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Robbie Rascale's Rebuttal to the Bob Hunnicutt Case

By Robbie Rascale

We at the Eye on the Paranormal seek to be the leader in exposing paranormal fakery and deception, teachers of the word of God, open to allowing others spiritual point of views and allowing dissenting opinions a chance to be read.

The other day we were contacted concerning our investigation into BOB HUNNICUTT and his conviction of child abuse. We offered the person, Robbie Rascale, a chance to speak his mind on this matter, and he accepted. His letter is being posted as is – there has been no editing.
Kirby Robinson

Mr. Robinson,
It has long be said you are a man of wisdom, fairness and a true love for the word of God. Having been brought up in a devout Christian home myself, it disturbs me to think why you would report a story without either having all the facts and/or both sides of the story.

I've known Robert Hunnicutt for over 35 years, he was a paramedic while I was going through firefighters training outside of Macon Georgia. Many of us are very much aware of the accusations and subsequent conviction but those of us who know his character and true heart are far more open to seeing the entire truth. On one occasion while working as a paramedic I have seen the man in action first hand around children of all ages and no one in my career has ever given better care and been affected by the serious injuries or death of a infant or small child.

True, Robert was accused and convicted of child molestation, there is adequate documentation on that but what you don't see is a lot of the incidents that lead to that conviction. First of all, these accusations originally began as a part of a very dirty and destructive divorce case when Robert's ex-wife made the accusation in an attempt to remove his visitations rights. It is documented in court documents in Bibb County Juvenile Court that the judge not only found him innocent but pointed out how his ex-wife and her new husband had made false statements to several authorities in an attempt to remove his visitation and chided her as saying she had attempted to poison the childrens minds. He concluded by saying if she ever attempted anything like it again in Bibb County would likely cause her to lose her custody to Robert.

Three years later another accusation was made by a day care worker who stated Robert's youngest daughter stated her daddy bit her who called the Department of Family and Children's Services and whose case worker could never get the child to repeat the alledged statement. The child was removed from the home and placed in temporary foster care, but there were no physical evidence whatsoever that any biting had taken place. In fact, the child never repeated the alledged statement to anyone ever again if in fact she ever made it at all. Robert's wife lost custody because she defended him without hestiation and was therefore punished for not admitting it was possible.

The trial was nothing more than a state sanctioned mud slinging fight where there was no physical evidence of any kind, no repeating on alledged statements by the child and the only evidence given was heresay which the judge allowed which was later the cause of an appeal and subsequent awarding a new trial.

Now you must know that Robert had already spent 2 years at the county jail and never been released to the state prison system by order of the sheriff who allowed him (Robert) to stay pending his appeal. During this entire time, Robert was never treated like as a convicted child molester and had freedom to move around the courthouse, town and even helped to transport county vehicles to the mechanic's garage and back. He worked as dispatcher when there were open shifts. When he was awarded a new trial, Robert and his family discussed the options available to them and what would be better for them. The appeal attorney's fee was over $10,000 and for the past 2 years, his wife was the sole wage earner and had already been forced to file bankruptcy because of financial hardships. Against his better judgement and at the request of his family, Robert opted for a plea bargain so he would be able to return home and help his wife recover from financial ruin and get on with their lives for the sake of the daughters life.

In the past 20+ years, there have been no further accusations or legal issues of any kind whatsoever and Robert's family recovered and flourished over the next 2 decades. He and his daughter have never been closer.

Point of interest and fact Mr. Robinson, we both know true sexual predators and pedophiles are never cured and their perverted lust is never satisfied despite treatment with medications or therapy. If Robert had been a child molester, there would have surely been new accusations and/or charges, but that is not the case. The main reason this has become an issue again is the handy work of individuals with an axe to grind and to cause severe damage to Robert's character and life. If you knew this man the way I and many others do, if you spoke with the man yourself you would clearly see the only negative thing about him is the treatment he has received as a result of certain peoples obvious agenda, notably Shannon Sylvia.

If you've never spoken to him about this you may want to as he has officially removed himself from the paranormal community because of the harm being done to those who have supported him over the years.

[We informed Robbie how we conducted our investigation without revealing any names as we always protect our sources' identities.]

Shannon Sylvia took an attack position after Robert worked an event with Mike Roberts who apparently was at odds with each other. Up until that time Robert considered her a friend and told me he still has correspondance from her where they both were very jovial and friendly with one another. No doubt the well know convention holder was Keith Age and I was with Robert last year when he told Keith over the phone that he was pulling out of the event because Sylvia was to be in attendance. All I'm asking is to look at all the info in both court and individuals who genuinely know this man who is not only tenderhearted but values the safety and protection of life. There have been times when I teased Robert because he won't even kill insects in his home, instead he captures them and sets them free. Of all the people in this world I know, Robert is one of only 5 that I would trust with my life and the lifes of my family. Despite what is out there and currently being said, he's an honorable man who if I'm not mistaken took offense to the statements and comments of Chip Coffey and Michelle Griffin (who was another who began publicly attacking him over this because of comments he made to an event promoter who promptly told Griffin of his comments) he spoke of you a couple of years ago when doing that incredibly silly internet radio show with the Divas or something to that effect. 

I'm curious about a couple of issues, first when you state you conducted a full investigation and spoke with police/court officials, whom did you speak with. Did you find out that the sheriff often set Robert with the warrant officer (who was also the sheriff's elderly father) to help him drive to and picking up or delivering other prisoners to jails in Georgia and Florida? Or that the sheriff was a huge supporter of the local boy scouts and each year had a food stand at the state fair each year and that Robert worked there with other employees and their families? I seriously doubt any law enforcement officer would allow anyone believed to be a predator of any type to take free part in these activities and many others. I'm also curious what woman complained at what conference, haven't heard about this before now. I know for a fact Robert always kept lots of people around him for obvious reasons and that many of them were women affliated with the event.

Please understand sir, for too many years I've seen this man hurt and insulted by an ordeal that took place over 20 years ago that had no physical evidence, no medical evidence and only hearsay evidence used to throw enough mud on this man to make him appear guilty. His health continues to fail, cardiac and circulatory disease as well as an aortic aneursym and for lack of a better word has given up on yet another dream of his. It's truly sad to see a man that would never turn his back on anyone or anything, see everyone turn their collective backs on him.

Thank you for your honesty and fairness.

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