Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Display of Demonic Variety...Dead Files vs Ghost Adventures

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

I have written on the Ghost Adventures....I have written on the Dead Files....and I have written on Paul's injunction that we must not be ignorant of Satan's schemes. I'm going to pull these various threads together, and hopefully,  light will emerge!

The tactics regarding how warfare is waged, including change of the color of uniforms, occurred between Vietnam and the subsequent wars waged in desert/urban environments. A strategy/uniform designed for jungle warfare won't work for battle in Afghanistan or Iraq. What is true in human warfare has many parallels in spiritual warfare.That is where the Dead Files and the Ghost Adventures come into play.

I have not taken any notes, so this "off the top"..however, I have been thinking about this issue for some time--especially the comparison/contrast between these two top ranked paranormal shows.

Let me begin by asking a question: why is there virtually no discernible supernatural activity on the Dead Files, while every week there IS observable/verifiable supernatural activity on the GA?

First, let me address the extremist position, especially those who dismiss all activity on any of these shows as bogus. You are wrong sir/ma'am, and while we must not be gullible, we certainly must not be cynical--the biblical worldview is supernatural, including evil supernaturalism. I remember a conversation I had with a fellow Presbyterian minister who dismissed all these displays of demonic activity as fake after watching a couple of shows. I could not disagree more.They are out of touch with what is happening in our culture recently.

I have seen almost every episode of The Dead Files, and there is never any observable supernatural activity, despite the claims from Amy Allan that there are usually many dead people/demons/shadow people etc present at the location. Amy claims to be a physical medium--meaning she allegedly sees and converses with the dead. Yet her and her cameraman husband never seem to record what she says she is seeing. What makes the show seem so compelling is the correspondence between her observations and partner ex-homicide detective Steve Di Schiavi's findings...they are a mirror image of each other. Whatever she sees, he somehow comes up with an historical precedent which explains it. It is almost as if something was guiding him to unwittingly corroborate Amy's findings. BUT, the sensationalism is somewhat muted(well, except for when she gets "jumped"), just two people working independently, coming to the same conclusion--often in a very astonishing fashion. It is simply TOO amazing how consistently his findings are "spot on" with hers, and vice versa. Many people have moved away from the biblical position as a result of the uncanny correspondence between their "independent research". I put quotation marks there because I believe Satan is guiding their research to correspond.

On the other hand, the Ghost Adventures Crew (again, I have seen almost every episode) have no physical medium, but they have a plethora of the latest and greatest in paranormal observation gear. In addition, it needs to be said that they will do almost anything to stir up activity--using witches, mediums, Ouija boards, voodoo, etc. Unlike the Dead Files, they always have some kind of evidence of the supernatural.For example, it interests me how  often an odd shaped orb precedes a supernatural "happening" (footsteps, bangs, EVP and so on) It is as if the demonic are putting on a show to deceive the non-discerning. Some sensational evidence is almost always found by them. It seems that the demonic delight in displaying themselves overtly on this show, but covertly on DF. Both groups are equally disobeying God's holy law re necromancy, but the GAC is inundated with all kinds of experiences. Why?

ALWAYS.....NEVER....ALWAYS.....NEVER.....ALWAYS...NEVER. For the discerning their is a pattern.

I doubt Amy approves of how the GAC does their research, and vice versa, but they both come to the same conclusion--leading people astray re evil supernaturalism.

They wear different "uniforms" and use different tactics but the result is the same--people are led to believe that humans get stuck here after death, and massive confusion is introduced re what happens after death, and who populates the spiritual realm.

My objective was not to unravel/expose in detailed fashion either show, but to reveal that Satan has a vested interest in the success of both. That is the main point. Satan, like any good general, will use varying tactics to attack us--especially if they are proving effective.

The Dead Files and The Ghost Adventures are a display of demonic variety in trying to deceive us. We need to be on guard against all the schemes of the Evil One, wearing the full armor of Christ.

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