Sunday, November 23, 2014

Demons and Meth? A Door to Darkness

I believe all drugs are a doorway to the negative beings but if you do a random search for "meth and demons" you will be shocked what you read. Meth is (so they say) the most addictive and dangerous drugs out of all of them due to how fast it takes you down. After just 6 months many have a drastic and awful change in appearance due to this mind altering drug. Many claim they are chased by demons, skeletons and they see devils etc... Of course drugs can make one see things that are not real but what is it about this specific drug and thousands claiming to see the same things? Just like during Sleep Paralysis thousands claim to see the same images and the tell of the same events.

A Florida man high on meth who was arrested in a violent confrontation with police after dragging his son into the woods reportedly believed the 11-year-old required an exorcism.

'You are the demon, you are the demon,' authorities say Bryan Adams told his son after taking him from his bedroom. 'I know what I must do with you.'
Okeechobee County police say the 31-year-old showed 'no compliance or showing of pain and abnormal strength.' This is one of many, many horrific stories about the tight connection of these two. (Meth and Demons)

One user posted this warning and cry for help. The following is written by a meth user. "Well lets just say when you do slip into that other 'dimension' its a moment you'll never forget and you can feel those entities looking at your soul when you make eye contact with them. They feed off of fear and most times you can't control your emotions when it happens, the feeling of fear becomes inevitable. Another way to describe it is like a deja vu like state not literally, just the feeling. So my question is has anyone else experienced this or is it just me? It happened to me 2 times now, once when I took a hit of acid, and the second time while smoking, this never used to happen to me only recently, now I've stopped doing it because I seem to always slip into these other dimensions, if I do decide to smoke again I probably won't do it with anyone because I'm afraid my friends will become "possessed" by these demons" this is a very real problem and it's truly happening more and more. Google this for yourself.

Another user stated "When I used meth, I got to a point where I actually sensed, and saw, evil.
I saw evil come across the face of some meth users, and I believed I was seeing meth bringing out the inner evil in people. I also believed I saw evil being "channeled" through meth users, who were out of their minds at the time, and had no idea what was even happening.

THEN,....after I had gotten clean, and had been clean for over a year......I STILL SAW THE SAME THINGS when I was around any meth users. I still believe it to this day...that meth is a creation of, and a tool of, forces of EVIL.

Whether you call it "Satan", or whatever you call it, by whatever religion's guidelines...this question really doesn't have to do with religion at all, but rather, the basic concept of whatever way that takes form. Every religion on the planet personifies that differently."

Here's another testimony and warning from someone exposed to it but never used it. "I'll tell ya this....Before I knew what meth was, and obviously before I knew my lover was using, I sensed a darkness about him; very literally like a black aura surrounding him. And I've never seen this, or an aura of any color for that matter, on another human being in my life. It was there! And it was also about that time (hope this doesn't offend anybody) that sex started getting weirder and weirder with him as well, that is to say, he started buying the toys and asking me to do things to him that really creeped me out. I hadn't thought about "evil forces" since 6th grade catechism class, but suddenly I couldn't stop thinking about the devil..."

"The last time I saw J. was about 6 weeks ago. I had let him in temporarily to help him out; he had been clean for well over a year, and damn it if he doesn't pass a drug test, get a steady job, start getting paid regularly, get all comfortable here.... and he starts using again. It was so obvious it was ridiculous! It didn't help much that he started leaving his smoking paraphernalia lying around because was he too high to remember to put away. As he left (per my request) I looked at that face of his that I love so much, that I'll probably never see again, and it was as grey as ashes. Sure, we all look pretty bad when we don't sleep, but this looked just like "death." It almost took my breathe away, and I'm getting chills now as I write about it. Too freaking weird, man!!"

This is very scary. I believe all drugs are doorways but this Meth in particular really seems to take people down quick, in a matter of just 4 to 6 months. Please let's be in prayer against this drug and the enemy drawing people in. I've heard all it takes is one time and your addicted. It works fast. The enemy just feeds off this kind of chaos. Let's stand against this drug and any supernatural power taking place so these people have a chance at life. A chance to know peace and to know Christ.

Written By Jennifer L Auld