Thursday, December 12, 2013

PRS & American Ghost Hunter the Movie & Other Events

By Chris Baricko

Well it appears that more of the paranormal fans are not getting what they paid for once again. Let's start with Brian Harnois, formerly of Ghost Hunters. He got thousands of dollars from fans all over my self being one of them. Yet hardly anyone got anything they paid for, Brian kept posting he was shipping everything daily.

Well Brian decided to run and hide without giving the people what they paid for. He not only owes for tee shirt's, DVD's and refunds for events, he also owes for art work he was using  and never paid the artist. Many people went to the RI State attorney they are involved but Brian is in hiding even from them.

Now back to American Ghost Hunter the movie. It appears they are doing the same thing Brian did. Look on there page many fans are rightfully upset some have been waiting 6 months for a DVD. Some were told it would be signed & were not.  Now I don't see any reason why it should take 6 months to get a DVD?

Is there any proof they even have the DVD's in hand ready to ship? This is not the first time PRS [Paranormal Research Society] has not given the fans what they paid for. In 2012 PRS sold tickets for a field trip and never did the event & gave no notice to the fans. It cost the fans thousands of dollars. Once again, fans got nothing but excuses. Click on the links below at the bottom of this post to read for yourself what others are saying.

Seems way too many fans in the paranormal community are not getting what they paid for or expected they would get. It seems when the person gets called out they do one of 3 things.

1. Make excuses. 2. Run and hide or 3.Threaten you. The best advice I can give is do what I my self did. file a report with the States attorney. Yes they do take it serious and know this is going on but they can't do anything if people don't speak up. I am still active in getting justice for myself and others Brian ripped off. Its only a matter of time till he has to show his face. So in closing. I strongly advise buyer beware ask around do your home work before paying a dime for any event.

UPDATE: I just noticed that at the Facebook page, American Ghost Hunter The Movie, they are removing any comments. Were the people are speaking up and calling them out and only leaving the positive one's. Come on who's trying to fool who here?