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The Dalai Lama Teaches ‘Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life’ in Osaka, Part 2

Continued from Part 1 - The Dalai Lama Teaches ‘Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life’ in Osaka, Part 1

Arriving in the hall of the Osaka International Conference Center this morning, His Holiness the Dalai Lama walked to the front of the stage and saluted the applauding audience to the right, left and middle with folded hands.

“Good morning everybody,” he began, “we know that the Buddha appeared in the world, although there is disagreement about when. The question is whether he attained enlightenment in that very life, or was enlightened long before. The Pali tradition says he was an ordinary person who became the Buddha in the course of one meditative sitting. Maitreya’s ‘Sublime Continuum’ lists 12 deeds of the Buddha’s life, some performed as a bodhisattva and some as a Buddha. It is hard to conceive of his accumulating merit and insight over three countless aeons, but it is also difficult to believe that he attained enlightenment in one life. The former account from the Sanskrit tradition seems more reasonable.

“The common narrative is that the Buddha attained enlightenment and turned the wheel of Dharma when he taught the Four Noble Truths. The second turning of the wheel, dealing with the Perfection of Wisdom teachings, is not historically recorded, so some people dispute whether the Buddha taught them at all. However, Nagarjuna, Maitreya and Bhavaviveka wrote exhaustively defending the authenticity of this Sanskrit tradition. Its focus was phenomena’s lack of inherent existence.”

His Holiness observed that the ‘Heart Sutra’, involving a conversation between Shariputra and Avalokiteshvara, is a well-known example of the Sanskrit tradition. He added that the ‘Sutra Unravelling the Thought’, which was given at Vaishali, refers to the third turning of the wheel of Dharma. He remarked that the traditional praise known as the Six Ornaments and Two Supremes seems to belong to the third turning of the wheel because several masters of the Middle View - Chandrakirti, Bhavaviveka and Buddhapalita - are not included in it. Consequently, His Holiness composed a fuller praise to the ‘17 Masters of Nalanda’. The ‘Sutra Unravelling the Thought’ also speaks of disciples’ different capacities.

The Four Noble Truths, the truth of suffering, origin, cessation and path, are accepted by all schools of Buddhism and comprise the foundation of the teaching. Most important is understanding the third truth, cessation, which was explicitly explained in the 2nd Turning of the Wheel of Dharma. Meanwhile the 3rd Turning of the Wheel explained the nature of the mind, which forms the basis for the practice of tantra. The Buddha gave different teachings because he understood that disciples had different dispositions.

When he had first attained enlightenment the Buddha thought that if he were to teach what he had realized, no one else would understand. After he spending 49 days in retreat in the vicinity of the bodhi tree in Bodhgaya, the gods requested him to turn the wheel of Dharma. He sought out the companions with whom he had formerly undertaken austerities and who had parted from him when he broke his fast. As he approached them in Sarnath near Varanasi they determined not to salute him but found themselves unable to resist the urge to do so. He ordained them and his first instruction was how to wear the robes of a monk. After this he taught the Four Noble Truths.

He advised - know suffering, overcome its origin, achieve cessation and cultivate the path. Within that context, the four characteristics or attributes of suffering are impermanence, suffering, emptiness and selflessness. The four characteristics of the origin of suffering are causes, origin, strong production and condition. The four characteristics that refer to cessation are cessation, pacification, being superb and definite emergence, while the four characteristics that refer to the path are path, awareness, achievement and deliverance. Studying these attributes contributes to wisdom, which is in contrast to the observation that the source of this body we have now is ignorance.

The Buddha described three aspects of suffering. Everyone is familiar with the suffering of suffering. The suffering of change refers to the way pleasure changes into suffering. Non-Buddhist yogis seek to avoid this by entering the 4th absorption, a meditative state characterized by neutral feelings. The source of the third aspect, pervasive suffering, is karma and disturbing emotions, which in turn are rooted in ignorance.

His Holiness made clear that the basic structure of the Buddha’s teaching can be found in the instructions about the Four Noble Truths and the 37 Factors of Enlightenment, which are common to both Pali and Sanskrit traditions. The 37 Factors include the 4 foundations of mindfulness, the 4 supreme efforts, the 4 means to accomplishment, the 5 strengths, the 5 faculties and the Noble Eightfold Path.

Resuming his reading of chapter three of the ‘Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life,’ His Holiness pointed out that only as human beings are we able to generate the awakening mind. Even then, as the text makes clear, it is rare - ‘Just as a blind man might find a jewel amidst a heap of rubbish, so this spirit of awakening has somehow arisen in me.’ It is invaluable - ‘It is the elixir of life produced to vanquish death in the world. It is an inexhaustible treasure eliminating poverty in the world.’

Nagarjuna expressed the aspiration of the awakening mind in this way:

May I always be an object of enjoyment 
For all sentient beings according to their wish 
And without interference, as are the earth, 
Water, fire, wind, herbs, and wild forests.

As he reached the end of the chapter His Holiness remarked that we all need such a good heart, a warm heart, which can be a source of peace in the world.

Reading chapter four - Conscientiousness - His Holiness drew attention to our real enemy, not someone physically threatening, but the disturbing emotions within our minds. They have been our foe for beginningless time and although we might make a physical enemy our friend, befriending the disturbing emotions would do no good.

After lunch His Holiness commented that the sessions today and yesterday had been conducted as if in classroom with no chanting at the beginning. However, he said, the day after tomorrow the ‘Heart Sutra’ will be chanted when will gives the permission of Manjushri and the prayer that begins:

Obeisance to my Guru and Protector, Manjushri,
Who holds at his heart a scriptural text symbolic of his seeing all things as they are

It is a prayer that is good to memorize. His Holiness mentioned that his own ordination master and tutor Ling Rinpoche used to recite this prayer and the Manjushri mantra regularly.

Turning back to the text he said:

“Someone who has taken the Bodhisattva vow has to carefully protect it, much as someone who is ill is careful of what they eat or how they behave. Mindfulness is important because of this need to be vigilant. Jain monks are exemplary in their vigilance to avoid harming other beings.”

Completing the fifth chapter, His Holiness went on to read the sixth, which concerns patience. The opening verse makes clear that anger destroys all the good conduct, such as generosity and paying respects to the Buddhas, which has been acquired over thousands of aeons. Therefore, patience has an important protective role. Reaching the end of the chapter at the end of the session, the penultimate verse summed up the spirit of the text:

Let alone attaining Buddhahood in the future, do you not see that in this life, fortune, fame, and happiness ensue from pleasing sentient beings?

The teaching will continue tomorrow.

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Choosing Not To Believe In The Devil Won't Protect You

Choosing Not To Believe In The Devil Won't Protect You

In 1864 there was a short story written by French poet Baudelaire with a similar quote

"My dear brothers, never forget, when you hear the progress of enlightenment vaunted, that the devil's best trick is to persuade you that he doesn't exist!"

The most known reinterpretation of this quote is from 'The Usual Suspects'

Now to the subject at hand..... I know that lately a lot of what I've written seems to surround the subject but unfortunately I have been flooded with emails regarding oppression, possible possession and demonic influence. I am informed that these events started to take place when these teenagers, children and adults felt like they wanted to prove that there is no such thing as demons and the devil do not exist. So there is nothing to fear and people who have a healthy fear and respect for all religions with dark entities are foolish due to the fact that evil does not exist. So, just for kicks and giggles "let's do this and really see what happens to prove people wrong". Well guess what that summoning spell did work. Just because nothing happens at that time, doesn't mean at a later date you will not suffer the consequences.

Ever since that movie "Ouija" (as if we didn't have enough people using them) it has stirred  quit a interest in many more people to purchase one "just to tempt evil and taunt demons to prove they don't exist." And all you have to do is go on YouTube and there are a ton of videos of people playing with the spirit board and a lot of them show someone getting possessed. Whether they are faking it or not. But even if you're faking it, it's the law of attraction. You are now on their radar because you have accused Satan and his minions of harming you. So many will claim being oppressed or possessed just for attention due to insecurity. I've seen it time and time again. Just for attention. Time being wasted when it could of been helping someone in valid distress. Well congratulations your attention seeking or trying to play a trick has now gotten you into a very bad position.

Ouija Boards create danger in my humble opinion. I have witnessed awful consequences people have to bare from playing around with these. In my opinion they are nothing more than portals to the demonic. Christ warns us about this.."Beware Of The Familiar Spirit." Our friends and loved ones are mimicked by demonic entities in a effort to trick us into offering help or becoming highly involved in keeping the communication going. This eventually allows them legal ground into our life.

Demons and devils are very intelligent, and very cunning, and very patient. They lie and manipulate better than the best lawyers and politicians. And they will subtly influence someone for decades if they have to, to get a specific result. They have no boundaries of what they will not do to further their own ends. They kill people, they cause severely debilitating illness. They tear families apart, they take all that is good and pure and drag it through the dirt and blood until there is nothing left. They are never to be taken lightly or as a joke. It is not adventurous or romantic or 'cool' to be as hunter. It is dangerous. Not just physically, but spiritually. Whatever they can do to you physically will end, because life is short. But spiritually... the soul is immortal...

Familiar spirits operate under their master, Satan. They influence people to create hate and hurt. Basically raise hell and torment us relentlessly. They spew lies and make a person believe such horrible things of others and ourselves. To knowingly open oneself to the work of demons is an evil act: "Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in a fire, who practices divination or sorcery." To knowingly open yourself up to these demons and their tasks is considered a sin. They are very evil spirits. They are very convincing to make you believe it's a passed loved one making contact. Test the spirit each time. Ask if he/it believes Jesus Christ is the son of man and does it worship Christ. You'll know real quick then if it's real and not eyes playing tricks on you or a person seeking attention.

I found the following paragraph of information I obtained at Fear is today's No.1 killer! Believe it or not, fear causes more sickness and more mental illness and more premature deaths than anything else on Earth! Doctors have discovered that heart muscle is actually DESTROYED when people are subject to great fear. Dr. Marilyn Cebelin, writing in the General Practitioner's newspaper, "Pulse," says the hormone, adrenalin, literally DESTROYS heart muscles when people are subjected to intense stress and fear. Canadian medical circles also report that WORRY increases chances of infectious disease, in that it weakens the body's ability to fight off germs. A recent study of cases of streptococcal infection, according to Dr. Robert Haggerty, revealed that one out of four cases of such infections occurred after prolonged trauma and anxiety. Heart trouble, high blood pressure, arthritis and stomach ulcers are all basically caused by worry, tension, stress and fear!

Do not be afraid or fear the devil or his demons.

Notice that it is at the Name of Jesus, not just to the person of Jesus, that every knee will bow. As true believers in Jesus Christ, we are members of His body, and joint-heirs in His

Written By Jennifer L Auld

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The Dalai Lama Teaches ‘Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life’ in Osaka, Part 1

Osaka, Japan, 10 May 2016 - As His Holiness the Dalai Lama walked to the hall of the Osaka International Conference Center this morning, well-wishers, mostly Chinese from Taiwan, lined up to greet him. When he walked onto the stage, the hall filled with applause. Once he had sat down he said:

“As you know I’m nearly 81 years old and I have some problems with my knees, so although a teacher ought to prostrate before the Buddha before teaching it is now quite difficult. However, my brain is still sharp. Every day in my practice, I use my intelligence to the full. I think about reality, analyzing, analyzing.”

He remarked that since there was simultaneous translation into Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Mongolian and English, he would speak uninterruptedly in his own language.

“All human beings have the capacity to differentiate right from wrong, but when we are under the influence of anger or attachment we lose the ability to discriminate. To fully exercise our intelligence we need a calm mind. Folding our hands and saying ‘I go for refuge ... ‘ is not enough, we need to employ reason. And we tend to be ignorant of the nature of the mind. We need to know how to shape the mind, to transform it from being disturbed to being calm. Cultivating the wisdom of listening, reflection and meditation will help.”

His Holiness remarked that of the various miraculous aspects of the Buddha’s body, speech and mind, it is his teaching that is most effective. He stressed the importance of actually understanding the nature of the Buddha, because, as he said, blind faith is not a basis for transforming the mind. Mere faith does not require much intelligence, and it will not guarantee the survival of the Buddha’s teachings. Applying analysis, on the other hand, will ensure that it lasts long. Sound faith should properly be based on understanding and wisdom.

While the first turning of the wheel of Dharma presented the Four Noble Truths, the second, given on Vulture’s Peak, dealt with the Perfection of Wisdom teachings. These assert that whatever is dependent on other conditions cannot be inherently existent. His Holiness noted that he refers to the Pali and Sanskrit traditions because he feels the terms ‘greater’ and ‘lesser’ vehicles give people a wrong impression. He went on to say that in the Sanskrit tradition all explanations of the basis, path and result are based on reason.

His Holiness expressed admiration for Dharmakirti, a great master of logic and epistemology, who composed seven treatises on valid cognition. Later, Shantarakshita, a foremost master of Nalanda University, furthered this tradition with the establishment of the Yogachara-Svatantrika-Madhyamika school of thought, which combined the Madhyamaka of Nagarjuna and the Yogachara of Asanga with the logic and epistemology of Dharmakirti.

Modern scientists are interested to compare these modes of thought with their own findings. Where the Chittamatra or Mind Only school asserts the unfindability of external phenomena, Quantum Physics suggests that external phenomena depend on the perceiving mind. His Holiness cited what he considers the Buddha’s scientific approach, quoting him as advising his followers not to accept what he said at face value, out of devotion, but to test it through investigation and experiment and only accept it if it makes sense.

Turning to the text he was to teach, His Holiness stated that its main thrust was generating the awakening mind and an understanding of emptiness. The first chapter begins by outlining the benefits of the awakening mind, while the ninth presents an explanation of emptiness to which the preceding chapters are preliminary. It is observed that while compassion focusses on sentient beings; wisdom focusses on enlightenment.

His Holiness advised that his explanation will extend over four days and that it should be regarded as an opportunity to study and learn, not to receive blessings. He noted that Shantideva’s approach to generating the awakening mind, the exchange of self with others, is for those of sharp faculties when compared to the seven point cause and effect approach that Atisha taught. He also advised that since chapter nine of the ‘Guide’ is complicated and difficult, reading Nagarjuna’s ‘Fundamental Wisdom of the Middle Way’ and Chandrakirti’s ‘Supplement to the Middle Way’ would be helpful.

He said he received an explanation of the ‘Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life’ from Khunnu Lama Rinpoche in 1967. Because he has found it so helpful he teaches it whenever he has the opportunity. But, he said, the key is in applying what it recommends, for example applying what chapter six, which deals with patience, has to say about anger. He recommended that his listeners try to read a little of the text every day and reflect on it as part of their practice.

Setting the text aside for a moment, His Holiness declared:

“First of all, I’m just one of 7 billion human beings alive today. As human beings we are all fundamentally the same. We share a common experience in that we are all born from a mother. We survive because of her care and affection. Scientists working with young infants are coming up with findings that suggest that basic human nature is compassionate. Common sense tells us that even if a family is poor, if they live in an atmosphere of affection they tend to be happy. A wealthy family, well provided for, but afflicted by suspicion and jealousy, tends to be unhappy. Clearly where there is love and compassion, happiness follows.

“We are social animals. We need friends and friendship depends on trust. Showing concern and affection for others is how we establish trust. Because we are interdependent, love and compassion are important in our lives. Recently I was encouraged to hear on the BBC that increasing numbers of young people regard themselves as global citizens.

“Similarly, the creation of the European Union is an instance of nations that once fought each other putting the past behind them and giving priority to their common interests. We could all do well to adopt such a mature approach and regard ourselves as global citizens. Instead we tend to think in terms of ‘us’ and ‘them’, despite, as I mentioned above, the fact that as human beings we are all the same; members of one family.”

Describing education today as focussed on materialistic goals, but with little to say about how to find peace of mind, His Holiness noted that that used to be the province of religion. Today, however, when religion no longer commands the universal appeal it once had, there is a need instead for a secular approach to human values. He mentioned proposals to introduce secular ethics into modern education.

Looking back to the origins of Tibetan Buddhism, His Holiness recalled the efforts of the bodhisattva abbot Shantarakshita working with the adept Guru Padmasambhava and King Songtsen Gampo. Later, after Tibet had fragmented politically, the King of Ngari invited Atisha. He wrote his ‘Lamp for the Path’ and established the Kadampa tradition. ‘Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life’ is one of the six classic texts of the Kadampas.

“Today, the crucial thing is to study,” His Holiness advised. “In exile, monasteries that only performed rituals in the past have instituted programmes of study. Nuns too have been studying and the first group will shortly graduate and will be awarded Geshe-ma degrees. We all need to be 21st century Buddhists, which means we at least understand the nature of the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, the teacher, his teaching, the path to cessation, and the community of those who put it into practice.”

Coming back after lunch His Holiness repeated what Khunnu Lama Rinpoche had told him that since it was composed in the 8th century, ‘Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life’ has been the single most important text for training the mind. He said the point is not to simply recite it, but to put what it says into effect. He glossed the meaning of the term ‘bodhi’ in the title ‘Bodhicharyavatara’ as referring to the abandonment and realization of great enlightenment. He noted the translators’ homage to Manjushri and the author’s pledge to compose the work.

He clarified that we take refuge in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha in order to achieve liberation. Liberation is the fruit of eliminating the disturbing emotions. It is intense misconception or grasping in the mind that gives rise to the disturbing emotions. He mentioned the American psychiatrist Aaron Beck who told him that when we are angry the object of our anger appears to be totally negative. This impression is 90% mental projection. In other words, conceptual thought exaggerates the nature of the object and provokes anger or attachment.

“I’ve been reflecting and meditating on emptiness for more than 60 years at my teacher Ngodrup Tsognyi’s prompting and I’m aware of what Nagarjuna says:

Through the elimination of karma and affliction there is liberation.
Karma and affliction come from conceptual thought. 
These come from mental fabrication.
Fabrication ceases through emptiness.

The root of all suffering is disturbing emotions and their root is ignorance. Those who wish to pacify suffering should generate wisdom. Verse two of chapter nine says: ‘Truth is recognized as being of two kinds: conventional and ultimate. Ultimate reality is beyond the scope of the intellect. The intellect is called conventional reality.’ The two truths are of the same entity, as the Heart Sutra states: form is emptiness; emptiness is form, and so forth. Chapter nine continues: In the light of this, people are seen to be of two types: the contemplative or yogi and the ordinary person; the ordinary people are superseded by the yogis, which implies that they perceive the ordinary, worldly person’s viewpoint to be incorrect.

His Holiness read rapidly through the first and second chapters. In the first he distinguished between the mind that aspires to awaken and that which ventures to do so. The difference is whether the bodhisattva is engaged in the six perfections. The second chapter, dealing with disclosure of evil stresses the inevitability of death:

Remaining neither day nor night, 
Life is always slipping away 
And never getting any longer, 
Why will death not come to one like me?

Announcing that he had completed the first two chapters, His Holiness repeated that this was an opportunity to study and learn, not just receive blessings. He said what his listeners would gain from these eight sessions could have an impact for their entire lives. He introduced Ven Yangten Rinpoche, who he described as a good young scholar, who would answer whatever questions people had about what had already been read.

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The Dalai Lama Teaches ‘Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life’ in Osaka, Part 2

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The Devil has Full Authority--What You AREN'T Taught in Church!

The devil truly understands the authority that it has over the world. Sadly, many people do not understand this aspect. For you see even Christ Jesus did not question the authority that the devil had for when he was tempted by the devil to be given all that is in this world.

What I am writing about today should be going off like an alarm to you on the inside. For you see this is NOT taught in churches. Let's jump and go back into Genesis and in this book we find that God had intended Adam and Eve to have dominion (authority/ruler-ship) over this earth Gen. 1:28.

However, because of Adam's disobedience to God, Adam therefore surrendered the authority (legal rights) over the earth, the regents, stewards, trustee's to the devil by partaking in the forbidden fruit according to Gen. 3.

By this act of surrendering of legal rights by Adam the Devil was given these rights over the dominion of the world. Therefore, God had to send HIS only Begotten Son to remove those rights from the devil back to the creator.

This is just one aspect of training that you need to understand regarding Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance/Exorcism. Now you can see a bigger picture and understand why large percentages of humans throughout history - including even people today have DEMONS and they do not even know this, because of the authority transferring to the devil.

This even goes for Christians who profess Christ Jesus until they choose to go through the removal of legal authority via Deliverance/Exorcism to take the authority away from the Devil over their life by the command found in the Children's Bread story - which as a reminder is a direct command for all followers of Christ Jesus to do this act.

If we are to live successfully in Christ Jesus, the devil and its past influence in our lives must be thwarted. Of course, on-going repentance is key to reversing the process of sin and unholiness in our lives. But the devil is still the 'Prince of the power of the air' and it has great authority and power to influence our lives and actions.

We must be aware of Satanic realities about us that seek to draw us back into his grip, even after we have become born-again. We may be inclined to think since Christ Jesus dwells within us nothing, even Satan, can touch us. This is a wrong impression to have and sadly MANY churches preach and embrace this falseness!

After Calvary the Devil became like a wounded bear. It is out of control with fear, rage and hatred. As the time of judgment draws nearer and nearer so does the wrath and desperation increase against all - even followers of Christ Jesus. It will not fail to pull out all stops trying to destroy the works of God whenever and where ever it can. (Rev. 12:12)

The believer must be resistant and actively oppose the works of the Devil, not by word only, but by his life and deeds. If one resists the devil and is walking daily in the spirit that person will not be sinning. For you see it is not possible to walk in the Spirit of Christ and sin. The Spirit of God does not sin - ever; cannot sin, it makes no sense to say or think that God can sin.

This is an immutable contradiction for us to even think that we should still be open to sin at all, but sadly MANY people do just this because they choose to not make the flesh like stone. This is just one of the reasons why God came in the flesh was to destroy the works of the Devil. "He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the Devil." (1 John 3:8)

For you see HERE is what the churches and MANY do not understand WHY Christians can and will have DEMONS - Due to our past companionship with the spirit of the world (the Devil), our complicitous dalliance with Satan and due to our full involvement in sin, Satan still has legal right to harangue us, attack us and generally oppress us with his strategy of hate and deceit. Even though you profess Christ - YOUR past still gives the devil LEGAL authority to YOU!! This is why EVERY Christian is to go through Deliverance/Exorcism to remove the past aspects.

Remember HE who controls and owns the past has the future!!! Deliverance is the friend and ally of every Christian who expects to have a close and victorious walk with Christ Jesus. It is Christ Jesus Himself who likened it to "the children's bread" when He had an exchange with a Gentile woman who sought deliverance from an unclean spirit for her young daughter.

When she asked the Lord Jesus Christ to free her daughter from this afflicting spirit Jesus at first told her that He would not, saying, "It is not meet to cast the children's bread unto dogs" (Mark 7:27). But it was her cry for mercy when she responded that even the dogs eat of the crumbs from the children's table that caused Christ Jesus to reconsider and cast the spirit out of the youth.

Whatever His reasons for saying this and first refusing, one thing remains clear: Christ Jesus was saying that deliverance from evil spirits (and, we can surmise, deliverance from sin and oppression of all sorts) is THE CHILDREN'S BREAD!

It is my prayer that each reader will embrace Deliverance/Exorcism as the sweet bread and nourishment that it truly is. Since it is the children's bread then it should be consumed by us like a little child eating a goody. We should not doubt its sweet goodness.

We shouldn’t fool ourselves. When deliverance and such things are brought to us by God our flesh reacts with such bitterness and resentment. We are easily embarrassed, as well as offended. What do you mean I have a flaw?  What do you mean I need the hand of God to supernaturally and powerfully deliver me from the influence of evil that has overcome me by my own doing?

But we should not be embarrassed. We should resist the temptation to sweep our personal need for deliverance under the rug. Deliverance is THE CHILDREN’S BREAD. Deliverance is a friend. It is God's mercy. It helps us to grow. In fact, without it one can’t grow into maturity within Christ Jesus.  Exorcism/Deliverance is a lifelong friend which every Christian, young and old, strong and weak, experienced and inexperienced, needs to invite into their heart daily.

If we want to grow into full and strong "adult" Christian, into what the Scripture calls the "measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ" (Eph. 4:13), we must eat of the children's bread, accepting the fact that we all need deliverance from demonic influences and spirits that are contrary to the Spirit of God. This is fundamental to our growth in Christ Jesus!

Rev. Bradley Luoma

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Hello my para beauties! I trust you had a great day and are in good health. This is a subject I've been asked to explain to the best of my knowledge. This is from the book of Revelations. The book of Revelations can be very intimidating. But we know who wins in the end.

The first Horseman is the rider of a white horse, carries a bow, and wears a crown. He is described as a conqueror. For this reason, he is sometimes interpreted as the Antichrist or as a false world leader. This Horseman is also sometimes called Pestilence.

The second Horseman is astride a red horse and carries a sword. He is associated with war and slaughter, and the Bible attributes to him the power to take away peace and to make men kill each other.

The third Horseman rides a black horse and carries scales. This Horseman, popularly called Famine, is thought to represent not only scarcity of food, but also the strict rationing or unfair allocation of goods and the exploitation of the poor.

The last of the Four Horsemen, Death, rides a "pale horse" of a sickly hue and is followed by Hades, or Hell.

The nature of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is hotly debated by theologians and Christians, but they are almost universally fascinating, regardless or perhaps because of their mystery. They were popular subjects for art during the medieval period and the Renaissance, and references to them continue to crop up in popular culture in our own day and age. Whether or not Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death are the correct interpretations of the Biblical Four Horsemen -- which will likely remain in debate for the foreseeable future -- it is safe to assume that that is what they represent in a cultural or literary context.

In many opinions The book of Revelation in the Bible is real and does not need one to read the hidden truths. When it says Jesus Christ is coming back again it means Jesus Christ is coming back again. When it says the Horsemen it means exactly that.

Since Christ is the One opening these seals and revealing what will happen in this world prior to His return, is there anywhere else in the Bible that He discloses these events? In fact, He did so shortly before His death in a section known as the Olivet Prophecy (given on the Mount of Olives), recorded in the Gospels of Matthew (chapter 24), Mark (chapter 13) and Luke (chapter 21) Seeing what Christ said in this prophecy helps us identify what each of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse represents.

In Matthew 24:3 Christ’s disciples asked, “Tell us, when will these things be? And what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age?” In the comparison chart below, notice how Christ’s answer lines up exactly with what He gave years later in the book of Revelation through the apostle John.

Notice the enormous effect of these first four seals (horsemen) in Revelation 6:8: “And power was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword, with hunger, with death, and by the beasts of the earth.” This indicates that the first four seals will ultimately result in a death toll of one-fourth the earth’s population. This summary statement also adds something else that will contribute to the death toll—beasts of the earth, which kill as carriers of pestilence and as ravenous predators.

The first four seals are clearly already open in our day now, and the four horsemen of the Apocalypse have been riding through the years, taking their toll on populations. But many other prophecies in the Bible show that their destruction will multiply greatly as the next seal—the fifth seal or Great Tribulation—is about to open. Christ reveals that this world is about to undergo great devastation due to the rebellion of humanity against our Creator.

May God Help us All.

Written By Jennifer L. Auld

NOTE: This blog was originally posted in May 2014.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Interview With His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Osaka

Osaka, Japan, 9 May 2016 - This morning His Holiness the Dalai Lama drove from Narita to Haneda Airport in Tokyo under grey skies to take the hour long flight to Osaka. Descending through thick cloud the plane landed at Itami Airport in pouring rain. His Holiness drove to his hotel in time for lunch. Immediately afterwards he gave an interview to Makoto Oda and Eisuke Takahashi, correspondents from NHK, Japan's national public broadcasting organization.

They began by asking about the real situation in Tibet and His Holiness told them they had better send Japanese journalists to visit the towns, villages and nomad encampments there to find out for themselves.

“Compared to the Cultural Revolution things are better in Tibet and China, but in Tibet there are hardline officials whose policy is to see anything unique about Tibet, whether it is our language, culture or religious traditions, as portending separation from China. Fearing that, they exert ever tighter control. The teaching of Tibetan language in schools is either banned or restricted. Students who excel in their study of Tibetan are held back, while those who do well studying Chinese find jobs or more easily go on to university. Since the mid 80s Tibetans have felt that a semi-cultural revolution has been imposed. This is what stoked the 2008 crisis. Peking depends too much on local authorities who tend to be narrow-minded and exert too tight a control.

“In terms of material development housing and the shops in cities have improved, but as far as Tibetan Buddhism is concerned, a proper training requires 20-30 years study with a proper teacher. This is difficult to find in Tibet. Most of the learned masters either escaped to India or died in prison. Very few remain. Meanwhile the number of monks has drastically declined. In Drepung Monastery where the 2nd Dalai Lama was abbot, for example, there were 8000 monks when I took my final exams in 1958-9. Now there are 400. The monastery used to accommodate monks from right across Tibet and beyond. Now the authorities send those who have come from afar back home. Monks who are admitted are subjected to political re-education.

“The party proclaims that all is glorious, but there is neither freedom of expression nor freedom of the media. The government imposes censorship that only allows one-sided information.”

Asked about the more than 140 self-immolations that have taken place since 2009, His Holiness said each one was very sad. He expressed admiration for the courage of those who in doing this have done others no harm. He recalled telling a BBC correspondence this when these drastic actions first began adding then that he doubted whether such steps would really help the Tibetan cause.

Regarding the status of Tibet he said:

“We are not seeking independence. Yet Chinese history books record the existence of three distinct and equal empires - China, Mongolia and Tibet - in the 7th, 8th and 9th centuries. However, that is the past. Now we are looking to the future. I admire the spirit of the European Union in which members accord greater importance to the common interest than national sovereignty. We need greater material development in Tibet and China can help us with that, provided we can keep our own language and traditions alive.

“Tibetans retain the most comprehensive presentation of the Nalanda tradition which involves memorization, study and debate, and practice. The survival of Tibetan Buddhism is of interest not only to 6 million Tibetans, but also to 400 million Chinese Buddhists, as well as Buddhists in Japan. Today, scientists too are recognising that peace of mind is crucial if individuals, families and nations are to be happy. Technology and material development by themselves are not enough. Happiness is related to our emotions, so, just as we observe physical hygiene to stay physically healthy, to be mentally healthy and happy we need to observe some kind of emotional hygiene. The Tibetan Buddhist tradition includes a great deal of knowledge about how to deal with our emotions. We have a right to preserve this, but it can also certainly be of benefit to others.”

Regarding prospects for reconciliation with the People’s Republic of China, His Holiness recalled contacts being established in the 80s after Deng Xiaoping told his emissary that besides independence everything was up for discussion. These contacts ceased in the 90s. They were revived again in Jiang Zemin’s time, but came to an end again in 2010. He remarked that he holds the name Dalai Lama and that the 5th Dalai Lama visited Peking. Meanwhile, on the one hand millions of Chinese Buddhists seem eager to listen to him teach and on the other Xi Jinping, a Communist leader, stated in Paris and repeated in Delhi that Buddhism has a crucial role to play in Chinese culture. His Holiness also mentioned the 1000 or so recent articles in Chinese that express support for the Tibetan Middle Way Approach and criticize the stance of the Chinese government.

His Holiness also noted that the tight control of totalitarian regimes is out of date. A more liberal approach would be in both the Chinese people’s and their government’s interest. He said the 1.3 billion Chinese people have a right to know about reality and are capable of judging right from wrong on that basis. In such a context blanket censorship is both immoral and wrong. He took the opportunity to add that he did not mean to imply that he is opposed to Marxism as such. He is fully in support of the idea of equal distribution of wealth and opportunity, but opposes the draconian measures that Lenin introduced that subsequently spoiled it.

To a question about who will be the next Dalai Lama, His Holiness replied, “Who knows?” He went on to say that he has not only retired from political responsibility himself, but has also put an end proudly and voluntarily to the Dalai Lama’s traditional involvement in political affairs in addition to their spiritual role. Consequently, a future Dalai Lama would only be a religious person like the Sakya Trizin and the Karmapa. On the other hand, he said, it would not be a problem if there were no future Dalai Lama. He observed that there no reincarnations of either the Buddha or of Nagarjuna and yet their teachings continue to flourish centuries after they lived.

He clarified that non-violence is not his personal predilection, but the proper way to solve problems. He said you only have to look at what is happening in the Middle East to see that, asserting that no one wants to perpetuate violence and killing.

His Holiness suggested that modern education with its focus on material goals and a disregard for inner values is incomplete. There is a need to know about the workings of our minds and emotions. He mentioned the recent drafting of a curriculum to introduce secular ethics into the general education system in which he places great hope.

“I will not live to see the emergence of a more compassionate world,” he said, “but if we start and make an effort to educate those who are young now in inner values, they will see a different, peaceful, more compassionate world in the future. Problems created by human beings have to be solved by human beings. Basic human nature is compassionate and this is our source of hope.

“Friendship too is important. If you show concern for others and respect for their rights you will establish trust; and trust is the basis of friendship. I was very encouraged to hear from the BBC that increasing numbers of young people today regard themselves as global citizens. This is a positive development.”

Asked his thoughts about speculation that President Obama may visit Hiroshima at the end of this month, he replied that it would be wonderful. He added that he often remarks how impressed he is that Germany and Japan arose from the ashes of the Second World War and express no rancour for what happened to them.

Regarding the way everyone bows to Chinese pressure, which can make things more difficult for him, His Holiness replied that in the long run the power of truth surpasses the power of the gun. He said many foreign leaders remain fundamentally sympathetic to the cause of Tibet and Tibetans are fully committed to non-violence. Observing that human nature is basically good, he said that at the age of nearly 81 he remains optimistic.

Tomorrow His Holiness will begin to teach Shantideva’s ‘Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life’ to an audience of about 2700 including Chinese, mostly from Taiwan, but some from the mainland, Koreans, Mongolians, Russians and Japanese.

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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Darkness And Evil Seems To Be Taking Over

Hello every body. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday and I hope all the mothers out there are having a wonderful and blessed Mother's Day weekend. I pray everyone is healthy and happy. And to those that may not have their parents still living, I know it can be very difficult on holidays. I miss my father very much and it's been six years. I'll run into people he used to counsel or somebody he helped over the years that will still call and talk to my mom and make sure she's OK and those people who used my dad as a contact are now contacting me the daughter. LOL. I don't want to be compared to my father because that man was filled with the Holy Spirit in ways that in deliverances at times he wouldn't have to even finish a sentence and something would flee it wasn't always that easy but of course when you have been called by God for 51 years like my father I guess you kind of pick up certain ways of coping or handling what you do as its very disturbing. I admired him so much for that. I respected him so much because he was so passionate about what he believed. But he started at 19. He died at 76 but was still doing the Lord's work. He married my husband and I when I was a married women at 28. Time flies.

There is a new TV series called Shadow Hunters. I've read the emails some sent me concerned about their kids being practically addicted to this new show already. It's teenagers who are demon hunters and protect society by taking on these evil forces. Now you know it's only a matter of time as its already very popular. Soon in real life we'll see teenagers running around the woods and cemeteries or abandoned buildings seeking out demons in order to help people and keep the world more safe. What it's going to happen is more portals are going to be opened and demons are going to come through. The TV is filled with these shows. Darkness has become a new way to live for lack of better words. This is just too much danger and way too many bad influences. I just see a lot of increase in activity, use of Ouija Boards and divination tools.

All these paranormal events attract attention and I'm told so much it's are just to boost the ego of "The celebrities." People on the ghost hunting shows have events to hang out with them and investigate. Cost of travel and ticket to the event people pay to see someone from TV or hangs with those who do. Dorks. Your experience is never checked and tested, So much drama behind the scenes and no loyalty. So many people who are extremely knowledgeable and have proof of experience are completely never picked to go to the seminar or speak at events. I know of many. Satan is loving this. It's like it's everywhere. This darkness fad. I felt I needed to share this. People are entitled to opinions. This is just my humble thoughts. I have been asked to address a new tv series that many tell me is disturbing.

The enemy wants every body to turn on each other instead of everybody working together. And this is something I know from way too much experience dealing with it at certain times in my feeds off chaos, anger, sadness, bitterness etc.... This is sadly the cycle I experienced. They just love that people are constantly coming in and out of these graveyards and cemeteries doing EVP's and God knows what else. Some cemeteries due to some residual feelings of sadness, depression and just plain heart broken. But there are some positive feelings. One may be happy their loved one is no longer suffering or one may feel happy his or her loved one is now with Christ. Just depends but it's full of enough negative feelings to be a threat in my humble opinion.

These demons never stop. they cause humans to have emotional trauma. The most common are:

Emotional pain, depression, low energy levels, constant fatigue, suicidal thoughts and/or attempts, drug and/or alcohol addictions, unhealthy addictions, over eating, hearing voices in the mind, strange or weird thoughts that don't seem your own, being directed by an inner voice, most mental illness, mental or emotional instability, poor concentration, mood swings, multiple personalities, confusion, deep anger/aggressiveness, nightmares or any negative/terrifying dreams/day dreams, sleep paralysis, anxiety, paranoia, constant negative or fear based thoughts and/or emotions, waking up tired after a full night's rest, criminal and/or violent behaviors, sexual abuse, mental noise (unclear thinking), dark thoughts and impulses, unexplained physical pain or problems without any known cause, constantly sabotaging yourself or others, negative beliefs, religious fanaticism, abusing or attacking others either emotionally, physically etc., energy stealing among people, limited/lower consciousness, feelings of giving everything up, feeling your life is being controlled by something outside of yourself, constantly trying to control or have power over others, loss of your purpose/path in life, loss of your power/soul and so very much more.

When we as humans person go through periods like weakness, such as emotional trauma, physical trauma, break ups, divorces, health issues etc...There are just so many areas to which the natural walls of defense in the physical, spiritual or emotional system of a person are weakened, it leaves us vulnerable for the enemy. The same is true with drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, and especially drugs, because they lower our defenses. We are wide open for the demonic to just slip right in our life. It happens so fast. As I've said many times, when you open that door it is extremely hard to get rid of any attachments or possession and oppression.

Please think twice when presented with anything like Ouija boards and things to that nature. It's best to just be curious and leave it at that. It's not worth going further. It can and does destroy lives. Demons prey on people through those mimicking another like a aunt who passed or parent. It's only to gain your trust to draw you in. Demons are so very tricky and want to remain out of hell because even for them they are suffering its horrible and of course this is an opinion and it too is subjective but demons don't want to go away they hang on for dear life because they don't want to go back to hell because of all the torment they are scared of Satan. And again this is all subjective but they don't want to go back and be punished by Satan for losing a soul. Even demons don't want to be there. Doesn't that just speak volumes?

Spiritual warfare is really one of the greatest blessings and best defenses we have. We don't have to wallow in the darkness, we can call for spiritual protection from the forces of evil and they will fight back and raise us out of whatever negative state of mind or being we are in. It's basically saying what you speak you speak into existence. And as hard as it can be no matter what's going on keep the negativity away and thank the Lord for dying for your sins and thank him for taking care of you. It stipulates we have the power of life and death in our tongue. Meaning our mouth and what comes out can make or break you.

Written By Jennifer L Auld

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