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Bring Quality Back into Buddhist Pursuits

In his speech to a large crowd of Tibetans from Tibet given on Mar 27, 2006 at the end of his Monlam teaching in Dharamsala, the Dalai Lama spoke passionately about several issues, one of which was about the need for the concerned Tibetans and Buddhists to bring primary focus on quality when it comes to religious education, discoursing, or practice. The following are relevant excerpts, as translated by the editor.

Most of us Tibetans are poor when it comes to standards of knowledge. Speaking from the religious point of view, there are in our society of six million Tibetans people with astonishing degree of genuine faith in Buddhism. Buddhism is profound, became widespread and has been propagated from generation to generation and has therefore progressed and flourished. As a result, today too, the Snowland of Tibet is almost the only place where on the world stage the entirety of the Mahayana, Hinayana and Tantric teachings of Buddhism could be fully preserved, and where in this world the religious heritage of the Great Nalanda University could be fully kept, defended and spread without a whiff of contamination. In particular, in terms of keeping, defending and spreading the teaching and practice of Buddhism in an integrated manner, Tibet has the most profound tradition and curriculum. Taking the Tibetan society as a whole, the Snowland of Tibet has, through generations over a millennium, been a race of people who preserved Buddhism by keeping, defending and spreading it. Nevertheless, among the general public, it is obvious that knowledge of Buddhism is extremely poor.

In terms of the religious activities in our ecumenical monasteries in Tibet, the main consideration should not be given to the numerical strength of the monks and nuns in them; what is more relevant is that it is extremely important to ensure good qualities of training and discipline in them. Otherwise, if the standards of study and training are poor and the state of discipline too is nothing to talk about, large populations of monks and nuns would only mean too large numbers of such monks and nuns, which is of no help. Good quality is extremely important.

I some times see in the Tibetan community big efforts being seemingly made to enlarge the numbers of monks and nuns. I do not see this as particularly important. To speak bluntly, we do raise protests over the existing dangers of Tibetans becoming a minority in our own land. The danger is real. We also have considerable international support on this. In a period of such great change, when the Tibetan population is dangerously small, we ourselves would seem to be contributing further to the declining number by raising the population of monks and nuns to the point that there would be too many of them. Therefore, if despite the fact that the Tibetan population is already too small, the number of monks and nuns is raised further, the result will surely be a further decline of our population.

We also need to think about the situation in places like Ladakh. It is a failure resulting from extreme short-sightedness that there is an impression that in the ecumenical monasteries both in and outside Tibet great attention is being paid to an imperative to raise the number of monks and nuns, with seeming shortage of focus on the training and discipline of the monks and nuns.

Therefore, unless we think by paying attention to all aspects of the situation today, this is definitely not an era of progress for us. We all should think on the basis of having looked in all directions in our back and front, and to our left and right. It is certainly not a period in which we can make decisions solely on the basis of what we actually see before us. In any case, it is extremely important to uphold the quality of training and discipline as more important than the number of monks and nuns.

Like I said recently, when teaching on Choejug (Bodhisattva Way of Life), being familiar with the Sutra and Tantra texts alone won't do. Ritualistically beating drums, striking cymbals and performing cham (religious dance) in supposed displays of religious practice, but remaining unable to recognize the Three Jewels (The Buddha, Dharma and Sangha) in reality would put us in danger of performing self-blessings. We must be very cautious about it. Buddhism is not revealed merely by beating drums and striking cymbals, and there is no way such rituals can enhance devotion. On the other hand, there is a danger of it becoming a system of ideas without foundation.

So, it is extremely important for everyone not to lose touch with his or her roots. Within the Tibetan community one can see many instances everywhere of people who had lost their roots and go about clinging to branches. To sum up, the noble tradition of the learning of the Tibetan Buddhist philosophy extant in the time of our ancestors should primarily be maintained by our monasteries. On that basis, the monks and the nuns in the monasteries should ensure high quality of study and training as well as discipline and thereby must be able to maintain the faith in both teaching and practice. Everyone needs to make efforts to bring progress within the general public in terms of modern knowledge, and, on that basis, enable people to gain in-depth understanding of Buddhism and thereby find devotion in it. This is one of the important points on which I routinely make appeals.

Over many decades in China, especially during the Cultural Revolution, when the Four Olds were being destroyed, there was a lot of persecution, with opposition to religion and culture being total. But human nature is such that it needs a source of faith and hope, and, as a result, the number of followers of the Christian faith is witnessing high growth. The number of people practising the Buddhist faith, too, is growing likewise. Especially, in the recent period, many people have been turning their attention to Tibetan Buddhism. Over the last two decades, there have been many Chinese people paying attention to Tibetan Buddhism and receiving teachings from Tibetan Lamas, Geshes, etc. Today, this number is increasing ever more.

Take the case of the seat set up by Khen Rinpoche Jigme Phuntsog. Not only were there a large number of ethnic Chinese disciples there, but it also had a flourishing academy.  But it suffered unimaginable decline recently and, ultimately, even the great abbot himself passed away. This was an immensely sad development. But, still, not only are there so many ethnic Chinese taking interest in and following Tibetan Buddhism, but they are also receiving teachings from Tibetan Lamas, Geshes, etc. These are highly positive developments and I greatly appreciate them.

The Lamas and Geshes of Tibet, and other teachers and propagators of Buddhism must all bear in mind that in this period one very important consideration to be borne in mind is that it would be a grave error to propagate and teach Buddhism for the purpose of monetary or material gains or for the purpose of living a life of luxury. Not only that, when looked at from the point of view of the karmas of merit and sin, this would amount to merchandizing religion. Practitioners of religion would not act like that. In any case, concerned persons from all sides need to exercise caution.

It is possible that some times Lamas and religious masters will feel a sense of being important and develop an inflated ego on the basis of very strong faith and hope reposed in them by believers as they make offerings and pay obeisance. Such developments are not at all good. As Drom Toenpa has said: Even if one were held in the highest esteem by everyone/ It is better to hold oneself in subdued humility. One should never forget this. In my own case too, I have constantly been keeping this in mind. Whenever people show great obeisance to me by addressing me as His Holiness, I always humble myself by earnestly recalling thus: Wherever and whomsoever I go to for whatever purpose,/ by holding myself the humblest of all,/ may I hold others, in all sincerity,/ to the highest level. I do this at all times without any relaxation of effort. You too should think by doing likewise.

To speak to you about a sad aspect in our situation today, recently, in many countries such as Taiwan, America, Europe, Russia and Mongolia, there have been cases of fake Tibetan lamas and religious masters doing irreligious things. In China too, reports have been emerging about fake Tibetan religious masters coming from Tibet. All this is an extremely tragic development.

What one witnesses is of well endowed and capable religious masters remaining in meek withdrawal while there are out there fake religious masters who, devoid of all sense of shame, and brimming with greed and talking naked falsehood, wear the mask of religion with great audacity, carry out irreligious activities and thereby bring disrepute to the Buddhist religion and faith. In view of this, everyone should exercise utmost care to gain purposive determination. It is especially important that the well-endowed religious masters should assume the responsibility to serve the religion and humanity.

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Demonic Strongholds

What is a stronghold ?

Hello my parabeauties. I hope you have had a fantastic weekend and free from bad weather. Many across the world are suffering so lets be sure to keep them all in prayer. I'd like to add that my blogs are simply my humble opinion and in no way am I claiming fact. I thought this goes without saying but apparently not. It's all based on biblical laws and scripture.

Demonic Strongholds Leading To Possession Or Oppression

"For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through god to the pulling down of strongholds;" -2 Corinthians 10:4

A Legal Right is how the devil gets in, and a stronghold is how the devil stays in. A Stronghold is something that you have to attack and go after and remove or "pull down". In Most cases, A Legal Right- you renounce through some declarative process - you say, "this is something I want to be free from."

A Legal Right, for example, being involved in the occult, or committing a willful and deliberate sin, is something that gives the devil a Legal Right to attack your life. So, If you've done this (involvement in the occult or willful sin), you have to repent, you have to renounce, and that is how you get free of the Legal Right.

But, what the devil does with the Stronghold is much more subtle. For The Record, what the devil actually does is three-fold :

(1) he gets a Legal Right
(2) he establishes a stronghold
(3) he declares dominion in every area of your life

The Strongholds And Principalities

The principalities waging war on earth have gained footholds by pagan worship. The sons of light have battled these principality's by overcoming the peoples that worship these entity. That's why God commanded the Israelite's to:-
(Numbers 33:52 KJV)

Then ye shall drive out all the inhabitants of the land from before you, and destroy all their pictures, and destroy all their molten images, and quite pluck down all their high places:

Depending on the obedience of the sons of light the stronghold is held or lost. Islam and its demonic principalities are fighting back and in fact will win for a while and triumph temporarily over the sons of light.
(Revelations 11:7 KJV) And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them. And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.

Iran and Iraq have been the major strongholds of the principalities of demons. And guess where that hatred is directed..Israel and the "Christianised".

(Ephesians 6:12 KJV) For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Identifying Strongholds And How They Enter

Our thoughts influence our emotions and our physical reactions. A thought may seem harmless, but it can become physically, emotionally or spiritually dangerous.  Satan will bring evil thoughts into our minds. We cannot entertain these thoughts. Doing so will give way to the enemy. We need to rebuke the evil thoughts from our minds immediately.   For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit. (Romans 8:5 NKJV) Our way of thinking determines the way we feel. As we entertain our thoughts, our emotions become involved.  Negative thoughts will bring about negative emotions. But those things which proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and they defile a man. For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies. (Matthew 15:18-19 NKJV)

Giving in to our emotions eventually leads to taking some sort of action. But each one is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desires and enticed. Then, when desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, brings forth death. (James 1:14-15 NKJV) This is very evident in the life of Amnon and his lustful desires for Tamar (2 Samuel 13). His lustful desires for his sister led him to rape her. Absalom was so angry at Amnon for raping their sister that he plotted to kill his brother Amnon in revenge. Anger, unforgiveness, pride, etc. If there is sin in your life that you are unable to break away from, you need to be set free from the demonic stronghold that keeps you bound. The demons controlling the stronghold need to be rebuked from your life, old habits need to be broken, and your thoughts and emotions need t need to come under the control of the Holy Spirit. And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. (Romans 12:2 NKJV)

This subject can go on and on and on. Feel free to research this yourself and compare it to what the Bible says. It's hard to really have a proper ending to this. This was a request so I hope I am ble to answer a few questions and clear up what the Bible says regarding this subject.

Written By Jennifer L Auld

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Feed My Starving Children

Pastor Stephen... Our local church participated with this program April 9 - 12, 2014, and as a church we collected (above tithing/giving) $84,000. Which is $7,000 more than we budgeted. Last year, we prepared 350,000 meals, and this year we topped that at 381,024. Our budget was to feed 959 children, and this year we prepared enough meals for 1,045 children :-) Can I get an Amen? AMEN †

I am so proud of our churches Pastor's, Staff, congregation and the family and friends that came to participate too. I almost forgot. We had a 7th grade class from one of the local schools show up and prepared meals as a class project. Bureaucrats want God out of the schools? Then let's bring the schools to the churches. AMEN †

One bag contains 13.6 oz. and there are six servings per bag. Many of the top food scientists and food manufacturers, have participated to come up with a meal, that has the highest grade of protein, vitamins and minerals combined to make the healthiest meals available for children around the globe. Amen to them as well AMEN †

This is one fun awesome mission for churches each year. Even if you can't host an event, you still can contribute to them directly with your $ gifts. Watch that video at the top and see the pictures of the boy that was starving starving and in six months brought to full health. God did, does, and will continue to Bless us and show that miracles can happen in today's world too. Please, if you don't do anything else, share this particular page with your friends and family. You too can and will cause a change in someone's life †

Feed My Starving Children is a non-profit Christian organization committed to nourishing God’s children hungry in body and spirit. The approach is simple: children and adult's hand-pack meals specifically formulated for malnourished children, and we ship these meals to nearly 70 countries around the world. Click here the following link to learn more about how you can become involved

May God shine his light through you
Pastor Stephen Piersall
God's Preservation Ministry Soul Care,

The Dead Files Q & A and Other Miscellaneous Musings

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

"For though we walk in the flesh, we are not waging war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds. We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ." (2 Corinthians 10:3-6)

" that we would not be outwitted by Satan; for we are not ignorant of his schemes." (2 Corinthians 2:11)

"...for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light." (2 Corinthians 11:14)

Last Friday night there was a special Dead Files in which Steve (ex homicide detective in NYC) and Amy (physical medium) met with the producer and answered fan questions. It was enlightening. The reason I reference the Dead Files so much is because, in my opinion, they have raised the bar on how effective demonic collusion has become in deceiving people. Amongst some Christians, I have noticed an across-the-board dismissal of paranormal TV shows. I dislike the para-celeb nonsense as much as anybody, but I remember vividly how much I struggled in the beginning with how to deal with the attention to historical detail, and how it lined up with current apparitional appearances in certain locations. It was only when I stumbled upon the reality of demonic collusion, that I was able to find cognitive rest in my biblical beliefs. PLEASE, let us never, forget how horribly persuasive this deception is, and our need to address it. So, this blog is miscellaneous musings re: popular culture and the demonic.

1. Amy mentioned that a particularly difficult case involved a man named Moses, who is currently incarcerated for murdering a man on the premises that Amy and Steve investigated. While he was in prison, she was giving a description of Moses to a sketch artist, but Amy nervously said Moses was in the room with them--threatening them. We talked about soul fragmentation, before and after death, last time. Well, here is a man who literally was in two places at the same time! (in prison and in the room with her and the sketch artist) How in the world can this occur? Does 50% of his soul remain in prison, while the other 50% fragments off and flies to this other location? Make no mistake, Amy said he was REALLY much so, that she was extremely frightened. I ask: is it not so much simpler to say that a demon was present in the room with her and mimicking his (Moses) identity?  It certainly is more plausible than what she said was occurring. And the bible sees the soul as being indivisible--incapable of being "spliced and diced", due to God's protection. (the soul is not intrinsically immortal, as the Greeks thought) However, this is why I am so insistent on the importance of worldview presuppositions, because, given her mistaken view of ultimate reality, then Moses' dual, fragmented presence makes sense to her, and millions of others viewing reality through distorted worldview glasses.

2. I rarely do this, but please seriously consider reading my book because I go into considerable detail re what a worldview presupposition is, how worldviews are formed, and how comprehensively they drive how we think, act, and feel. Like an iceberg where most of the mass lies hidden beneath the water line, so also our worldviews are beneath the water line of our conscious thought, but they have a profound effect on how we view the paranormal, and all of reality. One rarely gets past first base when discussing the evidence alone because we do not realize how different worldview "glasses" will radically effect how one sees the data.

3. This clearly shows that the most psychically "advanced" are often the most deceived. Starting with the wrong presupposition, will get you further from reality the longer you pursue it. But this is an obvious example of soul fragmentation belief, which is being watched by millions, and shaping their worldviews.
What I think has happened is that a template of psychiatric pathology (e.g. Schizophrenia) has been applied to paranormal phenomenon.

4. I found it tragic to hear Amy say that most physical mediums die young, (and this is crucial) "because of their having the dead constantly entering inside them." They are dying young, but it is because of having pure evil (demons) enter them frequently. For some reason the heart is usually targeted. Being indwelt by such horrendous darkness and filth is going to pollute and damage the heart (physical and non-physical), as well as causing all kinds of other diseases and illnesses. To be fair, many legitimate exorcists, have made the same claim re their health (see "Hostage to the Devil" by Malachi Martin).

Along those lines, one of my concerns is that we become jaded to the true horror that is occurring on the TV screen. For example, last week was the first time (I think) that Amy had to leave a location because of being "jumped". That is the term she uses when, as a physical medium, she allows a "dead person" to enter her so she can see and feel how things "went down" when this person died. And when she is done or finished with their "tour", then Amy will oust them. However, on this occasion. Amy said it would not leave until some six hours later after they had driven home. My point is this--millions of folks are watching a woman being possessed, partially or otherwise, for a period of time. Of course, having the "dead person" enter the physical medium is precisely what they are all about. But, God forbid that we ever become numbed to seeing a person being demonically indwelt. By the way, this is one reason I ALWAYS pray for protection before and during my viewing of paranormal shows/movies. You should too.....ALWAYS.. It deeply disturbs me in two ways: first, the person being possessed is being indwelt by pure evil, and will quite likely not live to see forty (unless they are fakes).. Second, to watch Amy gesticulate or writhe in pain is hardly something a Christian should find entertaining....she is unwittingly being duped and partially possessed by diabolical entities, who would just as soon kill her.. Do not let your cynicism due to widespread fakery, blind you to instances of when demonic forces show up for prime time. Would you expect anything less of them in their lust for power and expansion of the kingdom of darkness? For Satan to not use TV as a means of wowing folks with demonic signs and wonders would be stupid of him (strategically speaking)....and Satan is many things, but he is not stupid. The weakest, most feeble-minded demon can run circles around the strongest and most intelligent human, operating in the flesh. Cynicism will cause one to assume any psychic/medium is guilty until proven otherwise. Real demonic activity will be dismissed as fakery, which does not help anyone. 

Discernment is one thing (and very much needed these days), but cynicism causes us to become myopic--it is a fine line, isn't it?

While on the subject of debunking, just because we can show an alternate explanation for why an alleged claim took place, it does not follow that we have debunked it. I fear that much, real demonic activity is being dismissed simply due to being able to visualize how it MIGHT have occurred naturally.

5. Which leads me to my next point: is it proper for Christians to research the occult?  Many say no, and I understand their concerns. One person said that it was akin to watching pornography. I believe this is an inappropriate analogy and will argue that SOME folks must keep abreast of cutting edge developments in the occult/paranormal. The pornography analogy seems persuasive because we know that looking at pornographic material is harmful and wrong. My problem with this analogy is that viewing porn is a visual sin--just looking at a centerfold is defiling of the mind and sinful. But watching a TV show or reading occultic primary sources is not necessarily defiling. It can be (i.e. defiling), but not necessarily, as pornography is necessarily defiling. Jesus tells us that we are to be in the world, but not of the world. Biblical writers show considerable knowledge of their cultures and there are numerous quotes from pagan sources in the bible.
My question to those who would prohibit any study of the occult is this: how can we effectively refute that which we do not understand? Does not Paul's assertion that we are to destroy strongholds and arguments (2 Corinthians 10:3-6) imply a prior knowledge of that which we systematically dismantle? Did not Paul have to study and understand an aberrant belief/argument in order to competently "destroy" it? One could say that it is a matter of compassion when we care enough about others that we take the time and effort to carefully study what they believe. If we have a friend who is a witch, will she not be rightly upset with us if assume she is a Satanist, or even that all witches are Wiccans (which they definitely are not)? Moreover, such ignorance insures the triumph of evil because we will have no way to oppose it.

The great apologists of the early church (first 4 centuries)--Justin Martyr, Tertullian, Iranaues, Augustine, etc, were used of God to destroy numerous heresies that threatened the very existence of the church. In fact, Gnosticism was rampant, inside and outside the church, but was so effectively challenged by Iranaeus and others that it withered away....UNTIL 1,500 years later it oddly re-emerged 30 years ago. However, (and this is key), one of the main reasons these early apologists were so effective is that they thoroughly studied that which they attacked. It is through their writings that we get most of our understanding of what the great heretics believed. And so down through the centuries, God has protected His Bride from doctrines of demons by raising up men who studied the primary sources (no doubt, prayerfully) For the glory of God, and out of compassion for the lost, some of us must focus on this task. Certainly, all Christians should be able to defend their faith and give a reason for the hope that we have. (1 Peter 3:15).

Let me hasten to add, in-depth study of heretical beliefs is a call from God for a few That is where my calling lies, and my seminary training has been invaluable. And so I intend on joining the Rhine Institute so that I can read all the material from decades of parapsychology research. I find deep satisfaction in this.....and that is a sign that we are tapping into God's call for us.

It also needs to be said that every Christian must pray before and during exposure to occultic studies. In addition, if a person is spiritually sensitive, or if they have a history of demonic oppression/possession, then they likely need to avoid watching or reading anything occult related. As an alcoholic needs to avoid that which others have liberty to use appropriately, if they wish, so also those addicted to the paranormal (many are very obsessive re evidence analysis), will need to abstain. However, God has sovereingly used folks formerly in cults/occult to have ministries to folks who are enslaved to these same beliefs. Bottom line, it is person-specific, but we do need to err on the side of caution. We who do study the occult must keep our guards up, and walk humbly before our God.

"Seeing Ghosts through God's Eyes" (also in a Kindle edition)...please consider purchasing my book which uses science, logic, and the bible to analyze the true source of power behind paranormal activity.

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The Supernatural and the Discovery of Smaller than Boson Particles

By Lisa Grace

It’s astounding to me that every time a major discovery is made it always leads to more questions about what we don’t know. A few years ago scientist scoffed and derided those who suggested there were smaller particles than bosons and quarks, and that they may combine in numerous ways. Finally, it’s been proven that those who suggested smaller particles existed, were right.

Article: Weird 'Techni-Quarks' may hide inside Higgs Boson Particle

The thing that gets me is: scientist as theorists, should not be scoffing at theories, but merely proving or disproving with facts. When they scoff, they are showing faith. Faith that they are right and others are wrong.
What they should be saying is, “Prove it.” And that’s only one of the problems with modern scientists. The other is so many have gotten doctorates based on false suppositions, not facts, that it is hard for them to back down when faced with truths.

There is not one case of any organism “evolving into another.” Not one.

Lucy and other missing links have long known to be hoaxes and the fact that scientists (they‘re supposed to go on facts, remember?) knowingly put fake sculptures, charts and drawings without a shred of proof (when confronted they’ll say something like “well, it’s how we imagine it would look” isn’t that faith??? Not science???) in scientific museums, yet want us to believe it on faith, is laughable.

Proof that dragons i.e. dinosaurs (the word wasn’t invented until the 18th? century so pardon the dragon terminology) existed with man is evidenced on pictures from early English tapestries to Mayan pottery.

But all this factual science (proof) is being swept under the scientific rug because it doesn’t help the faith of the “there is no god everything evolved from rocks” scientists. Spike Sparris is one who shows clearly how modern science for astronomy is full of holes.

Back to my original point.

Scientists have a habit of trivializing anything they don’t agree with or understand. Even amongst themselves. They also have a habit of promoting their personal theories (how they wish it was) as facts instead of calling out what they are: their faith. in themselves being correct and which  requires no facts.

I can see how beings of light exist (supernatural), yet I admit I am going by faith because that is what the Bible says.

Every day science gets closer to proving the Holy Scriptures are correct, if we could only get scientists to stick to the “facts” rather than letting their “faith” interfere.

Lisa Grace is the author of the Angel Series which ahs been optioned for a major motion picture. You can download the first book Angel in the Shadows, Book 1 FREE here: or here in any format:

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Dalai Lama Explains Tantra in Tibetan Buddhism

Kyoto, Japan, 10 April 2014 - His Holiness the Dalai Lama began the day by driving from Osaka to Kyoto, where he was warmly received at Shuchi-in University by the Dean, Ven. Suguri Kouzui, who is also Chief Abbot of the Nakayama Dera Temple. Shuchi-in University traces its origins back to the Shugeishuchi-in or School for Arts and Sciences established in 828 CE in the grounds of the Toji Temple in Kyoto by Kukai or Kobo Daishi, founder of the Shingon Tradition of Japanese Buddhism. It was the first educational institution in Japan open to students without regard to their social or economic status. The present Shuchi-in University was re-established in its current location in 1949.

In the packed hall, His Holiness took his seat on the stage, seated before a statue of Mahavairochana flanked by two sets of his mandalas and began his talk.

“You have requested me to talk about Tibetan secret mantra. Tibetans began to take an interest in Buddhism in the 7th century during the reign of Songtsen Gampo who had taken a Chinese and a Nepalese princess as wives. Both of them had brought statues of the Buddha with them, which were to inspire an interest in his teachings. Later, Trisong Deutsan recognised that Buddhism originated in India and that is where he turned to learn more. He invited Shantarakshita from Nalanda University and it was he who began the dissemination of Buddhism in Tibet. He also instigated the project to translate Indian Buddhist literature into Tibetan, which eventually formed the collections of the Kangyur and Tengyur. He wrote the ‘Ornament of Madhyamaka’, which we still study today, and the ‘Compendium of Reality; the first a work of philosophy and the second a work of logic and epistemology.”

Shantarakshita’s disciple, Kamalashila, also an erudite scholar, was invited later. He had written a ‘Lamp of the Madhyamaka’ and a commentary to his master’s ‘Compendium of Reality’. These two masters took primary responsibility for establishing Buddhism in Tibet. With the first ordinations Shantarakshita established the Mulasarvastavadin Vinaya, while philosophically he was a proponent of the Yogachara-svatantrika-madhyamaka view which combined views of both Asanga and Nagarjuna. He established the Vinaya as the basis of the teachings.

His Holiness explained that Guru Padmasambhava was responsible for eliminating obstacles and today is remembered as the Master in the trio - Abbot (Shantarakshita), Master and King (Trisong Deutsan) - who laid the foundations for Buddhism in Tibet.

As a bhikshu, Shantarakshita upheld the Vinaya himself, his ‘Ornament of Madhyamaka’ indicates that cultivation of bodhichitta as well as an understanding of emptiness were part of his practice, while another of his writings, a small text called ‘Chapter on Reality’ indicate that he also practised Highest Yoga Tantra. In short he was an exemplar of the Nalanda tradition.

This is an approach that can be traced back to Nagarjuna who, taking the Vinaya as the basis, cultivated the awakening mind of bodhichitta through the method of exchanging self and others. His writings also reveal the explicit content of the Perfection of Wisdom Sutras, emptiness, and engagement in the generation and completion stages of Highest Yoga Tantra. His Holiness said that Nagarjuna’s disciples Aryadeva and Chandrakirti followed a similar approach. What this shows is the origin of the Tibetan custom of a practitioner holding the three vows, pratimoksha vows, bodhisattva vows and tantric vows.

His Holiness cited himself as an example. He is a monk; he renews his bodhisattva vows and contemplates emptiness daily and every day engages in six different deity yoga practices.

Regarding the origin of tantrayana, he said that the Four Noble Truths are the basis of all Buddhist teachings and from them are derived the 37 factors of enlightenment, which are also common to all traditions. Then in the Sanskrit tradition we find the Perfection of Wisdom teachings that were given on Vulture’s Peak before gatherings that included disciples like Avalokiteshvara, Manjushri and Samantabhadra. These are the teachings of the Second Turning of the Wheel of Dharma concerning the selflessness of persons and phenomena. They include the Heart Sutra that we all recite, which features a dialogue between Shariputra and the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara. This teaching did not take place in public, but before those whose pure karma enabled them to see and hear Avalokiteshvara as well as Shariputra.

His Holiness clarified that while the First Turning of the Wheel of Dharma dealt with the Four Noble Truths, teachings given in public, for which there is a historical record, the Second Turning deals with the Perfection of Wisdom teachings. The Third Turning deals with Buddha nature and the clear light nature of the mind and how to use it. This is the basis of the practice of secret mantra. He explained that the Second and Third Turnings did not take place in public but before a more select gathering of disciples. They are not included in the historical record because that accounts for teachings belonging to the general structure of the doctrine, not teachings that were given for specific disciples.

His Holiness stressed that great Indian masters like Nagarjuna and Aryadeva have examined these issues with reason and logic and vouched for the authenticity of the Sanskrit tradition, the practice of the bodhisattva vehicle, the perfection of wisdom vehicle and the vehicle of tantra. He quoted Chandrakirti describing five stages of tantra:

1. The generation stage
2. The completion stage
3. Isolation
4. The illusory body and clear light
5. Union

He said that the generation stage involves the visualization of deities. In Highest Yoga Tantra this also involves taking the Buddha’s three bodies, the Truth Body, Complete Enjoyment Body and Emanation Body into the path through the processes of death, intermediate state and rebirth respectively. Whereas the Sutra literature speaks of taking three countless aeons or more to reach Buddhahood, tantric texts speak of doing so in one life in the one body.

Among several questions, His Holiness was asked what he thought of the suggestion that Kobo Daishi, who apparently died in the 9th century is still in meditation. He answered that it was possible. There accounts of great adepts in the past attaining enlightenment and remaining in meditation until the next Buddha appears in the world, Tibetan masters among them. He was also asked about compassion in relation to Avalokiteshvara and replied that compassion is said to be the root of the attainment of Buddhahood. He said he had already mentioned Avalokiteshvara’s role as a person participating in the dialogue of the ‘Heart Sutra’, but there is also the aspect of Avalokiteshvara the bodhisattva embodying all the Buddhas’ compassion, much as Manjushri is said to embody all their wisdom.

“Finally, in this place which has a special connection to Kobo Daishi,” His Holiness said, “I’d like to thank you Japanese followers of the Buddha for this opportunity to hold discussions with you,” and presented the Dean with a statue of the Buddha.

Ven. Chijun Suga, President of Dosokai and Chief Administrator of the Zentsuji Temple in Shikoku where Kobo Daishi was born, in his words of thanks expressed gratitude to His Holiness for coming. He mentioned that followers of all Buddhist sects had attended the talk. He requested His Holiness to maintain his connection with the University because of its strong links to Kobo Daishi. He concluded saying:

“All of us pray for peace in Tibet and that His Holiness may have a long life.”

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Special Edition ~ "The Conjuring" An Exclusive Interview

By Chris Baricko

Showing the facts. That none of it was true. And it was not only the professional actors who acted.

I spent 10 hours making it but well worth it. Hopefully, it give Norma Sutcliffe [the homeowner] some peace. And it clearly shows what bad liars the Perrons and the Warrens are. I pointed out the Warrens. She was lucky enough to find a story from a former member who worked with them. Click link to watch the video.

Also, Tony Spera (Lorraine's son-in-law) wrote the following article in 1985. Now remember he is the researcher. Why does he write about it? Why mention murders,vicious beatings, witchcraft and sacrificing a child when none of it is true? We Just proved none of it was or is true. Doesn't sound like research to me.

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