Thursday, June 13, 2013

House Blessings and Ceremonies to Drive the Demonic Away

By Lisa Grace

Many people have blessings and various types of ceremonies to drive demonic entities away, but then you'll hear from the homeowners that it quieted things down for a while, but they came back. This is to be expected and is not a surprise for those of us who have actually read or practice what it says to do in the Holy Scriptures.

Demons cannot be destroyed, only moved, so it's only natural they come back to places they feel comfortable in. Some demons seem to act as scouts. Scouting out the territory and then bringing more powerful evil ones to the receptive places they find. (Job 1:6-7); Jude 1:6; 1 Cor 6:3; Matt 12:43-45)

To drive evil spirits out of a home you must do the same things you would for a possession, not the made up things made popular on TV and in books that come from a place of superstition, but the things that come from the authority of God. You must be saved, which means not just believing (for the demons believe and they tremble James 2:19), but repent, which means to turn away from your sin.

Stronger spirits will require someone who is a true believer to drive them out, who does prayer and fasting. (Matt 17:21; Mar 19:29)

Again, if the occupants are not saved, the demons will return eventually, as it is the same as leaving a beautiful mansion unlocked, fully stocked, with an invitation to enter on the front door.

The Scriptures only talk about oil with spices for anointing, prayer, and fasting as being effective.

Incense was used in the temple on the altar (Ex 30: 1, Ex 30:7-9; Ex 31:1) and I only found one reference to Holy water (Num 5:17) where dirt must be taken from the temple floor and be added with the water into an earthen vessel, where the water is used in a jealousy ceremony to make sure the woman will be faithful or left barren. It wasn’t used in house blessings.

To do a blessing upon the occupants, here is an example: (2 Sa 7:29).

There are also blessings on a house and its occupants that come from tithing, which is giving the first tenth of your production to the LORD. (Eze 44:30;  Zec 8:13; Mal 3:10)

You can't ask a God you don't believe in to honor you and your house. (Is 1:15; 2 Ch7:14)

Many people will willingly take your money, and make promises they can't keep, because the demons and evil angels are not under their authority. These people may make the house uncomfortable for the evil spirits for a while, but they will return, that much I can guess from what Scripture says.

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