Thursday, April 11, 2013

Trapped Spirits ... What Would Jesus Do?

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

Many millions are curious or confused as to how to relate to the paranormal craze. If you are a Christian, then you have likely asked yourself, “How does my Christian faith inform my views of paranormal activity…how do they relate?”

Would it not be cool if we had a record of how Jesus viewed and interacted with the paranormal realm?  The wonderful thing is that we have four inspired biographies of Jesus’ life, which explicitly reveal Jesus attitude toward, and interaction with, the paranormal realm (or heavenlies, spirit realm, invisible realm).

WWJD?  What would Jesus do?  That is, what would Jesus do today regarding how to view and interact with the paranormal realm? Of course, if we can definitively answer how Jesus interacted with the spirit realm, then that should go a long way to answering how WE should view/interact with the spirit realm, shouldn’t it? May I suggest that you read the four gospels (or choose one) and while reading, have this question on the front-burner: how often does Jesus interact with the trapped spirits of His day? (given basic ghost formation theory, then there should have been a ton of dead humans trapped here on earth) Many Christians are curious or confused as to how their faith relates to the current paranormal craze, and what better way to answer that question than to watch our Master at work.

If you read, say the gospel of Mark, then what becomes immediately obvious is how much time Jesus spent dealing with folks who had “paranormal issues.” No other spiritual leader comes close to Jesus’ near fixation on helping those with “paranormal problems.”

That being the case—how often did Jesus speak to deceased humans? Put another way, how often did they seek Jesus out for help, and how often did Jesus approach deceased humans in order to free them? If you have never done this exercise before, it is quite revealing and instructive!

The first thing we will notice in His bio’s are the innumerable folks He helps who are demon possessed! Like today, demonic activity increased when Jesus was incarnated. Hence, true diabolical possession was a terrible reality which Jesus forcefully and authoritatively dealt with thousands of times during His three year public ministry.

So, when you read the inspired biographies with fresh eyes, how many deceased humans approach their Creator, as countless demoniacs did?  ZERO   Ummm… what is the deal? Since demons and deceased humans are generally said to dwell in same paranormal spiritual ghetto-world (don’t we allegedly have a lot of evidence revealing demonic bullying beyond the grave?) Regardless, I must ask the question again—how many trapped spirits approached Jesus for help…or just revealed themselves as they are supposedly doing to us today? In all four gospels, with a wide variety of spirit realm issues arising, there is not a single recorded case of a trapped spirit trying to get Jesus attention, or vice versa.

How about the opposite—how many trapped spirits did Jesus assertively contact?  How many instances of Jesus speaking to trapped spirits in order to help them? NONE. We have many Christians attempting communication with the souls of deceased loved ones, yet Jesus never did that. Never…not according to His Spirit inspired biographies.

WWJD? That question is rooted in what Jesus has already done during His public ministry. Jesus is our Master, our Lord—we follow His example (when appropriate). AND JESUS NEVER COMMUNICATED WITH EARTHBOUND SPIRITS.

The above argument is simple. Our Master is recorded as having innumerable encounters with demons (encounters with angels as well), but He never encountered trapped human spirits. When I wrote my book, this argument was the most persuasive one I had come across—it remains so. Will you read  the gospel of Mark and ask yourself…WDJD—what did Jesus do? Then you will be ready to ask, WWJD?

Bad Bad Thing Award Goes to False Prophet Cindy Jacobs

By Kirby Robinson

Cindy Jacobs is a false prophet and a terrible fake teacher who leads people onto a dark path. We call that a BAD BAD THING.

False Prophet
Cindy Jacobs

You may not know of her unless you follow fake preachers like Jim Bakker, but she is working hard to earn the label of a false prophet. In the past she has claimed that her prayers alone to God stopped the 9/11 attacks. Well, she is at it again:

Here are a few more links…

Cindy Jacobs admits she’s a fake:

Helpful blog on false people in the church today :

I think God has matters that are more pressing than sending angels to make travel arrangements:

So if you ever hear her talk put in earplugs and save your soul!

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