Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sleep Paralysis And Vivid Dreams Or Demonic Visitation? Part 2

Hello everyone. I pray you had a fantastic weekend and everyone you love is healthy. I'm writing more on this subject since the one I wrote last year just isn't enough to cover what I wanted. The amount of emails I get on the subject are in sane. This is really a topic people are researching and wanting more information about. This is just of course my humble opinion based on experience and research. I am a Biblical Demonologist and I believe Jesus Christ is the son of God so my opinions are all based on scripture as well. This topic can get pretty dicey so you are forewarned right now. Discussion of sexual content in graphic nature so please be advised ahead of time. I can't help it. I wish I could keep this more clean but I can't ladies and gentlemen. I suggest you do your own research on this. There are different types of demonology that is studied so you're going to run into different types of opinions on this. Be sure to respect everyone's views and encounters.

I found the following three posts among many others made by people who really feel they were sexually attacked during sleep paralysis by a sinister entity. They are sharing experiences and discussing possible answers. I found these at

"I think the most frightening one I've had was when I was dreaming I was standing outside of a barn. A male voice inside beckoned me to enter. I did so reluctantly. Inside was complete darkness. I awoke in my room paralyzed, and heard the same voice say rather menacingly "You should not have done that." and then proceeded to laugh until I managed to wriggle myself free and shoot up in bed."

"I have woken up with bruises after having very vivid sleep paralysis and hallucinations."

" I suffer from this all the time with the exception of one or two nights a week. I am convinced its demonic, not scientific. This is an example of these things existing, there is no scientific explanation. When will people realise that WE DO HAVE A SOUL. and that spirit beings can affect us at our most vunerable, when we are asleep is easy for them. They like to play with us, cause us distress, and ultimatly are after your Soul. Our soul is fighting with them. I know some people might disagree and probably think im mad. But my response is take a look at what the bible says about this."

I found the following comment on a general yahoo question:

"for me the pressure seems to become light when i say things like "Give me power god" If these things are only our imagination then i dont understand why do the pressure become much lighter when i use "God" in my imagination. There are times when I am not scared and want to go against it, however it seems useless unless i mention the word "God" in someway. which again makes me believe that this is not just things people call imagination/hullciantion etc..."

For those who do not know, sleep paralysis is when the brain awakens from Rem sleep but the body remains “asleep” (in paralysis). Sort of the reverse of sleep walking, which is when the body is ‘awake’ but the brain is asleep. You are are fully conscious but unable to move. This can last a few seconds or a few minutes. However, eye movements are still possible. Individuals experiencing this often feel extreme panic as they try to reestablish the connection between mind and it's connection. It can be very frightening. It seems so very real. It is a terrifying feeling being unable to move or speak. You can't even cry for help audibly. You are totally helpless it seems.

Incubus and Succubus are demons known for sexual pleasure and summoned for sexual pleasure and companionship. They are also known to be heavily focused on in Sleep Paralysis situations. They are found in different Mythology literature. My first blog on this last year goes into a tad more detail on mythology. A brief description...

Incubus:  An evil spirit that lies on persons in their sleep; especially one that has sexual intercourse with women while they are sleeping.

Succubus:  A demon assuming female form to have sexual intercourse with men in their sleep.

For me personally the false "wake ups" were terrifying! I was getting to a point where I could not establish whether I was really awake or was I really dreaming? My safety was at risk and I feel it still is at times. I was having a lot of sleep paralysis when my father was dying. I came home to help my mother and waking up daily fearing " was this the day I would find my father dead?" I believe the high stress levels I was dealing with going through that and all the sad emotions and then the depression and the anger and bitterness I had at that time in my life towards God was a recipe for being extremely vulnerable to demonic attacks. I do believe however, there is actual legitimate "Sleep Paralysis" and it can be organically explained. This is not always the case.

Many people experience "dark shadows, shadow people" during this as well. That is a completely other subject right there that I will discuss and go into further details another blog. This subject is extremely difficult to write about and try to keep it to where it's understandable for most people. I'm trying not to branch out on other different parts of this just yet because I feel that can cause more confusion when your first researching the subject. Some people are researching this out of curiosity and there's some people who are really going through this as we speak so I'm trying to keep it as simple as possible. This is not something that's easy for me to write about. I am certainly not a professional writer or blogger for that matter. It is also hard for me because I hate to dig up the memories and at the same time I wonder if discussing this is going to trigger my dreams! Lol. I am a little paranoid, that's how ground shaking and terrifying my experiences were. For me I'm convinced it was demonic attack.

I have seen and heard many people who were and WERE NOT believers in Christ post that they called for Jesus Christ and things would get better or that entity would go away. They wake up feeling safe. This makes me extremely happy to see how many people are realizing they can call for help and how much power is in the name Jesus Christ. Those things flee pretty quickly don't they? They cannot tolerate the name of Jesus and his Holy name. This is great news and when you can move past the fear you can control your dreams and call directly for Christ or his Angels. I have said this before many times that demons are terrified of God's Holy Angels.

 Written By Jennifer Lori Auld