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Meth And Demons Part Two

Due to the comments and the private emails I feel I should touch on this subject again. I have some new information to add. It's a very disturbing topic so be forewarned. Some people get freaked out very easy.  If you google this yourself, you'll see I'm not a fruit cake. All drugs mess with your mind but there is something about Meth that seems to be the worst of all of them. They all encounter demons and skeletons chasing them...this is what many claim. They say it's only when they do this particular drug that things turn so very deeply dark and oppressed. Disturbing events are taking place. Many are followed home and terrorized so don't think your safe once you leave the place you were using. Demons are very patient as I've said many times before. It could wait until you're at your most lowest then decide to zoom me and attack you or you're mind.

This is very scary. I believe all drugs are doorways as I said above however, this Meth in particular really seems to take people down quick, in a matter of just 4 to 6 months. The enemy is certainly drawing people in. I've heard all it takes is one time and your addicted. It works fast. The enemy just feeds off this kind of chaos. Let's stand against this drug and any supernatural power taking place so these people have a chance at life. A chance to know peace and Jesus Christ. I hate to think of people in this kind of bondage to the enemy. It's pure hell. It would have to be. The bible warns us of the enemy seeking who he may devour.

The following article I found at and I think you should read this:

'From my own experience this dark forces theory would explain so much because of the pure venomous nature that I saw meth bring out in others and myself. I seemed to come out of nowhere and people I thought I knew were acting in ways you usually see in horror movies.
The hallucinations on meth were so real and so very powerful I never ever would have thought what I was seeing was all in my mind. The sounds and chattering were as real as the chair I am sitting in and drove me to tears as I heard them literally coming out of thin air.  They were always dark.
The voices seemed to be coaxing me to do something and I felt extreme fear every time I heard them. It was like a primal instinct kicked in and I would hide beneath a blanket on my bed afraid to move, afraid to breath until my heart was beating out of my chest! '
This is what I'm talking about. There are more and more stories like this. Could there be truth to this? I think so. This many people can't be making this up. They are describe the same feelings. This never ending darkness and voices, scratching noises and growls. Dear God it sounds like a nightmare right out of a movie. It gives me chills which takes A LOT! If I would highly recommend anyone to steer clear of this drug at all costs. Possession or attachments just are not worth it. They are very hard to put back in the box once they've had legal rights to invade ones life. It effects people around you and family. It could possibly put them in danger. It's a very serious issue once a demon has been unleashed.

I found the following on a random online forum:
Jose says:
February 22, 2016 at 2:49 am
" i see I’m not the only one who experienced meth and demons. I’ve been sober now for 4 months. i dont experience these demon encounters but i gotta say it sure would scare the heck out of me. But i was so addicted that i couldn’t stop. These demons where trying to get rid of me. They knew everything about me. They knew that i was a child of God so they tried even harder to get rid of me, and by that i mean death. I saw death around the corner. I lived in an area of my town where all the low budget hotels, prostitutes, gangsters, dopefiends, dope dealers, homelessness and dark alleys in a border town with mexico so there is all the drugs anyone could ever want. and along comes evrything else like these demons. God allowed me to see how these demons worked through people. it was crazy. Coincidence after coincidence every single day. theres no such thing as coincidence. it was all real, through meth, these spirits where able to work through us and against us with hallucinations, mental instabilities and it was and is real. shadow people, to the normal people its just lack of sleep. but for me, i know who they really are. if you dont know Jesus and u use meth you dont experience the same as someone who knows Jesus and uses Meth. Faith in God is what saved me. i know for a fact though that if i go back to using, its my turn to die. I barely made it out."

There is actually forums for support over this issue. This should not be taken lightly. If we let all these things loose to terrorize people good luck finding someone truly capable of helping you. There are not many. I just can't begin to say how much these stories freak me out. And that doesn't happen easily either. This is obviously a big problem if there are support forums. Take a look at what they are saying. Just spend 10 minuets reading all the different stories from 2012 to the present. So it's not going away people. It's evidently getting worse. More and more people are coming forward with this. I'm very surprised this issue isn't really spoke of? But it's all over the Internet. It's the most disturbing research I've done in a long time. I first started my research in 2011 after someone shared their personal story with me and needed my help. I couldn't believe the things she was going through. But I could tell his person was not lying about what they believed. This subject is very serious.

I beg of you to at least research this. You'll see so many different experiences. I'm sure all drugs can cause these types of situations but you have to wonder why is meth such a conduit? What is it about this drug that demons are so attached to? How could one begin to test this theory? How would you without serious risks of attachment or even possession.

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Written By Jennifer L Auld

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