Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Ghost Hunter Who Cried "PROOF!"

By Reap Paden

I went on my own hunting trip. Here is what I found ...

At the site it is amazing how many people think they are going to prove ghosts exist or that people really do become victims of possession.Everything I saw was proof of vivid imaginations, that's about it. I found another website that provided an article called  Do It Yourself Ghost Hunting Part 1: Getting Started. The author talks about how easy it is to begin ghost hunting all you need to have is a sound recorder, a camera, and an ability to outrun the cops when they catch you in a graveyard after hours.

The sound recorder and camera are needed in case you come across 'proof'. If you have proof then people will have to believe the story you tell about the ghost who grabbed your genitals during the last hunting session. The sound recorder is needed to record your voice saying "Hey! SOMETHING JUST GRABBED MY *ALLS!".... the more proof the better.  It's almost impossible to find a paranormal group who doesn't have some mention of "proof" in their literature or countless pics that show proof of spirits.

Over and over I come across dust bits that are named my 'Uncle Steve who died last year' and ' a boy who drowned in the family pool'. People with unsteady hands that can conjure up a room full of ghosts. A recording of the most important thing a spirit can think to say, such as "bologna sandwich" all you had to do was slow down the recording, play it backwards, and listen to it while using a chainsaw to cut down your neighbors fence.

Although all these examples are very compelling evidence, paranormal activity is not what they prove. These examples prove that some people do not act reasonably sometimes, especially when there is a imagined opportunity to become famous.The simple fact of the matter is no one is going to make a shot or record an EVP that proves ghosts exist. I'll bring it back to the religion comparison. Paranormal experiences like religious beliefs are(or should be) a personal thing, they do not translate into the reality of others well. Anyone who is determined to prove to the world we become ghosts after we die is wasting their time as well as the time of others. It always seemed kinda egotistical to me that people thought they could convince all those lousy skeptics that questioning incredible claims was a complete waste of time.

Instead of trying to prove the unprovable why not hunt ghosts for a sensible reason? A good reason to go ghost hunting would be to spend time with your friends or to add a fun element to learning history. Take all the pictures you want but stop trying to claim anything you capture on your SD card answers the age old question mankind has been asking from the beginning. You have a ghost of a chance of doing that.