Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Issue 49 – Chip Coffey Clan in Quicksand of Lies/Old Sparky's Rants Continue

By Kirby Robinson

As the fallout grows over Chip Coffey's hate speech towards blind people, backed up by Michelle Griffin [Babbling Babs] they use more deceptions to fool the public. Chip is such a master psychic that he didn't see this coming? Old Sparky starts a new page to make her bosses more money … and more shocking news…


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Babbling Babs' credibility ship is sinking fast! Last week Ron Tebo got a call from her as she said that she was very upset about Chip Coffey's hate speech. She didn't know he would do such a thing and claimed she was only laughing at Chip sticking his face into the camera lens.

We aren't sure why she called Ron Tebo. Maybe she figured that her well known charms directed towards male para-celebs normally get her what she wants. I publicly [as well as contacting Ron myself] said if she would write a post for the Eye on the Paranormal stating this and condemning bigotry in general I would no longer mention her in reference to this incident. To date there has been no response. Babbling Babs was lying about the whole thing.

Not to rehash the whole video, but watch it yourself. She was laughing long before Chip stuck his face into the lens. Chip brought up my blindness on the Psychic Kids page. Babbling Babs and Sandra Sparks [Old Sparky] even did a series of blogs about it. This kinda tells me that this whole action was planned from the start. As for Babbling Babs, did you know … ?


Babbling Babs did a gallery reading over the weekend. In the press release she was classified as a "world renowned psychic." When she was with Mr. Burns there was no mention of her being psychic. When she was with Mr. Moon, no mention of her being psychic. But she gets around Mr. Coffey and she becomes a world renowned psychic? May we ask what major prediction has she ever made? The only thing we can come up with is that Chip freely teaches the tricks of the trade to anyone. 


We've learned that Chip Coffey has been known to post as Sandra on the Psychic Kids pages [the old and the new ones]. He even had a heavy hand in the blogs that are full of lies and misinformation that Old Sparky posted about Ron Tebo and me.

Speaking of Old Sparky…

She started a new Psychic Kids page to make up for the lost revenue her bosses suffered from due to A&E stepping in and blocking her from posting links to the Chip Coffey Clan's pages and websites. The new page is the same as the old page with predators and profiteers posting there. But more on that next week.


This week's plate addresses a blog posted by Sandra/Chip/Chris that is so full of errors we almost lost count of 'em!

Health issues sometimes reflect what is going on inside a person. I am not cold to the fact that Kirby Robinson is losing his eyesight, but the old saying about "what you don't use, you lose," seems to be coming true for him. A narcissist never looks past his own face. Kirby pretends to, but he only looks at things he believes will make him look even better. At this point, Kirby is the reverse of Dorian Gray: He keeps a portrait of himself in his mind that is young and handsome and heroic. How heroic? Kirby once wrote that "some people think I am Superman." The "some people" is Kirby.

The outside man shows an aging Hippy who would have no direction if he didn't have an obsession that supports his narcissism.

Kirby has a savior complex. He isn't following Jesus Christ, he has to be the savior!

He believes that repeatedly quoting scriptures and saying he is a true Christian will give him victory over his enemies. Never mind that a few months ago he claimed on a radio show that he was Buddhist, which is not compatible with Christianity. I don't think he knows much about real Christianity anymore than he knows things about real Buddhism. Zen meditation practice is the only Buddhist method that you can comfortably use and keep a Christian faith. Otherwise - you end up with a practice as split as Kirby's reasoning about many things.

I used to be a Zen Buddhist, until I realized my psychic experience did not hold up the Buddhist model of emptiness - I found the energy of the universe quite full. I left Buddhist practice as soon as I fully understood it. I haven't seen a sign that Kirby understands either Christian or Buddhist concepts.

For one thing: Kirby can't keep himself from lying. It's a compulsion.

In the middle of the Psychic Kids flame wars, Kirby announced that he was personally flying to Atlanta to meet with the A.B.A. to discuss the qualifcations of Chip Coffey's attorney, who had sent an e-mail to Ron Tebo to warn him to stop libeling Chip as a fraud and child predator.

The American Bar Association? In Atlanta? Why would he have to fly from Los Angeles to see them at all? What would he accomplish on the trip? He could just call or e-mail and find out what he wanted to know. He never did say anything more about the trip.

And...Funny how he didn't take any time off from harassing people that week.

The next week he had his "team of attorneys" serve me with papers suing me over book reviews I had written on his e-books, hysterical that I had used the phrase (justly deserved) that some things in the book were "plain made up." He claimed his lawyers forced to take down the reviews. He also claimed Amazon affirmed that I was always doing "nasty things."

The truth is I deleted the reviews in the wee hours one morning just to see if he would claim he had something to do with it - and he did.

As for the claims of a weekend of conferences with his attorneys - Really? He spent that much money on a bad review, which was not his first? And...he didn't notice the reviews until Sunday. He could contact attorneys in L.A. with a claim on a weekend? Even when asked repeatedly, Kirby would not supply the names of his team of attorneys. He couldn't. There were none.

Of course...I never was served with papers. Kirby doesn't know where I am. I never even received an e-mail from attorneys - that could have been done through my website. And, of course, I would confirm that the e-mail actually came from attorneys, then would send them my evidence about Kirby.

But none of that happened. He just left the idea hanging in the air that he did these things.

In this recent attack on Chip Coffey Kirby claimed that he couldn't file a lawsuit yet because filing for a lawsuit would cost him $25,000. The fee for filing a civil complaint like this varies, but it averages between $300 and $500 across the country. Lawyers get expensive, but he should have already known that since he claimed to spend so much time with lawyers in September.

Kirby claims to be a demonologist and exorcist with 25 years of experience.

Kirby claims he graduated in the class of 1981 from Indiana State University, majoring in history. He does not list a degree. He also claims to have graduated class of 2004 in psychology from Los Angeles City College. It sounds very impressive. If he graduated from IU with, I assume, a bachelor's degree, how did he go back to an Associate's degree level college, and get a degree in psychology? Psychology is taught at LACC, but in preparation for an Associate's degree in Human Services. In other words - it's a prepatory program for social workers, NOT for psychologists. There's no degree in psychology there.

Neither school has courses in demonology, and studies in history can lead to graduate work in theology, which might include demonology. However, unless he were an actual university trained clergyman - well, you get my drift.
Kirby is a fraud. He is just a guy who set himself up as an expert in something he has no training for.

As far as I'm concerned, the only demonologist I will respect as a professional is someone with a degree in theological history with a concentration in some sort of theological lore. For me, though I understand there is negative conscious energy, what we recognize as demons only exist in myths and minds. So, for me, every exorcist is a fraud. That's a long discussion for my blog on Psychic Sensibiliy. Here, it's just one of my firm personal rules - tell me you're an exorcist, and I will not take another word you say seriously.

With Kirby, that's easy. And that's what he hates about me. He wants to be taken seriously.

By the way - Kirby has been "extremely upset" about a video in which Chip Coffey seems to make fun of him being visually impaired. Chip comes up close to the video camera mimicking the only way Kirby can watch television in order to make his assessment of what's going on with the television shows, criticism he wrote about in way too much detail in his self published e-book Paranormal Reality: Investigating Paranormal State. I question his ability to do that as well.

You see, I was temporarily blind when I was a pre-teen. It's sort of hard to get visual detail when you can't see clearly. Very hard.

That's it for this time.

1 Sorry, Sandra /Chip/Chris, or whoever wrote the above blog. Take some time to do your research. I began losing my eyesight early in life. The eye disorder that I suffer from is genetic, which means there is nothing that can be done for it. I had to make the hard choice not to have kids as they could suffer from it and I didn't want to put them through it.

2 It's a very cheap trick to only provide part of a quote "some people think I am Superman." Why not tell the rest? There is only one superman, Sandra, and it is not Chip, Chris or any of the para- celebs that you, Babbling Babs and the other para-backscratchers hang with. That man was Christ.

3 Calling me an old hippie -- is the best you can do? And the narcissism label is so overused. As to my direction, I help people. What do you do Sandra, Chip and Chris? Do you help people or only help yourself to other people's money? As to the savior complex, unlike the CCC, I reject the lie that started in the Garden of Eden. That is the core of the new age which is that man can be like God. Only Christ is the savior -- not me, not any man.

4 Where did YOU get your degree in comparative religion? Your claim that Buddhism and Christianity can't be followed by a person at the same time is not supported by people who know the subject far better than you ever will. You speak of Zen as if it is the only school -- which it's not.

Try Tibetan Buddhism, led by a living Buddha, who along with other masters have published books on the subject such as:

I think the world can put more faith in the teachings of these men, than the hate and lies that come out of you and the CCC.

4 Sandra Lynn Sparks really sucks as an investigator. Yes, Sandra I live in L.A. but does that mean I'm always there?  To date, I've been in L.A. for about 4 weeks total as my calling requires me to go and help people in other places. It's starting to look as if I won't make it back to L.A. till early 2012.

5 As to the $25,000 [which at the time they did this blog they didn't know I had talked to Chip's lawyer -- what a bunch of sad psychics these people are] is the amount that Chip's lawyer said he would need up front to take a case against you. But in time all things will be handled.

6 Like all the shameless fakers you work for and worship dearly, you say I make things up, but you never prove them. It's easy to make claims and fail to back them up.

7 Indiana University and Indiana State are two different schools in two different cities in two different parts of the state. Can we say foot in the mouth? Yes we can.

8 Why LACC? Classes were $20 per hour, at that time, compared to Cal State or UCLA which runs $400+ per hour. Due to my legal blindness it was FREE, and is located next to the Braille Institute. As to the focus of the department, here are a few of the classes I took:

Introduction to Psychology   

Introduction to Biological Psychology

Personality Psychology

Introduction to Social Psychology

Introduction to Abnormal Psychology

Intro to Lifespan Psychology

Computer Software for Mental Health Professionals

Group Dynamics 1 & 2

Family Systems

Introduction to Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Introduction to Counseling Techniques

There were six field sites working with people and families in crisis

Stress Management

Along with many other classes

Why did I do this? Sandra and the CCC are so dull and uninformed that I'll have to explain it to them. The majority of demonic or ghost hunting claims have nothing to do with the paranormal. They have more to do with emotional and mental issues as well as things going on within families. I advise anyone who is doing this work to take some form of training that allows them to understand this and correctly direct their clients to places where they can receive proper help.

9 As to my work in demonology, the CCC should spend more time reading the Bible. There is a thing called The Great Commission that Christ shared with his disciples. You get your training out in the field working cases and studying what the Bible and other sacred texts teach on this matter.

10 Notice that Old Sparky has to experience every suffering that others go through. Ron said he was molested. Sandra says she was. I am going blind; she also had a temporary bout of blindness. She says she is suffering due to no job, no money, bad illnesses etc. None of this is true. You see, Sandra is the kind of person who is better than anyone. Her suffering is greater than anyone else's. Her wit and intelligence is above all others. Yes, the term is overused, but it does seem that Sandra's a narcissist.


There are no words I can think of! Maybe you can come up with a better description than me!

Next week we'll take a look at Psychic Kids: Afterword and begin a close look into Chris Fleming's background.

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