Monday, July 14, 2014

Explanation of Demons, Not Ghosts, Part 3

By Rev. Dr. Bradley Luoma

Continued from: Explanation of Demons, Not Ghosts, Part 1
Explanation of Demons Not Ghosts, Part 2

In series part’s 1 and 2 we laid the ground floor to provide discernment that ‘Ghosts’ cannot exist as one would believe.  We used multiple Biblical verses laid out to clearly demonstrate when one dies they face judgment which is either Heaven or Hell.  At the end of part 2 we indicated that this entire false belief of ‘Ghosts’ starts with invitation to the realm to contact a person.

Part 3 - Satan knows man all too well, and Satan knew back then if he could tempt Eve with “eating” an apple and getting Adam to follow Eve’s actions, then he certainly can get people to believe that loved ones can come back to visit you once deceased to provide certain “words of wisdom” or “feelings of peace” that were once held in esteem for that loved person.

To further dive into our next subject – Demon activity not Ghost activity is infestation, oppression and possession, let’s look at the slide pictured in this article.  This snapshot captured is from the 2012 film, “The Conjuring”, which is depicting Ed and Lorraine Warren on a case.   During the movie the characters lay out how Demonic forces come about or infiltrate a person(s) life.  However, they missed the reason this is occurring in the first place – invitation or a generational curse.

The reason the Demonic become activated is two-fold – invitation of a person by their own hand or a generational curse found in the blood line.  The definition of involvement refers to being engaged with or participation with something.  This also refers to an emotional or personal association with something or someone. The invitation act is the direct result of ‘actions’ of said person in the occult world as well as in other aspects, but mostly related to occult activity.

Thus meaning, the person became active due to being involved with playing in the occult realm (I.e. Ouija board, Tarot Cards, Psychic/Medium engagement, Séance, Automatic Writing, Necromancy (going to the grave side and telling a passed one you miss them and wish you could see them one more time, telling a ‘Ghost’ to come forward to make yourself known or even telling a ‘Ghost’ to use my energy to come forward) Witchcraft practices, Satanic worship, Sacrifice of human/animal or both in the name of Satan, etc…).  Realize those discussed are just a small snapshot of occult aspects, but other sins of the ‘flesh’ also result in invitation too (I.e. illegal or legal drug usage (altered mind is what they are after), murder, prostitution, rape, sexual abuse, physical abuse, etc…).

Generational curses also bring forward the Demonic on a person.  These curses are found in the blood lines passed down through the family because of acts or ‘sins of our ancestors’.  Many people do not know what ancestors did 300, 600 or 1000 years ago in pledges to Satan for money, power, love, revenge, etc…  These curses become activated through the family lines causing havoc in the subsequent generations to come.

These curses cause people to become engaged further with activities that they should not be doing.  Many of you will disagree with this, but Exorcisms have confirmed why the Demonic were there in the first place, when they claim ‘Legal Rights’ to this person because of ancestral acts.  This becomes the challenge of the Exorcist to get the Demonic to admit fully what curse or curses are upon this person.  This is part of a ‘Legal Right’ they have to the person.  The sad part of this is (yes true) that even those professed saved in the blood of Jesus Christ, can and often under attack or even possessed by Demonic forces.  That is another story for another time.

The invitation process is not always instantaneous, but it can be for the Demonic.  Basically, the Demonic become activated as they wait for people to commit great offenses (I.e. Sin).  Even though we are all born in Sin, from the flesh of Adam and Eve, the Demons watch us all as they wait to see who continues to do more acts of involvement.  

For logical purposes, realize the Demonic are assigned to people to watch them, study them and then look for the ‘gaping wound’ found in the person.  What we might consider a very small scrape, the Demonic use as a major gaping wound to come upon a person.

The activity of invitation then moves onward towards the infestation aspect.  Infestation mode is designed to cause as much influx of Demonic activity as possible.  This is not limited to but does include: banging, knocking, heavy boots walking across the floor, items moving around, growling in the open air, a mist or a vapor, orbs, shadow figures and the list can go on and on.  During this time people become more aware thus will cause people to become obsessed with finding more answers, or engaging in the wrong manner which further opens that doorway.

The next phase after the infestation aspect is in full swing is the oppression state.  During this state people start to engage in behavior that is not typical of the person.  During this phase, the Demonic will take a ‘sane’ person and turn them ‘insane’.  They will cause the person or even the person’s family to always question every single aspect of their lives, cause major fights amongst each other, severe depression is common in women, severe aggression is common in men and both can be found in young children.

During this phase the attacks upon the person ramp up.  These include but are not limited to: scratching/gouging marks in the flesh, causing one to cut themselves (blood-letting), bite marks, bruising on body in areas they did not do themselves, getting pinned down on a bed/couch/chair, both men and women can be sexually assaulted, smells of sulfur/rotten meat/rotten eggs with no known source, catatonic activity (blank stare for extended periods of time), loss of time hours or days, and partial possession becomes apparent.

Possession the ultimate goal is when the Demonic fully reside in the person.  The afflicted will exhibit behavior that is not becoming or attributed to them.  This can include but is not limited to: ripping/tearing of flesh, tearing of hair off the head, removing all nails, severe mutilation of the flesh, eating bugs, playing/eating with/of fecal matter from the body, speaking in foreign tongues, levitation of the body, multiple voices coming out of the person at once, contortion of the body, breaking of bones, twisting and bending in positions not humanly possible, markings on the flesh with symbols, words, etc… as well as other aspects.  This stage is very severe and requires Exorcism upon the person.  During this extreme phase the Demonic may not allow the person to drink or eat thus sustaining life.  This phase requires both Medical and Spiritual intervention
In our next discussion of Demons not Ghosts, we will describe how the Demonic masquerade in the ways they feel necessary to enact their plans for all mankind.

Rev. Dr. Bradley Luoma