bullying he does first hand yet calls himself a victim.

Then there is Jesse Roth who stalks people, hears voices, is a schizophrenic and claims to be a victim all while aligning herself with the above people and more. We are bored with her ramblings as well.

Lets not forget Christina George and Carol Malone the two cons who steal property from their client and money with false promises.

I could go on and on but I would need a blog of my own.

Bottom line is Evan and Darlene laugh it off because you are doing the right thing exposing these crooks and crazies.

Anonymous said...

Those who post anonymous is questionable . I'm talking about those that speak negatively. Why the cowardice and the hiding. I wonder what you have to hide behind anonymity? Show some guts and post your name so you can truly back your accusations of calling them a liar.
Cowardice at it's best.

evan jensen said...

I write this blog, to make a difference. we do not need to lie about anything and always make surethetruth is out therebacked by strictly credible sources, truth is the war is on not brought by us, but this blog is the remaining truth andshall always be preserved either by myself or others, message clearly sent is we intend to change how the paranormal has fallen by the wayside and will dothis one blog at a time, some do not like this, but again these are the ones that either exposed their own selves or i and others have exposed, such as Ryan daniel Buell, lord Rick Rowe, Christina George, Sylvia Brown and also some others such as carol malone and many may others, truth is if your bad a eye sore in the paranormal, their is a great chance your story may and will be used in this blog.
I am Evan Jensen from "Beyond The Edge Of Reality.

Darlene Watts said...

Well, I guess you can chalk up using aliases and hiding behind fake names or anonymous as a liar trait as well. ha ha I'd like people to show proof of a lie either Evan or I have told. All I ever see is crap from those that have been exposed and they screen shot their lies as proof. Like prove Evan served time in prison. Prove I am a slum lord. Hell, they don't even know who is married to whom or who is close to who and guess wrong all the time. They can't prove not one thing they claim because it is lies. Here's a little message from me to Mr. Rowe, you make yourself look worse then anything I or Evan can say about you that all we have to do is show your actions. As for a wannabe Paranormal Investigator, there is no such thing. There is no certification, education or even criteria that signifies someone is a Paranormal Investigator. But, you are even wrong on me wanting to be one. I am a Paranormal Researcher. Native Americans don't go hunting and looking for ghosties. What I do is far different and has more to do with people and experiences, then ghosts. But, you wouldn't know that, understand it and certainly couldn't do it. One thing I'll say here, in what I do, there are frauds, but, very few of them. However, they tend to be loud mouth jerks all of the time who like to act all tough and go around being rude to everyone and leave a wake of angry people behind them. Might explain The Dirty and Encyclopedia Dramatica that are written of you Rick. And... we didn't write them and they have been out there for years and by some that knew you personally obviously. So, you have no room to criticize me.

Anonymous said...

Generally, when you take 11 paragraphs to explain yourself, you are defending yourself. You say in your blog "After all, you expose a liar, fraud or scammer, you are hurting their world and they don’t like it and they almost always fight back." Yet you write 11 paragraphs explaining your activities online to anyone who wishes to read them, advertise it in facebook posts to make sure that your defense of your actions gets out...who did what that YOU did not like?

There are several reasons for you to do this:

A. You wish to stir back up a pot that has finally settled.

B. You are full of shit yourself.

C. Someone hit a nerve with you in something that they said while "fighting back".

D. All of the above.

I will place my bets on D. You like to accuse others of taking advantage of people, bringing bad things into the world, bullying others...and yet here you sit, claiming that anyone who stands up to you must be proving you correct...think about that for one second.

You and your cronies do not have a patent on standing up to others, and sometimes the bullshit you attempt to fling upon others gets returned to you full force. Then you sit here and whine with this sad little victim mentality. It is truly a joke.

If you are serious about what it is that you claim to do, then you would really go after sex predators and womanizers and fakes making money off of people, and not waste your time attacking people who did nothing more than disagree with one of your opinions/tactics/etc, or even with your reasoning for doing this.

If you were truly what you claim to be, you would realize that there are much more important things for you to be doing, and that what others think of you is the absolute lowest of priorities...but you won't get this, but the important stuff is really not what any single one of you is about. Have a good day, and at least try to find a way to be slightly productive...it won't kill you, I promise.

Anonymous said...

Id like to see real evidence that what you idiots say is truthful.. all of you lie. And people post anonymous because they have something that apparently you do not have, and that is called a job. Empoyers love to follow there emplpyees activity on the web and fire them if they engage in activity that doesnt show resoect to general public. Needles to say you all do not deserve respect. I know an easy way for you to lose weight is simply by hiding your welfare checks under your workboots.. all of you lie and many people have proved it. In fact when evidence does come out you are the first to say photo shop when on your show you say screen shots and documents dont lie.. ill help you word it correctly what you mean is only your screen shots and dicuments dont lie lol lol.. your such an ass. There is proof that evan is a kidnapper and the other commited welfare fraud,, but again those documents are lying lol lol right only yours tell the truth jack ass.. non of you have done anything good for the community hell you dont even get invited to go to events. I dont see any of the people your claim your exposing having issues getting involved with events and doing things for charity. You have not done a fucking thing but become the laughing stock of paranormal radio thats all you are and all youll ever be. You have no one at all that is willing to back you up but the same 3-6 idiots and your fake profiles that you all have many of.. grow the fuck up and get a job and maybe start taking responsibility of your life instead of worrying about who is doing what cause news flash at least there doing something for the community instead of being a buisy body

Anonymous said...

As I see posts here and wonder why so many cry, when this blog comes out, the only ones crying are the exposed them selves.
I love this title "Eye On The Paranoprmal"

evan jensen said...

Anonymous said...

the thing with liars is all of you are one...
September 10, 2014 at 12:03 PM
in a response to this persons comments iw anted to take a moment and reflect on this comment, yah know if yah actually came forward with something credible folks might listen, but knowing the cilber of the commenter, it just figures we rest our point here.

Anonymous said...

So you cant respond logically?

Anonymous said...

Cram it Evan, no one is afraid of you or your friends anymore. You have exposed yourself as liar way better than I could havemyself. You of all people writing about liars is an absolute joke. I am not afraid to reveal my identity... It's me, JRo....however I will not be attaching any links to any of my info. Anyone who wants to find me must do so of THEIR OWN ACCORD ... That is all :)

Anonymous said...

They are the brown eye of the paranormal. ..

Anonymous said...

Im still waiting to see hear from witnesses and paperwork, that he isnt a kidknapper and that he was a navy seal that he is a investigator and he is a minister.. he flaps his cock suck about he this is a lie and what he has done but has never ever proved any crudentials. I wanna personally see and speak to these so called that will back him up.. before he can expose anyone for anything better make sure you have a halo over your head first.... WITNESSES I WANT NOT A B.S. SCREEN SHOT OR A EASILY DOWNLOADABLE DOCUMENT YOU CAN FILL OUT AT YOUR OWN LEISURE

evan jensen said...

it is obvious spomeone here was clearly effected by our blog, like i sated several times, it is easy to see who the folks we are talking about becuase they just crawl oput of their holes and make themselves known, truth is i would not share my personal info to anyone its what i,ve done in my jorneies and not open for some pot head to share especialy some socia path and yes from this post we know who wrote it, i will say this blog is not for foul langauge but it was left there because we knew its the only way he or the person knew how to speak.
Anonymous said...
Im still waiting to see hear from witnesses and paperwork, that he isnt a kidknapper and that he was a navy seal that he is a investigator and he is a minister.. he flaps his cock suck about he this is a lie and what he has done but has never ever proved any crudentials. I wanna personally see and speak to these so called that will back him up.. before he can expose anyone for anything better make sure you have a halo over your head first.... WITNESSES I WANT NOT A B.S. SCREEN SHOT OR A EASILY DOWNLOADABLE DOCUMENT YOU CAN FILL OUT AT YOUR OWN LEISURE
September 13, 2014 at 11:02 AM

Anonymous said...

So you feel the need to to endulge in everyons buisness but refuse to share your crudentials as a credible person. What kind of b.s.. is that. Sounds like your a class a liar

evan jensen said...

in and answer to obviously yet another post by anonymous, cause they to have something to hiode here, see what they do not understand is i am not the one being exspoosed in the eye blogs, but the ones we questioned do` get a little emotional don't they.
here is the comment i just posted about.So you feel the need to to endulge in everyons buisness but refuse to share your crudentials as a credible person. What kind of b.s.. is that. Sounds like your a class a liar
September 14, 2014 at 12:59 PM
my Evan Jensens comment continued."there is noth8ing to lie about. but you who we mention sure have some hidden agendas and are now coming out of your own said closets now.

Anonymous said...

So its true you were charged for kidnapping and you were not a navy seal or a minister. And closet is full of skeletons. Im just trying to get facts.. you started the eye to expose people and put it on a public network. Therefore you have no choice who other than you who decides gets exposed. Your failure to provide evidence on your crudentials leads me to believe that rumors about you are true. Which proves that you are one who cant be trusted... I would say that you were just publicly exposed on your own platform.. pretty cool how social networks work huh. Enjoy

Anonymous said...

And another thing. I never got defensive or showed aggression toward my post. I simply asked in all due respect for you to simply show evidence that you are a trustworthy member of the community. My goal wasnt to be an ass. If im not mistaken other people who read this can endulge in their own conclusions that you are the one getting defensive here and negleting the simple question with out even stating the obviouse that those accusation are untrue. You kept going on how others are ass holes. Typical honost person would have offered some kind of testimony. But not you. You strayed from the question. What kind of public figure are if your not willing answere simple questions about your charector. Not a good one I must say.

Chuck said...

What the hell? Who is this Evan guy? Never heard of him. While I couldn't stand Kirby, at least kirby could write and made a point to his writings. This guy just rants, rants, and rants…ZZzzzzzz. Get off your soap box and get a job -you're terrible! There is a huge hole in the EOTP and its name is EVAN.

Anonymous said...

I agree chuck. He doesnt know me from adam. But because I chose to ignore his rants about the people mentioned in his post here and wanted to know about his crudentials I automatically have skeletons he has to dig up. But again as I said he doesnt know. Ill make it easy for him though... I have no skeltons locked up in some dumb closet. I let them roam free without hesitation. Why do I do that simple. We are humans. We will fuck up we will make mistakes.. some worse than others but what difference does that make. Let man who has no sin in his heart cast the first stone.. evan is throwing stones all over the place when in reality he is human and has fucked up in the past. And his past doesnt bother me because we have all made mistakes.. what pisses me off is he chooses to ignore his own sins and trys to belittle everyone else in the community. Not good from someone who has a record of kidnapping not to mention claimed to be an ordained minister and a navy seal which obviously is a lie. Personally I think from a psychologist point of view even though I never finished my degree though continued with my studies on a more private level that he knocks people who have gained the attention of 1,000s of people due to his failures at trying. Life isnt about how many friends you have on Facebook or twitter non of them will show up at your funeral when you die. Not even if you were jason hawes. Its abouy what you do to be a better human being. I do hope that one day the brown eye will understand that... as it has been stated that he doesnt have a fan base or followers chuck you just proved that by asking who the hell he was lol.. but he does need to get a job and support himself and stop lying and deffintly stop kidnapping kids

evan jensen said...

to once again anonymopus what part of use your real name do you not want folks to see it, is their truth to the evidentiary here?.
for this reply by anonymous show us your credentials ? start by using a real name because with out it used this way gives no credibility to anyhting you even stated here for those to afraid to use their real name there most often is a reason here.
September 17, 2014 at 6:13 PM

evan jensen said...

We sure have some new information to add to this bog, one of the anonymous posts are none other then mr brett wattson, we found out his imperial poobah is a man named jerry williams and jerry williams is not whom he says he is jerry williams is gerald w blanchard, but he continues to endorse said documents that man named brett wattson got his ordainment exorcism, and demonology certificate through pretty darned funny. keep posting as naonympous because you are busted brett wattson.

evan jensen said...


Anonymous said...

Your time running out Evan. Come January you will be in Court and the minute you open your lieing mouth the Judge will see you for the Idiot and moron we all know you to be. All you had to do was just shut up and crawl back under the rock you came from but no you have to try to be a bully a stalker a creep in general and now it catching up to you. keep posting your lies and pictures and blogs it all going to be used against you in a court of law. Rember Evan dont drop the soap Ha ha ha

evan jensen said...

in a recent repsonse to the below message is this watch the wicked place comments under there anonymous,they have no class but they are all ass, time is running out but not for me well iam terminalbut who cares i odnt any more there is no harm is stopping criminals from scamming folks we rested our feelings in this blog sometimes ago but folks are looking on, truth is we enjopy exposing criminals an folks hell bent on frauing folks, they come out of the wood works like cock roaches no doubt truth is my network is booming an we are doing very well. a new wave of reporters has begun and all working under signed letters of agreement, so look out as evidence will support your behaviors obviously if you have nothing to hide you would use your real name enough stated here. did you see the other blogs your all way behind lol.

Anonymous said...

More lies Evan SHUT UP!!! Your Terminal Bull Crap you are a fraud and lier. All you do is try to bully people with lies and your reporters LOL Who the hell do you think you are LOL No one cares what you say. You are a coward. If your so loved please im begging you please go to any events coming up whether it be a para or ufo or what ever and get a table and tell your lies there. and see how well liked you really are. You will find out no one Likes you or cares about a damn thing you say except for the morons you have following you around now. And destroying there reputations by being associated with you. a known Thief Lie er Kidnapper omg the list goes on and on i seen your criminal record oh my god you are a sorry piece of trash. do a world a favor and pull your bottom lip over your head and swallow.

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