Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Darlene Watts Hijacks Evan Jensen's Blog This Week

I have decided to hijack this blog this time, because, there are just some things that I feel are imperative that need to be said and although some can certainly speak for themselves, at times it is through the eyes of another that people truly see who another is.

My name is Darlene Watts.  I generally just edit blogs, writing or co-write with Evan Jensen in a consorted effort and write my own blog, “Haunted Ishpeming” (Ishpeming is the town I live in, pronounced “Ish-pa-ming” meaning high place, close to the creator or to some “heaven” in Ojibwe (Chippewa) Native American.

For this though, after seeing what is continually put out there against Evan, which borders on sheer lunacy at times and the readers NOT knowing who Evan truly is where by a certain amount of chaos ensues, it’s time that people see a different and altogether more personal perspective not only of Evan, but, of Kirby Robinson as well.

Now, as many that have a deep connection and draw to the paranormal and helping others in this manner that involves the spiritual and often religious areas of people’s lives, there is a connection to a higher power and to the spiritual.  It is what motivates both Evan and Kirby.  I call it being spiritually drawn.  Their actions have very little to do with anything other then trying to do what they are drawn to do that is right and it has NOTHING to do with being famous or any other goal.  In fact, exposing people is by its very nature, a degrading, insulting and often thankless effort and when people do understand and appreciate the effort, most often one never knows it.  For doing this kind of exposing makes one a target, as well as those outwardly being proactive or even suggesting they are behind these actions or even appearing to be endorsing them.  Those that are exposed often glory in the chaos and cruelty they unleash on others that appear to be in some theorized conspiratorial pursuit of them as some sort of retaliation they always do.

I did get permission briefly to do this from Evan, whom was a bit leery of me doing such a subject and writing it myself.  He is just not much of a self promoter in endorsing someone doing what it is I mean to do.  He is a very modest guy with a big heart.

Evan is happily married to a woman that he’s been married to for over 20 years.  She is NOT a mail order bride and assuming so because of her nationality is at best shallow and racist.  She is Philippine and he met her in another country that was not the Philippines.  The story to HOW he met her probably is as remarkable as Evan truly is.  Imagine going to another country and hearing the voice of an angel singing in a mall that he follows her voice and finds this beautiful lady with the voice to match that he falls in love with.  Personally, I take offense at those speaking of this woman in any way shape or form in some insulting way.  She is not even involved here; yet, these people see no problem bringing in family members that are not involved in to ridicule in an effort to shame the person who puts out the truth about them, even when they probably did something first in the insulting and cruel arena.  (Rick Rowe did and was the aggressor way before Evan was.)

Evan did not only serve time in the service of his country, he was injured severely almost losing his life where two other of his close friends and troupe members were killed.  Thereby the grace of God Evan survived.  But, it is the reason he does not speak of it.  He is a hero to this country.  (Although, never considers himself a hero.) I have always had the information to what he did and who he is soon after the criticism flew.  I did not even have to ask him for it.  He sent it to me on his own.  But, I’ll tell you, anyone that knows Evan will know of the truthfulness of whom he once was just speaking to him at lengths.  He is tough and even ruthless when someone challenges him, like the soldier he still is.  It is in who he is as well as his outlook and how he lives today.  So much so, I joke that he is Rambo. Let me just say here, he’s probably NOT the guy you want to tick off for that reason.  He will defend others to a fault and is entirely fearless in doing so.

I have never known anyone to care more for others then Evan and be as entirely selfless as he is.  People should know that Evan is actually considered terminally ill.  Now, when people come to him that tells him they are being bullied, he doesn't just sit on the sideline, he actively does something about it.  How many people would help others when they were facing such an uncertain future?  Frankly, Evan has my admiration for his stance here. By gosh, he seems to be the only one going after these bullies as well.  How is that?  The guy that is willing to stand up to these people who gather together like a gang of thugs, is actually terminally ill.  And these people think they are all big and bad getting on him while never admitting what he finds and post proof of and never EVER even refuting it.

As for the numb nut that put out Evan was guilty of kidnapping and had the nerve to lie and say he served 10 years, talk about the pulling crap out of your hat.  First of all, he took a child out of a very dangerous situation and for a moment, was charged with kidnapping until it was clear what was going on.  It was a matter of formality and of the law.  The charge was dropped and the parent lost custody of their child.  The kidnapping charge should not even be showing up and even so, it is listed for the wrong year, as he was still in the service at that time and not even in the states.  So, we are not even sure they didn’t just manufacture it and its coincidence that there was a story that somewhat matches, but as far the prison time though, that never happened.  I would like to think anyone would do as Evan did and stand up for a defenseless innocent child.

Here are some things people should know about Evan, he saves animals.  He tends to have such a big heart, that he feeds a wild squirrel that has gotten to know him and beg every morning for food.  The dog he has was a rescue directly from rescuing her from an abuse situation that was going on and he interjected.  Imagine, seeing a dog abused, putting yourself in harms way to stop it and taking the dog home to keep her safe and give her a better life.  Evan is bold this way, but, he’s never unreasonable and doesn't ever go after anyone that has not provoked him in some way.  My advice to people, don’t provoke him.  He is very intelligent.  Albeit his eyesight isn't so good right now he misses his grammar and punctuation mistakes, he is higher then average intelligence by far.  People are often underestimating him and who he is.  YOU WILL NEVER INTIMIDATE THIS MAN, no matter what you do.  Don’t want issues with Evan, don’t lie and cheat people and DON’T bully them and do not stand behind these people that are criminals.  If Evan warns you and you do not at least ask questions and find out if at least what he is saying is true or not and you blindly endorse a criminal after you were told, expect that he will indeed show people how you have a lack of ethics and endorse a person that would steal or endanger the public for your own gain.  It’s really simple.

 Me, I’m just an artist that has grown up around Native Americans and because I did, have a different outlook on life and tend to have learned a lot of lessons in life that have proven much of what I learned from family members is indeed truth and valuable.  I am sometimes completely shocked that I have so much in common with Evan being who he is.  I do not back down either and have learned that humility is a good teacher and have no problem showing people their own humility when they mistreat others.  I do not run afraid either and am also spiritually drawn.  I live my entire life on instincts as that is how I grew up.  If something feels right or does not, I will base my decisions on that feeling I pick up on.  I go by my gut all the time.  I have to say on this, Evan has very sharp instincts for figuring out what is going on and how to deal with it.  He knows how to investigate like nobodies business.  He knows how to deal with thugs and bullies in a way that may seem harsh to some people unless you see all of what these people are doing and understand how long they have done it.

The people we are bringing out have a wake of people behind them that they have upset and have had enough of them.  It is how it is.  We have not once gone after one of these people.  They spar with us first and reveal themselves just by being friends with someone they attack and being behind them.

I want to say a few words here about myself and Kirby.  We go back years now and were not always on the same side of the fence.  One thing I can say of Kirby is that he is spiritually drawn, uses his instincts and prayer to do what he does.  He has always been a spiritual teacher of sorts and spiritual person.  That is what he was when I first met him online.  He is very loving and to tell you the truth, he is not some ruthless cruel person some make him out to be.  I have been doing fraud exposing before even Kirby did.  But, like a lot of people doing it for the right reasons you burn out and get tired of the daily drama and chaos and have to take breaks from it.  I've always been in the background doing this since the Paranormal Police.  Kirby is most certainly the most effective, longest running fraud exposer out there and has earned a following for his courageous and often controversial stand to stop the fraud and abuse out there.  After all, if people put lies out there about the spiritual world, they are hurting the spiritual world and anyone that does not know they are lying. They are no different then false prophets.

Written by Darlene Watts

Graphic artist, editor, co-host and publicist for Beyond the Edge of Reality Radio Network.

On behalf of Evan Jensen.

Producer and host to Beyond the Edge of Reality Radio Network.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Dalai Lama Calls Inter-faith Meeting in India Amid Rising Tension

Buddhist spiritual leader to convene unprecedented talks in attempt to boost religious harmony in emerging economic power

By Jason Burke in Delhi

The Dalai Lama is to convene an unprecedented meeting of Indian faith leaders in an effort to encourage religious harmony in the emerging economic power.

Aides said the Buddhist spiritual leader was concerned about rising communal tension in India as well as a number of other important issues, from environmental degradation and natural disasters to discrimination against women.

"His Holiness is concerned by the things that are happening. The aim is to come up with an action plan to promote religious harmony," said Gelek Namgyal, a spokesman.

Though aides stressed that the initiative was apolitical, it comes amid concern at increasingly fractious relations between majority Hindu and minority Muslim populations in the country.

In the election campaign this year, candidates from the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) were accused of playing on deep-seated sectarian prejudices to boost support. Narendra Modi, who took power after a landslide victory in May, told supporters during the campaign that refugees from Bangladesh, who are largely Muslim, should be deported, while suggesting that India was the "natural home" of Hindu refugees. A key aide, Amit Shah, is facing criminal charges of hate speech.

Supporters say Modi believes in true equality for India's minorities by ensuring fair opportunities and development for the country's 1.6 billion people. His critics accuse him of undermining decades of official secularism.

One BJP minister said recently that profits made from slaughtering cattle for export – a trade dominated by Muslims – funded terrorism, while another BJP official said Muslim religious schools were "manufacturing terrorists".

Politicians and activists from a variety of hardline Hindu organisations have claimed that Muslims in India engage in "love jihad", a supposed systematic campaign to convert Hindu women through marriage. Some Christian groups have backed the allegation, which is denied by Muslim community leaders.

Since fleeing to India from Tibet in 1959, the Dalai Lama has scrupulously avoided any intervention in Indian domestic politics. Aides said the meeting had "nothing to do with any political party being in power" and simply stemmed from the Nobel peace laureate's concern for the country which has hosted him for decades.

"Religious leaders have a great role and influence here in India. After living here for so long he wants to do something for this country," one said.

When "politicians disharmonised" it was possible for religious leaders to "bring harmony", the aide explained.

Representatives of all faiths are expected to participate in the meeting this weekend. They include the Hindu guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a senior Shia Muslim cleric, the archbishop of Bombay, and leaders of India's small Jewish community.

At the top of the agenda is "promoting such human values as kindness and compassion, tolerance and forgiveness" and "fostering inter-religious harmony and understanding".

The Dalai Lama, who is revered by his followers as the 14th reincarnation of the Buddha Avalokiteshvara, who achieved spiritual enlightenment, gave up his political functions in 2010.

Beijing considers the 79-year-old, who left Tibet after an abortive uprising against Chinese rule, to be a violent separatist.

The conclave was originally scheduled early this week but would have clashed with the first visit to India of China's president, Xi Jinping. Indian media reported that it was postponed after a request from the prime minister's office.

Modi used his Twitter feed on Monday to issue a statement welcoming Xi to Ahmedabad, the capital of Gujarat state, which will be the Chinese leader's first stop on Wednesday. Xi is on a week-long tour of South Asian states including the Maldives, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

"Am sure his visit will strengthen India-China ties. Buddhism is a very strong bond between China & India. In fact, Gujarat too has a very rich Buddhist heritage," Modi tweeted.

Modi has previously been accused of failing to prevent rioting in Gujarat when he was chief minister there in 2002. An estimated 1,000 people, largely Muslims, died in the violence. A supreme court judicial inquiry found no evidence to substantiate the charge.

See original photo and article here: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/sep/15/dalai-lama-inter-faith-meeting-india-rising-tension

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Hello my para beauties! I trust you had a great day and are in good health. This is a subject I've been asked to explain to the best of my knowledge. This is from the book of Revelations. The book of Revelations can be very intimidating. But we know who wins in the end.

The first Horseman is the rider of a white horse, carries a bow, and wears a crown. He is described as a conqueror. For this reason, he is sometimes interpreted as the Antichrist or as a false world leader. This Horseman is also sometimes called Pestilence.

The second Horseman is astride a red horse and carries a sword. He is associated with war and slaughter, and the Bible attributes to him the power to take away peace and to make men kill each other.

The third Horseman rides a black horse and carries scales. This Horseman, popularly called Famine, is thought to represent not only scarcity of food, but also the strict rationing or unfair allocation of goods and the exploitation of the poor.

The last of the Four Horsemen, Death, rides a "pale horse" of a sickly hue and is followed by Hades, or Hell.

The nature of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is hotly debated by theologians and Christians, but they are almost universally fascinating, regardless or perhaps because of their mystery. They were popular subjects for art during the medieval period and the Renaissance, and references to them continue to crop up in popular culture in our own day and age. Whether or not Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death are the correct interpretations of the Biblical Four Horsemen -- which will likely remain in debate for the foreseeable future -- it is safe to assume that that is what they represent in a cultural or literary context.

In many opinions The book of Revelation in the Bible is real and does not need one to read the hidden truths. When it says Jesus Christ is coming back again it means Jesus Christ is coming back again. When it says the Horsemen it means exactly that.

Since Christ is the One opening these seals and revealing what will happen in this world prior to His return, is there anywhere else in the Bible that He discloses these events? In fact, He did so shortly before His death in a section known as the Olivet Prophecy (given on the Mount of Olives), recorded in the Gospels of Matthew (chapter 24), Mark (chapter 13) and Luke (chapter 21) Seeing what Christ said in this prophecy helps us identify what each of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse represents.

In Matthew 24:3 Christ’s disciples asked, “Tell us, when will these things be? And what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age?” In the comparison chart below, notice how Christ’s answer lines up exactly with what He gave years later in the book of Revelation through the apostle John.

Notice the enormous effect of these first four seals (horsemen) in Revelation 6:8: “And power was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword, with hunger, with death, and by the beasts of the earth.” This indicates that the first four seals will ultimately result in a death toll of one-fourth the earth’s population. This summary statement also adds something else that will contribute to the death toll—beasts of the earth, which kill as carriers of pestilence and as ravenous predators.

The first four seals are clearly already open in our day now, and the four horsemen of the Apocalypse have been riding through the years, taking their toll on populations. But many other prophecies in the Bible show that their destruction will multiply greatly as the next seal—the fifth seal or Great Tribulation—is about to open. Christ reveals that this world is about to undergo great devastation due to the rebellion of humanity against our Creator.

May God Help us All.

Written By Jennifer L. Auld

NOTE: This blog was originally posted in May 2014.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Running Out of Time?

By Pastor Stephen Piersall

It is September, and our children are back in school. The leaves are turning color, and before you know it; snow will be falling, and we will be wondering what happened to 2014? The days and weeks and months and years seem to roll one into another like a dream.
Psalm 90:12 “Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”
Take a few minutes this week, and think back on the events that have transpired. How many; births, deaths, how did the economy affect your life, how along did you get in reading your Bible, how many people did you bring to your local church, did you help anyone to receive Jesus’s gift of Salvation?
Psalm 39:4 “Show me, LORD, my life's end and the number of my days; let me know how fleeting my life is.”
I mention this as a beloved pastor friend of mine passed away last week and looking back what a wonderful life of commitment to Our LORD. At his funeral, his wife requested the church to have 50 people in the chorus worshiping God, raising the roof off the church with singing full of love. Just imagine the choir he must have heard when he met with Jesus in person? Awesome!
Job 9:25 “My days are swifter than a runner; they fly away without a glimpse of joy.”
Let us to do the same. As we become more cautious of our fleeting days let us become more appreciative of the Lord's providence and more aware of His favor on us.
Job 7:6 “My days are swifter than a weaver's shuttle, and they come to an end without hope.”
Pastor Stephen Piersall
God's Preservation Ministry Soul Care 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Obsession on the Dead Files

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

Recently on the Dead Files there was a family that owns two houses--one is infested and the other is beach front....famed Malibu Beach. The family is being torn apart due to the mother's obsession with the haunted residence.Both the mother and Amy Allan believe the former is reincarnated, which allegedly explains why the many ghosts are drawn to her--they knew her in a previous lifetime. Sheesh....

For a Christian, the notion of reincarnation is antithetical to grace, but many Christians are not grounded in their faith....so they believe in both.

My point is not to dismantle reincarnation--although it is more evidence of how misguided Amy is--but to simply accent a very common phenomenon, diabolical obsession. I have talked to former paranormal investigators who spent hours and hours listening to the same EVP....or bought equipment their family could not afford....or went to places over and over. Families are being destroyed.

We have spent a couple of weeks discussing the importance of critical thinking, and certainly one of the casualties of diabolical obsession is one's ability to think clearly--often with tragic results.

The wife/mother mentioned on the Dead Files, unlike many who are stuck at their infested residence, could choose to move back to luxury at Malibu Beach. BUT, there is this thing called "obsession". Once a house is infested, the desire of the demonic is to break people down--physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Causing people to obsess on this or that usually elicits severe tension in the family. In this case, one daughter had already left. I could see the husband's love for his bride, but the pain was also obvious when she made it plain at the reveal she was choosing the house over her husband and daughters.

What is happening? The more people become fascinated with demonic activity, then the worse the demonic activity gets....and the worse it gets---horrible, vicious cycle. It easy to get over-awed by a child levitating, but what about OBSESSION? In a million different ways, individuals and families are being destroyed by day-in, day-out fixation...strategically planned and guided by the demonic.

Are you or someone you know having their humanity chiseled away due to obsession? Not  all obsession is demonic, but much is. Because it is not as sensational as plates flying or children floating, much diabolical obsession is not getting the loving attention it needs.

Dealing with obsession is not easy, but we must plead the blood Jesus  

Mark Hunnemann is the author of Seeing Ghosts Through God's Eyes: A Worldview Analysis of Earthbound Spirits. It's also available in eBook format.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Thing With Liars

Liars have rules you know.  It sounds rather crazy… but, they have rules and will react and let you know the rules as soon as you do not fall for their tale of woes or excuse or even scenario they are attempting to sell you on.  They also have tactics they employ to manipulate people and they like to use humiliation, threats and defaming as their own behavioral modification tool as well as manipulating your audience into believing you are the liar and they are the victim.  Every single person I have exposed pretends to be a victim and will not once EVER admit any wrong doing or argue what it is I exposed about them.  They’ll do a personal attack against me; those who help me and anyone they theorize will get mad and influence me to shut up.  Anyone that has done what I do knows the tactics like a play book they keep in their pocket at all times.  After all, you expose a liar, fraud or scammer, you are hurting their world and they don’t like it and they almost always fight back.  What they don’t fight back with is proving you wrong.

One of the rules of a liar is that YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE THEM.  How dare you even for a second doubt even one word they say?   When someone says something to you, you should accept it as absolute truth… so they think.  The reality is, much of what people say in the paranormal about anything is doubted, whether or not the person who is hearing the story says they doubt their words or not.  It’s the very nature of anything paranormal or supernatural anyway.  But even so, the field has changed and there are so many in the paranormal that are not truthful.  If they are boastful and rude, there is more of a reason people will just avoid them instead of believing them.  You all know you have heard a story at least once and (probably much more then that) when you did not tell the story teller they were full of beans.  But, liars insist on NEVER being doubted.  They usually get mad when they are.

People that tell the truth are usually the ones who expect not to be believed when it comes to their stories.  When it comes to their backgrounds, you probably are not going to hear how great they are or know even what education they have that pertains to the paranormal until you get to know them. Normal people don’t go around listing a bunch of initials behind their name and associations and they don’t usually name drop some famous person acting like they are some schmoozers of the great famous people.  In fact, name dropping is very common with frauds and not with those who are on the up and up.  Now, you can’t always tell this way either and doubt should be something people do when hearing about any one with an attitude of how great thou art or a list of their greatness listed on their page.

Liars are elaborate and good at what they do, but, they usually make huge mistakes that can easily be found online.  They tend to be braggarts and often you’ll find what they have been saying all over the internet in various online sources.  The reason I point out liars is, because to be a scammer, fraud or thief, you have to be a liar.  That goes for sex offenders too or anyone looking to use the paranormal as an avenue to do any type of dishonest action or crime.

Liars have a tendency to generally have very impersonal pages and their pages read like a ad campaign for all their projects.  They rarely interact and often talk of their “fans” when in reality; they probably don’t really have any and have been sending out invites themselves to like their “fan” page.  Most people like the page out of courtesy.   They tend to pay attention more to numbers instead of interaction and the truer reality.  Liars often have several fake profiles that can “like” or support what it is they are doing as if some gang of ready made great fans.  They also will oppose and stalk with these names.

Fake pages are usually less then 3 months old and have less then 300 friends.  They are usually odd names or misspelled common ones or most often, names of people they do not like misspelled.  They’ll either have their photos blocked, or not have many.  No personal information about family or interaction of friends is usually seen.  (On a rare occasion some will fake to this degree, but, it’s very rare.)  You want to look at their likes and check that out.  It will often show a truth to them that you can see through a pattern of behavior that I will not go into here that will reveal more about them. Generally you have some hater that blasted you somewhere and you have this new person trying to friend you that has a page like the above, especially when you have 0 friends in common, suspect a fake account for not so good reasons.

I do get accused of having many fake accounts myself.  The reality is, unless I’m trying to get a point across and they have me blocked, such as with Ryan Buell and his continuation of selling tickets to events that were either already canceled or were previously to the same tour in other cities and I needed to alert the fans to NOT spend their money… unless it’s some scenario like that, I don’t do that.  I USE MY OWN NAME TO SAY WHAT I HAVE TO SAY.  I do not hide behind aliases ever.  There are several Evan Jensens in the world.  I am but one in hundreds.  I have had other accounts I started when blocked as Facebook gets a little persnickety when I’m making pictures of people and teasing them in an effort to mirror back their obnoxiousness.  I have forgotten the passwords when my main account was freed again.  I have to laugh at the morons who point out MY OWN NAME as another alias though.  I’m just wondering how that works. LMAO  I do what I need to do out there and I absolutely do need more then one account to do it for several reasons.  But, not every hater they have is me, which seems to be a trend with these fakes.

Now, besides using their many aliases to attack, they usually try to humiliate or defame and making up their “facts” or seeming to have complete hallucinations is perfectly ok.  After all, if you upset a liar, they react and they have no problem unleashing the pits of hell in the way of their (what they think is clever) repertoire of slams, bashes and humiliations and will direct it in a way, guaranteed with a cherry on top with a threat.  Yep, it’s humiliate, defame and threaten every single time.  This to me is very tell tale when someone comes at me like this when asked a question or mentioned in a sentence.  It’s my biggest hugest red flag that says… “LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE!”

These types of people do have a tendency to stick up for each other in an effort to protect themselves. When they come together… they always do…  After all, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. However with the current group, it does appear much more then that and I believe that these people not only know each other, but, appear to work together and even have similar tactics for pan handling, theft and behaviors to intimidate and manipulate others.

Since I have been doing this for years now and have learned some of the traits of the fakes and frauds and those who use the paranormal for taking advantage of the innocent public, I have decided to write a book on how to recognize them and deal with them.  It has now become evident that the people in the paranormal as well as home owners wanting to keep their family safe need some information on how to recognize these types of people.  Our world has changed folks and you can no longer just allow people to come into your home who are promising to help you, no matter how sincere they are.

My advice for people out there, if they seem over the top and braggarts to a large degree, whereby they post all these selfies as if self glorifying themselves, stay away from them.  If you have something telling you they are not who they say they are, stay away from them.  Ask for references… check the local sex offender list always on these people.  If they can’t give you full names, avoid them.  Don’t join any group that you can not have personal information such as full names and addresses of those in the group.

Most of all people… learn to trust your instincts!

Examples of exposed frauds and scammers reacting. [Click to enlarge].

By Evan Jensen, Producer of Beyond the Edge of Reality Radio Network


Monday, September 8, 2014

Dalai Lama: Addressing a Sino-Tibetan Conference

Hamburg, Germany, 27 August 2014 - Shortly before leaving to embark on his journey back to India, His Holiness the Dalai Lama first addressed a conference of Chinese and Tibetans taking place under the theme ‘Finding Common Ground.’ He began by welcoming participants:

“I’d like to greet all of you, Chinese brothers and sisters, who have gathered here from many different places. Since the Tiananmen incident in particular, I have encouraged Tibetans to reach out to our Chinese brothers and sisters. This is the latest of several opportunities that have arisen since then.

“In 1974, those of us Tibetans with responsibilities in our administration discussed what we were going to do. We realized that sooner or later we would have to talk to the Chinese authorities and consequently we could not set any preconditions about independence. Since then we have reached out to Chinese whenever we could.”

He explained how Tibetans had first encountered Chinese communists in 1950/51 and that in 1954 he paid several months’ visit to Peking, meeting Chinese leaders like Mao Xedong, Deng Xiaoping, and Hu Yaobang. He mentioned beginning to develop admiration for socialists and feeling close to the Chinese he met. However, later things changed. He said Tibetans have had long experience of living together with Chinese people and that is why they tried to reach out to them. He recalled telling a Chinese official he met on the way that on his outbound journey he felt apprehensive, but on the way home he felt confident that things could be worked out. He had shaken hands with Mao Xedong when they parted.

“The People’s Republic of China is the world’s most populous country.” His Holiness said. “It has the potential to make a great contribution to the world, but Japan and other neighbouring countries, India among them, share a significant apprehension about it. This is an obstacle to China’s entering the international mainstream. China has its own customs and traditions, an immense population and a rapidly expanding economy. There is hope in this that it can become a nation that others look up to.”

He reported that Indian friends have told him that the new Chinese leadership of Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang are different from their predecessors. In the past, when party meetings took place, everyone had a prepared set speech to read, but they don’t any more. His Holiness said he has heard from a former Indian minister who met Xi Jinping in Brazil that he is not like previous leaders; he has a more humane demeanour.

His Holiness repeated what he has said before elsewhere that the 1.3 billion Chinese people have a right to know the truth. If they have that, they can judge right from wrong. Transparency is important, he said, while censorship is immoral and unhelpful.

His Holiness clarified that for 15 years or so, dating back to Samdhong Rinpoche’s first term as Kalon Tripa, the Central Tibetan Administration has not used the term ‘government in exile’, nor referred to the political leader as Prime Minister. The Chinese authorities say they don’t recognise a Tibetan government in exile, nor do they recognise what they refer to as ‘greater Tibet’ and yet this is an expression of their coining. He said that he was criticized for meeting with Rebiya Kadeer, the Uighur leader despite having persuaded her of the merit of adopting a non-violent approach, which was a positive move.

With regard to his possibly visiting China His Holiness said:

“I’ve always wanted to visit Wu Tai Shan. I thought about going there in 1954. Then it came up during the 5th round of talks with the Chinese, but was rejected.”

A member of the audience wanted to know how to resolve the quandary that there is suppression of religious groups in China, but Western governments do not want to pressure China for economic reasons. His Holiness replied that the US government publishes an annual report about human rights in China that explicitly mentions Tibet. Meanwhile, he said that he appreciated Chancellor Angel Merkel’s recently speaking openly about human rights in China.

“When there was talk some years ago about China being granted Most Favoured Nation trading status by the USA, I was in Washington and was asked about it. I stated that as the world’s most populous nation China deserved it. Similarly, I supported China’s bid to stage the Olympics. What China lacks is democracy and a sense of moral responsibility, which they need if they are really going to open up to the world.”

He mentioned that it seems that during the National Congress of the Communist Party of China meeting in October issues concerning the judiciary will be discussed. He asked:

“Why don’t those of you who are lawyers look into and write about the judicial system? Raising slogans is one thing, but taking quiet, steady action may be more effective.”

His Holiness was asked whether Sino-Tibetan communications have been expanding or shrinking in recent times. He answered that they have been increasing; there has been more interaction. He said more and more Chinese are coming to hear him teach and 2-3 years ago he began to teach groups from the mainland. He quoted Xi Jinping’s recent remark that Buddhism has an important role to play in reviving Chinese culture and the finding that there are now said to be 300-400 billion Buddhists in China.

His Holiness told the delegates that he had to leave to begin his journey back to India, but that the elected Tibetan leader, Sikyong Lobsang Sangay and others were on hand to answer their questions. Many individuals pressed forward eager to interact personally with His Holiness as he left the room. From there he drove directly to Hamburg airport to board a flight to Munich and on to Delhi.

Original link with photos here http://dalailama.com/news/post/1163-addressing-a-sino-tibetan-conference

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