Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Issue 72 – Dave Schrader Does Chip Coffey's Dirty Work?

By Kirby Robinson

I'll be returning to Bishop Long's show this Sunday night at 8:00 EST with a Paranormal Headlines segment. Will post the link later.

Ever since our special report on Sunday, Chip Coffey & His Spiteful Posse, he and his followers have tried to bait us into a shouting match, post name calling and personal attack comments. They assume we're dumb enough to respond in kind. When we repeatedly asked for a discussion of the facts, we got either more hate comments or silence.

An anonymous commenter really summed up for us our own arguments without realizing she was doing so. I'll share them with you:

All of this nonsense over a silly joke about a holiday that is not widely celebrated in Mexico, but rather has become popular in the United States as an excuse to eat Mexican food and get drunk? Utterly ridiculous.

Kirby responds: Not widely celebrated. Next year why don't you visit Los Angeles and we'll take you to EAST LOS, and into areas that are 100% populated with Mexican immigrants. Then you'll be able to see firsthand how it lacks in celebration. However, this is just a side issue.

Ms. Qaysi could have chosen to drop the entire matter after her initial exchange with Coffey, but she did not. Instead, she posted her grievances on a TMZ web page and, allegedly, created a Facebook page called “Victims of Celebrity Bullying” that obviously targets Coffey. She created and perpetuated the situation.

Kirby responds: Mr. Coffey created the situation by hunting for something to complain about. He blocked Mrs. Qaysi as she tried to defend herself. Therefore, it was Mr. Coffey who couldn't let it go.

Yes, Coffey alerted his fans to TMZ page created by Ms. Qaysi, but he cannot be held accountable for their opinions and comments. Obviously, Ms. Qaysi wanted to call attention to her “spat” with Coffey, but was not prepared for the reactions she received.

Kirby responds: The Southern Poverty Law Center [] has single-handedly taken on hate speech by the Neo-Nazis, the KKK and other hate groups. In numerous lawsuits against these groups filed as results of crimes carried out by people after attending meetings or reading their literature, they claimed the same thing--we can't be held responsible for their actions. In every case, the Southern Poverty Law Center won.

Ms. Qaysi and you, Mr. Robinson, have turned what was initially a silly internet exchange on Facebook into a mountain, when it is a molehill.

Kirby responds: That was Chip's doing when he dug her comment up out of 755 other comments.

Mr. Robinson, is it not true that you and your own “posse” have written many things in an attempt to shed a negative light on Coffey? In fact, Reap Paden, a frequent contributor for this very blog, owns the website that greatly degrades Coffey.

Kirby responds: There is no grand conspiracy against Mr. Coffey. We don't hold meetings to discuss this matter. In reality, our guest bloggers and I only communicate when they send in their blogs. We all have our own lives. Chip is not the end all of our existence. One of his employees, Sandra Lynn Sparks, has a blog called "Paranormal Trolls" where she spreads many lies about myself and Ron Tebo.

It doesn’t seem quite fair of you to expect Coffey or others not to react or retaliate against negative things written about them.

Kirby responds: One would expect them to act like adults and not little babies that didn't get their way. Deal with facts--that's what we ask--and that's what we do.

Mr. Robinson, I don't believe I missed the point of your blog at all. It is pretty apparent that you greatly dislike Coffey and jump at every opportunity in an attempt to defame him.

Kirby responds: I've made every effort not to talk about him in this blog for some time. My readers asked for that. I feel he's an over-discussed topic within the paranormal community. He's no longer the flavor of the hour. Again, what have we ever posted that was a personal attack? Have we posted lies about him? If Chip can apologize, we'll retract our post.

You neglected to mention that Coffey's sink-o de mayo post on Facebook also as of now has received 6,222 likes and has been re-posted 2,191 times. Evidently not everyone was offended by Coffey's silly play on words post.

Biased reporting or telling only half of a story is yellow journalism.

Kirby responds: Reread the blog. I expressed that the comment was very popular with his posse. You clarified the fact that it was very popular indeed. Yet with all those thousands of likes and shares, Chip focused on one single comment!

Is Dave Schrader Doing Chip Coffey's Dirty Work?

Over the weekend, someone within Darkness Dave Schrader's circle fired off an email with an audio file attached to it. Seems that they were surprised I hadn't spoken of a recent prerecorded interview Dave had done with Chip. Not an interview, actually an infomercial for Chip's book, that led to a public shaming of Chip's critics. [The member of the circle asked that their name be protected], informed EYE ON THE PARANORMAL that this was done in a prearranged manner between the two parties.

I was on the show back in 2011 to promote my first book. [I filled in for someone who dropped out of a pre-taping as David was going to be away the following week]. As I don't play the get-along-to get-along game, I doubt that I'll be returning anytime soon.

David Schrader allows para-celebs to come on his show and say whatever they like and accepts everything without question. Dave recently got upset with a comment that I posted questioning Chris Fleming's claims concerning some kind of tone that can lead to demonic possession. [There is no such thing]. But since a para-celeb said it, hey it has to be true. Dave got upset with a question I raised about some comments that a so-called demon expert made so we're on two tracks. Dave is on the paranormal entertainment track, while I seek to inform and enlighten. If that calls for exposing some of his para-celeb pals as fakes, then so be it.

To be fair, he did broker peace between a radio show and me, so I must give him his due on that count.

It seems that he owes Chip something for the fact that right after we exposed those affiliated with PRS/Paranormal State doing unethical things in "The Messenger" episode from season 2, he had the main cast on his show: Ryan Buell, Chip Coffey, and Michelle Belanger. They denied any wrongdoing. Of course, they weren't asked to provide any facts. A week after my appearance on the show, Chip was featured on an episode called "The Confessions of a TV Psychic." [Listen to the show: there was no confessing, nor was he pressed to respond to the book].

I have no issues with a host doing a powder puff interview with a friend [Larry King did it all the time]. But when Dave Schrader publicly shames people for saying bad things about him or the shows he has been on, that crosses the line of ethical journalism.

The listeners weren't told what the people had said, only that "they are the most vile and disgusting things" and that Dave had met some of the [psychic] kids and they seemed fine. Once again, he was taking things out of context.

Later on [again the circle member informed us that there was a list of talking points that was pre-arranged for the show], they dealt with that myth about how it doesn't say anything bad about psychics in the Bible. Chip went so far as to say there was nothing in the New Testament that advised people to avoid psychics. Read the Bible and point out that section—it's not there. By the end of the show they stated that the God we have now can't be the same God we had when the Bible was written. This means the Bible was outdated because people had changed. Thus God's word has to change. When time allows, I'm going to address these points in a future blog.

When these kinds of interviews/infomercials air, the listeners should be warned. Allowing people to make claims without support isn't being of service to the public – it becomes an act of deception.

I said to the circle member that Ron Tebo and me should be allowed time to respond to these statements. The circle member said they almost made themselves sick from laughing. That would be as likely to happen as Chip inviting me to Thanksgiving dinner. This is kinda sad because Chip and I are blood relatives.

Jen Arnold Update

Still waiting…

NEXT WEEK – I promise all the readers who supplied information on a fake demonologist that needs exposing and will do that.

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