Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Issue 149 –Bad Bad Thing Wednesday ~ Saint Death, Horny Monks, & Flight MH370

By Kirby Robinson

Mexico's Saint Death

You might have heard of the angel of death but have you heard of La Santa Muerte, Saint Death? Read more about her here:

Buddhist & Christian Leaders Engage in Sexual Misconduct

If you’re a Buddhist monk you're supposed to teach and help your students find enlightenment -- not have secret lives, wild sex and become a cult leader. But that’s what Michael Roach did!

To be fair, this kind of stuff happens in any religion. This guy is claimed to had sex with as many as 34 women. We wondered if it has anything to do with his name Don Gothard?

Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370

Psychics just love to cash in on peoples' suffering the families of the doomed flight. But psychic Raja Bomo is profiting.

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