Friday, July 4, 2014

Special Report - Ryan Buell & the Cancer that is PRS, Part II

By Kirby Robinson

This is Part I -

Topher Young’s credibility as being a debunker is that he is a liar when it comes to what he says about the Eye on the Paranormal. For some odd reason he thinks my weekly column is the only one that appears on the blog site. I really hate to inform Mr. Young that we publish 5 to 7 times a week and will be adding a new column this Monday authored by an archbishop who is fed up by all the crap that is being taught in the paranormal.

Here is our current schedule of bloggers.

Monday - Demonologist Rev. Dr. Bradley Luoma teaches on the subject of demons and spiritual warfare. His posts will be alternating every other Monday with the archbishop.

Tuesday - Lisa Maliga posts items concerning the Dalai Lama.

Wednesday - Evan Jensen has my former spot and expresses his views on all things paranormal.

Every Other Thursday - Lisa Grace writes about the paranormal from a Christian viewpoint.

Every Other Thursday - Chris Baricko shares his views of all things paranormal.

Friday - Reverend Michael Hunnemann shares his views on demons, spiritual warfare and the impact the paranormal can have on people’s spiritual lives.

Every Other Saturday - Pastor Stephen Piersall shares the message of our Lord.

Sunday - Jennifer Auld writes about the paranormal and demonology from a Christian perspective.

We have one or two debunking columns and the rest are teachings. Many speak of demons but does Mr. Young go after them? No. Why? Because he knows by going after me he generates hits from my haters. All of these folks deserve to have their posts read and not get caught up in the ruckus.

People like Mr. Young are playing a very deceitful game themselves but it becomes clearer as we see what went on with PS/PRS by looking at the episodes that aired while Topher was doing Ryan’s bidding. Note that Mr. Young is still protecting his former mentor.

1 [Pilot] “THE SIXTH SENSE” – In this episode the focus is on a young boy who sees dead people. This is the one and only time that Adam Blai appeared on the show.

Mr. Adam Blai is an interesting fellow. He holds a Master’s of Science in Adult Clinical Psychology from Penn State and is a demonologist. Demonology not only as a matter of personal interest but one of faith. He works closely with church performing training sessions on the demonic for Catholic priests. He was also mentored by John Zaffis and has a website of his own for quite some time.

He has 2 books out and will be featured  in a book being released by a major publisher next month concerning a case he worked on that Mr. Buell claimed on his show that it was his case.

If one watches the pilot, you’ll notice that the demon shows not one shred of interest in Ryan, PRS, the production team, or the boy and his family. It is only interested in Mr. Blai.

Mr. Blai was also featured in his own paranormal reality show that, if not for a major PR blunder, would have been maybe the best paranormal reality show. It was called The Exorcist Files.

Has Mr. Young ever asked the following questions?

1 That Mr. Buell proves his claims of being pursued by demons. There are many demons and exorcisms connected to Paranormal State (false by the way). Ryan claims that even as a beginner the Catholic church, with over 2000 years in dealing with demonic, was turning to him for help. This claim is made on Paranormal State and in Ryan’s book. As recently as one year ago, the church was consulting him on what to do in demonic cases. Why is this? It would not be the fact that Ryan’s fans would descend on Mr. Young if they found out it was all fake? Or is it that Mr. Young’s hands are not as clean as he pretends they are?

2 Has he ever asked John Zaffis to prove his claims? There is hardly a major demonic case that Mr. Zaffis’s name is not connected to like the current Conjuring case or A Haunting in Connecticut. Or what about the many demonic claims from his former show The Haunted Collector? Surely Mr. Young would have asked Johnny boy. But he will go after folks that do not have a large fan base. Or those people that never will be featured at a paranormal conference. Maybe Mr. Young might be featured alongside the likes of Mr. Zaffis?

3 Has he ever asked Mr. Blai to prove his claims? Surely a man that has such an impact on the training of priests in the demonic and exorcisms has been on Mr. Young’s radar? Again the answer is no. Maybe Mr. Young is frightened by the fact that Mr. Blai could out debate him. Maybe Mr. Young fears that Mr. Blai might wax too eloquently in any type of debate. This is not my strong suit nor is it the strong suit of Mr. Young and his kind.


The PRS are called to Elizabethtown, PA to help a woman experiencing paranormal activity in a home that was the site of brutal murders. A supposed entity taunts Ryan by name during the investigation. 

The above is a description of the episode released by the production company even when they knew that the above was a lie.

And this episode is full of lies. Funnily enough, even Mr. Young agrees.

The home was never a site of any type of murder. The graveyard across the road was a resting place for people who had been the victims of a mass murder. The production company knew it was untrue. Ryan and PRS knew it was untrue, yet they allowed the lie to spread.

Now Mr. Young says that these lies and deceptions have all been explained away and there is nothing to these stories. So a lie told to millions is all cleared up if you tell a handful of people the truth. Kinda faulty logic, that. And later we will bring into question one of Mr. Young’s claims that the truth was told by far more credible folk like Loyd Auerbach later in this report.

So on this totally real reality show they lied.

Mr. Young admits that this is a lie: Chip Coffey was never a longtime consultant for PRS prior to his appearance on Paranormal State. Chip Coffey claims he is a Psychic/Medium and on his site he makes a bunch of claims concerning his ability and gives you a chance to part with your money to talk to the dead and learn your future.

A couple of words that I will say in defense of Mr. Coffey, (not the psychic/medium.) He recently has come out concerning the deceptive practices that PRS has been taking part in. For that I applaud him.

Additionally, when Mr. Coffey was on Paranormal State he was just a hired hand and received no producer credit like others. Nor was he was never made a part of PRS like others. Until recently, he was never featured as a part of any field trips, webinars or projects that Ryan and PRS took part in.

Where I question Chip, along with every other psychic/medium/healer/seer, etc., is to prove their claims.

Mr. Young attacks me for my past claims of psychic/mediumship. But what Mr. Young (and those like him) never focus on are the countless times that I have stated that it was the worst thing I ever did. (Along with not becoming an ordained pastor. I am not talking about the type you buy like so many people have done in the paranormal field and that includes Mr. Coffey.) I say that because I was not lying to folks but I was unwittingly being influenced by the demonic. But the type of attack dog that Mr. Young is they never hear.

Now Mr. Coffey has a website and even a book

It’s filled with claims that must trouble Mr Young.

More tomorrow July the 5. It looks as this will go far longer than just 3 parts and will appear when space is open on the Eye.