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Dalai Lama at Conference on ‘Living and Dying in Peace’ at University of Lausanne

Lausanne, Switzerland, 15 April 2013 - The University of Lausanne that originated in 1537 as a school of theology, the only French language Protestant school of theology, is now a modern university well regarded as a leading institution for research in Europe. It is located on the banks of Lake Geneva. Today, it invited His Holiness the Dalai Lama to participate in a conference on the theme ‘Living and Dying in Peace - Crossed Perspectives on Aging’. He was welcomed on arrival by the Rector, Dominique Arlettaz and the conference moderator Philippe Moreillon.

In his opening address, the Rector said:

“I have the privilege today to welcome His Holiness the Dalai Lama and thank him for spending this day with us.”

Moderator Philippe Moreillon explained that when they heard that His Holiness would attend, faculty and staff members from many disciplines showed interest in participating. They have worked together to formulate common questions for the event that they felt they had been unable to answer within their own areas of study. The first question put to His Holiness imagined a young boy asking his grandfather “Is it a good thing to grow old?”

His Holiness replied:

“I think it depends on what kind of life you have led, whether your life was meaningful and of benefit to other people. The grandfather might say time keeps moving on, eventually we all become old. One day, although you are young now, you will be old too. This is a natural process. He might say I’m fortunate to have lived this long, but I’ve not wasted my time and I’ve gained some experience of how to live.

“On the other hand, if he’s filled his time with sensory pursuits and dedicated himself, for example, to sport, he might say I can’t hear properly any more, can’t see properly - it’s all become hard work.”

The first presenter spoke about increasing life expectancy and different categories of older people, the ‘young old’ who are still active and the ‘old old’ who are increasingly frail. He asked: “How can we age well when our physical abilities are declining?” His Holiness answered that an important factor is your state of mind. Whether your mind is calm and peaceful depends not on your being knowledgeable, but on whether you are warm-hearted. Inner peace automatically gives rise to trust and friendship. On the other hand suspicion, mistrust and lies mean you end up alone and unhappy.

“From the individual’s point of view, if we train from a young age on a mental level, developing our analytical ability, the mind will remain alert. I’ve noticed that people who do this may face physical decline, but their minds remain clear and alert. From the family point of view, affection and support are important.”

Asked how to deal with dementia in the old, His Holiness replied:

“I don’t know, because I have no experience, but I believe showing affection is very important. You can show affection without having to rely on words.”

He speculated about how memory declines, noting that while you tend not to forget faces, remembering names is difficult and because of the concepts they represent there is terminology that you never forget. He wondered whether we forget names because they have no meaning, whereas terms with meaning are much easier to remember.

A question about spirituality prompted him to try to define the term, wondering if it means looking for meaning in life and the world; a collection of visions and values that are beneficial to ourselves and others. Because there could be spirituality linked to religious faith and independent of it, he suggested that people who have no faith might derive benefit from secular ethics. Otherwise, they are prone to come under the sway of destructive emotions. He stressed that just as it is wise to take care of our physical health, we also need to take care of our emotional well-being and proposed a programme of emotional hygiene.

The discussion came round to the role of the aging in society. His Holiness recollected a programme in Stockholm in which old people were brought in to work in kindergartens. They took part in the care of young children, played with them and told them stories. He said that there is great potential for mutual benefit in such activities. The children liked the presence of the old people, who in turn were re-energised in the presence of children. His Holiness joked:

“When I talk to young people it makes me feel young, but when I’m talking to old people I wonder ‘Who’ll be going first, you or me?’”

His Holiness said that his discussions with scientists, educationists, social workers and other concerned people lead to the conclusion that we need a system of values that contributes to the basic happiness of all members of society. Such a system could include techniques for training the mind. Education is the avenue for change. Education is the way we can change the course of humanity. And he suggested that ancient Indian knowledge about the mind and emotions as preserved in literature belonging to the Nalanda tradition could make a valuable contribution to this.

When pressed to recommend ways that the elderly who have not trained themselves earlier in life could begin to change, His Holiness said he doubted that there was an effective method, pointing out that such methods need to be adopted when we are young.

After a leisurely lunch filled with conversation and discussion the conference resumed. Asked to respond to the statistic that a majority of people die in hospital His Holiness surprised the panel by saying that if you die in hospital it means that all efforts to save your life have been exhausted, so there will be no room for regret. On the other hand he agreed that doctors and nurses need to treat their patients as beings with feelings of pleasure and pain, rather than as inanimate machines brought in for repair.

Commenting on whether warm-heartedness is a natural function, he said:

“Yes, our lives begin in our mother’s womb and her physical touch and expression of affection are essential to our healthy growth. This is the basis for our later development of a warm heart.”

To questions about helping the old or sick to die, he said we have to investigate why they wish to die. We have to use both compassion and wisdom to assess what is the best course of action. He said that in Buddhist practice helping to end someone’s life is permitted if it will benefit them in the long run, but again compassion and wisdom are needed to make the judgement.

He was asked whether it is important to train ourselves to meet death, and if so, how to do it.

“Death will come because it is a part of life,” he said. “People who avoid the very words old age and death will be caught unawares when it comes. In some of our meditation practice we visualize the process of death and the associated dissolution of the elements every day, so that we may be prepared for the actual event. For those who believe in a succession of lives, death is just like changing your body. If you have led a meaningful life, when death takes place there’ll be no need for regret.

“Training depends on the individual’s ability. One approach is to develop awareness of your dreams. If you can train yourself to recognise that you are in the dream state and take control of it, you can have a deeper experience of the dissolution of the elements that take place during the process of death.”

When it came to questions about rituals associated with death, His Holiness was firm in asserting his scepticism about the efficacy of rituals in the process. He conceded that if they were conducted by someone with experience and understanding they may have some benefit, but otherwise he doubted they would be of much help.

Coming back to the meditative practices that in effect rehearse the process of dying, he mentioned that he goes through them himself four of five times a day. In this connection he talked about meditators who remain in posthumous meditative equipoise after death. These are cases in which brain activity and the heart have ceased and yet the body remains fresh for several days. Over the last 50 years he is aware of 30-40 cases like this, including that of his Senior Tutor who stayed in such meditation for 13 days after he died. Science has as yet no explanation of this phenomenon, while the Buddhist explanation is that it involves the existence of subtler levels of consciousness. Although the heart, circulation and the brain have stopped, it is only when the subtle consciousness departs that the dying moment is reached and the decay of the corpse begins.

As the conference came to an end, the Rector offered words of thanks, expressing his gratitude to His Holiness for his understanding, his accessibility and his humour. He said it had been an honour to have his presence on the campus. He thanked both university staff and members of the Tibetan community whose hard work and support had contributed to the success of the event.

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Summoning Charlie The Demon Goes Viral

I really hate to bring up the dangers of demon summoning since it's a topic I've done a few times already but here we go again. This started about a month or two ago and it did not phase out it has gotten so bad that it was just a matter of time I received some emails from concerned love ones that somebody that they know brought in unwanted evil playing this "Charlie Charlie"  demon summoning and recording it for YouTube. So many are doing this posting it on YouTube. So then others want to try it and it's a domino effect. 

I found the following at Christianity Today

Vatican-approved exorcist has warned against the dangers of playing the game known as "Charlie, Charlie," which is gaining popularity among young people on social media.
Spanish priest Jose Antonio Fortea said the so-called Charlie Charlie Challenge, a game played on a simplified version of the Ouija board, poses a real danger as it involves the summoning of spirits, the Catholic News Agency reported on Wednesday.
The game uses two pens and a paper to create a makeshift version of the Ouija board. A grid is drawn on paper to make four panels, two of which are labelled "yes" and the other two "no." The pens are then put on top of another, positioned like a cross.
The players invoke a Mexican demon by calling out "Charlie, Charlie can we play" or "Charlie, Charlie are you here?" Then they wait for the pen to move as they film the game for online posting.
Father Fortea warned that the game involves the real, occult practice of "calling on spirits," cautioning people that "some spirits who are at the root of that practice will harass some of those who play the game."
Even though players "won't be possessed," the spirit that has been summoned "will stay around for a while."
Also, the game "will result in other spirits beginning to enter into even more frequent communication."
"And so then the person really can suffer much worse consequences from the demons," Father Fortea said."
There is a plethora of information all over the Internet about this epidemic. Why on earth has this shift happened of people obsessed with trying dark rituals " just too see what happens"? It never use to be this bad regarding curiosity. You can't seem to avoid it. We are flooded with new movies and tv shoes that are very dark themed in nature. 
Satan has used a number of tools over the centuries to capture the naive. The Ouija Board has proven to be very productive in this method.  According to the Dictionary of Mysticism the Ouija Board is "an instrument for communication with the spirits of the dead." The Ouija Board is an open door to the other side and anything demonic.. Disembodied spirits speak to the living through the medium of the Ouija Board. This information is believed to be truth from the other side and is not recognized for what it is: Lucifer's delusion to gain our allegiance.  
I found this on :
Faith leaders are also speaking about the game, and their advice is all but unanimous: Stay away.
Billy Graham has referenced biblical warnings against attempting to consult with the spirits of the dead or with demons. Citing the tragic last days of King Saul's life, where the leader of Israel turned his eyes from God and focused instead on occult practicioners, as well as a key warning from Deuteronomy 18:10-11: "Let no one be found among you ... who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens ... or who consults the dead."
"You are wise to protect your children from anything that might bring them into contact with occult spiritual forces that do not come from God, and are even opposed to God," Graham advises parents.
Pastor Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church in Dallas also cited the Deuteronomy verse in his warning against the demon-summoning phenomenon.
"The Bible is clear that Christians should run—not walk—away from any attempt to contact or harness demonic powers through games like 'Charlie, Charlie,'" Jeffress said to the Christian Post.
Other leaders liken "Charlie Charlie" to a demonic gateway drug, opening spiritual doors and demonic desires that should stay closed.
Father Jose Antonio Fortea, a Spanish priest and Vatican-approved exorcist, warns that participation in the game could seed interest in other occult practices.
Meanwhile, Pastor Carl Gallups compared the game to Ouija boards, with all their inherent dangers despite the purportedly "fun" game aspect.
"This is the Ouija board of our time in the sense that it is a trick, but also a gateway drug," Gallups told WND News. "This is a gateway to the occult.
"With this, you are literally praying to a supposed demon, calling out to 'Charlie,' asking for a gateway to be opened," Gallups added. "So it is a trick, but it can set people on a path to something darker.'"
This can't be e coincidence that all these warnings are clearly telling us this epidemic is very dangerous. Kids don't realize what other entities are invited in. They have no control over them whatsoever. As I have said many times, demons obey ONLY Satan. Once you are on their radar it's on. They never forget you. This just isn't worth it. Parents please speak to your children about this you know if they are spending time online they have heard of it, if they haven't even tried it yet. Explain to them even if you don't really believe it's harmful explain to them it's just not healthy to do things like that. Why take a risk? It's better to stay away. You don't want the potential problems that comes with this. I promise you that. It's hell, pure HELL. 
These dark forces are always at work. They never stop. they cause humans to have emotional trauma. The most common are:

emotional pain, depression, low energy levels, constant fatigue, suicidal thoughts and/or attempts, drug and/or alcohol addictions, unhealthy addictions, over eating, hearing voices in the mind, strange or weird thoughts that don't seem your own, being directed by an inner voice, most mental illness, mental or emotional instability, poor concentration, mood swings, multiple personalities, confusion, deep anger/aggressiveness, nightmares or any negative/terrifying dreams/day dreams, sleep paralysis, anxiety, paranoia, constant negative or fear based thoughts and/or emotions, waking up tired after a full night's rest, criminal and/or violent behaviors, sexual abuse, mental noise (unclear thinking), dark thoughts and impulses, unexplained physical pain or problems without any known cause, constantly sabotaging yourself or others, negative beliefs, religious fanaticism, abusing or attacking others either emotionally, physically etc., energy stealing among people, limited/lower consciousness, feelings of giving everything up, feeling your life is being controlled by something outside of yourself, constantly trying to control or have power over others, loss of your purpose/path in life, loss of your power/soul and more.

Written By Jennifer L Auld

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Two Conflicting Worldviews—Oneism vs. Twoism

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

Recently I had the immense honor of being interviewed several times by Laura Maxwell from Scotland. She is a good friend and I consider her a world leader in communicating biblical truth to those lost in occultic darkness.
To listen to three interviews with Laura Maxwell see this blog:

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. (Genesis 1:1)….biblical worldview
“In the beginning was the universe/energy/consciousness…”    “In the beginning the universe created the universe.” The OTHER worldview…….the pagan worldview.
20 For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse. 21 For although they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts were darkened. 22 Claiming to be wise, they became fools, 23 and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images resembling mortal man and birds and animals and creeping things.(Romans 1:20-23)
Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. 2 For by it the people of old received their commendation. 3 By faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible. (Hebrews 11:1-3)
“Worthy are you, our Lord and God,
to receive glory and honor and power,
for you created all things,
and by your will they existed and were created.” (Revelation 4:11)

Many people don’t realize that America has experienced a Second Revolution, beginning in the 1960’s. It was similar to the French Revolution it that its goal was to bring radical change to the forms, structures, values, and ethics of the status quo. It had to destroy before ushering in utopia. It is seeking to bring in a New Age with the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. However, the dawn of the New Age is now at its high noon. Though this revolution, in its inception, was relatively bloodless, its consequences have been brutally bloody. 60 million unborn children have died in this ‘enlightened’ age…and this is just the USA. And for the New Age worldview to succeed, Christianity has to be neutralized.

Neo-paganism has led to neo-barbarianism. We stand at the graveside of western civilization and we must weep and wake up! In order to speak the timeless truth of the gospel in a meaningful way in our changing culture, we need to understand what the underlying assumptions or worldview is of those around us.

One of the reasons people seem to talk past each other when debating issues like: earthbound spirits, poltergeists, residual energy, etc. Is that the underlying worldview is rarely addressed. Every person has a worldview which acts like spectacles through which they view all of reality. It affects how we think, how we act, and how we feel.

I want to begin a series which contrasts the two conflicting worldviews of today. Though it may appear reductionistic, this is a simple but accurate way of summarizing the only two worldviews that have existed since the dawn of time.(in my book I mention several worldviews, but they all can be boiled down to two, and just two).

Why is there something rather than nothing? And what is the nature of that something? Where did we come from? Colin Gunyon stated, “There are, probably, ultimately only two possible answers to the question of origins, and they recur at different places in all ages: (either) that the universe is the result of creation by a free personal agency, or that in some way or other it created itself. The two answers are not finally compatible, and require a choice, either between them or an attitude of agnostic refusal to decide.”

I want to gently ask—how can you live with yourself if you have not taken the time to understand why you are here? How can you expect to experience a meaningful life if you don’t care what the meaning of life is—its origin and its explanation?

 For the sake of simplicity, Dr Peter Jones says that there are only two ultimate worldview explanations of origins—what he calls Oneism and Twoism. These are two mutually-contradictory ways to think about the world. Let me let Jones explain what these terms mean. I highly recommend this book by Dr Jones, a brilliant scholar who is an astute observer of what is happening in our culture. (see below)

Oneism—“sees the world as self-creating (or perpetually existing) and self-explanatory. Everything is made up of the same stuff, whether matter, spirit, or a mixture. There’s one kind of existence, which, in one way or another, we worship as divine (or of ultimate importance), even if that means worshipping ourselves. Though there is apparent differentiation and even hierarchy, all distinctions are, in principle, eliminated, and everything has the same worth. This is ‘homocosmology’, a worldview based on sameness. The classic term for this is ‘paganism’, worship of nature.” (pg. 12 The Other Worldview, Peter Jones)

In other words, there is ultimately only ONE reality…..creator and creation are compressed. Hence, Oneism. This false worldview takes on many different faces, but the bottom line is the same—ultimately, there is only one kind of ultimate reality.

Twoism—“The only other option is a world that is the free work of a personal, transcendent God, who creates ex nihilo (from nothing). In creating, God was not constrained by or dependent on any pre-existing conditions. There is nothing exactly like this in our human experience of creating; our creative acts are analogous to God’s. There is God, and there is everything that is not God—everything created and sustained by the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This worldview celebrates otherness, distinctiveness. We only worship as divine the distinct, personal, triune Creator, who placed essential distinctions within creation. This is a ‘heterocosmology’, a worldview based on otherness and difference. This is often called ‘theism’. (pg.13) (Islam and Judaism are deficient attempts at Twoism, but ultimately are Oneist due to lack of Trinity)

 In other words, there are ultimately only two kinds of reality—The infinite/personal Creator, and His creation (visible and invisible)…..Twoism
 Phrases you may have heard that express Oneism
 I’m not religious, but spiritual (this has different meanings but I suggest that Christians not use this verbiage)
 Breaking or denying boundaries
 Breaking taboos
 Abolishing ‘either/or’ thinking
‘As above, so below’ (no distinction between divine and human)
 Oneness—all is one
 Enlightenment, chakra, it’s all relative, synchronicity with the Universe, raising energy/consciousness levels, affirming/afforming changes in reality, sending positive thoughts, innate human psychic powers etc.
 Whether implicitly or explicitly embraced, these two world views are antithetical….mutually exclusive. One is true and the other is false.  In the moral worldview of the bible knowledge is never ‘neutral’. That is why Paul calls one of these worldviews ‘the truth’ and the other worldview ‘the lie’ (Romans 1:25)
Oneism is the lie, and Twoism is the truth.

From the opening line in Genesis to Revelation (see above texts), the bible insists that there are two, and only two, kinds of reality…..the Creator, and everything else…the creation. But paganism merges the two into an idolatrous one.

From time of gestation (mid sixties) to full birth (mid-nineties), a pagan Oneist worldview has virtually overrun and taken over our culture.  Pop culture (movies, TV shows, books/novels, spirituality, sexuality, etc.) has been both a cause and symptom of this Oneist juggernaut. For those who are sensitive, the amount of change that has occurred in the last 30 years has been staggering and heart-wrenching—nothing short of a second American Revolution…that has spread worldwide.

Secular humanism and pagan spirituality are both Oneist worldviews. For quite a while secular humanism was the dominant enemy of Christianity, but it is sputtering due to its lack of explanatory power and its consequences (two world wars). Ironically, our culture is not becoming less spiritual, but MORE spiritual…..but this spirituality is from hell. It denies the Creator (see Romans 1:18 ff) and deifies the creation.

Mark Hunnemann is the author of Seeing Ghosts Through God's Eyes: A Worldview Analysis of Earthbound Spirits. It's also available in eBook format.

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Dalai Lama: Interfaith Meeting & Action for Happiness Event

London, England, 21 September 2015 - Before he left for the day’s other engagements this morning, His Holiness the Dalai Lama gave an interview to Christiane Amanpour of CNN. She began by asking: “What are you trying to do here?” and he replied:

“What’s important is that all human beings, wherever they are, whether they are rich or poor, educated or uneducated, have a right to live a happy life. Many think that happiness is to be found outside ourselves in material things, but actually happiness is something that comes from within. So I try to present the importance of inner values not on the basis of religious quotations, but by taking a secular approach based on scientific findings and common sense.

Ms Amanpour remarked that China is changing because of its rapidly developing economy and yet the authorities still refer to His Holiness as a ‘splittist’. He told her that Tibetans had not been seeking independence since 1974 and everybody knows that. She mentioned concern about who will succeed him. He replied that as far as Tibetan Buddhism is concerned the 10,000 monks and nuns who are studying and practising today will be able to preserve it. He made the point that the Buddha’s teaching has survived for 2600 years without there being a recognised reincarnation of the Buddha. He conceded that while he might be the last Dalai Lama, he may yet appoint a successor from among qualified lamas before he goes.

Asked how he sees the persecution of Rohingyas in Burma His Holiness said: “It’s very sad. I have appealed to Burmese Buddhists to stop and think. When they feel angry or resentful of these people, remember the face of the Buddha. I believe that if the Buddha were there, he would offer the Rohingyas his protection.”

Finally, noting that President Xi Jinping will shortly be visiting the USA and the UK, Ms Amanpour wanted to know what His Holiness would say to him if he had the opportunity to do so. He answered:

“Perhaps I’d say that that although historically we were an independent country, as records of the 7th to 9th centuries show, we are not seeking independence now. We can benefit from the development we get as part of the People’s Republic of China, but we must be able to preserve our language, culture and Buddhist traditions. I’d remind him that last year in Paris and Delhi he said that Buddhism plays an important role in Chinese culture. Buddhist values can be of help at a time when the injustice and corruption he seeks to contain are widespread.”

Arriving at the House of Lords to attend an Interfaith Meeting organized by the Buddhist Society, His Holiness was welcomed by Baroness Caroline Cox and Desmond Biddulph, the Society’s President. They escorted him through the grand halls to the meeting, which was attended by Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus of various denominations and a Sikh.

Baroness Cox amused everyone when she introduced herself as a nurse and social scientist by profession and a Baroness by astonishment. Remarking that she was the first Baroness she’d ever met, she added that she realized that the role gave her a voice to use on behalf of those who have no voice. Desmond Biddulph told the gathering that His Holiness is the Patron of the Buddhist Society and that this was an opportunity to celebrate his 80th birthday and the Society’s 90th anniversary. He said that one of His Holiness’s requests had been that, as Buddhists, members of the Society should reach out to others. He invited His Holiness to address the gathering, which he did.

“It’s a great honour for me to be sitting here with spiritual brothers and sisters of various traditions. In too many places today it seems religious and nationalistic feelings are giving rise to terrible conflicts. We have to find ways to bring peace. This is something that those of us who are religious have to do. Meetings like this are an opportunity to build and nurture friendship and trust among us.

“There is an impression in many people’s minds these days that Muslims are especially militant. However, we have to remember that there are militant Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Jews and Buddhists too. The Muslim community that lived in Tibet were a very peaceful community and meeting them in exile I am reminded of the pure Lhasa dialect they still speak.

“Muslim friends have told me that if you shed blood you are no longer a genuine Muslim and that Muslims have a commitment to respect all the creatures of Allah. They also tell me that the word ‘jihad’ is misunderstood. It doesn’t have anything to do with fighting other people, but refers to combating disturbing emotions within yourself.”

The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu spoke of growing up in Uganda with two Muslim children from Zanzibar. His father took them in when their own parents died in a fire and he was unable to trace any other relatives. Although theirs was a Christian family, his father arranged for these two children to attend a mosque on Fridays. The Archbishop reported that in a similar spirit he has spoken in the House of Lords of the need to encourage the Chinese authorities to acknowledge and respect His Holiness the Dalai Lama as a spiritual leader. He said he feels it’s important to remember, “I am not my brother’s keeper, I am my brother’s brother.”

Archbishop Kevin McDonald conveyed greetings to His Holiness and members of the gathering from Cardinal Vincent Nichols, leader of the Roman Catholic Church in the United Kingdom. He also recalled serving in the Vatican when Pope John Paul II convened the ground-breaking interfaith gathering in Assisi in 1986 that His Holiness and Archbishop Robert Runcie had attended.

Baroness Berridge, Chair of the All Party Group on International Religious Freedom, who had just returned from the USA, mentioned her concern for persecuted Muslims and Christians in Burma and elsewhere. She said that those in public life have a responsibility to work for rights for all.

Chime Rinpoche took the opportunity simply to say thank you to His Holiness for all he has done.

The Bishop of Coventry, Christopher Cocksworth, remarked that violence is never of any help and that religious leaders need to make this clear their various governments. He pointed out that while there is public horror at the violence in Syria and Iraq, last week saw a great arms show in the UK. He said it seems there is still too great a sense that the use of military force is the way to solve problems, but in fact in the long run words are more effective than bullets. The meeting as a whole expressed dismay at the way violence continues and a determination to work for dialogue.

In his closing remarks, His Holiness repeated what he often says, that love and compassion are what bring people together, while anger and suspicion push them apart. He noted that religious people have their own different paths, each of which is worthy of respect. He said the common purpose of different kinds of food is to fill our stomachs, but it would be foolish to say, “I like to eat this food, therefore you should eat it too!”

He drew attention to three aspects of religious tradition. The religious aspect concerns the common practice of love and compassion, tolerance and self-discipline. While philosophical views may be quite different, they are all dedicated to the same goal of reinforcing the practice of love. However, he said, there may also be cultural aspects of religious tradition, like caste discrimination, that are no longer relevant and should be changed. He said he encourages religious leaders to speak out about these things whenever they can. The meeting adjourned for lunch in the Strangers’ Dining Room of the House of Commons.

In the afternoon, an enthusiastic and friendly audience of more than 2000 awaited His Holiness’s arrival at the Lyceum theatre. He was met at the stage door by his old friend Lord Richard Layard, who with Director of Action for Happiness, Mark Williamson, escorted him to the stage. They were received with resounding cheers and applause. Dr Williams explained that a new course of training was being launched today on World Peace Day, called Exploring What Matters. He said that it is ever more important to bring people together to think about their lives and to help them make their lives happier.

He invited Jasmine Hodge-Lake to the stage to tell her story. She explained that following an accident that left her injured and in pain, she had become depressed. Attending an Action for Happiness talk helped her understand she could relate differently to her pain. She then took the pilot Action for Happiness course that helped her realize how she could bring hope back into her life and help others. She said:

“I learned how helping others you can help yourself. I’m a different person now to the one I was before the Action for Happiness course. I realized I could be the change I wanted to see.”

Adrian Bethune, a teacher at John Stainer Community Primary School told of becoming disillusioned with teaching until he also took the course. It helped him understand how he could do his work more positively and introduce changes in the classroom. He began to discuss with his students how the mind and brain work based on insights from neuroscience. He rebranded an anti-bullying programme as ‘it’s cool to be kind.’ On Fridays he asked the students to think back and choose three good things they’d done that week. He said teacher and students have become much happier about coming to school.

Prof Layard then opened a conversation with His Holiness, who is Action for Happiness’s Patron. He asked him how we can have more happiness, more peace in our hearts and His Holiness replied:

“Peace means no disturbance, no danger. It relates to our mental attitude. If we have a calm mind, obstacles will be less disruptive. The important thing is to realize that ultimately peace of mind is within us, it takes a warm heart and using our intelligence. People sometimes think warm heartedness, compassion and love are religious topics; they are actually factors for our survival. If we don’t take steps to reinforce these qualities now, the 21st century will also end up being an era of violence like the 20th century. We can’t expect change if we don’t take action. Prayer is not sufficient; we have to take responsibility ourselves. Problems created by human beings have to be solved by human beings.”

When Prof Layard asked how we can improve our relations with each other, His Holiness told him that as social animals people have to overcome their old habit of seeing others in terms of ‘us’ and ‘them’, which just solidifies division. He said we have to see that we are all just human beings and that in our globalized world we have to deal with a global economy and problems like climate change whose effects ignore national boundaries. We have instead to cultivate a sense of global responsibility that sees everyone as ‘us’.

His Holiness explained how discussions with scientists over 30 years had contributed to an understanding of a curriculum of secular ethics in education from kindergarten to university. Part of this involves working with a map of emotions to ensure that the physical hygiene we need to be healthy is accompanied by emotional hygiene.

He answered several questions from the audience, observing that the natural seed of compassion we all possess can, if we use our intelligence, be extended to encompass even our enemies. He acknowledged the need to look after our own interests, but explained that the foolish way to do this is to focus on ourselves alone. A wiser sense of self-interest takes others’ interests into account as well. Asked what one thing people could do to make the world a happier place he answered: “Cultivate affection.”

As the discussions came to a close and His Holiness waved goodbye to the audience they responded with affectionate cheers.

Once the curtain had dropped on the stage, the BBC’s Mark Easton asked His Holiness about the launch of Exploring What Matters and Action for Happiness. He suggested that some were cynical that such moves could be effective. His Holiness retorted that such resistance is just old-fashioned thinking. Warm-heartedness can make individuals, families, communities and even countries happier. He said:

“Even the creation of the EU was essentially an act of compassion. And look, I'm convinced more positive reporting by the BBC and the media, just as you are doing now, can really help make people happier.”

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Residual Hauntings -- The Falseness Exposed

In this blog I am going to help you the reader understand what paranormal people like to claim as a “residual haunting” to be real.  The haunting is real, however, in order to understand why it is real you need to read the blog “My Haunted Home, the Truth Revealed” so you can understand why this blog which is about residual haunting’s are FALSE.  From the blog ‘My Haunted Home’ I explained who it is doing this activity and why they (DEMONS) are doing this to begin with the home, house or building.

As a refresher so to speak the 3 main reasons a house, home or building is full of activity is:  (1) The former owners were not righteous people thus they engaged within the occult realm giving the Demonic rights to that previous family as well as the residence (i.e. house/home) (2) Sin is present in the lives of the people who now reside within the walls of the house or home (3) Cursed objects are present within the walls of the house or home.

So let me expand your thought pattern upon this subject even more.  In the Holy Bible there are very specific verses which explain as well as nullify the existence of lingering around (Ghosts) after you die.  The very word of God stands as truth and debunks what one can consider a ‘ghost’ as well as a ‘residual haunting’.  When you discuss this type of activity you have to understand this is a lot of falseness with a little truth mixed in.

The truth is that the Demonic are involved pulling strings with some type of intelligence behind this type of torment.  Realize that the Demons are Fallen Angels who are highly intelligent about mankind.  They know more about man than man himself due to the length of time existing since creation.  Now people take and mix into this whole mess of a ‘residual haunting’ a lot of falseness that a person who passes on is doing this act over and over again at the same time or in a similar matter/pattern.  The truth is this, it is the Fallen Angels doing this activity as they are the intelligent ones drawing a person to become more curious.

So I shall explain to you what the very word of God states regarding ‘residual hauntings’ which are false and cannot exist.  We find the very answers from the Holy Bible to nullify a ‘residual haunting’.  The first one is taken from the Book of Job.  Job 7: 9-10 KJV states the following “As the cloud is consumed and vanisheth away: so he that goeth down to the grave shall come up no more.  He shall return no more to his house, neither shall his place know him anymore.”

Who is the He this verse is referring to?  This is man, woman or child.  Goeth to the grave – meaning you die – this is final no more can you come up (even as a lingering spirit – i.e. Ghost).  Follow this with the next part – he shall return no more to his house – Why because you have now faced judgment from God – awarded Heaven or cast into Hell.  Lastly, his place (object) shall not know him anymore – meaning one cannot get out of Heaven or Hell to come back, hang around in your once known earthly realm which violates the authority of God.  As I like to say it like this – you think you have more power than God?  Really, do tell me how?

Now to further add even more support here is what is said in other verses within the Holy Bible about residual hauntings as well as the thought process of having Ghosts. Further in the book of Job we find these words in chapter 14:10-12 KJV states “But man dieth, and wasteth away: yea, man giveth up the ghost, and where is he?  As the waters fail from the sea, and the flood decayeth and drieth up: So man lieth down, and riseth not: till the heavens be no more, they shall not awake, nor be raised out of their sleep.”

Once again we see that when you die you cannot rise up, go wander about (like a ghost) and reside in your once living paradigm of the earthly realm that you had.  If that is the case then you have more power than God and thus Satan and all forces of evil would fear you!

So to further explain why ‘residual hauntings’ cannot be from once living humans let me examine these Holy Scripture found in the book of Ecclesiastes 9:5-6 KJV which states “For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not anything, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten.  Also their love, and their hatred, and their envy, is now perished; neither have they any more a portion forever in anything that is done under the sun.”

So as you can see this is a double ‘whammy’ against both ‘ghosts’ and the aspects of a  ‘residual haunting’ from this verse above.  As you can read and now understand when you die you have nothing to do under the ‘sun’ anymore.  No more day or night, it is either now Heaven or Hell for your soul.

So why is then that many of the so called experts in the “paranormal realm” ascertain that these activities are occurring is because ‘they are simply lost souls’ wanting to hang around or are angry because you ‘remodeled their home’.  I recently viewed something online which this person stated you linger around because you worked your ‘butt off’ for what you had and now these people are changing everything within your home.

NO, the new home owners can do what they want because you are no longer here.  If you want to continue to believe in ‘residual hauntings’ of a home because of the spirit being upset with the new homeowners, then let’s discuss all these ‘haunted cars’ that are on the roads.  A majority of everyone has or had a vehicle within the last 50 years.  Let’s examine those cars who people took very good care of and since they are dead would they not too be “upset” because someone else is driving “their” vehicle?

So as a reader you’re going to tell me a car is different than a home?  You’re going to say you are comparing apples to oranges.  So am I really?  An object is an object and a possession is a possession.  If you owned it (i.e. a car/truck) then why are you (as a ghost) not going after those who are now driving your former mode of transportation?

How many stories are going around with all these vehicles having a haunting?  Very few and as a matter of fact, and I am willing to bet less than 1%.  More activity of ‘residual hauntings’ are taking place within the walls of the home. The answer why lies with what has taken place inside the home prior has much more strength for evil.  Many more SINS were committed inside the walls of the home/house than inside of a vehicle.

Rev. Bradley Luoma

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Intercessory Prayer Against The Demonic Can Be Dangerous

Editor's Note: This blog originally ran right after Halloween 2014. Please bookmark this blog post so that you can be prepared this year!

Happy Sunday everyone. This is the day of our Lord. I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween and didn't eat too much candy. I really hope everyone stayed safe and didn't try anything stupid! Such as trespassing into spooky places. You might have learned you've picked up a attachment that is now a new resident in your home.

I say this only because I am receiving a alarming amount of emails regarding somebody being concerned for a loved one with the route was a friend's son daughter mother brother because they seem to be interested in all this dark paranormal stuff that's flooding our TV channels and movie theaters. Everybody's drawing pentagrams trying to make a deal with a crossroads demon. I can't begin to even elaborate how dangerous this is. Once you are on their radar they never ever forget you.

What Is Intercessory Prayer:

Intercessory prayer is the act of praying for other people. God has instructed us to pray not only for our own personal needs but to reach out and pray for others as well. We find an example of this in 1 Timothy 2:1-6 where we are told to pray and to make intercession for all of God's children in need or in danger.

The Greek noun, “enteuxus” in the Bible is the word for “intercession.” It primarily denotes a “meeting with,” a conversation or petition rendered on the behalf of others. “Intercessory prayer,” then, is seeking the presence and audience of God in another’s stead. When we pray for the needs of others that is called “intercession” or we are said to be “interceding” for them. It's a lot like spiritual warfare really. Some may choose to call it that. It can be very dangerous. Satan has a counterfeit for everything that is God's word and truth in the Bible like Angels and miracles, faith, unity, doctrines. He has even has counterfeits our Saviour Himself. (Mathew 24:24.)

Today, saying prayers and prayer in general are very much a priority at many churches. Prayer ministries and prayer departments are showing up everywhere on the Internet and are popping up everywhere to coordinate prayer offensives against the enemy and demonic forces.. These may seem like very positive developments and some feel this is evidence of spiritual growth in the lives of members and a sign of revival in the church. But is it okay for just anyone to start tackling Satan? Shouldn't ones called into this specific area be the ones to tackle and dare step up to this highly dangerous area? The ones boasting about how long they've done this and how much experience they have are the ones who usually have NO business trying to get involved. They are the ones who are all over the Internet and have websites that just continually seem to boast and always find the need to bring up all the "experience" they have. They also put down and slam the few legit Warriors we do have! It blows my mind...and Satan just loves it. All the backstabbing all the fighting people who are so arrogant to think that you have a right to call out and go after people just to create more chaos. As if God can't handle these situations and the people who are of wrongdoing. Don't misunderstand me though, we should call out certain people when it is very blatant what they're up to and if you or someone close to you have been scammed should by all means warn others and make it public. I'm certainly not saying we are always to ignore it there are people out there who should and are called by God to do so. But sadly way too many just choose to think they are because they enjoy drama. That makes them just as low if not lower than the people they are exposing.

The following information I found from the Bible but is also talked about on

In the area of spiritual warfare, one very controversial issue you will come across is whether or not we, as born-again believers, have the power and authority to try and attempt to engage with demons who are in the 2nd heaven, who are in what the Bible calls the “heavenly places.”

After researching both sides of this very controversial issue, it is our personal opinion that unless God Himself directly authorizes and commissions you to engage in this kind of very special, high level type of spiritual warfare, that you stay completely away from this kind of activity.

If you try to step into this kind of arena without God’s direct approval and protection, you could open both yourself and possibly the members of your immediate family to major attacks from these higher-ranking demons.

The Apostle Paul gives us a major revelation in that there are 3 heavens. As you will see from this following verse, it would appear that he is talking about himself when he was taken up to the “third heaven”where God the Father and Jesus dwell. Here is the first verse you will need to have on this topic so you can see exactly how Satan has some of his demonic hierarchy set up, both on our earth and in the heavens.

“I know a man in Christ who fourteen years ago – whether in the body I do not know, or whether out of the body I do not know, God knows – such a one was caught up to the third heaven. And I know such a man – whether in the body or out of the body I do not know, God knows – how he was caught up into Paradise and heard inexpressible words, which it is not lawful for a man to utter.” (2 Corinthians 12:2-3)...

To me this is very powerful information that proves I am correct about the wrong people getting involved with this level of prayer. I'm not trying to debate the "The Three Heavens" controversy as I only used this content as a example of my point in this blog. A lot of people feel sleep paralysis is really a way of visiting other spiritual realms. They truly felt when they finally defeated a demon in this state, certain areas of their life became much better and God had answered their prayers and they had defeated the demon of fear or lust whatever it was that they struggled with. Spiritual Warfare is a very real and powerful thing. We must be free ourselves of any major strongholds before we decide to battle on behalf of a loved one or someone under attack. It's so very important to wait and first pray and hear God's Word on what we should do in every situation. He may tell us to find guidance and direct help for that person that is not necessarily our job or calling to do. Never just jump into these situations without first asking God for guidance and protection.

Dreams are also a way these things like to attack. For some reason we are vulnerable when we're sleeping. I have mention sleep paralysis many times which I feel is a legitimate condition. But other times I do believe it's a form of demonic visitation. Like the Incubus/Succubus I wrote a two part blog about.

These demons used dreams to pursue and fight against the person to whom  they are sent. I know from  personal experience what demons try to do to a person while they are  asleep. I know what I know and what I have seen while being wide awake after woken up,from a terrible dream. Shadow demons are usually what harassed me but of course I'm just crazy. (Rolls eyes) For example, demons will  come into your sleep for the soul intention of weakening your soul, your belief in Gods protection, while you are in the altered state of sleep.

Written By Jennifer L Auld

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sympathy for the Devil?

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

"The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy..." 
(John 10:10)

Recently, a friend asked,  "If enough people prayed for Satan, would he be transformed/saved?" The question was buttressed with this comment--"If God is loving and desires all to be saved, then why not Satan?" There seemed to be a tacit sympathy for the devil, and any demons who might be repentant.

My short response to my friend was, "No chance..none."

Before I elaborate, it might surprise some to know how common this sentiment/question is. A Christian author friend, well versed in the bible,  who writes on demonology issues, asked essentially the same question a while back.And others have wondered out loud..... My hunch is that many of us have pondered the same issue.....And no sincere question should be met with calloused dismissiveness.

Let me elaborate on my short negation.Even when you listen to the Rolling Stones song "Sympathy...", they hint at the answer..."I will lay waste to your soul...."

1. From Genesis to Revelation, there is prophesied and sovereignly decreed, the eternal punishment of Satan for rebelling against God and leading His original image bearers (Adam and Eve...Genesis 3) into sin.I don't want to pile up verses, but the bible is replete with references to the triumph of God over the Evil One. The God of Truth predicted and decreed  Satan's certain eternal damnation. For Him to now have sympathy for the devil would make God out to be the consummate liar.

2. One of the primary accomplishments of the atonement was securing the defeat and eternal punishment of Satan.The integrity and perfection of the cross of Christ would be abolished/negated if Satan/demons were "transformed". The NT is filled with references to how Jesus came to destroy the work of Satan (e.g. Colossians 2:15)The cross did not just secure our salvation, but it secured the devils damnation. Hence, any notion of Satanic transformation is an attack on the perfection of the design and accomplishment of the atonement.

3. In Hebrews 2:14-18 are some singularly humbling verses re grace. Grace is God giving us what we don't deserve, and mercy is God NOT giving us what we do deserve.Paraphrasing these verses, Once the Lord freely decided to save humans, God HAD to take on human flesh in order to be a proper substitute for us humans...the God/Man on the cross. However, nowhere are we told that God decided to save the lost angels, taking on their nature, and dying a substitutionary death on a cross for them.They received justice....we received grace and mercy. Please let this sink in. GOD DID NOT HAVE TO SAVE US...AND IF HE DIDN'T, HE STILL WOULD HAVE BEEN JUST. Our misunderstanding of God's love seems to force Him to give us (Satan) a second chance. But that is not is not mercy. It is a deficient understanding of both, as well as God's burning holiness.God freely decided to give His image bearers a second chance....He freely decided to not give Satan/demons a second chance. Justice.

4. We should rejoice in the eternal destruction of Satan..not have sympathy for him. The devil, if he could, would entice you to hell, after he murdered you and your loved ones. (John 10:10) Satan wants to steal what he can from you...he wants to kill you...and to destroy you. Satan has no remorse for his original sin, nor for the countless and unspeakable horrors since then.  He is irredeemable because the notion is noxious to him. It is psychologically impossible for a sentient being to choose to do something they hate.We always do want we want to do (everything considered).

If every person on the planet prayed everyday for Satan's transformation, it would not change a thing. Prayer does change things, but no amount of prayer can change the eternal decree of God Almighty toward His hated enemy, and the enemy of our souls. God hates Satan--hence, he is doomed for eternal torture. No sympathy for the devil. None. We should rejoice in his eternal punishment. The friend I referred to at the outset, agreed after we discussed these and other issues.

Mark Hunnemann is the author of Seeing Ghosts Through God's Eyes: A Worldview Analysis of Earthbound Spirits. It's also available in eBook format.

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