Thursday, September 11, 2014

Obsession on the Dead Files

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

Recently on the Dead Files there was a family that owns two houses--one is infested and the other is beach front....famed Malibu Beach. The family is being torn apart due to the mother's obsession with the haunted residence.Both the mother and Amy Allan believe the former is reincarnated, which allegedly explains why the many ghosts are drawn to her--they knew her in a previous lifetime. Sheesh....

For a Christian, the notion of reincarnation is antithetical to grace, but many Christians are not grounded in their they believe in both.

My point is not to dismantle reincarnation--although it is more evidence of how misguided Amy is--but to simply accent a very common phenomenon, diabolical obsession. I have talked to former paranormal investigators who spent hours and hours listening to the same EVP....or bought equipment their family could not afford....or went to places over and over. Families are being destroyed.

We have spent a couple of weeks discussing the importance of critical thinking, and certainly one of the casualties of diabolical obsession is one's ability to think clearly--often with tragic results.

The wife/mother mentioned on the Dead Files, unlike many who are stuck at their infested residence, could choose to move back to luxury at Malibu Beach. BUT, there is this thing called "obsession". Once a house is infested, the desire of the demonic is to break people down--physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Causing people to obsess on this or that usually elicits severe tension in the family. In this case, one daughter had already left. I could see the husband's love for his bride, but the pain was also obvious when she made it plain at the reveal she was choosing the house over her husband and daughters.

What is happening? The more people become fascinated with demonic activity, then the worse the demonic activity gets....and the worse it gets---horrible, vicious cycle. It easy to get over-awed by a child levitating, but what about OBSESSION? In a million different ways, individuals and families are being destroyed by day-in, day-out fixation...strategically planned and guided by the demonic.

Are you or someone you know having their humanity chiseled away due to obsession? Not  all obsession is demonic, but much is. Because it is not as sensational as plates flying or children floating, much diabolical obsession is not getting the loving attention it needs.

Dealing with obsession is not easy, but we must plead the blood Jesus  

Mark Hunnemann is the author of Seeing Ghosts Through God's Eyes: A Worldview Analysis of Earthbound Spirits. It's also available in eBook format.


Christine Gentry/Psychologist said...

You are absolutely correct. There are many common ways that demonic entities propagate obsessions in humans by using their anxieties, pleasures and hopes as negative life consuming distractions. Demons twist, pervert and exacerbate ideas in your head. Anything is possible to subvert : hobbies, pleasures, anxieties, fears, personal temptations, etc. I saw this episode of the Dead Files and recognized diabolical Obsession as well in the client. The reincarnation theory just served to give the client another reason to bond with the house emotionally and to validate her stance that she belonged there by entitlement.Very bad conclusion for an already fixated mindset being manipulated by a demonic presence.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your deeply insightful reply. You clarified and expanded on the whole issue of diabolical obsession in a immensely helpful way. "Anything is possible to subvert...", that needs to be understood. Thank you for your excellent and keen psycho/spiritual insights. The Lord bless you!
I have to post anonymous with my new/old computer

Anonymous said...

Just found this blog.
I agree with what was written here about demonic obsession.
Thanks for a great site!


Jennifer L. Auld said...

Right on Mark! This information is so very valuable. It makes me sick what I see on tv And all the new movies coming out in theaters that are just scary movies like Friday the 13th it all has to do with the demonic demon possession and it makes God see more week like you can't do anything to stop these things very few of these movies actually show something can be done when you apply the name of Jesus Christ and the power in the name is unbreakable. I'm sick of movies and TV shows ignoring that fact