Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Problem with Haunted Houses

By Lisa Grace

Watching the paranormal shows the first thing the homeowners/renters usually do is call a paranormal group to document or agitate the supernatural beings.

Which of course, is the wrong thing do. Paranormal groups want more connections, not less with these evil beings. They have no interest in driving them out and choose instead to communicate and attract more of them. Many plan on repeating visits, again showing no interest in helping the residents to drive them out.

If someone truly wants evil beings driven out, they call a man of God to bless the house and drive the creatures out, permanently. If the inhabitants are not saved, the creatures could come back, as those who are not saved are easy to "attach" to and to possess.

Unfortunately, doing a house blessing, fasting, anointing with oil, and praying, and then having "no activity" may lead to a peaceful dwelling place, which does not make good TV.

People pay to stay at haunted places, and they have become tourist attractions in their own right. In Jesus' times, possessed people were kicked out of town (or worse), and evil spirits seemed to migrate to caves. Not all demons are equal, some prefer to mimic past living people, others get physical, and others seem almost passive or friendly (they're not). Playing with these entities is dangerous. They can "attach" to anyone who is unsaved. Many people who work against the demonic surround themselves with a strong circle of prayer warriors who pray for protection for them continually.

Playing with these entities is dangerous and should not be treated like a game.