Monday, June 25, 2012

Paranormal Headline Monday & Guest Blog – June 25, 2012

By Kirby Robinson

We'll always keep working hard for our readers in searching out stories that no one within the paranormal field wants you to know. Why? Because knowledge is power and the paranormal elite want to keep that power. Not that many in the elite know all that much, they just love to pretend that they do.

Do we have a new Jonestown being built in Africa?

No legit proof that anything is "real" in the paranormal, says a leading investigator…

This is why those who are unskilled in the art of hypnosis can do far more harm than good…

If he was as psychic as he claimed, he should've seen this coming …

Guess some psychics just love milking the public!

A shout out to all the fake demonologists out there! Want to learn something real? If so, stop watching reruns of Paranormal State and Ghost Adventures.

Guest Blog

It might not be a blog but I got a heads up about this group. Actually, it came from a Blogtalk radio show that seems to feature nothing but paranormal fakes and paranormal porn producers…

Worst Paranormal does their best to expose fakes within the paranormal field. We give a big thumbs up to them. Give them a read...and your support.

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