Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Supernatural and the Discovery of Smaller than Boson Particles

By Lisa Grace

It’s astounding to me that every time a major discovery is made it always leads to more questions about what we don’t know. A few years ago scientist scoffed and derided those who suggested there were smaller particles than bosons and quarks, and that they may combine in numerous ways. Finally, it’s been proven that those who suggested smaller particles existed, were right.

Article: Weird 'Techni-Quarks' may hide inside Higgs Boson Particle

The thing that gets me is: scientist as theorists, should not be scoffing at theories, but merely proving or disproving with facts. When they scoff, they are showing faith. Faith that they are right and others are wrong.
What they should be saying is, “Prove it.” And that’s only one of the problems with modern scientists. The other is so many have gotten doctorates based on false suppositions, not facts, that it is hard for them to back down when faced with truths.

There is not one case of any organism “evolving into another.” Not one.

Lucy and other missing links have long known to be hoaxes and the fact that scientists (they‘re supposed to go on facts, remember?) knowingly put fake sculptures, charts and drawings without a shred of proof (when confronted they’ll say something like “well, it’s how we imagine it would look” isn’t that faith??? Not science???) in scientific museums, yet want us to believe it on faith, is laughable.

Proof that dragons i.e. dinosaurs (the word wasn’t invented until the 18th? century so pardon the dragon terminology) existed with man is evidenced on pictures from early English tapestries to Mayan pottery.

But all this factual science (proof) is being swept under the scientific rug because it doesn’t help the faith of the “there is no god everything evolved from rocks” scientists. Spike Sparris is one who shows clearly how modern science for astronomy is full of holes.

Back to my original point.

Scientists have a habit of trivializing anything they don’t agree with or understand. Even amongst themselves. They also have a habit of promoting their personal theories (how they wish it was) as facts instead of calling out what they are: their faith. in themselves being correct and which  requires no facts.

I can see how beings of light exist (supernatural), yet I admit I am going by faith because that is what the Bible says.

Every day science gets closer to proving the Holy Scriptures are correct, if we could only get scientists to stick to the “facts” rather than letting their “faith” interfere.

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