Sunday, June 21, 2015

Symptoms of Spiritual Pollution, Part 7

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In my continuation on the blog series Spiritual Warfare from the last time I discussed the critical aspect of Discernment about one’s belief and what God views discernment as.  In this blog aspect we will now cover what many refer to as the Spirits.  So what are the spirits?  Demons or Fallen Angels?  This I will answer for you.

In the spiritual warfare beliefs, one is taught that there are good spirits and bad spirits which one must contend with.  Ministry call the good spirits “angels” and the bad spirits “demons”. People feel angels are your buddies—wrong.  These are allies in this battle who assist to protect and defend you against the powers of darkness.  Demons are the rulers of this earth.  These powerful forces of evil who can only be defeated by great faith and some ritualistic behaviors. This is what many are taught, and it’s a bunch of nonsense.  If you’re going to get the proper understanding of the spiritual realm, I need to start at the beginning.

There are demons and angels.  Understand these are two different names for the same type of creature.  Ponder this, is a human stronger than a person?  No, those are two interchangeable words for the same metaphor.  So therefore, demons are equal to angels.  These are angelic creatures who rebelled against God and are no longer righteous in His eyes.  Angelic beings (demons and angels) are very different than human beings.  God has limited interests in giving a warrior an in-depth education about those differences.   This puts the person at a major disadvantage. You will never outwit an enemy that you can’t even understand. 

Now while God prevents you from understanding angels and demons, God gives these beings an education about you.   These creatures can read your mind, can hear what your soul speaks to God and can discern your very inept intelligence.   Angelic creatures view us as quite unimpressive.  If demons are the Lamborghini of cars, then humans are those cheesy plastic cars that a toddler “drives” by sitting inside of it and pushing the feet to the ground.  In our world - earth, it’s mind-blowing how ineffective you are.  

A human can’t manipulate matter, but angelic creatures can.  Oxygen is necessary to breathe, angelic creatures have no use for oxygen.  Instant transport of yourself to different locations around the earth is not what humans can accomplish, but angelic creatures can.  We have to eat, sleep, and protect ourselves against the elements.  We have all the strength of a piece of lint and we are incredibly unwise about relying on our physical senses to guide us in life.

So what about those who can see demons?  Many Christians who think they have the gift of discernment believe they can see demons.  What are you really looking at when you view whatever it is you see?  Are you viewing what demons really look like?  Of course not.  However, you are seeing an illusion of a creature in costume.  Angelic creatures can appear to a person in a massive variety of forms.  Amazingly is how much emphasis we put in their images used and we’re incredibly easy to deceive.  If they appear to you as an ugly looking gargoyle, you actually think that’s what they look like.  When introductions happen as giving a certain name, you actually believe that name is true? 

Hearing some demon “expert” from the Church boast about the extensive knowledge of the demonic ranks, having maps of demonic strongholds and they’ve figured out which demons work where and such talk is pure folly.  No one grasps that angelic creatures communicate with each other on a regular basis.  If demon #1 scared the pants off of you by coming in a certain form, they communicate that data to demon #2.  Demon #2 then comes on a different night, appearing in the same form and you declare you’ve been visited by the same evil entity.  No! Actually you’ve been visited by two different spirits, but there’s no way you can discern them apart because God has reserved intelligence from you. 

What often passes for “the gift of discernment” these days is a little more than a vivid imagination and a head full of gullible garbage about what demons look like and act.  Certainly demons are real and sometimes they appear in visual forms.  However, they just toy with our imagination and make one think they viewed something that you didn’t really see.  Demons love toying with the mind and senses.  It is so easy for demons to send that creepy tingly aspect up the spine which one would interpret as their glorious gift at work. 

Churning your emotions like a stormy sea is easy for the demons.  Then you seem to interpret the whole thing as evidence of your deep spiritual insights.  That would be like me kicking you in the shin and asking “Did you feel pain just now?”  Clearly all you have a deep understanding of the human nervous system.  Feeling your nervous system react to stimulus and understanding the mechanics of how your nervous system works are two different aspects.  In the same manner, being conscious that a demon is toying with you and understanding the demon itself are two entirely separate concepts.

So how can you truly defeat an enemy that you can’t comprehend?  You can’t.  View spiritual warfare like this, you’re a person who is trying to hold back an approaching military tank by throwing tissue wads at it.  No weapons that you have will stand against demons, you can’t injure or harm them.  Unfortunately the armory is an empty closet.  This is critical that you understand this.  Why?  Because deceived Christians are lying to you when they tell you that your faith is some great weapon that demons can’t stand up against. That is such a bold-faced lie.  If your faith was so intimidating, why don’t you hear the demons in the midst of your prayer sessions trembling like they did with the Lord Jesus Christ when the demons encountered him in real life?

Why is it that the attempts to rebuke them prove to be worthless?  They laugh when you try to quote holy verses at them?  Why are they able to successfully hold you down in an ocean of dread and fear if you’re so full of faith?  Are you going to tell me that you need more faith?  Well, faith can only grow so fast.  You had as much today as you had yesterday.  Former times the rebuking appeared to work…or did it?  So if your faith has no effect on the demons, what is keeping them off of you?  It’s not what, it’s who is.  God is the One who flicks demons off of you, but God is also the main reason the demons attack you.

In our next blog we will expand on the Demons and what this affords a person as this is thrown around in Spiritual Warfare.

Rev. Bradley Luoma, Exorcist