Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Spiritual Warfare Basics

We're heading into the 4th of July weekend so go out and enjoy the long weekend. But don't forget to take a moment to reflect the reasons for the holiday.

Next week we return with a review of Chip Coffey's remake of Paranormal State, and the start of our series exposing all the fake demonologists out there.

Spiritual Warfare Basics
Copyright 2008-2011 By Kirby Robinson

When one is attacked by the dark side, and you will be attacked as it goes with walking the path of any faith, there are 4 facts that you need to keep in mind.

~ 1 God has defeated Satan, Lucifer and the devil along with their demonic forces. At some point they will remove them from our world during the final stages of the end times. Until then we must fight them knowing that victory is already ours.

~ 2 As followers of God we are no longer subject to the kingdom of darkness. We may live in this world but the world or kingdom that rules us is one of light, love and compassion.

~ 3 When we go into battle we must put on all the armor of God’s protection. How do we do this? A. We must be honest to God, others and to ourselves; B. Respond to the truth of God’s love by living a righteous life; C. We must study, apply and share God’s truths.

~ 4 The great majority of spiritual battles need not happen. We can stop it prior to it starting by always keeping God’s armor on our body, mind and spirit.

There will always be 5 specific times in our daily lives when we will be attacked. They are:

1) During times of spiritual growth.

2) When we invade the enemies territory.

3) When we expose the kingdom of darkness to the light.

4) When we start to walk in the light, our world of pain and sadness tries to pull us back in.

5) When we are learning and developing our gifts for the help of others.

When it comes to faith your faith has to be unshakable. You can’t stand up and say, “My God can do anything!” when times are easy, then say when the seas get a little rough, “Well, maybe he can’t do everything.” Rev Lester Summrall, a great and dear friend, used to say, “There is not one passage of the Bible that ever teaches us to be afraid at any time.” Your faith must be sure, strong, consistent and unwavering. Faith is something that we think about. The biggest battleground is in your mind and we all have monkey minds jumping here and there from branch to branch and tree to tree. We must stop all that jumping around and train the mind to be singly focused. How do we do this? In the Christian path, prayer is a great way. I’ve blogged about this in the past. But the more you pray the healthier the mind becomes. Not only praying for our needs, but the needs of others. Don’t just pray when we are asked to for others, but learn to sense the need and jump right in.

Now that we know what we can do to prepare for spiritual warfare for our lives when do we take part in it for others? The best thing to do is not automatically assume that someone needs an exorcism. That should always be the last thing for you to think about. Due to time restraints I can’t get into the subject of exorcisms. Please take a look at my past blogs on the subject. Most often if you will help the afflicted person become delivered from a negative state of mind or a sinful life style. You are helping to close the doors that the dark forces use to get inside. Doing this is so important for a couple of reasons:

~ You are helping others move towards the light.

~ You are increasing your own spiritual understanding and spiritual walk.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Issue 34 – Lightning, Lunacy & Psychics Make Bad Spiritual Teachers

Does lightning strike twice?

Guess it does! On the heels of our endorsement of John Zaffis' para-reality show "Haunted Collector" we do the same with the Travel Channel's new show "Paranormal Challenge". We aren't saying it's our cup of tea but we have no real issues with the show.

So for those who have said we never have anything good to say about paranormal shows [Paradacity are you reading this?] we hope you enjoy eating your words again.

Demon Exorcist – Lunacy & Publicity-Seeking Rages On
We have not blogged about "Demon Exorcist" for several weeks. Yes, we have new information [confidential files and copies of their so-called EVPS], but we want to focus on other things than debunking fake para-reality shows. Due to the large number of hits this blog gets every week and they just want to keep the flames burning, we weren't surprised that this showed up in our email:

"Ok Kirby, since you won't give it up, here's a hint.. Look up Father Jack Ashcraft Then go back and read your articles about Dwayne not knowing what he's doing or having any power to do what he did.. Kinda funny huh? I'm respecting you by sending it in email and not calling you or Ron Tebo out in public because this totally shows that you and him did not do your homework. EVERYONE else did and has told me to let you guys continue to bash and look stupid. Yes, you and Ron have MANY enemies and have lost a lot of credibility because of the BS you guys write about. I can only hope that the next article you write about comes from you and not Ron Tebo and his OPINIONS in which he claims are facts, who obviously know's NOTHING.. Don't go down with him Kirby. You ARE a good writer, use your talent to do GOOD things instead of throwing shit against the wall to see what sticks.
All due respects,

1 Father Jack Ashcraft was an adviser to the show. Not sure what that means. It seems that Father Jack has aligned himself with many fake para-celebs and even writes for a rag that seems to feature one in each issue.
I tend to avoid saying negative things about men/woman of the cloth but it comes to a point that one does need to speak up.

Sarah, keep reading our blog. We aren't going to be talking about you or your show but will be exposing Dwayne and other fake exorcists. They can't do what they claim nor do they know what they are doing.

2 As in the case of our exposés of fake para-celebs and fake para-reality shows, no one has disproven any of our claims. So keep talking to the people who don't know what they are talking about.

3 Ron Tebo and I am not joined at the hip. We haven't ever talked on the phone or IM. In fact, we rarely exchange emails. Nice try but you're way off base.

4 We have enemies! Is that news to anyone?

5 Sarah, we will keep exposing the fakers because of all the harm they are doing.

If these fake para-celebs and all the para-celeb back scratchers speak ill of us then so be it. I sleep well at night and know God loves me. I wonder if they can make such claims.

Phone Psychics Make Bad Spiritual Teachers

We pointed out Mr. Coffey's claims about how salvation comes about. His take: just being a "good" person. Living a "productive" life. God is not really God but just an entity that changes a mask to be God to many religions. According to Mr. Coffey, these are the keys to heaven.

And we are looking into the above issues.

What happens when a person claims to have a special gift? What if that gift is being a psychic? What if via that gift they gain a special knowledge and in turn share the wisdom [not for free] and gain followers? If people seek out that person who makes special claims and make spiritual path choices based on those claims, who is responsible? What if this gifted person is full of crap? What if they are merely spouting ideas gathered from other fake teachers? And if these followers make poor decisions that impact their spiritual life here on earth and on the other side… how does that impact the one with the special gifts? How does it affect everyone involved?

Next week we begin exposing these teachers, psychics, exorcists and demonologist for the fakes they are by 
taking a look at the Gospels.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Issue 33 – Silly Psychics & Bad Karma

Sorry for the two-week absence. We had some cases that required our full attention, and we are now back and ready to take the blog in a new direction.

No Issues with Syfy's "Haunted Collector"

A few days ago I carefully viewed the new John Zaffis' para-reality program on Syfy, "Haunted Collector". It features John and his family helping clients who have paranormal issues that might stem from objects within their home. We have yet to find any issues with the show: no fake demons, no fake exorcisms. Another positive feature is that they show that ghost hunting doesn't have to be done at night time. So for all those who claim that we have nothing good to say about para-celebs and para-reality programs, you might enjoy some hot sauce with your words while you eat them.

Silly Psychics

Jackie Tomlin, a self-proclaimed psychic and paranormal investigator, posted a recent blog about why she was upset with hosts of a Global Talk radio show who asked for payment from guests. Ms. Tomlin demanded to know why such a fee was required. She received this reply:

"No its not financial gain, its to keep the show on the air and this show has helped so many people, we have helped people even as far as stopping them from committing suicide. All of my guest have been more then happy to help the show, as they know how much the show helps people, they get to help when they are on and many listeners go them privately for help!"

This seemed to get under Jackie's skin as she posted this on her blog:

"Okay, were do I start here...
First of all psychics do not offer medical or legal advice.  To proclaim that you have assisted anyone from committing suicide is just wrong."

Say what? It seems that Ms. Tomlin has fallen into step with many of the self-proclaimed psychics that focus less on helping people and more on a profit and fame motive.

It's sad that these so-called psychics will take people's money to perform a reading and they claim to be able to have a gift of prophecy that spirits talk to them and can share information with them. Yet when it comes to legal and medical advice suddenly the spirits are mute and the gift shuts off.

When I was doing readings [I no longer accept new clients and only read for my longtime clients], no subject was off the table. I have full confidence in my gifts and what my spirits are telling me. To claim that no psychic has ever helped anyone who has had medical issues [whether mental or physical], or offered advice on legal matters is way past the border of silly land.

Bad Karma

We're done with poking holes into paranormal reality programming as we have completely debunked them. Continuing to do so would be overkill. We want to focus on the issue of how far off the paranormal field is when it comes to matters of the demonic and exorcisms. What constitutes a demonic haunting? When and how should an exorcism be performed? Who has and does not have spiritual authority to perform them?

I constantly ask myself how the paranormal field, led by fake para-celebs, took over the field of demonology from the various religious faiths who embrace the concept of demons and dark spirits and deliverance from them? How did they convince the public that they were the chosen masters? How are they considered authorities on the subject? Most people have only seen demonic imitations when they watch horror movies, and that includes those affiliated with the paranormal. In actuality, they know very little about the subject of demonology and few have the authority to perform exorcisms. It's one thing to be able to operate an EVP or other paranormal gadget, but quite another to assist in or perform an exorcism.

Why is this so important? It impacts the spiritual paths of hundreds, if not thousands of individuals who seek these people out. People who put their trust and faith into them. In turn, they are rewarded with crap and misinformation which not only impacts their lives now but their spiritual lives after death.

One example of this is Mr. Chip Coffey, the self-proclaimed psychic who now has decided that he speaks for God on matters of salvation and what God likes. In a recent post concerning the failed rapture predictions of May 21, 2011, Mr. Coffey stated that all you have to do to get into heaven was lead a “decent and productive life.” He added that God didn't care what religion one follows.

Really, Mr. Coffey, the concept that God is a God that changes masks to fit all religions of the world is one of the pillars of the New Age movement. Unfortunately it's a pillar of sand that collapses under any weight that is added. Don't forget that Mr. Coffey appeared in a few episodes of "Paranormal State" flinging Holy Water and calling on Jesus as he eagerly took part in exorcisms. Apparently it must have been done for show because the statements and beliefs that he expresses automatically nullifies such actions.

Next week we start off our new series with "Phone Psychics Make Lousy Spiritual Teachers".

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

December 21, 2012 – “The 2012 Money Back Guarantee Challenge”

Ó 2008-2011
By Kirby Robinson

Due to being called on an emergency case, the blog I was planning to post will have to wait until next week. So today's blog is a repost.

I'm sure that most of you know about December 21, 2012 and all the speculation as to what will happen on that date. The dozens of books, thousands of web sites, and countless conferences where you can spend up to $200 hearing speaker after speaker pronouncing the forthcoming doomsday, are all warning us about some very big changes. After attending that seminar, you can visit the lobby filled with profiteering vendors offering every imaginable type of survival kit on earth, as well as survival kits that will prepare you to survive in the spiritual realm.

For those of you living under a rock, or watching the endless hours of the Casey Anthony Trial, I'll briefly catch you up on the whole controversy. On December 21, 2012, the Mayan calendar comes to an end, as well as numerous other religious cycles come to a conclusion. The planets align in a very peculiar manner and December 21st is Winter Solstice. Numerous psychics, scientists, and new agers, predict catastrophic changes, in not only the planet, but also the universe and throughout the spiritual realms. We also face a society that could break into chaos and bloodshed. Alarmed yet? So was I when my spirit guides showed me what will happen.

On the dreaded morning of December 21st, striking Australia first, the ocean waters will begin to rise, and as the water pulls away, the land bridge that at one time connected Australia and its nearby islands will begin to reemerge. When the land bridge thrusts out of the ocean, it reconnects to the Asian continent. The heaving and swelling tsunamis that embroil the Pacific Ocean casts boats, ships, ocean liners, and oil tankers into the air, and mass destruction will follow.

In China, there will be major earthquakes so strong that dams will break, cities will flood, and nuclear power plants will break open releasing toxic gas. The Chinese military assures the populace that the nation is under attack, and will launch missiles at both Japan and Russia, eliminating Japan off the face of the earth. As missiles rain down onto Eastern Russia, the problems will be compounded by large landmasses in Siberia breaking apart and massive steam vents erupting, which will melt the frozen tundra, causing massive flooding.

India will see colossal earthquakes and volcanoes rising out of the earth in a few seconds. Millions will die as mass rioting and stampedes of whole populations flee. The Middle East finally goes through an all out nuclear war. Israel and the Arab Nations will unleash a nuclear holocaust so great that the entire section of that area will be under a nuclear cloud. The Great Pyramids of Giza will turn to dust, and the mighty Sphinx will be no more. Earthquakes will work their way down to South Africa, unleashing locusts buried so long they are the size of eagles, and they begin attacking the population. Europe will pull apart from Asia and within hours smash into the British Isles. In the Americas, from the tip of Canada to the bottom of South America, it will be utter mayhem on a scale never before witnessed by mankind.

OK, folks, hang on a minute, I can't take it any longer. I must tell you the truth of what will happen on December 21, 2012...

No chaos will hit society in any form whatsoever. Nothing out of the natural will happen outside of normal every day events. People doing their Christmas shopping, going to work, playing in the snow, and living their lives. So please, for your sake, save your money. Say no to those overpriced doomsday books, pass on those all day conferences filled with authors that are preying on our fears and spinning tales of insanity and madness in order to increase their bank accounts. Tell those fear mongers who put together lousy end-of-the-world videos to get lost. Remember how we were told over and over again that the harmonic convergence meant the end of the world? Y2K was supposed to be the end of all mankind, and that 9/11 was the start of the End Times. What horrific events happened on 6/06/06? Oh, and to go back in time, wasn't the world supposed to end in 1958? In fact, check out this helpful site, The Library of Date Setters for the End of the World, where they list more than 200 doomsday predictions! And yet, we are still here. And life goes on. Yes, one day the end will come. And catastrophes will strike the planet. Someday, but not in 2012, or 12/21/21. (Wanna bet a few will claim it was all due to some sort of spiritual dyslexia?) Not even 12/21/75. Spend the next year of your life spreading love and compassion, and set your spirits free from the fear of what will happen on December 21, 2012.

Notice how the world didn't end on May 21, 2011? Will the end come ten days before Halloween? No. The world will not shake, the ground will not rumble. Things will be just the same as always. That being said, the doomsday sayers, those who sell the notion that death and destruction will sweep upon us on December 21, 2012 have not slowed down their wild tales. Even better, they have now been joined by many within mainstream Christian churches who have been teaching that we are in the End Times. In reality, nothing has happened to date.

It’s all a way for them to sell more books, DVDs, survival kits, conferences, etc. for another year until 2012 then they will have to come up with more reasons why the Rapture has yet to take place.

I’m tired of good people being conned into spending their hard earned money by these people, so I have come up with an idea:

“The 2012 Money Back Guarantee Challenge”

How does it work? Simple! Next time you come across one of these people who are selling doom and gloom for 2012 whether it’s a book, CD, survival kit or a conference tell them to put up or shut up. They need to give you a 100% promise that when December 22, 2012 comes around, if things are still standing, you get your money back. But they will never do this. Why? Cashing in on the fears of December 21, 2012 is just another replacement for snake oil.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Paranormal Confusion and The 3 Stooges Exorcism, Part 3

After repeated viewing of the final part of the episode we are ready to present the third act in the misguided play known as PARANORMAL STATE: THE NEW CLASS. We hope to cut through the fog of misinformation and downright deception.

Let me make this clear -- the family featured in this episode, "If I Should Die" had a haunting. This case is similar to the one in the Animal Planet pilot, Demon Exorcist, where Sarah Maitland claims her family is being attacked by a demon. Neither of these cases as presented to the viewer show credible proof of demonic activity. What we have is a case of para-celebs and para-celeb wannabes amping up a case that features real living honest people for the sake of fame and fortune.

On Day 2 of the investigation we see Ken arriving and reassuring the family that whatever is lurking in their home is feeding off fear. And by gosh today they're going to try and get rid of them. [Would you go see a doctor or leave your car with a mechanic if they would simply say, "We are going to try to help you!"] Now these demons are hovering around yet nothing has happened since the team walked into the house. Have we heard any footsteps? Have we seen shaking beds? Moving furniture? Doors opening and closing by themselves? NO! Nor are we even offered an EVP to prove the spirits are there.

While the investigators are investigating, Kelly, the girl of the house talks to the sketch artist. He's been on previous episodes of Paranormal State – is he the sketch artist on-call? Are there no other sketch artists in the area?

We don't see the team doing their historical investigation. We have no idea who they really talked to, if anyone. We told that a retired railroad worker shared a photo of a brakeman who used to work on the railroad. Did he have anything to do with the home? Was he a bad man? We aren't informed. And how does a human become a demon? Remember, they claim this is a demonic case.

The photo is never shown close enough for us to see. How can the viewer tell whether it resembles the person from the sketch or not? If the person has any living relatives one would hope they view this program and talk to a lawyer. This mysterious brakeman, or whoever he is, is being dragged through the mud for no reason.

We are then offered a story, minus any type of proof to back it up, concerning an abused child who sets a house on fire and kills some of the people in it. Yet there is never any kind of tie back into the case. The weak logic they use is that, “well things don't have to happen on the haunted property, just nearby to have an influence."

A demonologist is brought in by the name of Carl Johnson who is a self confessed agnostic! Dwayne Claud who was featured in the Demon Exorcist pilot also has similar beliefs. By confessing such a lack of faith he lacks the spiritual authority to cast out demons. Notice how he phrases things like: we will try to hold it back, etc. If your faith is in Christ who was the master exorcist there is no trying to hold it back. You will drive it out using the power of Christ. So everything that follows is simply an act. It's what I refer to as The Three Stooges exorcism.

We have Chip sitting on a bed, Carl holding a crucifix and a squeeze bottle of holy water, and Ken standing off to the side, posing for the cover of a new age magazine. Again, the only person to interact with the demon is Chip. He keeps interrupting Carl as he tries his best to act as if knows what he's doing! Does the alleged demon demand anything? No. Then we're warned that this farce of an exorcism is about to reach its full power by Chip. Yet not even a bang on the wall is heard. They must realize that the drama of the whole thing is falling apart as they bring Kelly into the room. Chip is the focal point and Carl and Ken are left to stand around and look uncomfortable.

The drama continues as Chip tells Kelly to yell at the demon and by gosh it flees and all is hunky dory.

The team meets with the clients and simply rehash the same confusing story that made no sense then and still makes no sense now. The family reacts at the end to the disappearance of the paranormal activity which is simply due to the fact that was there nothing there in the first place.

I admit that I thought I'd never see a more deceptive show than Paranormal State but I was proven wrong. We hope that we won't be seeing anymore offerings from this pathetic program.