Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fireburndoctor Gets the 3rd Degree - REVISED

By Reap Paden

They came to me. I opened and email that was titled 'guest for radio show', it was from a woman representing The woman wanted to come on my live radio show and talk about their amazing service.

The Burn Eradication Project that saves lives and stops the terrible pain, suffering and disfigurement from burns, using a state-of-the-art process that bypasses the deleterious effects of burns at a phenomenal rate, for FREE, from a distance, with no risk, drastically reducing the need for expensive medical procedures.
CALL OR TEXT IMMEDIATELY within the first 30 minutes of exposure, on your way to the hospital.

Call or text to medical Doctor Joseph Watson the precise TIME of the burn and the victim's:

    NAME at birth
    DATE of birth
    PLACE of birth

OR text a picture, ANY photograph of the PERSON (can be taken on site with a cell phone), to:

1-XXX-XXX-XXXX (number removed to protect the innocent and/or gullible)

Ok, I was skeptical to say the least but contrary to the claims of other people I am not closed-minded so I figured what the hell? I replied and accepted their offer to come on the show. We set a date and discussed who would be coming on for the interview.

I looked into the fireburndoctors before the day of the show. There were many testimonials from people claiming they had been helped by the service. They even had video that was supposed to prove how well the service worked. The first video showed some idiot ranting and moaning about his burn then showed him the next day (after the fireburndoctors had been called) the guy then was talking about how the burn didn't hurt any more and he felt much better. Not a real solid piece of evidence in my opinion, if this was the best they could do there was gonna be a problem. I thought about what it felt like to get burned and unless it was a really severe burn, yea it felt better the next day. I really didn't see the need in calling some service to provide something that was going to happen on its own.

Chris Fleming burned himself at work and immediately called FireBurnDoctor screaming with pain (expressed in his liberal use of the "F-word").

Here, Chris is listening for the first time to his own voice recorded messages to fireburndoctor. In minutes, his pain was GONE and he went back to work....Truly Amazing!!! 

My first thought was- Chris Flemming has a job? Then I watched the video. It was a recording of a guy the site named as  Chris crying like a baby because he had burned his hand. Then a follow-up recording of  telling how amazing it was that his hand was no longer red. This was followed by some video of what I assume to be this Chris Flemming dude murmuring something and a guy named Joe Lowe, Fire Chief saying the fireburndoctors works.

As soon as I saw the name  Chris Flemming I wondered if they were talking about the same
moron from the 'Dangers of the Paranormal' website I wrote about previously. In the video there Chris talks about almost falling into a bed of nails and escaping certain doom only by way of a ghost who stopped his fall just in time. WHOA! THAT WAS CLOSE!  Chris certainly is one lucky fella to be saved from deadly accidents by paranormal intervention of some kind on more than one occasion. Yes Chris is either lucky or he is full of shit. Considering my life on the planet and the things I've seen and done, and considering countless other people whom I have talked with through the years. It is pretty safe to say Chris likes to make up stories or let's just call him a damn liar.  Now I can't say without a doubt it was the same Chris Fleming but Alison from eluded to the fact it was on the podcast.

Chris Flemming if you ever read this do yourself a favor get a real job, preferably one where you don't speak to others. Every time I see/hear you it's an example of how to lose respect and dignity as quickly as possible. Very sad.

I also noticed the fireburndoctors had been on several radio shows including Darkness radio with Dave Schrader who was also part of the ' Dangers of the Paranormal' site if I remembered correctly, along with the man I obsess with Chip Coffey (By the way, go to to see the latest info on Chip).

Dave seems like a nice enough guy but not real bright. Dave doesn't seem to understand that having an open mind doesn't mean accepting every stupid or amazing claim that come along or giving that claim consideration for the rest of your life. It's okay to listen to someone and then decide if you believe them or not. If you always say "It could be possible no one really knows" that's fine but it makes you look unable to figure out what is more likely true and then keep learning from that point. If you always give everyone equal consideration you are going to be liked by everyone but are you really going to be respected for what you believe in? No, you aren't cause the fact is no one believes in everything, if they act like they do it's just that, an act. The terms two-faced, wishy-washy, fence-sitter, and yes-man come to mind.

So now we know there is a group of people associated with the who are obviously not known for telling the truth and/or acting like responsible mature adults with good reasoning skills and the best interest of others in mind.

The day of the radio show we contacted Alison Mcdermott, who had contacted me. She said that she had a medical background. We also called a man who had called fireburndoctors to help his wife, he said he had been a medic in Vietnam.

I allowed Alison to tell us what fireburndoctor was all about and how they could heal burns.She said the the burn could be not only helped but there would be little or no tissue loss during the process. I then asked her if the process repaired damaged cells. She replied by telling me the brain causes damage through negative thoughts. I in turn replied telling her that was all well and good but when you get burned there is cell damage, the damage is not caused by negative thought. The damage is caused by the cells coming in contact with a heat source hot enough to damage or destroy them. What happens to the destroyed cells? I wondered again out loud.

Alison could not answer that question for me and it became a sticking point because it was very important for us to know exactly what we were being expected to believe if we were to discuss the fireburndoctor service.

After a while I knew we would not get a straight answer from Alison. We then turned to the man whose wife had been healed. He told a great story but couldn't give any solid details about the healing process. The rest of the time he provided very little information that was of any worth. He did start to defend some of the weaker positions Alison took on the process and it became obvious the man who was providing testimony was actually here to try and back Alison up in case she got in over her head. The problem at this point was they were both in way over their heads in fact they both seemed to have barbells tied to their necks.

My co-hosts and I asked reasonable questions and were met with answers like "bio-feedback" and "it just works"

I asked Alison if this magical process would work on other injuries. Alison told me yes it would but they were not helping people with other types of injuries because they needed testimonials from burn victims in order to provide validity to what they could do. Until then they were not going to help anyone else, not even children who were suffering.  If they really had the ability to do the things they claim then how could anyone be so selfish as to deny help to children who are suffering everyday from horrible injury? Alison was looking like a very cold, very uncaring woman at this point. Her reasoning was warped to say the least.

At one point it was suggested I burn myself and see how the service worked on my burn. Alison got a bit nervous and mentioned you had to have a certain state of mind. I mentioned Chris and his habit of being full of shit to Alison. She didn't seem to welcome the insight.

I knew by now Alison and her friend were full of it and my attempt to keep an open mind had resulted in keeping me from accepting more flawed data just like it was supposed to do.

I thanked Alison and her little helper for coming on the show and then went through the points she could not support one more time in order to help keep people from becoming fireburndoctor victims and getting burned a second time.

If you would like to hear the exchange you can find it here- I seriously doubt it will be found on the fireburndoctor website for reasons that we may never know...

Another bit of information I'd like to share with you involving my good friend, Chip Coffey, the whining, crying, liar who can't accept the fact he is full of shit and does not have any special abilities except he is able to act like a twit so well it boggles the mind. Chippy sent me a 'cease and desist' email. Seems he doesn't like the site. Just thought I would publicly say that I really couldn't care any less than I do now about what makes Chip sad. There is also an interesting effect called "The Streisand Effect" If anyone knows Chip maybe you could tell him to look it up. As a result of this effect I have been asked to do an interview about Chip Coffey and his BS. I'll be doing that this evening. Also as an effect of his actions trying to squash  freedom of expression there is a new website and the people responsible for it (who shall remain nameless) have uploaded the new site to numerous servers and it will continue to pop up for as long as Chippy wants to act like a careless idiot. The numerous instances of these webpages also make it all the more likely that when searching good old chip coffey's name one of the more honest sites will show up as a result. Isn't the internet great? The site is parody and anything mentioned about his abilities is true, he doesn't have any. Any legal action will need to include Chip proving in a court of law that he can indeed do things that are outside the bounds of nature. No one has ever done that before but Chip is so great I'm sure he can pull it off, I'd love to see that. He's more likely to just get burned, maybe he knows someone to call for that.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Issue 74 – Paranormal Entertainment Industry is Killing the Truth…

By Kirby Robinson

… and giving birth to a generation of fake demonologists.

"If everyone in the paranormal would just be honest and admit that they want their own show and get paid to do what they do, we'd all be better off." Meagan Murphy,
Playboy model [of thongs and lingerie], paranormal investigator

Yea the entire genre of paranormal enthusiasts are really quite mislead aren't they? The new statu quo is to call oneself a ‘demonologist’ every ‘team’ has one right? Someone who steps up and says its them who can battle these horrid creatures and help you get un-haunted, pffftt...Amazing and alarming the rise of stupidity since para-TV hit huh? All you need is a blog and too much time on your hands and a false following of idiots who believe your every word and voilĂ , you’re a demonologist, at least in the world of the internet warrior. What comes to my mind is The ScrewTape letters where the old demon Screwtape apprentice’s the young demonic nephew wormwood. Ironically mirrors today’s demonologist, a comedy of errors. Then we have our diehard skeptics who scoff and laugh at anything spiritual as a means to explain or comprehend supernatural phenomena and to them I give a quote and bid you adieu.

“Choosing not to believe in the Devil won’t protect you from him.”–Father Lucas

Recent Blog Comment

5 These twelve Jesus sent forth, and commanded them, saying, Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not: 6 But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. 7 And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand. 8Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.

Matthew Chapter 8

The Paranormal Entertainment Industry is killing off the truth about demons and demonology. They now claim that they are the ones that you should contact if you're having demonic issues. In just a few short years, thanks to para-fake-reality TV show, Paranormal State, those within the field claim to know as much, if not more, than the church! They've even created new ways to cast out demons. If you believe what they're advocating, you don't have to be a servant of God to cast out demons. In their confused way of thinking, all you need is a Facebook page, a library card, and/or credit card [so you can buy certain fake "demonology" books], and a six-pack [or case] of your favorite beer. Then, hang out on the web and act as if you’re a master demonologist.

A word to the wise and if I'm addressing the fake demonologist crowd and their deluded followers, I'm keeping it simple.

- There is and was only ONE [1] Master Exorcist: Jesus Christ. Everyone that came after Him has only incremental amounts of his abilities that we as humans can't understand.

- Only a true Christian can cast out demons. That might anger people, but it's the truth. If you can't look Jesus in the eye and say it like you mean it, stay away from the field of demonology.

- That He was the only Son of GOD, born a human, died on the cross to pay the price for our sins, He is the only way into heaven. Again, if you don't believe that, just shut up about being a "demonologist." Stop using people, and watch The Exorcist for the umpteenth time.

Because Christ taught us that there are only a very small and limited number of things to use to cast out demons:

- His name
- His word
- Prayer
- Fasting

That’s it-- nothing more. If you're showing up with anything other than the above, you’re a fake and are lying to everyone--including yourself.

Finally, unless you're doing this because God chose you to do this work, and to glorify His name, then you’re a idiot. Being a demonologist is a calling from God. It's not about getting your own TV show, a book deal, a movie deal, or to have others glorify your name and have your pick of your female [or male] followers. If those are your reasons, you're working for darkness not light.

On a recent Coast to Coast AM, fake "demonologist" Jeffrey Seelman babbled incoherently about exorcisms. Here is a link to a website: that promotes his services. [$200 for his 12-week class]. Note there is no mention on his page of God or Jesus Christ. I ask you where does Christ mention in the Bible about using psychic protection? Mr. Seelman doesn't inform you that a demon will only laugh at the idea of such a notion. The only thing demons respect in spiritual warfare is the authority of Jesus Christ.



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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

An Essay on Mountains

By The Dalai Lama

In Tibet, mountains are often considered the adobes of deities. For example, Amnye Machen, a mountain in northeastern Tibet, is regarded as the home of Machen Pomra, one of the most important deities of Amdo, my home province. Because all the people of Amdo consider Machen Pomra their special friend, many of team go round the foot of the mountain on pilgrimage.

Tibetans generally have shown little interest in scaling the peaks that surround them, perhaps out of deference to the presiding deities. However, I think there is a more practical reason. Most Tibetans have to climb far too many mountain passes to have any wish to climb higher than they must. When the people of Lhasa sometimes climbed for pleasure, they chose hills of a reasonable size, and on reaching the top would burn incense; say prayers and relax with a picnic.

Travelers in Tibet traditionally add a stone to the Cairns at the tops of hills or passes with a shout of "Lha-gyal-Io- Victory to the gods". Later, 'Mani stones', stones carved with prayers and other scriptures may be added along with prayer flags. One practical outcoI1le of this traditional sense for the environment is a deep-seated concern to protect it.

Only hermits, wild animals, and, in the summer, nomads and their herds actually live high amongst them, but in the simplicity and quiet of our mountains, there is more peace of mind than in most cities of the world. Since the practice of Buddhism involves seeing phenomena as empty of inherent existence, it is helpful for a mediator to be able to look into the vast, empty space seen from a mountain - top.

In these stores of natural treasure, our doctors found many of the precious herbs and plants from which they compounded their medicines, while nomads found rich pasture for their animals, so crucial to the Tibetan economy. But of even wider-ranging impact, the Land of Snow's mountains arc; the source of many of Asia's great rivers. The recent massive floods on the Indian sub-continent and in China can be attributed, in part, to the massive deforestation and environmental destruction that has followed China's violent occupation of Tibet.

For over 1,000 years we Tibetans have adhered to spiritual and environmental values in order to maintain the delicate balance of life across the high plateau on which we live. Inspired by the Buddha's message of non-violence and compassion and protected by our mountains, we have sought to respect every form of life, while our neighbors lived undisturbed.

These days when we talk about preservation of the environment, whether we mean the wildlife, forests, oceans, rivers or mountains, ultimately the decision to act must come from our hearts. So, the key point, I think, is for all of us to develop a genuine sense of universal responsibility, not only toward s this beautiful blue planet that is our home, but also towards the innumerable sentient beings with' whom we share it.                              

An article from July 16, 1992 Newsweek.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Elvis & Michael: The Hidden Connection

By Kirby Robinson

From the book Paranormal Teachings: The Best of Shedding Some Light

For a change of pace, we are sharing a blog we posted concerning the connection between Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson.

In June 2009, the world was greatly saddened by the deaths of three icons of American and pop culture:  Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and, of course, Michael Jackson. Michael’s passing is sad just as the passing of anyone is, whether they’re famous or not. Yet for the joy and happiness that he brought to millions of this world now and for years to come, he paid a price just as Elvis paid a price for his fame and fortune.

I’m surprised that many have not focused on the strong Elvis/Michael connection. Their life paths mirrored each others. It is more than just by chance that there is a spiritual connection between the two. Let us take a look at their similarities.

~ 1 They were both born into poor working class families.
~ 2 They both had a parent that pushed them.
~ 3 They both started out young.
~ 4 They both could sing and dance
~ 5 They both were called King for their generation. Elvis was the King of Rock, and Roll Michael was the King of Pop.
~ 6 They both became known by one name: Elvis. Michael.
~ 7 They both had a story book wedding.
~ 8 Michael married Elvis’s daughter, Lisa.
~ 9 They both looked for something spiritual within their lives.
~ 10 They both had fears about their deaths.
~ 11 They both had heart conditions.
~ 12 They both were surrounded by yes men more interested in what they could get out of Elvis/Michael than in a desire to help the person.
~ 13 Their respective homes, Graceland and Neverland, were both symbols of heaven and a better world.
~ 14 Their deaths left people wondering what happened. In addition, both have estates that will make more money from their deaths than they made while they were alive.

These are physical similarities but there is a stream of similarities that show Elvis and Michael were spiritual brothers.

Many do not know that Elvis was a twin. His brother (Jesse Garon) was stillborn. Throughout his life, Elvis was always haunted by his missing brother.

Let’s take a look at the numerology of both Elvis and Michael respectively. Elvis was born 1/8/1935 which makes him a 9. 9 people are often driven to find a spiritual path and tend to have issues when it comes to spiritual matters. In many ways they are like Job they are blessed but then they can be tested as well. Being a 9 means his life cycle runs every 9 years. Elvis’s death came on 8/16/1977 which was ruled by the number 3 which is the number of justice, and a good day for a 9 to die on. It can be interpreted that in death they will find what they did not find in life, as they were looking for that missing thing or person. Now, Elvis’s mother, Gladys, was born 4/25/1912 which makes her a 6. This number tends to focus on growth, ambition and success in life. Vernon, his dad, was born on 4/10/1916 which is a 4, influencing him focus on foundations. Those born under the number 4 tend to be fixed and not risk takers. 4 and 6 are good matches. 6 tends to be closer to 9 than 4 does which means that Elvis was closer to his mom.

Michael was born on 8/29/1958 which makes him a 6. This number is focused on growth and is commonly referred to as a reversed 9, and Elvis was a 9. Michael was at the lowest point within his current cycle in the months of June, July and August of this year. Now was NOT the time for him to start anything new and his health was bad for being at this low point. Elvis died while in a transient phase of his cycle. By the way, if you take Michael’s parents: his mom, Katherine, was born 5/4/36 which makes her a 9. His dad, Joe, was born on 7/26/29 which makes him a 9 as well. So, within a chart of Michael/Elvis you have running though it currents of 9 and 6.

Here is one more interesting point of numerology. If Elvis’s twin brother had lived, 1958 would have been a transient year for him. In this case the spirit moved from the spiritual realm to the physical one.

Another point I would like to make is that Elvis had a concern over the civil rights issue of the 1960s. Two songs come to mind: “In the Ghetto” and “If I Can Dream.” Those songs are about social injustices. Michael had concerns over civil rights but because many around him never wanted him to speak out he did it through music just like Elvis did.

When it came to sex appeal the path was interesting for both musicians. With Elvis, the Colonel and his people, The Memphis Mafia, used every angle to play on Elvis and his sex appeal with women. With Michael, they did everything to bury his sex appeal. When it came to film, Michael was desperate to have a film career but for reasons known only to his family and management, none of them seemingly wanted him in front of the camera. Conversely, Elvis was forced into making movies, most of them bad.

They both ended up having sleeping issues. Elvis slept during the day time, and Michael could not fall asleep. It is odd that the two kings never came face to face. But then one king would have gotten upstaged. They can’t turn Neverland into Graceland West. There are laws about burying people on private property. Michael was buried at Forest Lawn.

Both Elvis and Michael were more than social and cultural icons -- they were brothers bound by spirit and soul. May they find on the other side what they never found here.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Guest Blog – May 26, 2012

By Kirby Robinson

It's a holiday weekend so I'd hate to waste a good blog I decided to post a pair of videos concerning false teachers within the church today and how their teachings are becoming even more sinister. The Protestant Church has been overrun by the feel good, little gods, prosperity gospel teachings for the past 40 years.

This has come about because many men/woman of God just felt that these teachings would fade away. Sadly they didn't. Now they are the movers and shakers. One of the biggest driving forces behind this movement has been TBN [Trinity Broadcasting Network] lead by Paul/Jan Crouch and family.

So watch these two videos and by the end of them you'll be shaking your head and wondering how did this happen?

If you had the guts to sit through the whole video, you'll notice that Benny Hinn speaks about wanting to kill people who disagree with his thinking. [Benny is a very big fixture on TBN, and some say when Paul dies he'll step in and take charge].

In this video Paul Crouch talks about how GOD can kill people who are against TBN.

From time to time, I'll post even more videos that expose these false teachings.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Spiritual Warfare with Satan & His Demonic Hoard

By Rev. Mark Hunnemann

If we are in spiritual warfare with Satan and his demonic hoard, then what should our attitude be toward them? The books of Jude and 2 Peter make it clear that disrespect is unacceptable (would someone please inform Zak of this).So, does it then follow that we must treat demons the same way we are to treat our human enemies—that is, to love them? Hardly not But if we can’t love or disrespect them, WHAT is the proper biblical attitude?

What is the purpose of war? Someone has defined war as capital punishment on an international scale. Biblically, it is all about the extension of God’s kingdom, and the minimization of the kingdom of darkness; they are two sides to the same coin. Common sense dictates that if one kingdom is extended, then it does so at the expense of the other. “Your kingdom come…” places kingdom expansion right at the heart of Christian living, and certainly of paramount importance in spiritual warfare. What is the objective of our spiritual warfare? Kingdom expansion! It is simply impossible to exaggerate the importance the New Testament places on the spread of the Kingdom of God/heaven (the terms are theological equivalents).

Holy hatred….that is what I’m convinced is the proper biblical attitude we are to have to the demonic and Satan. “That is pretty strong language there…not sure I buy it.” Okay, I understand your reticence to say you hate anything. Love is such a driving force in the message of Jesus. However, the bible does say, “Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.” (Rom. 12:9) That is not what we refer to as a hapax legomena either…only place where words are found. Get your bible concordance and look up the word “hate”, and you will see what I am talking about. It is not only okay to hate evil; we are commanded to! So, what about the Evil One? He is the epitome of all the evil we are to hate. The fact that they (Satan and demons) are personal beings does not diminish our call to hate them. It is clear that God does….but His hatred is holy. I may lose some readers over this, but I have personal reasons for wrestling with this issue (see below)

Like jealousy and anger, which God displays both, hate is not intrinsically sinful. If you were to visit a prison, many inmates are there because they committed crimes of passion; hate, anger, or jealousy got out of control—which they so easily do in sinful humans. Hence, we automatically assume these emotions are always wrong. But the bible says otherwise. I ask you: did not the Son become the focal point of the Father’s unmitigated fury and holy hatred of sin?. Touching His human nature, God the Son was hated by His Father…how else can you explain the horrible cry of dereliction, “My God, My God  why have you forsaken Me?” (the divine nature could not be separated)..trying hard to avoid heresy at this point

Back to the warfare we mentioned earlier. Demons cannot be killed or annihilated as is sometimes implied, if not outright stated, by some folks. They are spiritual creatures who will live forever in hell. Any demonologist who speaks of vanquishing or destroying demons is biblically ignorant. There is biblical and anecdotal evidence that they can suffer though….sometimes horribly. Prayer and the reading of the bible causes pain to these unholy beings. Let me ask: do you REALLY believe you are in mortal combat with the demonic?  We must be careful to keep first things first—loving God is to be our driving passion. Flowing from that love, comes our hate for Satan and all demons.. It must never become an end in itself

As I was preparing for the cleansing, all of these thoughts were running through my head. I knew that this pure evil hated me and had tried to kill my daughter a few days earlier. I am a broken man whom the Lord has called and anointed to help those suffering from demonic oppression.. My prayer team does the bulk of the work, and I am unworthy ….The zeal of the Lord infuses me as I peek into the attic…”Get out! In the name of Jesus of Nazareth, get out..NOW!. I hate you with a holy hatred, and if you linger I will ask the Father to sling you into the abyss…You have no legal right…the blood Jesus trumps all claims you…” I will stop there. What I do is attack our enemy in the name of Jesus. They hate my dear Jesus…our dear Jesus. That is why we hate Satan and his demons. Do you? Or are you a spiritual pacifist? May the Love of God consume us. Amen

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Bible as a Reliable Source for the Workings of the Supernatural - Part 2

By Lisa Grace

In my last article in the comments section some readers mentioned they feel there are other earlier writings and questioned the authority of the modern Bible, as we know it. Even older than the Bible (Circa 1500’s) are the original works, which would be better described as the Holy Scriptures. The Bible (which simply means book) has some modern additions not found in the older Holy Scriptures, like the words Old and New Testament, punctuation, chapters and verses. Those are recent developments and not necessarily good ones either.

This is actually a faulty man-made way of dividing the four sections and often leads to the interpretation of being two different contracts with man.

The following (in italics) is a quote from the website: Quote:
Torah: The Books of Genesis (Bereshit), Exodus (Shemot), Leviticus (Vayikrah), Numbers (Bamidbar) and Deuteronomy (Devarim).
Nevi'im (Prophets): The Books of Joshua, Judges, I Samuel, II Samuel, I Kings, II Kings, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habukkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi. (The last twelve are sometimes grouped together as "Trei Asar" ["Twelve"].)
Ketuvim (Writings): The Books of Psalms, Proverbs, Job, Song of Songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, Esther, Daniel (although not all that is included in the Christian Canon), Ezra and Nehemiah, I Chronicles, and II Chronicles.

Then, of course, we have the Good News portion which some call the New Testament.
Before the written word, there was a strict oral tradition of memorization. Most Rabbis (which means teachers) would memorize the whole thing.

The New Testament, which is referred to in the Scriptures themselves as the “Good News”, is mainly repeated parts of the older Torah, Nevi’im, or Ketuvim.

Here is a quote (in italics) from Roger Nicole’s article at:
If clear allusions are taken into consideration, the figures are much higher: C. H. Toy lists 613 such instances, Wilhelm Dittmar goes as high as 1640, while Eugen Huehn indicates 4105 passages reminiscent of Old Testament Scripture. It can therefore be asserted, without exaggeration, that more than 10 per cent of the New Testament text is made up of citations or direct allusions to the Old Testament. The recorded words of Jesus disclose a similar percentage. Certain books like Revelation, Hebrews, Romans are well nigh saturated with Old Testament forms of language, allusions and quotations. Perusal of Nestle’s edition of the Greek New Testament, in which the Old Testament material is printed in bold face type, will reveal at a glance the extent of this practice. These facts appear even more impressive when one remembers that in New Testament times the Old Testament was not as today duplicated by the million but could be obtained only in expensive handwritten copies.

The oral traditions of memorizing before there was printed word, takes the reader/listener back to the times of Adam and Eve. Obviously, Adam started verbally passing on the account of creation and so it spread through different cultures through out the world. This is why so many cultures have flood based stories and creation stories similar to the Holy Scripture accounts.

The Holy Scriptures are the earliest verifiable form (found in abundance) even more so than the Iliad by Homer, which no one questions the validity of. The Holy Scriptures from the Dead Sea scrolls on has thousands of copies to back up its authority.

This is why you can be assured of its authority as the inspired (God breathed) last word on dealing with the supernatural world since you can trace its beginnings to the creation of man.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Issue 73 – Paranormal Strippers, Babbling Paranormal Boobs & the Beginning of Our Fake Demonologist Expose

By Kirby Robinson

Our reporters are everywhere tracking down stories that no one can handle but the Eye on the Paranormal. We might but the lone holdout to the blanket of para-unity [or what we call para-sellout], but we'll keep digging, keep exposing and just keep spreading the truth.

Mid-South Paranormal Convention & Its Porn Industry Connections

You've probably seen the colorful poster for the Mid-South Paranormal Convention being held in Louisville, KY this August. Now, being an Indiana boy, I know firsthand how steamy it can be there in late summer. With such guests as Patrick Burns, Chris Fleming, Shannon Sylvia, the Booth Brothers, and many more, the halls should be packed. But what the event organizers don't tell you, and what a certain fake para-celeb doesn't want anyone to know, is that they own a strip club! It's located in a well known Midwestern city. We hear the action is hot there--but even hotter back at the para-celeb's home. Because it features--guess what--a stripper pole! [We have to ask is it for training purposes for the strippers already employed there, or do they put on private auditions for the owner]?

We wonder if said fake para-celeb will be putting on a talk like, "What can a stripper pole add to your paranormal investigations?" Or maybe: "Lap dances and EVP sessions -- a great way to talk to the dead and get your rocks off at the same time!"

We wonder why the para-celeb has worked so hard to keep this hush-hush? You'd think as bad as they want a reality TV show, they're missing out on a great concept.

The Jen Arnold Hacking Case Update

We're closing the books on this one, folks. As we reported, the FBI was hot on the heels of those behind it, yet to date, we've heard nothing further. An I.T. security specialist contacted us a week ago and asked to see the IP address of one of the emails that the hacker had sent out to people who had sent her emails to the hacked Yahoo email account. The results were a trail of blind alleys of proxy servers leading to fake sites or sites and emails that had been closed. He informed us that these kinds of internet thieves often work on U.S. soil and will go so far as to hack into a totally innocent email and use that PC to start the process of scamming people. We doubt that it's nothing more than Jen Arnold being a victim of a virus that affects thousands of internet users daily. This should serve as a reminder to have an updated antivirus, anti spyware and a good firewall installed on your PC/laptop.

Voices of the Unknown with Will Scoville – NOT Entertaining

Last week after exposing of the sexploitation and the denigration of women who have an interest in the paranormal, we expected some blow black. We got a little, but we wish people would tell the truth when they talk about us and get their facts straight.

Mr. Will Scoville went to Facebook, as is often the case these days when people get their hands caught in the cookie jar. They cry out that we didn't understand what was taking place. Not true, we understood very well what was happening. Only woman over 50 were upset, [kinda strange as I know some good-looking women over 50], and that when comments were posted on the blog that tried to explain their case, they were removed. Not true. Then he said we should all have para-unity and not talk about this. What in the world does this have to do with para-unity?

If you missed last week's blog, Mr. Scoville and Voices of the Unknown, A Paranormal Investigation [and a host of others who seek to raise their stock in the paranormal entertainment industry], have put together a 2013 calendar of the best looking woman in the paranormal field. All the finalists have connections that lead back to Mr. Scoville and Voices of the Unknown. They are often attendees as celebs and booth renters at paranormal entertainment conventions. They model, write books, and are even trying to get a paranormal reality show. What's not clear is this -- where is the money going? At one point in the radio show we heard it was going to battered woman shelters. Then it was battered kids. Then it was a battered women and kids facility. Then it was a website. Then it was all the money was going to the charity. Then it was that some was going to charity…

So let us ask these questions:

1 Who is the money going to? If it's a nonprofit, is it a licensed nonprofit?

2 Who has checked these nonprofits out to see if they are legitimate? How much money actually reaches the clients?

3 Will the public be told how much money was raised? How much went to charity? What were the expenses?

Last Saturday night, Mr. Scoville attempted to host a show and we can't really ask our readers to force themselves to sit through it as it was full of cussing and a lame attack against myself and this blog. He claimed I have a thing for Paranormal State. However, he fails to mention that I have a thing for fakers and deceivers that lie to the public and their clients. We were the first to expose the show as fake back in September 2008. If you forced yourself to listen, you'd hear the static that comes when he's talking about it. Guess that the spirits stood up for us.

Fake Demonologists Popping Up Like Dandelions

There are many different types of fake demonologists out there:

1 The New Age Demonologist. These are the types who avoid using the words: God, Jesus, demon, etc. They focus on so-called negative energy.

2 The New Age/Christian Demonologist. These are folks who combine new age teaching with a few Biblical terms. This is done to make sure the public buys their crap.

3 The Fame-Driven Chri$tian Demonologist. They seek fame, glory and sex [and/or booze/drugs]. They can talk the talk but have no idea what walking the walk means.

4 The Fame Seeking Pastor/Minster/Priest. They ignore their church or parish and move into the paranormal field. They want to be someone, sell books and get a reality TV show.

5 The Cult Demonologist. These folks set up a cult of personality but they don't have the smarts to do so. Since demonologists are supposed to be mystical, they get a band of followers that worship every word they say.

6 The Special Gift Demonologist. This type will claim that God has given them some kind of special gift that they are the only ones to have. Some even claim to have powers that Jesus Christ didn't have!

7 The Para-Celeb Demonologist. These are the ones that claim they aren't one, but when the money is flowing, the cameras are rolling, the knowledge really starts flowing. That is, until the cameras stop rolling, the money stops flowing, and they go home and forget everything.

Names will be named, lies will be exposed, deceptions revealed, false teachings will be cut down… what a way to start the summer. Join us next week as we clear out the chicken house and we start to stand up to fake demonologists.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What Scares the Dalai Lama?

Outside the Dalai Lama's temple complex in Dharamsala, hundreds of young monks in crimson robes are locked in animated combat.

Against a Himalayan backdrop of jagged white peaks and a bright iris sky, the next generation are debating, clapping their hands triumphantly when they score a point over their opponent.

Inside the high-security cloisters, the bravado gives way to a more sombre scene as selected devotees wait in line for the Dalai Lama. These include local teachers waiting to be blessed for their devotion; a wealthy looking white-haired western man in a black Tibetan robe; and a glamorous young Australian woman in a tight Cheongsam and high wedges.

As Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, passes down the line, the emotion is too much for some. One young woman starts weeping and locks her fingers into his, holding his fist to her cheek. At the end of the line, the Dalai Lama stoops to meet the gaze of 81-year-old Lhakchung, a wheelchair-bound tailor now dying of cancer. He looks intently into his eyes. There are tears running down the old man's lined cheeks — he knows this will be the last blessing before he dies and he is looking for comfort, perhaps even hope.

Instead, the man regarded by Tibetans as a living incarnation of the Buddha of Compassion, places a traditional white scarf around his shoulders and urges him to come to terms with his fate. It is at once moving and hard, religious and scientific. "I have nothing to give. I told him to pray. We all have to die," he explains afterwards, matter of factly.

Over the past 53 years, the Dalai Lama has been able to offer little more in the way of hope to Tibetans. Exiled since 1959, he watched helplessly as China imposed its totalitarian rule on Tibet. Today, Tibet is no closer to freedom but, without him, the Tibetans might have been forgotten, simply another group of exiles clinging on to a fragmented culture. Despite Beijing's countless efforts to discredit him, the Dalai Lama has become one of the world's most revered leaders, praised for the non-violent way he has led his people, and has a rock-star-like following (tickets to next month's lecture tour of Scotland, for instance, sold out within hours).

Along with his close friend Archbishop Desmond Tutu, he remains one of the last great surviving 20th-century icons of peace. This week he will be in London to receive the Templeton Prize at St Paul's Cathedral.

The honour is awarded annually to someone who has encouraged common ground between science and religion — Mother Teresa was its first recipient — and with its pounds 1.1 million purse, is by some measure the world's largest prize. The Dalai Lama will announce how he is to spend the money during the ceremony.

The award follows the 1989 Nobel Peace Prize for his commitment to non-violence, and highlights his championing of science as a vital element in religious life. It is hard not to be in awe of a man billed as a living divinity, and his charisma is undeniable. But when I met him in Dharamsala last week, I discovered a less godly and more human leader than I was expecting; one who spoke of his achievements and regrets, his strengths and weaknesses, and his eventual demise, which poses the problem of a successor.

This is an interesting time for the Dalai Lama. Last year he passed the political leadership of exiled Tibetans on to an elected prime minister. He remains their spiritual leader - and the future Dalai Lama will be an exclusively spiritual figure.

"So after my death I have no worries about the leader of the spiritual tradition," he says. "I've made a significant contribution regarding the preservation of Tibetan Buddhist culture and also forming a Tibetan refugee community outside Tibet. It is now one of the most successful refugee communities in the world."

However, his succession is unlikely to be an easy transition. The Karmapa Lama has been touted as Tibet's next spiritual leader, and in Tibetan spiritual hierarchy he ranks only behind the Dalai Lama and Panchen Lama. But the current Panchen Lama was chosen by Beijing, and followers of the Dalai Lama do not recognise him.

The Dalai Lama's own choice was rejected by China; that particular boy then mysteriously vanished and has not been seen since. The same could happen with the Dalai Lama's reincarnation.

Indeed, such is his fear of Chinese attempts to impose a pro-Beijing successor that he says the Tibetan people could choose not to have another Dalai Lama at all.

"If, at the time I pass away, or even before, the majority of the people feel the Dalai Lama institution is no longer relevant, the institution will automatically cease," he says, adding, "I am not worried about that."

When he met Chairman Mao Tse-tung and Premier Chou En-lai in "Peking" — as he still calls the Chinese capital — for the 1954 talks on China's invasion of Tibet, Mao himself told him he had a "scientific mind". He soon developed a close relationship with both men, despite them having unleashed the might of the People's Liberation Army on his country. Mao served him with his own chopsticks, and Chou played him at ping-pong. "Chairman Mao gave me food in the Chinese tradition. I felt great honour but also fear. He was a chain smoker, too, lots of coughing, so I thought I might get a virus from his chopsticks," he says with his trademark naughty giggle.

Despite their closeness, five years later the Dalai Lama was forced to lead his Tibetan government into exile in Nehru's India. The Dalai Lama made the north Indian hill town of Dharamsala his spiritual centre as well as his home, establishing a "government in exile". The Dalai Lama has not had an opportunity to discuss religion — or play table tennis — with today's Chinese leaders, and to outsiders the prospects do not look good. A series of anti-Chinese protests by monks throughout Tibet in 2008 was brutally put down by armed police, and children were among the estimated 160 killed. China accused the Dalai Lama of organising the uprising — a charge he denies.

At 76, he doesn't have time to allow his rage to linger. He wakes at 3:30 every morning, meditates for four hours, pounds the treadmill, and then uses Buddhist prostrations to relax. He hasn't watched television for two years, doesn't read novels or poetry, but stays up to date with Newsweek and Time and is a BBC radio "addict". He stops work just after three in the afternoon and is tucked up in bed by 7pm. He wishes he had been more studious and less playful as a young boy, and regrets not learning to swim. His great fear, though, is of flying and of sharks.

— The Telegraph Group Limited, London, 2012

Monday, May 21, 2012

Paranormal Headline Monday – May 21, 2012

By Kirby Robinson

Welcome back! The news never disappoints us, as this week we have things to think about, things to make us shake our heads, and things that make us go "say what?"

I've followed the career of televangelist Jim Bakker for some years. I've recently started to tune into his show, THE JIM BAKKER SHOW, which has turned into a daily 1-hour marathon of the end is near message. He claims that some time ago, GOD took him in the spirit and he lived in the end times for 2 weeks. Jim's only description is that it will be "VERY HOT AND VERY COLD!" How can you be prepared? Just send him money and he'll send you Apocalyptic Survivalist Gear to cover your physical needs:

Here's a great article in which a neural scientist takes a look at the ghost box and explains why we hear what we do:

Often the press portrays men of faith in a negative light in this case; a priest is treated respectfully as he talks about modern day exorcism in Australia:

And on the flipside we gotta talk about the dark side of exorcism in America:

We hear little of the subject of purgatory these days and hardly ever hear of it in the paranormal field. But could this be the source of ghosts? Read about people who hear from those souls stuck there:

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Healer Beware

By Rev. Dr. Fred E. Lee

Food for thought, and a word to the wise. Ever since I was a youngster, I have always been empathetic toward others. It wasn't until recently that I realized that I had a designated purpose in life. I have found that I have the ability to help strengthen, and heal my fellow man's spiritual integrity. "Sub atomic body". I have been trained to do so by my inner light. My inner light consists of knowledge of past life experience, along with the integrity of kindred spirit that have left the physical, and found their home within me.

I have found that healers are a target for certain dark entities. "Beware the Wolf in sheep's attire". If a person comes to you in need of healing, and makes statements like I need some good energy. It is typical for a healer to want to give them that energy immediately, to make them feel better, to heal them. The truth of the matter is, it is up to the individual to heal themselves. It brings to mind the statement, "It is better to teach a man to fish, than to feed him your portion, because then he will always be able to take care of his, or herself".

As I tried to help anyone, I believe that everyone should know, that the nucleus of every atom that makes up their physical anatomy, is a particle of light. The individual atom that encompasses that particle of light, is a very sophisticated mechanism. It naturally magnetically absorbs various frequencies of solar, and cosmic radiations, to maintain its integrity. In the old days this was called, "Manna from Heaven". As these various frequencies passed through the individual biological anatomy, the energies fall incrementally upon the anatomy. You will find that as these energies have passed through the body, the vibration of red, will be manifest in the genital area. Ultraviolet should resonate within the cranium. The heart should resonate to the frequency of green. You can fill in the gaps on your own, there are basically seven of these centers that have evolved into manifestation. In Eastern traditions these are called chakras. In the Holy Bible, these are known as the seven churches of God.

You must understand that God is light. Light has seven visible frequencies. These are the seven spirits of God. In the acronym code that I talk about, these seven spirits have a name. It is the seven letter acronym, "FOUNDER ~ Foundation Of Universe Naturally Develops Employed Reactions", or, "First Order Unifying Naturally Developing Evolutionary Reactions". I have found that I can activate this resource when I, "Pray ~ Politely Request And Yearn". Or when I do, "Meditation ~ Maintain Equanimity Direct Intent Toward A Truth In Our Nature". With the appropriate desire, Founder will manifest to reveal the answers requested. In the form of Angels, visions or intuitive knowingness, or synchronicity in life.

The ideal is to maintain your anatomy to be conducive to the seven spirits of God. There is a seven letter acronym that explains the energies that one would want to maintain. The acronym is, "Destiny". So we want to fulfill our Destiny, by being, "Dependable, Empathetic, Sincere, Truthful, Intelligent, Natural, Yearning". This is every individual's responsibility. Whether they have been damaged by life, or whatever, there must come a time that they made that decision to be responsible for their own well-being. They are the tabernacle of God, and they must be taught to maintain their tabernacle.

What I am getting at is this, if a person is troubled emotionally they must be taught appropriate manners of overcoming their deficit. Even people with physical trauma, should learn how to be responsible for their own pain, and to develop methods of coping.

I have found that there is a certain type of person, that is the victim. They believe it, and they will give you 1 million reasons to believe that it is so. In and of itself, this belief shows proof of immaturity. They would like for you to give them your energies. This is not a cure. They will transmute that energy, and become sicker yet. I know this to be true, because I have been through very traumatic physical and emotional problems, without anyone to help me through. I am not talking about denying compassionate words, and support, I am talking about taking on someone's pain.

It was scientifically proven in 1960s, that people with emotional problems, ranging from bipolar, to murderers, alcohol and addicts, etc., these people were found to have very large increments of dark matter integrated into their DNA. The ideal is this, whether by the food they ate, the environment they were brought up in, or their emotional principles, somehow or another they have developed a system of dark energy. The dark energy that has manifested in their DNA, is the physical construct of a negative system. Also, people who have acquired a physical ailment, will naturally acquire certain elements of dark matter, to develop a system that can harbor the energy, and then to transmute it into something workable. Hydrogen and carbon, are as cement and water.

So what happens now is, as the various radiations, "Manna from Heaven", pass through a system that is violated by these dark energies, it has no good effect. The magnetics of the chakra center will dispel the life-giving energies that it should be receiving. Or, it will transmute the energy, and start feeding the negative system, and develop into cancer.

In the acronym code, these manifestations of dark energy have a number of names that explain it all. One is, "Demon ~ Developed Environmental Matrix Of Negativity". This is what we are born into. This is where we learn negative attributes that violate our spiritual integrity. Another is, "Demon ~ Developed Eaten Manifestations Of Negativity". Obviously, diet is very important. The other is, "Demon ~ Developed Emotional Manifestations Of Negativity". There are seven aspects of this Demon. They are in direct opposition to our, "Destiny". They spell out in the acronym, "Failure ~ Fear, Anxiety, Impatience, Laziness, Uncertainty, Resentment, Envy". The ideal is this, if you house any of these seven Demons in your life, they become a physical matter. They started out as a reactive principle, and then manifest physically. Once these dark energies are integrated into your anatomy, you will, no doubt, begins you have biological failure, and in turn failure in life.

The reason that I am using these codes, is that these codes were developed by God, this is the way God perceives our situation. And these codes were developed to hopefully instigate investigation. Most people that I communicate this message to say that it sounds like a very interesting theory. For me it is, "Truth ~ The Real
Untold Temporal History", and definitely, "Food for thought".

The reason I named this post, "Healer Beware", is because this dark energy that I am talking about, “these Demons”, are a global cancer. If you consider that every nucleus, of every atom in all creation, is interconnected at a foundational level, "quantum energy", then it must also be true that the dark matter that
I am talking about, is also interconnected throughout all creation. This dark energy is connected directly to our source. It is a global cancer, it is interconnected through what is called, "Quantum Entanglement".

As many of you are probably aware, the stuff that we are made of, "An Atom", is composed of protons and neutrons and electrons. It is the protons and neutrons, "Positive and Neutral Charges", that make up the nucleus, "A Particle of Light". It is the electrons, "Negative Charge", that entraps the light element, with up to seven shells of resistance. This obviously correlates with the seven colors of the light spectrum. As I visualize this, science tells me, that if you break down the light spectrum to its finest increment, you find that there are 1000 frequencies of light, a perfect number. Those thousand frequencies have 998 increments of dark matter separating them. On the outer perimeter, dark matter is infinite. I called this, "Quantum Entrapment". As I use the acronym code to understand this better, I find that the acronym for, "Satan, is, Seven Atoms That Absorb Neutrinos". Satan is termed as being, "The God, or gods of air", oxygen is the eighth element in the periodic scale. So oxygen is a frequency carrier for the first seven elements. The first seven atoms on the periodic scale, are also called, "Old Reptile, which is the acronym for, Original Life Design, Reactive Energy Particles That Initiated Life's Evolution". In mythology it is called, "Hydra". These are all aspects, or the reactive principles of" Antimatter is symbolically turned as, "The Antichrist", in the Holy Bible. In other words the principles of antimatter, are in direct opposition to the principles of light, "and light is the foundation of matter". I have done my own experiments, and have proven to my own satisfaction, that the elements that we are composed of, as well as the world around us, has a mind of its own. It brings to mind the statement that, "The best trick the devil ever pulled, was to get everyone to believe that he, or she, does not actually exist". I would like to say that I believe that all evil is no more than a reactive principle in nature, which becomes manifest when allowed. Most people that have a desire, and the ability to heal another individual, have very good spiritual energy. And sometimes their desire to take away someone else's pain, creates a self defeating situation. I have seen in many occasions, where they healer will desire to take away someone's pain, and then they become as a magnet. The next thing you know they have some type of cancer, or their liver comes under attack. They overwhelm their own system trying to transmute someone else's negative energy.

So once again, if someone is in need, be very careful. I will not lay my hands on someone who is sick, with the ideal of taking away their bad energy, or their pain. I have found that if I can teach them to be responsible for their own emotional status, and give them the methods for doing this, then they can have the glory of healing themselves, hand-in-hand with their inner light.

This may sound paranoid, and delusional, but I have found that the dark matter that I am talking about, will compel a healer to take on another person's dark energy. It does this by working on the healers sympathy, etc., so as to make the healer develop a desire, or magnetic attraction, to encompass the afflicted persons energies. And then, that is exactly what happens. The healer now becomes host to the dark energies. I have several friends that do various types of holistic healing, they are all afflicted. I was also heavily afflicted, as I pray and meditate, it came loud and clear, "Healer, heal thyself", and help others to do the same.

On a positive note, I have found that these Demon entity, are no more than reactive principles. It is a dark energy that has obtained life from the light within us. When it senses its demise, it goes into survival mode. And as all living organisms it has a natural tendency to consume energy, the more, the better. I'm going to let this go for now, I'm sure you can fill in the gaps. This is my opinion, please take what you like, and leave the rest. God bless, and good day. Lee

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday Guest Blog - May 19, 2012

We hope you find the following blog as eye opening as we at the EYE ON THE PARANORMAL do. Special thanks goes to Joe Andrade. Special thanks goes to Joe Andrade who sent me this article by Joanne DuPonte of E.C.L.I.P.S.E.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Issue 72 – Dave Schrader Does Chip Coffey's Dirty Work?

By Kirby Robinson

I'll be returning to Bishop Long's show this Sunday night at 8:00 EST with a Paranormal Headlines segment. Will post the link later.

Ever since our special report on Sunday, Chip Coffey & His Spiteful Posse, he and his followers have tried to bait us into a shouting match, post name calling and personal attack comments. They assume we're dumb enough to respond in kind. When we repeatedly asked for a discussion of the facts, we got either more hate comments or silence.

An anonymous commenter really summed up for us our own arguments without realizing she was doing so. I'll share them with you:

All of this nonsense over a silly joke about a holiday that is not widely celebrated in Mexico, but rather has become popular in the United States as an excuse to eat Mexican food and get drunk? Utterly ridiculous.

Kirby responds: Not widely celebrated. Next year why don't you visit Los Angeles and we'll take you to EAST LOS, and into areas that are 100% populated with Mexican immigrants. Then you'll be able to see firsthand how it lacks in celebration. However, this is just a side issue.

Ms. Qaysi could have chosen to drop the entire matter after her initial exchange with Coffey, but she did not. Instead, she posted her grievances on a TMZ web page and, allegedly, created a Facebook page called “Victims of Celebrity Bullying” that obviously targets Coffey. She created and perpetuated the situation.

Kirby responds: Mr. Coffey created the situation by hunting for something to complain about. He blocked Mrs. Qaysi as she tried to defend herself. Therefore, it was Mr. Coffey who couldn't let it go.

Yes, Coffey alerted his fans to TMZ page created by Ms. Qaysi, but he cannot be held accountable for their opinions and comments. Obviously, Ms. Qaysi wanted to call attention to her “spat” with Coffey, but was not prepared for the reactions she received.

Kirby responds: The Southern Poverty Law Center [] has single-handedly taken on hate speech by the Neo-Nazis, the KKK and other hate groups. In numerous lawsuits against these groups filed as results of crimes carried out by people after attending meetings or reading their literature, they claimed the same thing--we can't be held responsible for their actions. In every case, the Southern Poverty Law Center won.

Ms. Qaysi and you, Mr. Robinson, have turned what was initially a silly internet exchange on Facebook into a mountain, when it is a molehill.

Kirby responds: That was Chip's doing when he dug her comment up out of 755 other comments.

Mr. Robinson, is it not true that you and your own “posse” have written many things in an attempt to shed a negative light on Coffey? In fact, Reap Paden, a frequent contributor for this very blog, owns the website that greatly degrades Coffey.

Kirby responds: There is no grand conspiracy against Mr. Coffey. We don't hold meetings to discuss this matter. In reality, our guest bloggers and I only communicate when they send in their blogs. We all have our own lives. Chip is not the end all of our existence. One of his employees, Sandra Lynn Sparks, has a blog called "Paranormal Trolls" where she spreads many lies about myself and Ron Tebo.

It doesn’t seem quite fair of you to expect Coffey or others not to react or retaliate against negative things written about them.

Kirby responds: One would expect them to act like adults and not little babies that didn't get their way. Deal with facts--that's what we ask--and that's what we do.

Mr. Robinson, I don't believe I missed the point of your blog at all. It is pretty apparent that you greatly dislike Coffey and jump at every opportunity in an attempt to defame him.

Kirby responds: I've made every effort not to talk about him in this blog for some time. My readers asked for that. I feel he's an over-discussed topic within the paranormal community. He's no longer the flavor of the hour. Again, what have we ever posted that was a personal attack? Have we posted lies about him? If Chip can apologize, we'll retract our post.

You neglected to mention that Coffey's sink-o de mayo post on Facebook also as of now has received 6,222 likes and has been re-posted 2,191 times. Evidently not everyone was offended by Coffey's silly play on words post.

Biased reporting or telling only half of a story is yellow journalism.

Kirby responds: Reread the blog. I expressed that the comment was very popular with his posse. You clarified the fact that it was very popular indeed. Yet with all those thousands of likes and shares, Chip focused on one single comment!

Is Dave Schrader Doing Chip Coffey's Dirty Work?

Over the weekend, someone within Darkness Dave Schrader's circle fired off an email with an audio file attached to it. Seems that they were surprised I hadn't spoken of a recent prerecorded interview Dave had done with Chip. Not an interview, actually an infomercial for Chip's book, that led to a public shaming of Chip's critics. [The member of the circle asked that their name be protected], informed EYE ON THE PARANORMAL that this was done in a prearranged manner between the two parties.

I was on the show back in 2011 to promote my first book. [I filled in for someone who dropped out of a pre-taping as David was going to be away the following week]. As I don't play the get-along-to get-along game, I doubt that I'll be returning anytime soon.

David Schrader allows para-celebs to come on his show and say whatever they like and accepts everything without question. Dave recently got upset with a comment that I posted questioning Chris Fleming's claims concerning some kind of tone that can lead to demonic possession. [There is no such thing]. But since a para-celeb said it, hey it has to be true. Dave got upset with a question I raised about some comments that a so-called demon expert made so we're on two tracks. Dave is on the paranormal entertainment track, while I seek to inform and enlighten. If that calls for exposing some of his para-celeb pals as fakes, then so be it.

To be fair, he did broker peace between a radio show and me, so I must give him his due on that count.

It seems that he owes Chip something for the fact that right after we exposed those affiliated with PRS/Paranormal State doing unethical things in "The Messenger" episode from season 2, he had the main cast on his show: Ryan Buell, Chip Coffey, and Michelle Belanger. They denied any wrongdoing. Of course, they weren't asked to provide any facts. A week after my appearance on the show, Chip was featured on an episode called "The Confessions of a TV Psychic." [Listen to the show: there was no confessing, nor was he pressed to respond to the book].

I have no issues with a host doing a powder puff interview with a friend [Larry King did it all the time]. But when Dave Schrader publicly shames people for saying bad things about him or the shows he has been on, that crosses the line of ethical journalism.

The listeners weren't told what the people had said, only that "they are the most vile and disgusting things" and that Dave had met some of the [psychic] kids and they seemed fine. Once again, he was taking things out of context.

Later on [again the circle member informed us that there was a list of talking points that was pre-arranged for the show], they dealt with that myth about how it doesn't say anything bad about psychics in the Bible. Chip went so far as to say there was nothing in the New Testament that advised people to avoid psychics. Read the Bible and point out that section—it's not there. By the end of the show they stated that the God we have now can't be the same God we had when the Bible was written. This means the Bible was outdated because people had changed. Thus God's word has to change. When time allows, I'm going to address these points in a future blog.

When these kinds of interviews/infomercials air, the listeners should be warned. Allowing people to make claims without support isn't being of service to the public – it becomes an act of deception.

I said to the circle member that Ron Tebo and me should be allowed time to respond to these statements. The circle member said they almost made themselves sick from laughing. That would be as likely to happen as Chip inviting me to Thanksgiving dinner. This is kinda sad because Chip and I are blood relatives.

Jen Arnold Update

Still waiting…

NEXT WEEK – I promise all the readers who supplied information on a fake demonologist that needs exposing and will do that.

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