Thursday, November 17, 2011


By Reap Paden

It's another one of those paranormal subjects that so many people claim to be experts on...demons. There are many things that need to be taken into consideration when talking about demons. The logical place to begin would be the origin of demons, why did people start to believe in demons in the first place? Imagine back before medicine had advanced to the point it is today. If a person was to have one of the 6 general types of seizures listed here how would people explain it?

1) Grand-Mal seizure-  the person loses consciousness and usually collapses. The loss of consciousness is followed by generalized body stiffening for 30 to 60 seconds, then by violent jerking for 30 to 60 seconds, after which the patient goes into a deep sleep. During grand-mal seizures, injuries and accidents may occur, such as tongue biting and urinary incontinence.

2) Absence seizures- causes a short loss of consciousness (just a few seconds) with few or no symptoms. These types of seizures happen most often to children and typically interrupts an activity and causes them to stare blankly. These seizures begin and end abruptly and may occur several times a day. People are usually not aware that they are having a seizure, except that they may be aware of "losing time."

3) Myoclonic seizures consist of sporadic jerks, usually on both sides of the body. Similar to brief electrical shocks. When violent, these seizures may result in dropping or involuntarily throwing objects.

4) Clonic seizures- repetitive, rhythmic jerks that involve both sides of the body at the same time.

5) Tonic seizures- a stiffening of the muscles.

6) Atonic seizures- A sudden and general loss of muscle tone, particularly in the arms and legs, which often results in a fall.

Any one of these would cause a person to be a bit freaked out either by having one or witnessing it, even if you knew the cause. What if you couldn't know the cause because science had not advanced far enough yet? People who had seizures were thought to be possessed by demons because there simply was no other explanation. There are explanations now, and if any doctor (or chip coffey) was to try and tell you the reason your child was having any of the above symptoms was demon possession you probably wouldn't be making that doctor your child's primary care physician unless you had a selfish need to be on television.
Another cause for people to believe someone was possessed by demons would be mental illness/side effects resulting from substances. I believe this to be the main cause of people claiming demon possession is real in modern times.

I believe any person or persons who claims that demons are walking amongst us, possessing people, and causing them to do things against their will needs to do some study on the brain and how it can be effected by chemicals and illness.

Any reasonable person would have to agree that the symptoms of seizures, drug abuse, mental illness, or just a need for attention could be mistaken for a demon possession. Despite this fact we see more and more people from the paranormal community raising their hands up and claiming to know something about 'demonology'. There is no reliable proof of demons. I spoke to a person who believed in demons yesterday. I asked him why he believed in demons and he answered "Because I've seen one" He described a short creature in a hooded garment. This went against all of the research I had seen on what demons were. My research described demons as having no form unless they had a host which was why they possessed people in the first place. After thinking about this and speaking with a couple other people I realized everyone I had spoken to gave a different definition as to what a demon was and how it would manifest itself, yet they all claimed to have been " studying demons for years" ....So much for experts.

I asked one guy if he could tell me why I had not ever seen or felt a demon after multiple times try to conjure one using various tactics. He told me I must be 'too strong' . Demons, by definition are only susceptible to the power of jesus. This is not a point open for debate IF demons are real then only the power of christ can fight them. I can't even say jesus really existed much less that he is fending off demons for me (I would like to thank him in-case he is fighting off demons for me without my knowledge, I'll be sure to purchase a nice gift for him at X-mas).

Then  my demon expert told me a 'special door' needed to be opened in order to allow demons into this realm, he knew a way to open that 'door'  but would not share it with anyone because it was far too dangerous. While thankful of his concern for my safety it seemed a bit egotistical for him to assume I was unable to handle such knowledge. I mean, really? My demonology expert warned me over and over how dangerous it was and begged me to be careful. The one thing that did scare me is I think this person actually believed what he was saying.

This brings me to another point- Why do people in the paranormal believe that nature makes so many mistakes? People like chip coffey who claim to have some sort of genetic defect that gives him an ability no one else has? I've said this before- The x-men are cartoon characters and people do not gain special abilities from radiation exposure either.

Let me wrap it up with this- You 'demon hunters out there? You need to be able to know there is not some other cause for what you think is a demon. You need to be educated enough to diagnose mental and physical conditions which could be causing a 'possession'. "I just know" or "I could feel an evil energy" does not cut it. You are involving yourself in another persons life in ways which could effect them and everyone they come in contact with for the rest of their lives. This is not something you should be doing unless you are an EDUCATED PROFESSIONAL in all aspects of what could a factor for a person claiming to be a victim of demons. Otherwise, mind your own damn business. Our mental health-care system is bad enough off, we don't need anyone helping others to become even more ill by supporting their delusions.Using the same explanations used by people in the dark ages is not the best way to the truth otherwise we would still be using the pear or iron maiden in our court system.

Next time I will be discussing your brain and why you can't trust it.