Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Heart Of Deuteronomy

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

It would seem that one of Jesus' favorite books was Deuteronomy, as He quoted from it so often. As a little boy, He was instructed in the Torah.

I have had computer problems so I need to make this short.

What is the HEART of the book that Jesus had such affection for? LOVE....for God and man.

Many folks do not realize that the Great Commandment is found in Deuteronomy, first and not in the New Testament.

ALL of the major temptations in wilderness were responded with quotes from Deuteronomy.

Three weeks ago I was clawed in my shoulder for the first time--it was very unnerving. That night I had cleansed a person/house......

I was left with the need for human tenderness and not counsel or advice. Please keep that in mind.

Lastly, this book has the most profound comment re why God saved/loved us....He loves us because He loves us. A GOLDEN CIRCLE.....there is no reason on our end as to why God would be drawn to us....He loves us because He loves us--that is far back as you can go in the divine counsel.

Let us love God and be tender to those hurting.

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The Plasma Universe (ours) and the Supernatural

By Lisa Grace

Science is proving the Holy Scriptures (Bible) are 100% correct. Especially the proven properties of the universe discovered in the last thirty years.
Some of the scientific facts that prove what the Bible has said all along:

Ÿ  Our universe has four dimensions breadth, width, length (which means time), and height.
Ÿ  Our universe is a plasma universe.
Ÿ  There are dimensions outside our universe.
Ÿ  Our universe has limits size wise. Measurements of any substance in our universe reach a point until the limits are reached. Smallest 10 to the negative 33 (loses locality after that point) time has size limits too. Plank’s constant proves this (all though Plank’s constant is actually not thought to be a constant anymore).
Ÿ  God exists outside our universe.
Ÿ  All photons are connected and react differently when they are being watched or not. Stewart Bell (Bell inequality).
Ÿ  The Bible mentions over and over the heaven’s are stretched (like a tent curtain) over and over; and it has been scientifically proven that our universe can be folded, stretched, ripped, torn, and rolled up, just like it says in the Bible.
Ÿ  Many physicists have committed suicide after realizing they can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that our universe is a construct. “A four dimensional box”. Because the implication is, of course, we are simply organic machines, in a world created for us, which means beyond a shadow of a doubt, there is a Creator, and possibly several dimensions outside of our own.
For a more in depth explanation you can watch Chuck Missler’s study You can also Google any number of scientific papers that prove the science I touch on in the points above.
Off topic: Now I do not agree with Chuck Missler on some points considering the end times (which are not a salvation issue, but more of a debate topic) as he himself states “God says what He means, and means what He says“, and Chuck also states the problems he’s run into over the years is not taking the Bible literally enough (therefore I think he has a blind spot [influenced by his denominational beliefs] with his gap theory as God would not gap between a 69th and 70th week. After all, God says what He means and means what He says and is very exacting, especially when counting.) But for the purpose of defining the universe he points to some good sources and science.

We know from what the Bible shows, and science proves:
Ÿ  Supernatural creatures exist outside of our four dimensional universe. Angels are beings of light (plasma). Plasma makes up 99% of our universe.
Ÿ  Supernatural creatures are not bound by our laws. It’s like we are a fish watching humans dive down and swim, then getting out of the water. The fish can see the reflection of the immediate section of the world above, they can even jump out for a brief second, but they can have no concept of living outside a world of water, and what it is like. They can surmise there is a whole world outside the limits of their world. They may even be correct on some of their assumptions.
Ÿ  Astrophysicists have also proven the doppler effect, is minimal, and once applied to the further reaches of the universe, doesn’t exist. Rather, the “red shift” moves in measurable “jumps”. Digital programmed increments, not flowing smooth waves. (Halton Arp, and
We know we are organic machines, that DNA is a software program, therefore it’s only logical, we are created.

My daughter and I joke all the time about the sidewalks that are going in along our major highway. Sidewalks are made of smashed shells, limestone. Nothing complicated. We joke that each new section must have “evolved” into place. Even something as simple as an inorganic cement sidewalk obviously had to have a designer. How could something a million times more complex (like a cell), just happen? It didn’t.

The supernatural creatures we encounter angels, demons, etc. can only be understood by what we know of them from the Holy Scriptures. There are truths in God’s word, that give us facts on how and why they interact with us. Next discussion I’ll talk about the how and why.

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