Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Issue 31 – Paranormal State: The Confusing New Class - Part 2

We have breaking news to report at the end of our blog! Skip ahead and read it or join us in uncovering the blanket of confusion that tries to conceal the A&E show Paranormal State: The New Class.

Chip Coffey drives up to do a walkthrough. Chip was a regular fixture on Paranormal State until he parted ways with the show in season 4. There has been much controversy about his appearances on that show as well as Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal. Is it really wise for them to have him make an appearance? Were they seeking credibility with viewers to bring him back?

Chip Coffey has always stated that he gets no information from anyone before he enters a client's home. In this case he might be right because his reading is very far off the mark. Let's take a look at what he picked up.

Notice he has to amp things up by saying he is being told not to come here and that the spirit hates Savahanna. This so-called spirit has done nothing while the team was there up to this point.

He picks up on an older woman. The family has reported only a male.

He claims to get an image of a child but none is mentioned.

Then he mentions a fire. Any area is going to have a past fire – nothing unusual about that.

But wait, the final amp up it hasn't reached full power yet! That spirit could do some real harm again. The alleged spirit does nothing while the team is there.

It's interesting to note that during the show the term trickster is brought up repeatedly. This implies that anything that the investigators or psychic picks up has to be right, because the spirit is always changing. But does it sound real or is it an easy way to cover up mistakes?

In Paranormal State they had they myth of Dead Time in which the team tried to pick up spirit activity, EVP's, etc. In this new offering they have abandoned that approach and go with spirit contact. Guess who will be the only one interacting with the spirit? Why, none other than Chip Coffey.

It seems that lately Chip has become very fond of using flashlights to reach spirits. If you spent extra money to take part in one of his Coffey Talks, you could have gone ghost hunting with him. And one of the items he uses is a flashlight. But not for its usual purpose of helping one see into dark corners. Instead, the flashlight is there to talk to spirits. So it was interesting that such a thing happened on the show.

Notice that nowhere is a flashlight ever used on the show until Chip gets there. It just happens to be on the table right in front of him. It just happens to face the camera. It just happens to flicker when Chip asks it a question. And it just happens to roll off the table. It also is another ancient parlor trick brought to light—pun intended.

Next, Chip starts to fling holy water. Why? It's also peculiar that they fail to use the name Jesus Christ on the show. Holy water is only effective if the person receiving it is a Christian. Tossing it about does nothing, and Chip's spiritual authority isn't established on this show, or during his past appearances on Paranormal State. We wonder if he should be flinging it about.

We should also point out that the spirit never reveals itself in any other way. This spirit supposedly hates woman, yet there are woman present and it does nothing.



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We'll focus less on reality programming and concentrate more on the bad information [for example, demonology] that many fake para-celebs pass off as real.

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