Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Issue 60 – Deceptive Demonologists & "Paranormal State Exposed"

By Kirby Robinson

Haters go on hating, armchair demonologists go on deceiving, while EYE ON THE PARANORMAL goes on exposing!

The level of hatred from those who wish to silence us keeps growing. It doesn't make any difference to us, as we'll keep on exposing the lies and deceptions no matter where it takes us. In the next few weeks some of what I must expose will even cause me personal pain.


I'm always happy to be of help if anyone asks for it. While there are times I'm unable to offer assistance, I'll find someplace/someone who can. In the past I've even joined groups to do so. One such group was PARANORMAL SWAT. Last week I noticed that I was no longer a part of said group, as someone had removed me from the roster.

I always try to warn those haters, fakers and armchair exorcists that what they say about me is going to reflect back upon them. So this leaves me to ask is PARANORMAL SWAT [or at least those in charge] have true motives? Or are they looking for cases that will get them glory, fame, movie/TV/book deals, and/or speaking gigs? Is that why you're involved in this field?


If you have been following me since 2008 when we joined MySpace, you may recall the name was Free All Spirits. We now have our Free All Spirits page opening back up as we've reached the 5,000 friend limit [my page will stay active]. Free All Spirits has the tag line BRINGING DELIVERENCE TO THE PARANORMAL.
The purpose is to bring total deliverance teachings to the paranormal. Also, we'll expose the fakes and the armchair demonologists out there. Because just like fake para-celebrities, there are fake demonologists. There are even some fake para-celebrity demonologists.

Somehow, those in the paranormal field have been duped into believing that they, and not the Church [whether it be Catholic or Protestant], are now the experts in all things demonic.

Let's spell it out clearly:

1The demonic is NOT paranormal.

2 Dark/evil spirits and shadow people are NOT paranormal.

3 Removing the demonic is not a paranormal matter, it's strictly theological.

4 The removal of the demon/s doesn't not end all the problems. It's actually the beginning for the client in their journey to freedom and deliverance. Christian counseling isn't dramatic enough for a DVD on the subject, so the paranormal field ignores it.


I had email contact with a paranormal insider the other day. Who they are isn't important. But what they said, or the lack of what they said, did somewhat shock me. We are very familiar with the limited talking points they give to the faithful in order to respond to our investigations into their deceptions. Yet seeing them word for word was so sad. I know they read this blog so here it goes one last time!

1 - Bad editing

Why is PARANORMAL STATE is the only para-reality show with major editing errors? Watch other para-reality shows and you won't find such issues.

2 - They are on the set for several days and they have to try and fit everything into 22 minutes.

They are on set 3 or [sometimes] 4 days. They aren't there 24 /7. They have a 5-point format they follow.

Point1 - Case briefing

Point 2 - Client meeting and walkthrough

Point 3 - Interviews

Point 4 - Two Dead Times

Point 5 - Final client meeting

Filming these events doesn't take hours and hours, it's just one of those myths they love to spread.

Has anyone from PRS watched The First 48? This is a police reality show seen on A&E, in which two murder cases are featured focusing on two detective teams in two different cities. We watch as they handle the cases and whether they are solved in less than 48 hours. The show is one-hour long. Each set of murders is condensed down to 23 minutes. You never see the editing issues that Paranormal State has. The First 48 is shot in linear fashion, allegedly the same format that Ryan claims his show is shot.

3 - You have something against Ryan, his team, and the para-celebrities featured on it.

Last week I was asked to speak at a para-conference in August [Texas]. I turned them down. It's sad that para-celebs assume that everyone is seeking fame and fortune. Is that all they care about? Do they assume that everyone feels that way?


If you write about the paranormal, are reliable, and want to join this group, we still have openings. Contact us at:


"Paranormal State Exposed" will be available in eBook format on Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook and Smashwords.


Every Sunday we have the World Wide Prayer Circle. People from all over the world, and from all faiths, can post their prayer needs, no matter how great or small. This is for you, your friends, family—anyone. Let's bring glory to the powers of peace, love, faith and compassion to all.

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