Saturday, June 23, 2012

Don't Play With Fire!

By Stephen Piersall, Deliverance Ministry, Central NY

Why is it among the zillions of paranormal investigator groups that many use provocation? The Bible is very clear that we should not communicate with evil spirits, but yet we always have someone walking around in the dark asking “Is there anyone here tonight?” Why are we trying to speak to ghosts (demons)? Are we hoping to hear something that would just scare the daylights out of us? Or maybe, hear the voice of a small female child, so that we can help them? The truth of the matter is quite simple; Satan and his minions is a master of disguise. They know what we want to hear, and will perform according to the circumstances.

The term “provoking” originated from the early days as in religious provocation. Religious provocation is used by clergy to make demons show themselves in order to gather the proof needed to get the “Catholic Church” involved, etc. Clergy and Christian Demonologist are trained when attacked in how to successfully defend themselves and fight back. A paranormal group usually does not have such background.

For a paranormal group to provoke whatever is in the home is not only foolish but it is also tremendously dangerous! You don’t know what you’re dealing with and many paranormal groups have learned this the hard way. Some have been attacked physically, emotionally and mentally. Can you really defend yourself against an evil force that you can’t see? This should be reason enough not to ever provoke or challenge something that may be in someone’s home. You need to be responsible to the clients. If you plan on provoking during your time there, make sure you get the resident’s permission first and explain to them what religious provocation is. This way if things get out of hand the clients can leave. Never, use provoking without the permission of the homeowner. Provoking should be an absolute last resort during your time there.

My point is clear; don’t get trapped into the culture of Para-celebs and the media by provoking. Do go out and try to help someone who is asking for a paranormal investigation. But, make sure you do your homework first. Research, interview, and debunk are terms that I have used all along. Now it is biblical that if a Christian states they are being haunted, we should trust them, and proceed accordingly. If the family is not a Christian, all the praying, cleansing and hope that you might have of succeeding is wasted energy. Evil will dwell way after you have left the premises. Satan and his minions are smart enough to lay low while you attempt a cleansing, but will be right back at it with even more force after you leave. Remember the client will still be living there while you go home and review hours of tapes and recordings and you probably won’t get back with them for several days.

The only sure way to help someone is first YOU must be right with God. Many have said that a 3 day fasting should be done and there are many ways to fast. During your preparation you need to pray and pray and even get a prayer group involved to help you gain wisdom, courage and protection. YOU will not be successful in ridding an evil entity! God will remove it and use you as his tool, but we must be dedicated and pure in heart of our intention dealing with this. Why are we not using God and the Bible as tools whenever we go on a "ghost" hunt? I think this is a gross misrepresentation of any Christian who is involved with any paranormal investigation. If we do an investigation and are provoking all on our own, how do you live with your conscience as you sit at your church on Sunday morning? How will you explain yourself the day you die and bowing before God Almighty?

Don't play with fire!