Friday, January 31, 2014

Is This The End?

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

"And he will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers, lest I come and strike the land with a decree of utter destruction." (Mal. 4:6)

"And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold." (Matt.24:12) 

Suppose a leading candidate in an election year, who espoused all the main convictions you hold, suddenly announced that he supported a return to the practice of segregation--blacks and whites,"separate but equal". Further, it was uncovered that he was (for certain) an active member of a KKK group that had lynched a dozen black men over the years, but justice had never been done (no witnesses). Would he have any chance of becoming president in the 21st century? Would you vote for him? "None....and hell no!" are most certainly your collective reply. The media would rip him to shreds.

Some facts simply disqualify a man for office, right?

Remember.... in my own lifetime, we DID vote folks in office who espoused segregation. Why was it stopped? Because it was patently abusive and unjust.

While not minimizing the seriousness of segregation policies, would we all not agree that murder is worse than abuse or shaming people by making them drink from a different water fountain? There are gradations of sin, and murder is more serious in God's eyes than public shaming--as horrible as that is. (I did an entire blog on gradations of sin).

"I thought this newsletter/blog was about the paranormal?" you may be thinking. Okay, if in your backyard there is massive oak tree upon which dozens of black folks were hung and murdered 100 years ago, do you not think that that spot almost certainly is "haunted" intense demonic presence? And if we did something similar, or worse, today, then wouldn't that shed light on why overt demonic activity has skyrocketed? I WANT TO KNOW WHY WE ARE EXPERIENCING SUCH AN EXPLOSION OF OBSERVABLE DEMONIC CARNAGE!

For those of you who do not know me personally, I am a gentle guy....a man of peace who dislikes arguing....I have a deep aversion for TV preachers who are mean-spirited. I cling to grace and  know that Jesus showed His most tender compassion for folks deeply mired in horrible sin and guilt.Truthfully, I am so damaged by past cruel realities in my life that most days I have trouble putting one foot in front of the other. But God won't let me just lie down.....especially regarding one or two particular issues.

January 22 marked the 41st anniversary of Roe V Wade...55 million unborn babies have been killed in the US alone since then. In Russia, abortions outnumber live births  (no wonder that it is such an oppressive country in every way). Where is the outrage? If we would be offended by segregation...and especially lynching, then why not with the killing of the most defenseless? The bible SCREAMS in its insistence that life begins at conception, as does biology and common sense. The second the Holy Spirit caused the virginal conception of our Savior,  Jesus was both fully God and fully man. From conception, He was God incarnate..Don't you think Satan was feverishly trying to abort that Baby, only to be smacked to the ground by our sovereign King? While only a few months along in her pregnancy, Elizabeth's baby (John the Baptist) leaped in joyful worship of his cousin, The King who had created him! Read Psalm 139...personally knit together in mom's womb, and every page of the bible. An important early Christian document, The Didache (AD 81-110) states, "You shall not murder a child by abortion nor kill them when born." This is not just my humble opinion....God says it, that settles it, I believe it. Let me quote from RC Sproul, one of my theologians.

"I'm convinced that the matter of abortion facing the American public right now is the greatest wickedness in our nations history. It makes me almost ashamed to be an American. I'm ashamed of the medical profession, but I'm most deeply ashamed of the church for its failure to scream literally, "Bloody murder" about abortion. Abortion is a monstrous evil, and if I know anything about the character of God, I am totally convinced that this is an outrage to Him. ...(pg.451  Now, That's a Good Question)

I have been thinking lately about what could possibly occur to indicate that Satan was loosed and that we were in the last days of demonic delirium. The text is too long to quote here but read 2 Thess 2:1-12...In God's sovereignty, He will temporarily drop the restraints and all hell will break loose before Christ's victorious return. It made me feel physically ill to realize that we are likely experiencing the most wicked time in the history of mankind. Due to technology advances, we can slaughter more infants, with more efficiency. Nearly 60 million babies (just in US) in 41 years, plus the many millions worldwide, is a feat of evil unparalleled in human history.

There are other reasons (this is a series) why I think Jesus' return is near, but how our love has grown cold to the plight of the unborn is sickening and indicative that we are far more advanced in evil than many of us suspect. We are waiting for the hammer to fall on Christians before we take seriously that the lion has been loosed. I think that is a mistake.

The issue of abortion on demand is distinct from the issue of exceptional scenarios, which I cannot address. The vast majority of abortions don't involve any real threat, so I am tired of this being thrown out immediately and used to water down the urgency and seriousness of the issue.

My heart aches for the women reading this who have been scarred by abortion. Please accept God's full forgiveness. Like Adam hiding behind Eve, I think the men are most at fault, but hide....But only a demonic logic would force us to keep quiet out of fear. What of the children? Indeed ,by keeping silent, we have prevented men/women who are riddled with guilt from feeling the full weight of their guilt, and to then to experience the full beauty of real forgiveness. We have done nobody a favor by remaining silent.

I recently read War by war correspondent Sebastian Junger, in which he chronicles his days with an Army outfit that was engaged in the most vicious fighting of the ongoing Afghan war. Some of you may have seen the documentary based on these events called, Restrepo...named after a beloved medic who was killed in an ambush. Junger mentions the importance of knowing the terrain in effective warfare, and that he who occupies the highest hill has the military advantage. You're shooting down...I am convinced that the killing of unborn children is the "highest hill" for Satan in his destruction of our country.

He has captured the hill of "truth" by relativizing it.....the hill of worldview, which was once Christian in general, has been overrun by the occult/New Age/Gnosticism..... The hill of academia has been napalmed by post-Christian and post-modern deconstructionism....... Even the hill of the spirit realm--considered the forbidden zone for millenia--has fallen into enemy hands, as we rush headlong into it. But the highest hill of them all is the profound sacredness of human life., made in God's image. It, too, has been overrun.

If we lined up 55 million people today and slaughtered them, do we not think there would be a HUGE effect in the spirit realm? There is a cause and effect between the natural and the supernatural. Our actions here give demons a foothold...I know the history of abortion, and that it has always existed. However, in the fullness of time, ours is the first generation that has had the means to surgically destroy so many easily...and so cheaply.....and supposedly so safely.

The highest hill...we (humans alone) are made in God's image from conception through the grave and unto eternity. If demons are drawn to cemeteries and battlefields because the blood soaked land, and moldering remains draws them like flies to honey....due to their sheer, irrationally intense hatred of us--then what of abortion clinics? There is a demonic darkness that surrounds these places. I know--I was arrested at one 30 years ago along with 2 other seminarians, and some others as well.

One of the main signs of the imminence of Jesus' return (see Matt.24) is the INTENSIFICATION of evil. Nothing really new, just old evil (apparently) accelerated by the use of modern technology. That is where we are--right now.

We are rightly repulsed by images of infants being laid in the white-hot, outstretched arms of the demonic god Molech. Unto the demonic god of selfishness we have killed 55-60 million precious babies. We have opened the floodgates for the lawless one to come. I am sick to my stomach, as I contemplate this monstrous evil in our midst, and we hardly give it a second thought. What in the hell is wrong with us?

What do we do? Pray that this holocaust will end...and ask God how you personally can help. Preach and teach on it. Call your local crisis pregnancy center and get involved. Google "National Right to Life" and get on their mailing list to be educated, as well as World magazine which reports news from a biblical worldview. The first step is overcoming this monstrous silence and talking about it. We have the most pro-abortion president ever in office. There is a time for a righteous anger....and if we as individuals and as a church will not take a stand for human life, what will we stand for?

Forty years ago, the young adults of our nation resonated to the lyrics of "four dead in Ohio", but our generation of the summer of love is a bunch of hypocrites --we are so focused on the pursuit of happiness and personal fulfillment that the right to life has died. I think the end is near. (next week, Jews and Jerusalem).

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ghost Adventures Crew Ignore Fans

By Chris Baricko

Most of us have watched Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel. I did  as well till their egos and bad acting got in the way. Let's start with a few things. When they wanted  to reach 1 million likes on Facebook they were everyone's friend. Then again when they wanted to reach 2 million Likes. Now they do not feel the need to answer nor reply. We served our purpose. They are not very truthful. It starts right with the opening. They clearly state "The three of us travel." Um, wrong there are five including Billy and the video guy. So right from the start there are misleading the viewers. But now let's look at them one by one.

Nick Groff, in my opinion, is the worst. He used to reply and answer fans' questions, but now, forget it.  And some might say well he can't reply to everyone. Sorry, I don't buy snake oil. If that was the case then how come when you go on his page he has time to promote his CD? His book? His clothing line? His gym? Or his "Drinks on Me" Tour? So let's look at this. He wants your money but don't want to give you any of his time? Hmmm, now why would you want to support a person who ignores you? Sorry no excuse the fans got him to were he is and the fans can also take it away.

Then he states that Boston is his home Town. Unless Pelham, New Hampshire moved South East 34 miles and 48 minutes away, it's not his hometown. See the link:

See Links

Pretty crappy things he did and to define what hometown means according to Merriam Webster Dictionary.
Hometown is defined as the city or town were one was born or grew up also principal residence.

Shame on him trying to play the Boston card for ratings and support.

Then we have Zak Bagans--his ego is unreal. He just doesn't reply at all. But made sure he was out there when he wanted you to buy his book.

Then we have Aaron Goodwin he is not as bad. He has his Big Steppin line and he donates proceeds to charity.

They all think they are all that. The funny part is I myself was investigating the paranormal before they were old enough to drive, as many others were. They need to remember that being on TV doesn't make them investigators--it makes them actors. Their EVP's are crap, they all sound just like static and they throw words under it hoping we will say OH YEA I hear it.

So, in closing, I will say it is pretty clear they all went to college for film, saw the paranormal was the in thing and cashed in on it. Too bad they do not take as much time to respond to the fans as they do pushing their products.

Nick Groff -- 1553 Likes

Our Troops -- 297 Likes

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Psychics Talk for God ~ Parts 1 & 2

By Kirby Robinson

There will be a special blog on Monday that will leave you speechless. And for tonight, here's the information about my latest radio show appearance. We will be breaking a big story on that show.

Wednesday, January 28 at 7 [PST] / 10 [EST]
I'll appear on Beyond the Edge of Reality radio show with Evan Jensen. Here's the link:

The following blog is not meant to group everyone with spiritual gifts as fakes or frauds. There are good ones and bad ones out there, but we ask the public to use caution when dealing with anyone claiming to have spiritual gifts.

The disclaimer discussed in this blog did not come from any particular psychic but from several psychics' websites. We took the language of their disclaimer and merged it with others.


Yes folks, according to the many psychic supporters, you can forget prayer. You can get up off your knees, get out your credit card/s, and pay 'em because they can tell you better than anyone what God is saying!

Not long ago I noticed on my Facebook newsfeed a comment from one of my friends that they were going to treat themselves to a yearly visit to their local psychic. I posted a comment that why not save their money and just talk to God? He never charges and it won't be for entertainment purposes only. A few weeks later, she posted a response to my comment basically saying that psychics are great in interpreting what God was telling you. When I read things like that it really makes me go WTF?

When did the psychics insert themselves between us and God? When did God become dependent on psychics to tell us things? Yes, there were dream interpreters and prophets within the Bible but they didn't have business cards. They didn't do phone readings. They didn't post the disclaimer: FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. And if they weren't 100% accurate, they got stoned to death.

When you talk to God there is no charge!

He doesn't ask anything of us when we speak to him. God is there 24/7/365 – and that includes Leap Years! He'd like us to have a personal relationship with his Son, but that's not required. We have free will, you know.

When we talk to psychics there is always a charge.

This is an odd issue to me. Often psychics will compare themselves to prophets in the Bible and claim they have the same gift. Yet in no chapter or verse within the Bible do we ever find a prophet charging for their services. Psychics claim:  "This is how I earn a living." Again, the prophets of the Bible didn't charge any money but God took care of them. If psychics have faith in GOD and their gift is from God, He will take care of them.

Often the next fallback is for those psychics to mention that doctors have the gift of healing and they are paid. That's mixing apples with oranges. Doctors may have been guided into medicine by God. He might help oversee their decisions and care given to a patient, but the patient isn't healed by the doctor in the mysterious way God heals someone through prayer and the laying of hands.

When you talk to God he is 100% accurate 100% of the time.

When you talk to a psychic -- they can go from being 0% right on up.

When you talk to God …

There is no topic off the table. If you need healing it's there. If you need guidance on a job, a purchase, whether to get pregnant, etc., He will give you advice and help any way He can. And it's not for entertainment purposes only. God says what He means and stands behind it.

When you talk to a psychic …

There are all kinds of disclaimers and limitations. There's no guarantee whatsoever.

Let's take a look at the legal disclaimer that psychics post. Again, this is not from any particular psychic, but we took a look at many different psychics' websites.

For entertainment purposes only.

How odd that a claim is made that they have a gift, yet they have no faith in that gift. So with that statement they claim they are only an actor playing a role. You pay them to play a psychic. Which means their reading is nothing more than a sham. Why? Because it's only entertainment. What would happen if you went to a church that practiced the spiritual gifts of healing, prophecy, etc., and the pastor started his sermon by saying: "THIS IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!" Would you stay there?

Psychics claim:

That no psychic [note they say no psychic] can predict, forecast or diagnose with absolute certainty.

That's always troubling to me. It's their escape clause. I just can't say I'll be right. Would you take a job if the boss said, "I'm not sure if you'll be paid." Would you go to a doctor who said, "My advice might be way off." Would you trust an instructor who informed you at the start of the class, "Sorry, the money you just paid for the class might be wasted! I'm not sure what I'm saying is right or not, my interpretation might be way off."

It's odd that psychics claim legitimacy via the Bible and the dream interpreters and prophets, yet they say they can't be as good as them. Yet the men mentioned in the Bible like Daniel and Ezekiel have hit things on the head 100% of the time.

Psychics will say

They can't be held responsible for actions and decisions made by the client as a result of the reading.

What that means is that they can make things up and tell you what you want to hear. They won't be held liable for anything they tell you. So if they tell you that job will work out, that the business will succeed, that that boyfriend of yours is cheating on you, it doesn't matter if it's true. You act on it. The job sucks, the business fails, and the boyfriend isn't cheating. You take that advice depending on these psychics and boy do you pay the price.

But there is another problem. What if that man or woman was your Mr./Ms. Right and you backed away from them? What if that job or business was the career for you and you backed away from it? Who pays the price? You do. And your relationship with God does. [They say their gift is from God. If they're wrong, then God is wrong. So the trust in God is destroyed]. And the psychic doesn't care—they're just sipping margaritas on the beach.

Psychics say …

For medical or legal matters they won't talk about those topics as you need to see a medical or legal professional.

Again, they claim their gift is from God. Yet they have no faith in it. If they did, they could/would help people in any matter. Say what you want about Edgar Cayce, but did he ever turn someone away that came to him for medical advice?

See, I believe in the spiritual gifts. You won't find a person who believes in them more. And what I believe on top of that is that there are so many fakers, so many actors, and so many wannabes. The final and last difference between talking to God and talking to a psychic is this: He loves you yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Most psychics' love lasts until your minutes are done or you card is maxed out. And they move on to their next victim…I mean client.

Psychics Talk for God - Part 2

Did you notice the lack of response by psychics to my previous blog? Why is that? The haters and fakers would say it was simply a lack of interest in my blog. Personally, I think it had more to do with the fact that they know I'm right and they fear where I'm about to go with this blog series.

I recall being part of the new age back in the 80's. I had to chance to meet some of the top psychics, mediums, channelers, and so-called teachers. I drank with them [and we're not talking coffee], I saw their excesses [even new age teachers have groupies and bed hopping was very common], and I took lessons from them [read a bunch of religions and occult practices, mix 'em together, keep your stories straight and soak the public]. This was their best advice then and it hasn't changed. One wonders how many of them are sociopaths, psychopaths and narcissists? How many of them have absolutely no conscience and how many have sold out to the dark side? And their escape clause is that it's all for entertainment purposes only.

One of our readers asked a very interesting question after reading last week's blog.

"Not trying to stir the pot, but ministers and preachers get paid and television evangelists make big bucks. Should they feel bad for charging, too? People have to make a living."

Ministers are people who aren't just doing a job--they are responding to a calling from God. Their hours aren't from 9 to 5, but 24 hours a day. They are on call to their flock at any time. No matter if it's a natural disaster, death, illness, or crisis, they are expected to be there. They are expected to teach the word of God to their flock. They are expected to reach out to the poor, the hungry, the sick, and those who have not heard the word of God/those who are unsaved. It's not just a job to them. More often than not, unless it's a big church, they do this for little or no pay and have to work a side job to make ends meet. In many cases, they have a family to support.

Are there pastors that make a lot of money? Yes. There are new mega-churches that do pay well. Yet at the same time, it's a 24-hour a day situation. And in the mega-churches their responsibilities are even greater; not only to the flock but to the organization as well.

TV and radio evangelists: again there are two categories: the big ones and the small ones. They are responding to the call of God to carry His word to not only a flock but to the world. Again, more often than not, it's a 24-hour a day situation.

The big time organizations have the same issues, but magnified. [No, I'm not naive enough to think that all are legit: there are good ones and bad ones]. The bad ones need to be exposed -- like Bob Larson's.

So, in the case of people working for the glory of God, they certainly deserve to get paid.

Now let's look at psychics. Are they called by God to do this? Are they on call 24/7? Do they give advice and consul for free? Do they visit the sick and feed the hungry? Give water to the thirsty? Clothe the naked? No. It's simply a way to make money. Some say that only being a psychic is a small part of their lives when they are getting paid to give readings. Their life is their life. Do they teach for free? But most importantly, do they give the glory to the Lord?

Again, they say it's a gift. If so, give it to others for free. I've never heard a pastor say I will lay hands on you or pray for you for $29.95. I will share my visions/dreams I have had about you, or the gift of prophecy, for a fee. But the psychic does.

I read a book that was written by the former flavor of the month when it comes to psychics, who said their gift was uncertain. Whatever they saw was open to interpretation. Now is this a gift the public should trust? But remember: it's for entertainment purposes only, it has that escape clause.

Where in the Bible does it ever speak of God's gift[s] of spiritual insights, visions, dreams, prophecy, laying on of hands as uncertain? Would you follow a God that was kind of right sometimes? The Bible teaches us that the God of the Bible is the God of all Gods. He hears everything, He is always there and He is always right. Where does the Bible say the spiritual gifts are not certain? The prophets of old have never been off the mark. Where does it say what He says is uncertain? He stands behind His word and His gifts. And in no chapter or verse within the Bible will you find the phrase: for entertainment purposes only.

The lies these psychics tell and force themselves to follow won't help them when the end comes. Saint Peter at the gate is no respecter of personalities. The judge that sits on the most high throne doesn't buy into popular lies and tools of mass marketing and deceptions.

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Dalai Lama: Countering Stress & Depression

At a fundamental level, as human beings, we are all the same; each one of us aspires to happiness and each one of us does not wish to suffer. This is why, whenever I have the opportunity, I try to draw people's attention to what as members of the human family we have in common and the deeply interconnected nature of our existence and welfare.

Today, there is increasing recognition, as well as a growing body of scientific evidence, that confirms the close connection between our own states of mind and our happiness. On the one hand, many of us live in societies that are very developed materially, yet among us are many people who are not very happy. Just underneath the beautiful surface of affluence there is a kind of mental unrest, leading to frustration, unnecessary quarrels, reliance on drugs or alcohol, and in the worst case, suicide. There is no guarantee that wealth alone can give you the joy or fulfilment that you seek. The same can be said of your friends too. When you are in an intense state of anger or hatred, even a very close friend appears to you as somehow frosty, or cold, distant, and annoying.

However, as human beings we are gifted with this wonderful human intelligence. Besides that, all human beings have the capacity to be very determined and to direct that strong sense of determination in whatever direction they like. So long as we remember that we have this marvellous gift of human intelligence and a capacity to develop determination and use it in positive ways, we will preserve our underlying mental health. Realizing we have this great human potential gives us a fundamental strength. This recognition can act as a mechanism that enables us to deal with any difficulty, no matter what situation we are facing, without losing hope or sinking into feelings of low self-esteem.

I write this as someone who lost his freedom at the age of 16, then lost his country at the age of 24. Consequently, I have lived in exile for more than 50 years during which we Tibetans have dedicated ourselves to keeping the Tibetan identity alive and preserving our culture and values. On most days the news from Tibet is heartbreaking, and yet none of these challenges gives

grounds for giving up. One of the approaches that I personally find useful is to cultivate the thought: If the situation or problem is such that it can be remedied, then there is no need to worry about it. In other words, if there is a solution or a way out of the difficulty, you do not need to be overwhelmed by it. The appropriate action is to seek its solution. Then it is clearly more sensible to spend your energy focussing on the solution rather than worrying about the problem. Alternatively, if there is no solution, no possibility of resolution, then there is also no point in being worried about it, because you cannot do anything about it anyway. In that case, the sooner you accept this fact, the easier it will be for you. This formula, of course, implies directly confronting the problem and taking a realistic view. Otherwise you will be unable to find out whether or not there is a resolution to the problem.

Taking a realistic view and cultivating a proper motivation can also shield you against feelings of fear and anxiety. If you develop a pure and sincere motivation, if you are motivated by a wish to help on the basis of kindness, compassion, and respect, then you can carry on any kind of work, in any field, and function more effectively with less fear or worry, not being afraid of what others think or whether you ultimately will be successful in reaching your goal. Even if you fail to achieve your goal, you can feel good about having made the effort. But with a bad motivation, people can praise you or you can achieve goals, but you still will not be happy.

Again, we may sometimes feel that our whole lives are unsatisfactory, we feel on the point of being overwhelmed by the difficulties that confront us. This happens to us all in varying degrees from time to time. When this occurs, it is vital that we make every effort to find a way of lifting our spirits. We can do this by recollecting our good fortune. We may, for example, be loved by someone; we may have certain talents; we may have received a good education; we may have our basic needs provided for - food to eat, clothes to wear, somewhere to live - we may have performed certain altruistic deeds in the past. We must take into consideration even the slightest positive aspect of our lives. For if we fail to find some way of uplifting ourselves, there is every danger of sinking further into our sense of powerlessness. This can lead us to believe that we have no capacity for doing good whatsoever. Thus we create the conditions of despair itself.

As a Buddhist monk I have learned that what principally upsets our inner peace is what we call disturbing emotions.  All those thoughts, emotions, and mental events which reflect a negative or uncompassionate state of mind inevitably undermine our experience of inner peace. All our negative thoughts and emotions - such as hatred, anger, pride, lust, greed, envy, and so on - are considered to be sources of difficulty, to be disturbing. Negative thoughts and emotions are what obstruct our most basic aspiration - to be happy and to avoid suffering. When we act under their influence, we become oblivious to the impact our actions have on others: they are thus the cause of our destructive behaviour both toward others and to ourselves. Murder, scandal, and deceit all have their origin in disturbing emotions.

This inevitably gives rise to the question - can we train the mind? There are many methods by which to do this. Among these, in the Buddhist tradition, is a special instruction called mind training, which focuses on cultivating concern for others and turning adversity to advantage. It is this pattern of thought, transforming problems into happiness that has enabled the Tibetan people to maintain their dignity and spirit in the face of great difficulties. Indeed I have found this advice of great practical benefit in my own life.

A great Tibetan teacher of mind training once remarked that one of the mind’s most marvellous qualities is that it can be transformed. I have no doubt that those who attempt to transform their minds, overcome their disturbing emotions and achieve a sense of inner peace, will, over a period of time, notice a change in their mental attitudes and responses to people and events. Their minds will become more disciplined and positive. And I am sure they will find their own sense of happiness grow as they contribute to the greater happiness of others. I offer my prayers that everyone who makes this their goal will be blessed with success.

The Dalai Lama

December 31, 2010

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Second Coming And The Rapture Explained

Hello my para beauties. I hope everyone has had a fabulous week and enjoying the start of 2014. Wow, it's hard to even type 2014. It seems so surreal and how did it get here so fast? It's kind of scary. I just turned 40 and not a happy camper!! Lol. Where do the years go?

The reason I was led to write about this is because I think A lot of people get these two events mixed up and I'd like to help if I can to make them more clear. They are completely two different type of events. With very different meanings. There are a number of contradictory views regarding the Rapture. Many theologians believe that a time will come when the believers will be taken to heaven. However, many denominations of Christianity do not accept this doctrine. According to the Christian eschatology, this event will take place just before the Second Coming of Christ, where all the Christians will 'catch up' or be 'carried off' to heaven. This event is considered to be a mid-air gathering of people to commune with Jesus, just before He Comes.

The Rapture...It's hope, it's what many of us look forward to. In this awful world filled with so many disappointments, people suffering from severe depression and oppression. Not to mention the sorrow many of us live with in silent. But we hold onto the day the Rapture when all believers are taken away from all this wickedness, pain and suffering from this world. So many of us (like me) can't wait for the Rapture so I can say goodbye to this awful cruel world we now live in which is just getting worse each night I hear the news. Have you payed attention to not just your local but Country and world news? If you haven't it is so very disturbing, it's beyond out of control. Our government can't be trusted. I don't trust either side. This is just my humble opinion.

The "Pretribulation" Rapture as some have been calling it, "The Bible describes two separate and distinct future events, both of which are often described as the Second Coming. The first event is what Bible scholars call the Rapture. In 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17, the apostle Paul writes that "the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive and remain will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we shall always be with the Lord." In this passage, Paul is describing an event in which Jesus Christ will not physically, literally touch down on the earth but will first come "in the clouds" and snatch away His true followers from the earth in an instant of time. Those who have not chosen to follow Christ, those who have not been "born again," will remain behind on the earth and will have to go through a terrible time of wars, famines, natural disasters, and divine judgments known as the Tribulation.

The second event occurs at the end of the Tribulation. This is when the Bible teaches that Jesus will physically, literally return to earth, destroy His enemies, and set up His own righteous government based in Jerusalem. He will reign on earth for one thousand years. In Revelation 19:11--20:6, the apostle John writes, "I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse, and He who sat on it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and wages war. His eyes are a flame of fire, and on His head are many diadems; and He has a name written on Him which no one knows except Himself. He is clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and His name is called The Word of God. . . . He will rule [the nations]. . . . And he laid hold of the dragon, the serpent of old, who is the devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years, and he threw him into the abyss. . . . And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony of Jesus and because of the word of God.

A Few Bible References:

For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever. ~ 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17

Listen, I tell you a mystery: We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed, in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed. ~ 1 Corinthians 15:51-52

Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me. In my Father's house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am. John 14:1-3

Written By Jennifer L Auld

Bad Bad Thing Award Goes to Nancy Marks, Sixth Sense Debunked, Demon Assassins & More

By Kirby Robinson

On this bad bad thing Saturday, we have convicted psychics, crazy exorcists running wild, and proof that there is no SIXTH SENSE .

NEW Radio Show Appearance – Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Listen as host Evan Jensen of Beyond the Edge of Reality interviews me about various paranormal topics. Tune in at 10 PM EST or 7 PM PST.

Fake Psychic Nancy Marks Fined & Convicted!

We could give fake psychic and convicts felon Nancy Marks a bad bad thing award for just being alive but the good news is this well-known fake psychic is going to jail and must repay 2.2 million dollars.

The Sixth Sense DEBUNKED!

Read full story here:

Another Fake Psychic Caught!

Crystal Marks, a fake New York psychic, swindles civil lawyer out of $118,000. Read the story here:

We’ve all have heard of fake exorcisms going bad and killing people, but this sad story shows that 2 young children, ages one and two, were murdered by their mother and mother's friend—both members of a tiny group called the Demon Assassins. Two older siblings were hospitalized with multiple stab wounds. Full story:

In the article, they describe the young children's eyes as "dark black." This theory of eyes turning black is a popular subject on such talk shows as Dave Schrader’s Darkness at the Edge of Town and others. All hosts and guests perpetrating these false beliefs have the blood of the innocent on their hands.

Do you know of a para-celeb, psychic, ghost hunter, demon chaser, or false teacher who’s eligible for the award? You can take part by sending us a name and why you think they should receive the BAD BAD THING award. Contact for more information.

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

None of Us Are Indispensable

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

"And Jesus said to him, "See that you say nothing to anyone..."(Matt.8:4)

Sometimes referred to as the "Messianic secret" Jesus often told people He had healed to hush up about it. In this case, Jesus had tenderly reached out, touched, and healed a leprous man. He did instruct the healed man to follow Jewish law and see the priest, but He insisted on his not broadcasting what Jesus had done.

Why the insistence on silence? Miracles did attest to the veracity of Jesus Messianic claims, but He was concerned about drawing a crowd that was simply and solely interested in being wowed by signs and wonders. Also, wrong notions abounded regarding the nature of the kingdom Jesus was establishing. He was not a crowd seeker , nor was our Lord a crowd pleaser.

Boy, I wish many of today's Christian leaders, as well as para-celebs, would take this to heart. It seems to me that drawing a crowd is all many (certainly not all) of them are concerned about. With egos as big as their church campuses, some of have actually begun to believe they are indispensable...which is a big mistake.

A long time ago someone set me straight when he said (in reference to the pastoral ministry), "None of us are indispensable." I have never forgot their words, though I long ago forgot who said them.

It is important to understand what that means, as well what as what it does not mean. The latter first. In 1 Cor.12 and Rom.12 (and elsewhere) the bible insists that there are NO LITTLE PEOPLE in the kingdom. There is no hierarchy of importance when it comes to spiritual gifts...and when one hurts, we all hurt. The person who has the gift of hospitality is just as important as a missionary or pastor. In other words, we all have a significant role to play in the church.In that sense we are ALL indispensable. Each person is equally precious and equally needed for the proper functioning of the Body of Christ.

BUT.. if we ever get the notion that our personal ministries are necessary for God to work and expand His kingdom, then we are in trouble. When we think that WE have to be personally and actively involved all the time or it won't get done...if we begin to think in terms of "this is MY Facebook site" or "this is MY blog or MY church or MY outreach (fill in the blank)"--then we need to repent. We need to humble ourselves before God, before He does it for us...which is usually much more painful.

Please don't misunderstand me...each of our ministries/callings are very important to God. It is when we get filled with an inflated sense of self-importance, that problems arise.

Or when we forget the principle of sola scriptura. For example, I personally do not think that mothers of young children should be deliverance ministers (based on the principle of focusing on the home). I am ignorant of many things, but I do know something about the repercussions of being involved in a ministry that expels demons from people and places...they retaliate. Saying that you trust in God to protect you and your family is tempting Him, not trusting Him. There are plenty of meaningful ways to be involved in support ministries, until your children get older. Your role as a mom is indispensable to the children God has blessed you with.But the exorcism ministry of God's kingdom will carry on with or without any of us.

After a run of several dozen successful cleansings in a couple of years, they suddenly became more difficult. And shortly, I faced my most challenging case ever. Afterwards, the "running spicket"of cases abruptly shut off. Nobody contacted me. But, thank God, I remembered...God does not NEED me in order to continue His work of delivering people from demonic oppression. There are plenty of other people more godly...more gifted than I...And the fact is, I needed a break. If we are burned out, we are not good to anyone, ministry wise. Are you open to God shutting doors for your sake?

The Gates of hell will not prevail against God's church.

"I am the Vine and you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, will bear much fruit. But part from Me, you can do nothing" (John 15:5) GOD is indispensable in our lives and ministries if they are to bear fruit pleasing to God.God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit ARE indispensable. ONLY the Father could send the Son, ONLY the Son could accomplish redemption for us, and ONLY the Holy Spirit can apply this redemption to people's hearts.                                                        

Pride...especially spiritual pride, is ugly to God, and it inevitably will bring His hand of discipline.

Are we involved in ministry because of the need to be needed? Please do not gloss over that question. To some extent, I think we all wrestle with that.

God does not care if we accomplish great things, but He does insist on excellence in relationships--especially within our families.(see the last verse of Malachi)

Lastly, we can show our sense of "indispensability"...our humility, by encouraging other folks involved in similar ministries to our own. We have to fight pride and selfishness here. However, I cannot exaggerate the importance of the ministry of encouragement. I know that when someone takes the time even to comment on something I have written, it makes my day. We are not to be man-pleasers, but man, it sure is pleasing when someone says an encouraging word.

How Satan Supports Christians

By Lisa Grace

Many Christians hate the idea that they have actions that support and promote Satan, but they do. Satan, who is smarter and has been around the block longer than any living Christian, uses the Bible to twist messages about God's love and judgment.

His greatest tools within the church are:

  • Denominationalism
  • Judgment
  • Misunderstandings caused by man-made added words,concordances, and incorrect translations
  • Not understanding Hebrew traditions, customs, mores, and early Hebrew language (even the Greeks misunderstood and made up words to describe some Hebraic Torah concepts.)
  • The devil is always working and succeeding by tempting us into judgment
  • Getting us to think "actions" will make us more righteous: "If I do this or get others to do this, then I'm a better Christian" Our righteousness is as filthy rags and we can not "earn" our way into salvation.

How can we guard against allowing the devil to use the very word of God against us?

It's simple:

  • Remember we are all sinners saved by His (God's) grace (Eph 2:8-9)
  • Remembering the basic saving message: We are all sinners, Jesus' blood is what covers our sin, repent( means turn away) from our sin, ask Jesus (Yeshua) into our hearts, claim him as our personal Savior.

Everything else we do to honor Him is a fruit of our faith, and those practices should not be used to condemn others if they do not practice them themselves.

Let God be the judge at the time of judgment. All Christians have a hard enough time just keeping the Ten Commandments, which again God knew we couldn't keep, but they are to act as a mirror to show us our sinful selves, and remind us as to why we each need the gift of God, our Savior, Jesus Christ. He paid it all.

I pray we can all work together, to bring others into a personal relationship with God, through Jesus. If we work at this basic truth, there will not be the interest in the paranormal that exists today, as a personal relationship with our Creator trumps seeking after a relationship with perverted fallen angels, demons, witchcraft, i.e. all other forms of the supernatural.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Harlem Shake Inside a Church? Dancing to Hell!

By Kirby Robinson

Due to a case I'm working on, I'm unable to post a new blog today. I will have a Special Edition Saturday, but meanwhile, here's a blast from the past. 

I’ve noticed a spike in recent cases that focus on young people. The common thing that occurs in almost all the cases was the fact that all the kids took part in dancing the Harlem Shake at their church during regular or youth services.

This is part of the trend in the church of turning their back on the cross and embracing the new age, the Jewish faith, the occult, and the demonic.

Dancing isn’t evil. But this dance takes place in church and how it is done and what it represents is opening the door to allow demons to enter. Not only for those doing it, but also allowing the demon to take up residence there. The demon will perform false works of wonders that people will say the wonders are right from God.

The dance originated in Harlem and the craze really took off after a Christian rock band called Third Day promoted it during their recent Miracle Tour.

This supposedly Christian band and the dance in a concert may not be bad but the one phrase that is repeated translates into “we are the terrorists.” Satan/Lucifer/the Devil and their demons are the terrorists to God and all things Christians should stand for. Why would they repeat that phrase and ask their audience to repeat it?

Notice at the very end of the song [and in some versions are repeated throughout the song] is a deep and loud evil cackle. The same sound I’ve heard from demons I’ve encountered over the years. 

Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church Full Spreads False Teachings

1 No Second Coming

2 The Bible has errors

3 Christ was God’s “do over”

4 The Muslims and Christians share the same God/Savior

Seems they are welcoming in the god Bacchus [lesser god/demon]. If you do not know of him read more here:

Here’s the video:

- Notice the young man wearing the lizard mask and tail [demon]

- The style of dancing is very sexual

Now remember -- this is in a church.

Here’s a video of the dance with Christ hanging from the cross:

- Notice the girl to the left of cross is dressed as the one of the ungodly ones. During the dance, the man playing Jesus is spanking her as she is onstage kneeling like an animal in heat.

- The person in an animal head walks across the stage. Animal masks are common in the dark art schools.

In Jacksonville Florida at an under 30 church group. Onstage, a man wears a mask that appears alien:

What’s next? Beer and chicken wings? Slot machines? Strippers instead of pastors?

Taking part in this is a door opener to the demonic. Anyone that is in a church that allows this to take place needs to find a new church – quickly.

Any pastor that allows this in their church shows they aren’t a man/woman of God but working for the false church that serves the evil one.

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