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The Destruction of the Canaanites & Paranormal Activity/Beliefs

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

The book of Joshua presents the sensitive reader with a problem; the slaughter of the indigenous Canaanite population in order for Israel to occupy their land.How are we to understand this today, and what lessons can we learn from it in general, and particularly regarding how we understand God and the paranormal? This is a legitimate issue that deserves a reply--but I will only be able to touch on some basics--for fuller reflection one will need to see more in-depth articles. Any similar actions today would rightly be condemned by Christians, but there are special features to Israel's actions which are unique, which means their actions are not to be imitated today.This command to Israel is one reason that the Pentateuch goes into so much detail regarding the singular divine calling of Moses.The commands given and written by Moses originate in God's own mind (Deuteronomy 18:15-20). Without this certainty of Moses as God's spokesman, Israel would have had no right to the land.In fact, in Deuteronomy 18:9-14 God tells us how much He hates occult sins (e.g.psychics/mediums, and attempts to speak to the dead) and this is intentionally juxtaposed to Moses call...showing that the prohibition is trans-cultural and trans-generational in authority. It was these very sins which called forth God's wrath, using Israel as His vessel of judgement.

A second preliminary point is that He sets out laws of warfare which distinguish between battles fought against cities outside the Promised Land (Deuteronomy 20:16-18) and those fought against cities in the Promised Land. Only the latter were required to be devoted to complete destruction (Deuteronomy 20:1-20). With these clarifications, let us now (in mere outline form) show why this command is not an unsovable problem.

1. It is crucial to understand that Yahweh is the Creator and owner of all people and lands. Hence, He has the right to distribute lands according to His good and holy will (Exodus 19:5; Psalm 24:1) He is also (and this is so very important in the ghost debate) the universal Judge, to whom all people everywhere are accountable.This can be seen in the Flood account in Genesis 6-8; the judgement on the Tower of Babel, and all throughout both the Old and New Testament. Thus, God alone has the ultimate rights over the land of Canaan, and bring them into judgement for cosmic treason against His holy character and will.

In addition, as the Creator of life, the Lord has the right to end one's life..or an entire nation.. In fact, God is sovereign over your death, and that moment is in His hands (Psalm 139) God has the right to "kill" anyone at anytime....which we call 'death'.. We are not God, so abortion is not our prerogative. Behold, your God!

2. Since all people are sinners  (Romans 3:23), they are subject to God's judgement (6:23). The bible gives a moral rationale for the destruction of the Canaanites. (Deuteronomy 7:1-5) If the Jews did not kill all the Canaaanites, then they would lure them into idolatry. We are told in the New Testament that believers will participate in the final judgement (1 Corinthians 6:2). Likewise, Israel was God's instrument of judgement, expressing to the watching world the holy character of God, and foreshadowing the Day of Judgement (hell) and our participation in the carrying out of the final judgement. To the extent that Israel mirrored God's holiness and justice, the surrounding nations outside the Promised Land were blessed by this holy war. In nations which were drowning in occult darkness, being exposed to the light of truth regarding the True God, was very much a blessing, to those who received it.Behold, your God!

The Amorites and other Canaanites were not "innocent people"....they hated Israel and they were unspeakably depraved.... They were given 400 years to repent, but unlike Ninevah, most did not repent.

Some people have wrongly called this "ethnic cleansing", but there was no double standard. Israel herself experienced God's wrath multiple times--they were blessed if they obeyed but they were cursed by God if they committed spiritual adultery. Ethnic cleansing is occurring today and Christians should be the first to oppose it.

3. The Sinai covenant set up a unique entity--a theocracy--in which church and state were combined.Hence, the distinction between sin and crime was not as it is today (since we are not a theocracy).Sin would pollute God's covenant community. Over and over and over again, the Lord warned the Israelites that they HAD to destroy the Canaanites or they would most certainly be dragged down by them. Sadly, that is precisely what happened. We could call it "the Canaanization of the Jews". The first city they destroyed was Jericho (one of the oldest cities on earth..perhaps the oldest), which was symbolic of the whole land. The city's name has reference to the moon, so they likely were worshippers of the moon...a moon idol behind which were demons.Canaan was teeming with idolatry and ritualistic murder, and as a result it was a stronghold of Satan...teeming with demons.Idolatry, injustice, and evil were everywhere, and this triad is what Yahweh wanted to protect His elect people from, the apple of His eye. As we are told, the Canaanites sin had reached "fullness', making them ripe for judgement. The people had become so corrupt the very land is said to have vomited them out. Behold, your God!

4. The apparent implacability of total slaughter with no exceptions was just that, an appearance. The verbiage is strong, but provision was made for any who were converted to Yahweh (e.g. Rahab) It was not ethnic cleansing that occurred, but rather it was spiritual cleansing.Ethnicity had nothing to do with the Canaanites destruction because, from day one, the Jews were a mixed bunch.  They were supposed to be a light to the nations, according to the Abrahamic covenant.

In summary, God's ownership of all land and the One who judges the world with perfect justice, the need to protect the purity of the Israelite theocracy, the depravity of the Canaanites had reached a critical mass,and provisions for even the Canaanites to be saved--all illustrate the justice behind this holy war of annihilation. That was a unique part of Israels mission, and nobody today can follow in their footsteps. Again, it was not ethnic cleansing (Christians should strongly oppose any such actions) but it was spiritual cleansing.

When I watched the Dead Files last Friday, I was alarmed that, once again, Amy put the blame on evil dead kids who were out to kill the living adults. This trio of alleged earthbound children supposedly pushed a woman down the steps (according to this medium), and she is blessed she wasn't killed. Last week she recommended a curandero (sorta like a shaman), and this week (not sure if it was a re-run) she said, "I was going to recommend an exorcism, but you need a chaos magickian."  Even many occultists are fearful or least wary of these people. I mention all this as an application of what we have learned. 2 Corinthians 10 tells us that we are to destroy (not the Canaanites) but arguments or ideas contrary to God's holy word. We are in a holy war, not jihad as Muslims practice, but a holy war nevertheless.How can one believe in children being trapped here (and killing people)? It is madness. The cure for such monstrous beliefs is a fresh vision or understanding of God's absolute holiness. Wrestling with the destruction of the Canaanites should make it abundantly clear how holy God is, and how contradictory to God's holiness are the foundational beliefs of the paranormal community.Christians, behold your God!

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Lisa Grace -- Where Good Meets Evil

By Lisa Grace

Thank you to Kirby and Lisa M. for working to keep Eye On The Paranormal a resource for those who want to know what is really going on supernaturally and not fall prey to all the false theology, fakes, or thrill seekers who are unknowingly playing with fire.

I've taken many of the articles I've written for Eye On The Paranormal, and put them into book form. It's divided by topics with all the links (which work in the ebook) with the Bible Scripture references so you can see How Real Science Proves The Bible by Lisa Grace ($3.49).

Don't fall for quicksand theories that have holes big enough to drive a quasar through, but go by the real science based on facts like DNA, thermodynamics, photons, plasma, and quarks that ALL point to an intelligent designer, "a genius beyond genius" a quote from anonymous in this video) watch The Biologist on You Tube.

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The Christina George Story, as the Web Spins!

One thing people do not always understand is that I actually like what I do out there in the paranormal field as far as exposing fraud and criminal behavior and it’s as much a part of me as the paranormal investigating.  It’s in who I am.  This is something I have done for many years in one capacity or another.  I love it actually.  My partner in this, Darlene Watts, loves it.  It’s what we do.  Very few people upset us and they never ever stress us out like some would believe.   Generally when they come up with the tactics they do, it makes me fired up and it makes me laugh.  Much of what they do is so text book, I could write a book on what to expect from people who lie and cheat others for their own benefit.

My voice is my weapon.  Your reading this helps to stop this as well.  Any media attention at all from the public, no matter what the media is, stops abuse in the field.  This includes hits, likes, sharing and talking.  So on this, while my voice is my weapon, our audience members are the bullets.  We need no violence.  We do not stalk or harass.  We use truth and we use it in a way, that people see it.

One of the problems with exposing people on the internet is that they resort in a myriad of tactics that are very typical from my experience.  One of them is to pretend to be the victim.  At times, they really feel they are.  I have had several occasions where the person we are suspect of (sometimes only asking questions does this) will make a group defending themselves and claiming to be another victim of ours.  No doubt we have enemies among those we expose.  We expect that.

One such case that we have been working on is a fake psychic named Christina George.  Now, I’m not talking I think she’s fake and challenge her to prove herself like some challenge from James Randi the skeptic.  I’m talking proven liar by using her claims on videos and hard proof to the truth that shows her lying about her past and how she came upon psychic ability.  What is more disturbing is… this woman has a past criminal record that involves felonies and prison time.  Not only is this a proven thing, with hard evidence even online, but, the past as relayed by her sister is very disturbing that includes proof to drug use, elderly abuse and neglect suspicions with documented proof to why the suspicions are there.  Her sister, Leslie Jobe Shelton, is a victim’s advocate and really felt the need to warn others and stop Christina from continuing for the good of the public.  The show link below is the link to the show that Leslie, Christina George’s sister was on.  Leslie has our utmost respect on this and has joined our ranks to help us do what we do.  She is an amazing woman.  Listen to what she has to say below after reading this.

One thing my team feels is that those who stand behind and protect these types of people and allow them to continue are worse then the original offenders.  It is usually for some very selfish means like lining their own pockets.  This is where the story gets bigger.  Not only do these people try to protect and defend these people, but, often resort to some online tactics themselves to protect their own interest and keep the people in place.  This has happened with a sex offender that had a violent past criminal history and having a convention in which some stars were STILL ok going to and supporting.  I and many others find this disturbing.  With pressure, they did eventually back out.  But, should we have to resort to threatening to show their public support of such individuals?  Shouldn’t they just realize the danger to the public and do the right thing?  Paranormal investigators go into homes of strangers to investigate at night with the lights off.  What in creation makes these people not see the obvious threat to the public and realize they are backing these people by willingly going to their events they host?

So back to the Christina George story, it’s been no different in the pile of protectors she has and the mess it’s created.  One of these people is her agent, Annette Munnich, who publicly acted our victim on her own website (she never was even mentioned until recently on Darlene’s blog after doing this and in public support of Christina.)  She ignored her obligation as a public persona and lacked professionalism in dealing with the situation and even brought her own clients into the drama publicly.  Instead of realizing our concern and trying to warn her, she decided that she could fight us.  Well, you can’t fight truth.  Truth has a way of coming out.

Now, one of the things that Christina did was to steal two statues from some clients she had by claiming they were evil and haunted like the show “Haunted Collector”.  Now, these people agreed to let her take them with the understanding that they could get them back.  Now, at some point the people realized how valuable they were and their historic significance and decided they should get them back.  But, Christina gave several excuses and one in which she claimed John Zaffis had them.  (Name dropping is common with these types of people.)  The original owners to the statues filed charges against Christina George.  Had John had them, we are relatively certain they would have been returned immediately. He really didn’t know anything about it.

In the midst of this story, in steps another person by the name of Carol Malone, who claimed to have some schooling in law and claimed to be in possession of the property and then made demands of the owner to prove they were his.  (See images below) Clearly her “law” schooling is in error here and she and her supposed attorney are in possession of stolen property, plus transporting stolen property across state lines, which would mean big trouble.

What does Carol do in response?  She sets up a group named after one of my shows and claims to be an anti-bullying site for bullied victims and then baits me with it on her own page.  (See Below)

Carol Malone is the owner of Paranormal Association of Cold Cases  I don’t know what case isn’t cold if it’s involving the paranormal.  She does try to act like it’s important and notice the “TV show” heading where there was never a show called that.

She has a tendency to act like she is someone important using her name to sound as if you just look her up, you’ll know who she is.  Accept the Google search comes up with a Carol Malone that is a journalist and commentator in England.  However, Carol uses the name “London Knight”.  Coincidence?  I doubt it.

She wrote a book called “Amityville, House of Lies”.  Even the critics of Amityville do not agree with Carol here.  She is known to be a blatant plagiarist and con.

Let’s not forget her other form of expertise apparently as a stripper?

And an eye opening article that might detail her own sordid past of strip clubs, mob ties and drugs;

This might also explain Carol’s threats and claim, “Do you know who I am? You better tell them who I am!”  Or does it?  So many of those we show out there have the same tactics of threats and also like to act as though they have some special privilege to threaten or be heard.

To learn more about this case and others, check out our links below.

Evan Jensen

Producer of Beyond the Edge of Reality Radio Network  (NEW)

Paranormal Bureau of Investigation

(part of the Beyond the Edge of Reality Network)

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Secular Ethics is Appropriate for the 21st Century

Dharamshala: - His Holiness the Dalai Lama was welcomed into the council chamber of the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council, Leh (LAHDC) on 15 July, where His Holiness heard about the hardships the Ladakhi people have overcome and spoke of the importance of secular ethics in modern education.

The Chief Executive Councillor, Rigzin Spalbar gave a brief overview of the 18 year existence of the LAHDC. "Ladakh is a region of strategic importance which has led to an instability in the Ladakhi way of life" he said. He then explained that the life the Ladakhis led included an optimum use of resources and preservation of traditional values while also embracing modernity. He admitted that it was the concern for a greater local role in decision making in the year 1995 that led to the establishment of the LAHDC.

His Holiness then thanked for the opportunity to meet everyone and for the account of their activities. "You have faced hardships and have coped with them. I have no special contribution to make for I am only a guest here, but we have been close friends for many years." said His Holiness and congratulated them on the hardships they have overcome.

"Your plans for the future are good and now implementation is in order. Other than that, you know better about your needs than I." said His Holiness.

"One thing I would like to talk to you about though is education." continued His Holiness, "I had the opportunity to visit universities in countries all over the world. Many scientists, educationists and thinkers agree that our existing education systems are inadequate. Not enough time and energy is given to nurture inner values and ethics. I tell people that we need a more complete system of education that includes training in ethics; secular ethics. India's constitution is based on secularism, a respect for all religious traditions and even individuals who have none. Secular ethics is appropriate for modern society."

"I'm not talking about God, Allah or Buddha, but about developing a better society which revolves around education. We need to think of ourselves belonging to one human family. If we can do that, then there is a possibility that by the end of the 21st century we can create a happier, more peaceful society and this depends on our own actions and not on who we pray to. The 7 billion human beings alive today are our brothers and sisters; therefore we need cooperation based on trust and self-confidence to create an open, compassionate, harmonious society." continued His Holiness.

His Holiness said that although many agree, they do not yet know how to introduce secular ethics into our current curriculum and hence are working to develop a study program that can be piloted in a couple schools and if successful then it could be extended to other schools taking into account of its members rights and aspirations.

"If you harm and bully others, it will not do good to oneself." His Holiness pointed out. "The scientists have shown that constant fear and anger damages our immune system, while warmheartedness is good for our health"

"Here in Ladakh you have long been living in harmony which you must work hard to keep it up" encouraged His Holiness.

Original photo and link:

The Truth About Hell --

It’s Still There Despite Many Church Leaders Ignoring It

One of the disturbing trends for the past 20-30 years is the de-emphasis to teach or preach about the reality and existence of Hell. It is as if church leaders fear upsetting their congregations with the Truth; that there are severe, eternal, and painful repercussions to the sins that we engage in and not repent of. They don’t want to push the fact that if we don’t wake up and push back against the tide of evil, that if we don’t accept Christ as our One and Only Savior, or that if we don’t spread our testimony and witness of Christ’s work and presence in our lives – that people will end up in Hell.

In the book, “To Hell and Back”, by Maurice S. Rawlings, M.D., you will find the following on pages 81-83. The following are some of the cults listed by John Ankerberg and John Weldon in Facts on Life after Death. Listed also is each group's divisive opinion about both heaven and hell along with its founder's quotations.

1. Christian Science, founded by spiritist Mary Baker Eddy, teaches that "there is no death." They believe that "heaven and hell are states of thought, not places. People experience their own heaven or hell right here on earth."

2. Edgar Cayce, a spiritist and New Age prophet, said that "the destiny of the soul, as of all creation, is to become One with the Creator" and that no soul is ever lost.

3. New Age cult leader Sun Myung Moon of The Unification Church believes that "God will not desert any person eternally. By some means...they will be restored."

4. Mormonism, founded by occultist Joseph Smith, argues, "The false doctrine that the punishment to be visited upon erring souls is but a dogma of unauthorized and erring sectarians, at once unscriptural, unreasonable, and revolting."

5. Jehovah's Witnesses, founded by Charles Taze Russell maintains that the wicked are forever annihilated because "the teaching about a fiery hell can rightly be designated as a ‘teaching of demons.' "

6. The Church of the New Jerusalem (Swedenborgianism), founded by spiritist Emanuel Swedenborgh, emphasizes that

God "does not condemn anyone to hell."

7. Eckankar, a New Age religion founded by Paul Twitchell and Darwin Gross, insists that "there is no death"...and that there is no eternal hell.

8. Lucis Trust and the Arcane School/Full Moon Meditation Groups, established by New Age spiritist Alice Bailey, argue that "the fear of death is based upon...old erroneous teaching as to heaven and hell."

9. The Love Family (The Children of God), founded by spiritist David Berg, views hell as a temporal purgatory: "The lake of fire is where the wicked go to get purged from their let them eventually come...out."

10. Rosicrucianism, an occult philosophy, declares that "the &ls;eternal damnation' of those who are not &ls;saved' does not mean destruction nor endless torture," and that "the Christian religion did not originally contain any dogmas about Hell."

11. Unitarian Universalism confesses the following: "It seems safe to say that no Unitarian Universalist believes in a resurrection of the body, a literal heaven or hell, or any kind of eternal punishment."

12. The Theosophical Society, founded by medium Helena P. Blavatsky, declares, "we positively refuse to accept the…belief in eternal reward or eternal punishment." Hence, "Death…is not…a cause for fear."

13. The spirits everywhere proclaim their allegiance to cultic teachings, declare Ankerberg and Weldon. "Ramtha," the spirit speaking through medium J. S.Knight, claims "God has never judged you or anyone" and "No, there is no hell and there is no devil." "Lilly" and other spirits channeled through medium Ruth Montgomery argue that there is no such thing as death" and that "God punishes no man."

With so many spiritual cults pushing a non-existence of Hell (let alone Heaven), the church leaders don’t want to appear to be the meanies in the religious war by sending people who don’t obey God’s Word, will be consigned to Hell. This is a huge issue especially with the onslaught by the liberal media and the LGBT community to force their immoral and Godless lifestyle upon the rest of us. They want equality – as long as it means we accept everything about them including putting our own beliefs down to do so.

There is no question about it – we are born, live and die but only once, and then we receive our reward, Heaven or Hell, based on what choices we made during our life prior to death. Did we accept Jesus Christ, repent of our sins, and begin to honestly strive to walk in God’s Word? Or did we ignore God’s Word, ignore who He is, and ignore the consequences of our actions in this life.

Hebrews 9:26-28 (NASB)

Otherwise, He would have needed to suffer often since the foundation of the world; but now once at the consummation of the ages He has been manifested to put away sin by the sacrifice of Himself. And inasmuch as it is appointed for men to die once and after this comes judgment, so Christ also, having been offered once to bear the sins of many, will appear a second time for salvation without reference to sin, to those who eagerly await Him.

2 Corinthians 5:10 (NASB)

For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may be recompensed for his deeds in the body, according to what he has done, whether good or bad.

Now Jesus said in Matthew chapter 7 that there are two roads. You're either on the broad road that leads to destruction or the narrow path of Christ. He said, “Many are those who are on the broad road, who are on the highway to Hell.” And then, He said, “Then there's also the narrow road that leads to life.” And He said, “Few there be that find it.” Everyone reading this right now, you're either on one of two roads. You're either on the broad road to Hell, or you're on the narrow road, the road that leads to life, that leads to Heaven and eternity with God. Which road are you on?

Revelations 20 speaks of Hell, and describes it as a place of flames. There are four Truths about Hell being presented here. Let’s take a close look at these.

The first Truth is that Hell is a REAL place. It's not the figment of some guy's imagination. It's not the concoction of some evangelist who's trying to get people to come down front and make a decision. And so many people don't like the concept of Hell. They don't like the idea of Hell. Lots of learned people, lots of people in seminaries, and all these guys that supposedly are so smart, they get so smart that they get smarter than God and they start to explain away. They'll

read about the lake of fire, and they say, “Well, that can't be. I mean, God wouldn't do that. That just doesn't jive with the God in my mind.” They explain that away, and they say, “Well, that, that's not really the way it is.” A church in

England a few years ago said Hell is not a place, as the Bible describes, populated with demons and devils and not a place of fire. They said it's not like that at all. But the Bible says it's like that.

The second Truth is that Hell is a place of extremes. Hell is a place of flames. God describes it as a lake of fire. He said, “Death and Hades, at the Great White Throne Judgment, are thrown into the lake of fire.” This is the second death, the lake of fire. “And if any man's name was not found written in the Book of Life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.” Three times God says the lake of fire, the lake of fire, the lake of fire. It's a place of extreme degrees. Jesus called it, in the gospels, a furnace of fire.

Jesus told the story in Luke 16 about a man who goes to Hell, goes to Hades. And he is there and he can see in the distance. Across a great chasm he can see Abraham, father Abraham. And he sees the little beggar that used to stay by his gate, Lazarus. And now Lazarus was a believer and he is in Abraham's bosom in Paradise. And this guy, who was a rejecter of the Lord, he is in Hell. And he lifts up his eyes and he looks and he calls out to Abraham, and he said, “Father Abraham, Father Abraham, please send that beggar Lazarus over here, that he may take a drop of water and just give me a drop of water on my tongue, for I am in agony in this flame.” It's a place of extreme degrees, a horrible, terrible place. Now lots of people, they mock the idea of Hell. You start talking to them about Hell being a place of fire and they make fun. It's a place of extreme degrees. God calls it a lake of fire.

The third Truth is that Hell is a place of awful declarations. Jesus, when He told the parable of the wheat and the tares (the true believers, the wheat, and the false believers, the tares) He said, “At the end of the age at the time of the harvest,” He said, “I'll send My reapers into the harvest and then they'll take all the tares and they'll cut them and they'll bind them and they'll throw them into the furnace.” And He said, “And will cast them (Matthew 13:42), and they'll cast them into the furnace of fire; in that place there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

That's a description of what you hear in Hell. It's weeping and gnashing of teeth. Now why the weeping? Well, the weeping comes from the story in Luke 16 where the rich man dies and calls out to Abraham, and Abraham says ”We can't come to get you because there's a great chasm between us and you.” And he calls out, and he says, “Child, remember when you were on the earth you had good things and Lazarus, he didn't have any good things. He was a poor beggar.” Now Dives didn't go to Hell because he was rich. You don't go to Hell because you're rich. You go to Hell because you reject Christ. And Lazarus didn't go to Paradise because he was poor. He went there because he was a believer in the sacrifice that God provided. And that's why a person goes to Heaven, and that's why a person goes to Hell. But Abraham said to this guy in Hell, “Remember!” And there's weeping with remembrance. You remember.

But Jesus also said not only weeping. There is gnashing of teeth, gnashing of teeth. That word gnashing in the Greek, brucho. What that word means is “to cry out in pain or rage.” That's what gnashing is. It's a sound, where you rub your teeth together. Gnashing in pain or rage, both of those are true in Hell. You gnash your teeth in pain because, as the rich man Dives said, “I am in agony in this flame.” But you also gnash your teeth in rage. There is rage in Hell. You say, “Rage, anger, where's that coming from? Who are people mad at in Hell?” They're mad at God. They're cursing and blaspheming God in Hell. See, sometimes we get the idea that everybody in Hell is crying out to God for mercy, but that's not the case. What people, primarily, do in Hell is curse God, is blaspheme God.

The fourth Truth about Hell, it is a place of eternal death. The Bible describes it here as the second death. “This is the second death,” the lake of fire. It's a place of eternal death. The wages of sin is death. Now death in the Bible is not

annihilation. Some people believe that Hell is a place where you're just annihilated. You're obliterated. You go there and you don't exist anymore. But listen. Death in the Bible is not annihilation. Death in the Bible is described as separation.

The Scriptures says in Hebrews chapter 2 and verse 9, that when Jesus suffered upon the cross, He tasted death for everyone. Now you ask yourself this question: Was Jesus animated? No! But He was separated. He was separated from God the Father. That's why upon the cross He said, “My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?” See, I think that that was the hardest thing for Jesus. The physical pain was incredibly hard, but the spiritual pain was even harder than that to be separated from His Father, who He had had fellowship with up until that time, from eternity past. For all eternity, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit were in perfect fellowship. But because Jesus took all our sins upon Himself on the cross, God the Father turned His back on His, His own dear Son. And Jesus cried out, “My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?” There was separation. And then He breathed His last and He died. And Hell is a place of eternal death, eternal separation from God. The Bible says in 2nd Thessalonians chapter 1 and verse 9, speaking of those who reject Christ, it says, “And these will pay the penalty of eternal destruction away from the presence of the Lord and from the glory of His power.” Away from Him forever! It's a place of eternal death.

The Bible clearly demonstrates that Hell is a REAL place. One of extremes, of awful declarations, of eternal death. We should never want to end up there, nor wish our most vile enemy to be consigned here. However, even those with the best of intentions will end up here, all because they chose to refuse Christ.

Next article – we cover the inhabitants of Hell.

May God bless you in your day and comfort you where there is a need.

Archbishop Mikhail Nevaeh

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Angelology And Angels

Hello my para beauties! I hope your having a wonderful Sunday so far and everyone you love is healthy. This is a difficult subject to research and more difficult to explain but I will do my best at the request of many of you to go over this subject again. I blogged about this back either in November 2013 or Jan of this year so I hope to add more helpful information based on my humble opinion. Please remember I do not claim to be any kind of expert in anything I blog about. It is all just my humble option based on what I've researched so save the hate mail for the arrogant people who claim to know all and everyone else is wrong.

We need to put the focus on the Lord's Angels! Who are 100 times more powerful than any demon or devil I can assure you. They are our protectors and sent by God. There is so much comfort and solace in this. I personally believe we have them assigned to us for protection just as satan has assigned a demon or demons to torment and hurt us and our lives.

This is simply the study of Angels. They are known as God's messengers. It's very interesting and very important to know some information about them. I personally go by a biblical point of view and the biblical laws of the bible. So please understand it is only my humble opinion of how I interpret this subject. Anyone I quote doesn't mean I agree with what they do. There are so many movies out and coming out about demons and the devil possessing. It's so disturbing however, you hear nothing of Angels.

At some undisclosed time following His creation of the heavens and the earth, God created the angels (Ps.148:2-5; Col.1:16). This event took place after the original ex nihilo (i.e., "out of nothing") creation of the universe described Genesis 1:1, and before the restoration of the earth (described also at Job 38:4-7) which followed God's initial judgment upon the universe because of Satan's rebellion (the results of which are described in Genesis 1:2 and following). God created all angelic kind at this time (including Satan and all those who would eventually rebel against Him). Though some would come to choose against Him, all the angels were originally created holy (Deut.33:2; Ps.89:7; Mk.8:38; Lk.9:26). God gave each of them distinct duties and definite domains in which to exercise specified authority delegated.

An Angel (from the Greek ἄγγελος ángelos, "messenger"[1]) is a supernatural being or spirit, often depicted in humanoid form with feathered wings on their backs and halos around their heads, found in various religions and mythologies.

The theological study of angels is known as "angelology". In Zoroastrianism and Abrahamic religions they are often depicted as benevolent celestial beings who act as intermediaries between Heaven and Earth, or as guardian spirits or a guiding influence.[2]

The term "angel" has also been expanded to various notions of spirits found in many other religious traditions. Other roles of angels include protecting and guiding human beings, and carrying out God's tasks.[3]

In art, angels are often depicted with bird-like wings on their back, a halo, robes and various forms of glowing light.[4]

In post-Biblical Judaism, certain angels took on particular significance and developed unique personalities and roles. Though these archangels were believed to rank among the heavenly host, no systematic hierarchy ever developed. Metatron is considered one of the highest of the angels in Merkabah and Kabbalist mysticism and often serves as a scribe; he is briefly mentioned in the Talmud[17] and figures prominently in Merkabah mystical texts. Michael, who serves as a warrior[18] and advocate for Israel (Daniel 10:13), is looked upon particularly fondly.[19] Gabriel is mentioned in the Book of Daniel (Daniel 8:15–17) and briefly in the Talmud, [20] as well as in many Merkabah mystical texts. There is no evidence in Judaism for the worship of angels, but there is evidence for the invocation and sometimes even conjuration of angels.[21].

Below are just some verses I found in scripture that give us more insight to Angels and what they do and how important they are. They are powerful beyond imagining. Demons fear the smite of them. They tremble in fear!

The LORD, the God of heaven, brought me from the home of my father and from the land of my relatives, and he solemnly promised me that he would give this land to my descendants. He will send his angel before you, so that you can get a wife there for my son. (Genesis 24:7)

He answered, 'The LORD, whom I have always obeyed, will send his angel with you and give you success. You will get for my son a wife from my own people, from my father's family.
 (Genesis 24:40)

Behold, I send an Angel before you, to keep you in the way, and to bring you to the place which I have prepared.

Angels fight against God's enemies.

That night an angel of the LORD went to the Assyrian camp and killed 185,000 soldiers. At dawn the next day there they lay, all dead!

The LORD sent an angel that killed the soldiers and officers of the Assyrian army. So the emperor went back to Assyria disgraced. One day when he was in the temple of his god, some of his sons killed him with their swords. (2Ch 32:21)

Researching Angels of The Lord is very interesting and uplifting however, It's a difficult subject to understand and even harder to explain. We all interpret the bible differently and the same goes for the literature we research. This is why I ask the Holy Spirit to open my eyes to the truth and to help me understand.

There are plenty of books on Angels such as "A Dictionary Of Angels" including fallen angels by Gustav Davidson. For me personally it helped in my research. It takes time and patience finding the correct information we seek if there is any at all. I say do your own research including what the Word Of God says.

Written By Jennifer Lori Auld

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