Thursday, July 26, 2012


By Demonologist/Reverend J. Andrade

Will someone please stop the INSANITY!! You ask for an opinion on a piece of evidence say like a photo, I give you my honest opinion on said photo, and it’s not the answer you want to hear, and then argue about it, then don’t come to me with it. It’s an orb..YAY!! You got either a photo of; dust, bug, moisture, shmuckus on your lens, or faulty equipment. I say tomato. You say tamatoe. It’s not evidence. If it has a swirly nucleus that makes a face of an Indian in it, stop what you are doing, discontinue your medication, and call your physician. Most orbs can be taken care of, when you or the client use Pledge furniture polish.

It’s called matrixing folks and it happens when you look at evidence like, orbs, smoke, darkness and mist as well, you’re in an area that’s freezing cold, temperature drops, someone’s smoking. Holy Mary Immaculate Mother of God look at all the apparitions!! Seriously, hold your breath next time, or wait till the proper time for smoke breaks, or just leave the area all together, back away slowly, go home, hang up your KII, and look for a new hobby like scrapbooking, basket weaving or cat collecting.

Now an orb you see with the naked eye, or has an intelligence, mist, smoke that can’t be explained. All the variables have been debunked, eradicated, and nullified. Then you can say paranormal. Use your commonsense, be aware of your environment and pay attention to where members are at all times. This will prevent 99.9% of false evidence and contamination.

“But, look at this photo it’s a bride mourning over a tombstone” (bashing head on his desk) It’s an illusion from the trees and two tombstones that make that apparition. Yeah, I can go .outside look up into the sky, make bunnies and unicorns out of clouds too. Don’t get me wrong, there have been incidences of intriguing and mysterious evidence, which made my jaw drop. Unfortunately these are not the case. Not going to cuddle you and be so moved no matter how many arrows and circles that point into the vast emptiness of a void called the nothing. As in, there is NOTHING there!! Where and what am I even looking at people??!! You have a better chance, casting magic missiles into that darkness, and then just maybe bring something to light, but wait: must have banged my head too hard; this is not Dungeons & Dragons, nor am I a Dungeon Master. (Well, it has been years).

Listen, my point is this, asking an opinion is one thing, but expecting to lie to you, just to make you happy. I’m not that kind of friend and colleague. A true friend and colleague will want you to be educated, to succeed, to flourish, and gain the proper knowledge. I’m blunt, don’t sugarcoat, bite my tongue at times, stay quiet, keeping it to myself, and hate hurting people’s feelings, but when the obvious is in front of your face, I need to snap you back into reality not fantasy. So don’t point your crooked finger at me saying you’re an a$$, just stick that finger up your darkness after you take your head out of your void called, The Nothing.